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									                            TOWN HALL HIRE SUBSIDY SCHEME
                                 APPLICATION FORM

Function Venue                                          Function Date

Access Times:

Name of organisation:

Is your organisation incorporated?              Yes                No

What is your organisation’s incorporation
number & date of Incorproation?

Contact Person:

Address of organisations:

Telephone:                                            Fax:

Please provide a brief statement of the general purpose and work of your group.

How many members/participants does your group have?

How many members/participants are residents of Port Phillip?

What type of event are you holding and why? (please tick appropriate box)

    Fundraiser                 Workshop/seminar        Annual General Meeting

    Awards                     Public Meeting          Other (please specify)

CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006                                             Page 1 of 6
CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006   Page 2 of 6
Will you be charging a fee to attend the event?          YES            NO
If YES, how much?

If NO, why not?

Approximately how many people do you think will
attend this event?

What proportion do you think will be Port Phillip

Please outline how the event will benefit the Port Phillip community.

Please indicate how resources not expended on the Town Hall hire costs will be
used by your organisation.

How will Port Phillip residents be informed of this event?

How do you propose to publicly acknowledge Council’s support, if your request is

CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006                                          Page 3 of 6
                            TOWN HALL HIRE SUBSIDY SCHEME

Council’s Corporate Plan articulates a vision for the community that is
underpinned by four pillars of sustainability, namely:

        Social Equity Pillar: To develop resilient and fair communities by ensuring
        residents are effectively and appropriately supported in accessing services
        and resources in the city.
        Cultural Vitality Pillar: To support the conditions that allows all communities
        within Port Phillip to experience and enjoy diversity of values, beliefs and
        Environmental Responsibility Pillar: To place minimal and balanced load on
        our environment while recognizing that the city is highly complex, urbanized
        and altered.
        Economic Viability Pillar: To promote effective stewardship of the city’s
        resources and promote positive economic development within Port Phillip
        that supports the council’s social, cultural and environmental goals.

The aim of the Town Hall Hire Subsidy Scheme is to provide community
organisations with affordable and accessible access to community spaces within
the Town Halls for major public relations, special events and community
celebrations for the benefit of the Port Phillip Community.


Events or functions that are held in Council spaces must be free of any form of
discrimination as outlined in the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act and Equal
Opportunity Act.

Ordinarily the auditoriums of the St Kilda, Port Melbourne and South Melbourne
Town Halls are available for use. Due to extensive renovations taking place at the
St Kilda Town Hall all these venues are no longer available until further notice.

Eligible organisations can still apply for a Town Hall Hire Subsidy but they will have
to find an alternative venue. For suggested venues, contact Council facilities staff
or visit the website on

The Town Hall Hire Subsidy Scheme may cover the cost of:
   • room hire
   • kitchen use
   • standard equipment
CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006                                            Page 4 of 6
The organisation will have to cover any additional or special equipment costs,
catering and beverage costs and public liability insurance.

   1. Organisations are required to be incorporated and not for profit.
   2. Organisations that fall within an area of legitimate interest / responsibility of
      the City of Port Phillip or support Council’s policy goal to promote diversity.
   3. The subsidy will be used to improve the access of Port Phillip residents to the
      event as a priority, or used to directly benefit the Port Phillip community.
       and / or

   4. The general purpose and work of the organisation is predominantly for the
      benefit of the Port Phillip community and enhances their quality of life.

If organisations meet the above criteria, the application is assessed taking into
consideration any other Town Hall Hire subsidy they may have already received
that financial year and the amount of money that is still available in the budget.
The level of assistance available is limited by Council’s budget decisions and its
priorities. Applications are accepted at any time and are assessed on a first come
first served basis.
Council reserves the right to identify priority areas for funding consistent with the
broad strategic directions and policies endorsed by Council.
No application can be guaranteed use of facilities, nor can any applicant be
guaranteed use of facilities to the full extent requested. Applicants may receive
full or partial subsidy. It is important that applicants consider these limitations when
preparing the request for assistance.

Generally, organisations are eligible for one Town Hall Subsidy per financial year
though exceptions will be considered.

Rejection of an application does not necessarily mean that the project/activity is
not worthy of support. Worthwhile applications may not be successful due to
budgetary restrictions.

Successful Town Hall Hire Subsidy Scheme applicants are subject to all the usual
terms and conditions of use that apply to hirers. For details of these terms and
conditions, contact venue staff.


A requirement of successful Town Hall Hire Subsidy applications is the public
acknowledgment of Council’s support for the project/activity. This should include
one or a combination of the following:
• acknowledgment of Council’s support at the function/event;
• opportunities for the City of Port Phillip to speak at key activities, if appropriate;

CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006                                             Page 5 of 6
• acknowledgement of Council’s support on printed materials and inclusion of
  Port Phillip logo and sponsor message (as below) in any function/event related
                This event has been sponsored by the City of Port Phillip
• display of City of Port Phillip promotional banners (available from Council
  Facilities Department) at the function/event .


   •   Applications to the Town Hall Hire Subsidy Scheme are open all though the
       year and are assessed as they are submitted.
   •   Organisations interested in applying will need to find a venue that is suitable
       for their purposes and make a tentative booking.
   •   Applicants are encouraged to read through the guidelines before filling in
       the application form.
   •   Completed application forms are to be submitted to the Facilities staff
   •   Facilities staff forward the application to the appropriate staff, for
       recommendation based on the eligibility criteria.
   •   The application form together with the outcome are returned to Facilities
       staff who contact applicants and advise them of the decision, within two
       weeks of submitting their application.
   •   If successful, the Facilities staff will also contact the venue you have booked
       and ask them to invoice the City of Port Phillip for the subsidy amount. Please
       note that the subsidy may be full or partial, dependent on a number of
       factors as outlined in the Conditions of Subsidy outlined below.
   •   Based on the outcome of the Town Hall Hire Subsidy Scheme applicants can
       choose to continue with booking or cancel their booking.

   Note: All enquiries are to be directed to Facilities staff.

        Facilities Department
        City of Port Phillip
        Private Bag No 3
        St Kilda Vic 3182

        Phone: (03) 9209 6537


        Email: comfacil@portphillip.vic.gov.au

CITY OF PORT PHILLIP – January 2006                                             Page 6 of 6

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