How to Permanently Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear? by timsethay124


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									How to Permanently Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear?
More people are afraid of public speaking than they are of dying. I'm not surprised. Eight of out ten people suffer from public speaking fear, in varying
degrees. This is a worrying trend because public speaking is vital in this new century. It gives an edge to keep abreast with the fast pace of the times.

Speaking in public can sometimes be a real challenge, if not a source of embarrassment; not only to normal people, but even to persons of high rank
such as scholars, doctors, artists and entrepreneurs. They may have hesitations in facing an audience, often accompanied by sweaty palms,
stuttering, and the tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. These dilemmas often cause untold problems to the speaker (especially in self-expression) and
unpleasant effects to the audience.

Learning how to overcome public speaking fear has become increasingly important. There are scores of techniques available in the market to help
people overcome their public speaking fear. Not all techniques work for everyone and it is important for you to find techniques that are applicable to
you and could help you overcome your public speaking fear, permanently. By applying certain techniques the right way, it is possible to permanently
overcome one's public speaking fear.

Firstly, accept fear as nature's way of helping you. Fear is nature's way of preparing you for danger, real or fancied. When you face a new or different
circumstance, or when many are watching you and you don't want to mess up, nature does something great to help you, if you recognize the help
rather than being disappointed by it. Nature adds the adrenaline in your blood stream. It speeds up your pulse and your responses. It increases your
blood pressure to make you more alert. It provides you with the extra energy you need for doing your best. Without the anxiety there would be no extra
effort. Identify fear as a friend. Recognize it and use it well. When you are able to recognize it, fear will be permanently out of your way every time you
are up for public speaking.

Then, analyze your fear, what is it exactly that you fear? Could it be fear of yourself? Fearing that you perform poorly and not pleasing your
self-esteem. Could it be fear of audience? Fearing that they may tease you or laugh at you. Could it be fear of your material? Fearing that you have
nothing sensible to say or you are not prepared. Different fears will require different approaches to overcome them. Once you have identified and
analyzed your fear, you will find strategies in dealing with each of them.

Use the right techniques and strategies, and soon you will be able to permanently overcome your public speaking fear.

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Leo Sanders is a public speaking trainer and he has helped thousands of his students overcome their public speaking fear. For more information on
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