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Manufacturers of quality stockfeed products


 Total Stockfeeds has been servicing domestic            Further strengthening our commitment to the
 and international stockfeed markets since               industry, Total Stockfeeds has invested in building
 the early 90’s. Having built our reputation on a        and operating a stockfeed powder blending plant,
 foundation of excellence in quality and service,        which means products can be specifically tailored
 Total Stockfeeds is committed to producing              to suit individual customer needs. Aside from
 top grade products made with superior dairy             producing our own range of stockfeed products, we
 and feed ingredients. We meet all current               also contract pack product for our customers.
 Australian government requirements, including
 HACCP, AQIS and Dairy Import/Export License             Total Stockfeeds manufactures its own range of
 requirements.                                           products under the VITAFARM®, VITA-EQUINE®
                                                         and AUSSIE GOLD® brands.
 Our Total Stockfeeds division has established an
 unparalleled understanding of and close working
 relationship with major stockfeed suppliers and
 distributors around Australia and overseas. This,
 coupled with the ability to competitively source high
 quality dairy and non-dairy ingredients, ensures
 Total Stockfeeds provides outstanding value to their
 customers and their bottom line.

 In order to produce high quality and effective
 products, we seek advice from vets and nutritionists
 for all our formulations. We also work with our
 customers’ nutritionists so we can produce products
 that are tailored specifically for them.

 Innovative products
Aussie Gold®                                                  Vita-Equine®
Known as ‘Bloody good stockfeed’                              To obtain maximum performance
for good reason, the Aussie Gold                              from your horses, the VITA-EQUINE
brand prides itself on its superior                           range uses a premium range of
quality and reliable supply that is                           100% natural products including
delivered at competitive prices.                              quality ingredients such as whey
                                                              protein	concentrate	(WPC)	and	whey	protein	isolate	(WPI),	
Aussie Gold Product List (visit www.
                                                              both designed to improve animal performance and overall
for up to date product listing)
•	   Skim	Milk	Powder	             Protein	Meals
                                                              The Vita-Equine®	range	also	includes	StableMaxx,	an	all-
•	   Full	Cream	Milk	Powder	       •	 Protein	Powders	
                                                              natural product used to manage animal bedding both at
•	   Whey	Powder	                  	 (WPC,	MPC)	
                                                              home	and	while	on	the	move,	and	GarlicMaxx,	a	100%	
•	   Specialty	pig	milk	formulas   •	 Animal	Proteins	
                                                              natural blend that assists with repelling flies and insects.
•	   Buttermilk	Powder             Other Specialty
                                                              GrowMaxx	milk	replacer	is	designed	specifically	to	enhance	
•	   Skim	Pro	                     Product Ranges
                                                              foal nutrition.
•	   Whey	Pro	                     •	 Animal	Nutritional
•	   Pro	50	Powder	                   Powders                 Vita-equine® products (visit www.
•	   Choc	Milk	Powder	             •	 Various	Minerals	       for up to date product listings)
•	   Infant	Formula	               •	 Probiotics	             •	   Vita-Equine®	GarlicMaxx
•	   Dairy	Based	Powders	
                                                              •	   Vita-Equine®	StableMaxx                  Total
•	   Flavoured	Milk	Powder	
                                                              •	   Vita-Equine® Grow+                       Foodtec
                                                              •	   Vita-Equine®	PerformMaxx
Vitafarm®                                                     •	   Vita-Equine® Perform+
                                                              •	   Vita-Equine®	GrowMaxx	Premium
The best way to provide your stock
with a great start to life is with a range
of quality kid, lamb and calf milk                                      Total                               Total
replacers, all scientifically formulated                                Stockfeeds                          Cheese
for the needs of young farm and
domestic animals. The easy to mix
formulas with essential vitamins and minerals provide         Total Foodtec Pty Ltd T/A Total Stockfeeds
optimum growth rates and a completely balanced diet.
Vitafarm products (visit www. for
          ®                                                   Telephone + 61 - 7 - 3717 6500
                                                              Fax       + 61 - 7 - 3376 6440
up to date product listings)
                                                                              Total Foodt
•	 Vitafarm 	Complete	Calf	Milk	Replacer	
              ®                                                         Innovation                          Services
   (suitable all farm animals)                                Street Address
•	 Vitafarm®	Premium	Calf	Milk	Replacer	(calf	specific)       6 Limestone Street
                                                              Darra, Queensland
•	 Vitafarm®	Lamb	and	Kid	Milk	Replacer
                                                              AUSTRALIA 4076

                                                              Postal Address
                                                              PO Box 3070
                                                              Darra Queensland
                                                              AUSTRALIA 4076


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