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Town Improvement


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Classification:                    Public - Corporate Policy
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Review Frequency:                  Annually
Last Reviewed:                     August 2009
Next Review Due:                   August 2010
Responsible Officer(s):            CEO
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It has for sometime been this Council's policy to upgrade the standard of all classes
of buildings and structures, to encourage the demolition of unsightly and/or unsafe
buildings and to generally clean up land of premise within the towns which are in an
untidy state.

It is not, however, Council's policy, where responsible action must be taken, to evict
persons who have no where else to go, from their homes, except perhaps where a
building is definitely considered unsafe. Opportunities which cause the least
hardship to people are the most desirable times to act.

As a further consideration, Council waives the fees payable under the Development
Act for demolitions.

Where ever practicable negotiations will be entered into with the owners of such
property, as has been done in the past, with the exception of one case of a
dangerous structure.

Council will be actively pursuing this policy for the following reasons:-

     •    Unsightly and unsafe buildings are a potential danger to those who live in
          them and to surrounding neighbours and financially disadvantages
          surrounding landowners.

     •    To remove undesirable features and make way for redevelopment.

     •    Tidiness, environmental improvement and beautification make a town a better
          place for residents to live in, and more appealing to visitors and tourists.

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