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VICMAP Address vs VICMAP Transport - road_nametypesuffix


VICMAP Address vs VICMAP Transport - road_nametypesuffix

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									VICMAP Address vs VICMAP Transport - road_name/type/suffix
In recent years Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII) has commission a Quality Assurance test of
road names in Vicmap Transport(VMTRANS) & Vicmap Address (VMADD).

The aim of this exercise is total alignment between Councils property (& roads) data and VICMAP

What is the Quality Assurance Test?
The road name/type/suffix & locality combination of each Vicmap Address (VMADD) record is
compared with Vicmap Transport (VMTRANS) to ensure there is a corresponding road segment
attributed with the same road name/type/suffix & locality combination. This is a simple aspatial test,
the proximity of the road segment to the address is not tested, other than being in the same locality.

Why is it important?
The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) utilise both VMTRANS roads &
VMADD addresses to facilitate the despatch of emergency services. ESTA will not accept VMADD
addresses that do not have a corresponding VMTRANS road segment. Accordingly, valuable
address information is not utilised, with the potential for whole roads of addresses not being
available to ES operators.
This will become particularly important in rural Victoria with the extension of ESTA despatch to
finally include Ambulance Victoria from June 2010

How many anomalies are there?
31,263 address records Statewide were identified as not having a corresponding primary road
name/type/suffix in VMTRANS.

Of these:
    • 22850 fail to match any road name within Vicmap Transport
    • 5092 match the VMTRANS Alias 1 Road Name
    • 2543 match the VMTRANS Alias 2 Road Name
    • 921 match the VMTRANS Alias 3 Road Name
    • 254 match the VMTRANS Alias 4 Road Name

This relates to approx 5K individual road name/type/suffix instances

Although this represents less than 1% of VMADD addresses it is still an extremely high SII priority

What should you do?
  • Determine the correct road name for the address.
  • Determine what is correct & what is incorrect – Vicmap Address, Vicmap Transport,
       Councils P&R data (or possibly Councils Road Name Register). Remember that Vicmap
       Address data is audited against your P&R data every year, so if the VMADD field
       source=’LGO’ that is confirmed.

All databases must be in alignment to ensure any continuity of correctness.

Vicmap Errors
There will be basic three categories of errors:
   • Individual Addresses for VMADD – Where one or more, but not all the instances of the
       current address road name/type/suffix are incorrect. Use an M1 form to specify the
       individual address (via property_pfi) and provide the full correct address details.
       These corrections may be done in your usual M1 submission – it is not necessary to create
       an M1 for this Change Request
    •   Global Changes for VMADD - Where all the VMADD addresses with that erroneous road
        name/type/suffix need to be changed. It is not necessary to utilise an M1 to change every
        address individually (there could be 100 addresses!). Simply specify that it is a global
        change in the NES Change Request. This will ultimately allow Logica to change the road
        name road name/type/suffix for all addresses without an M1, plus remove the invalid road
        name/locality combination from VMADD (so any further instances of that invalid road name
        used on and M1 will be questioned)
    •   Partial Change for VMTRANS – Indicate the correct road name/type/suffix and extent in the
        NES Change Request
    •   Global Change for VMTRANS
        Indicate the correct road name/type/suffix and in the NES Change Request

    There may be various combinations of the above.

    Important Notes:
       • SII will deal with redundant road name/type/suffix, locality combinations once all these
           anomalies have been corrected.
       • Take care where a single property/address has been mismatched. There are often
           instances of a correctly matched property polygon being merged to a (mismatched)
           second remote property polygon. Speak to the PIP Helpdesk.
       • Paper Roads – Please advise us if you have a property or properties addressed to a
           road that does not physically exist on the ground (apart from new subdivisions), as we
           will populate the add_feature_quality_id = ‘PAPER ROAD ONLY’, so it will be exempt
           from this exercise in the future.

Council Database Errors:
If your data is found to be in error, you must amend your property system (remember PIQA adopts
your P&R data) or other related data where necessary, to ensure that the valid Vicmap data is not
mistakenly amended in the future.

In Summary:
Individual VMADD Errors – M1 form
Global VMADD Errors – RNMF in Change request
VMTRANS Errors – Specify in Change Request
P&R (Road Names Register) Errors – Amend Council databases.

Please give me a call if you have any questions about the data or what you need to do. I am here to
assist wherever I am able - please just let me know.

Thankyou for your cooperation in the ongoing improvement of Vicmap and your corresponding
property data.

Colin Salmon                                            David Blain
Vicmap Address Custodial Officer                        Vicmap Transport Custodial Officer

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