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					Unique Structural Company & Unique Garages
   “Yes, we can supply your new shed. Would you                                                         cations, site preparation,                                                 From the inside ... the
like a house with that?” So says Bo Williams in                                                         concrete slab, construc-                                                   interior of a Unique
describing the way his company has spread its                                                           tion, plumbing, and elec-                                                  Structural Company
wings – from building garages to now constructing                                                       trical etc, and the job can                                                house extension.
just about anything that has a roof.                                                                    be completed to lockup
   Unique Structural Company is the domestic con-                                                       stage or full inside fit
struction side of Unique Garages Hinterland &                                                           out,’’ said Bo. “Our local                                                  and gate valve up to 2
Sunshine Coast – builders of quality garages. The                                                       team work very hard to                                                      inches. Delivery is free
company now builds quality steel frame construc-                                                        give you a unique quality                                                   for tanks over 1000 gal-
tions for any domestic situation and is a registered                                                    product.                                                                    lons but the site must be
house building company.                                                                                                                                                             prepared and accessible by
   Owners Bo and Sue Williams have settled into                                                         Clarke Water
                                                                                                                                                                                    truck. “We can also assist
their newly refurbished setting at 18 Coral Street,                                                     Tanks                                                                       with site preparation,’’
Maleny, centrally located for convenience.                                                                 When buying a water                                                      said Sue.
   “People are welcome to check out our product                                                                           tank con-                                                 “The attractive multiple
range so that they can feel assured we can build                                                                          sider a                                                   curved rib profile has a
your next project and supply your quality water                                                                           Clark                                                     quality finish to comple-
tanks and accessories,’’ said Sue.                                                                                        Water                                                     ment quality homes, and
   “You can be assured that when you choose a                                                                             Tank. “We                                                 there is a range of colours
Unique building – it is the right decision.                                                                               recommend                                                 from which to choose.
   Unique Structural Company’s vast experience in                                                                         and sell                                                  Clark Tanks are far better
the construction industry and manufacturing of steel                                                                      these quali-                                              by design.”
frame buildings spans 20 years and they can design                                                                        ty water tanks,’’ said Sue.            Sue said “you get what you pay for” when it
a wide range of buildings to suit your requirements.    Bo & Suzanne Williams in front of                                 “Clark Water Tanks come with        comes to tanks.”We believe quality is impor-
   They have the expertise to specialise in non-stan-   a Unique double gable carport at                                  a 25 year guarantee. The walls      tant. Our customers will see us supply and
dard construction of almost anything.                   their 18 Coral Street office.                                     are much thicker at the base        promote only top quality products.”
   “If it’s made out of seel, consider it done!” said                                                                     where the pressure is, they have       • Visit the office at 18 Coral Street, Maleny
Bo.                                                     enders.                                         more ribs for strength, have a raised outlet and      to discuss your next project. There is on and
   Cladding can be metal cladding or your choice of        Their shed range covers everything from      overflow ensuring a full tank of water, and there     off-street parking for you in a garden setting.
wall cladding.                                          garages and carports (with gable, skillion or   are no vertical seams.”                               We have eftpos/credit card facilities and can
   “It’s also important to consider the energy effi-    curved roof), awnings, gable extensions, and          Clarke Tanks are made from durable, UV          help you arrange finance if required.
ciency of your building and Unique Structural           Aussie barns through to industrial ware-        stable food grade polyethylene which has no              Unique Structural Company is happy to
Company can assist you with this, using high quali-     houses, farm and machinery sheds.               fibres, rust, corrosion or taste tainting problems.   meet with you outside normal office hours or
ty industry standard materials,’’ said Bo.                 “We organise the complete construction             Included with your tank are the 400mm           on Saturday morning by arrangement. Call us
   “We pride themselves on quality products and         from start to finish including council appli-   strainer, 90mm overflow strainer, brass outlet        on 5494 3672 to make an appointment.
excellent service.”
Wide range of
   Unique Structural
Company’s domestic pro-
ject range includes:
   • houses • house exten-
sions • granny flats •
office/workshops • studios                                           A portico entrance by Unique
and liveable sheds/week-       A Studio built by          Unique                                               A Skillion Roof House with deck by             A Unique double garage and Clarke Water
                               Structural Company.                   Structural Company.                       Unique Structural Company.                     Tank. It’s all under the one roof.

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