21 Capes Saddle Hackle Final Proof

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					                                                                              CAPES, SADDLES
                                                                                    & HACKLE
Whiting Rooster Hackle                                                    SADDLES
Whiting Farms provides the finest hackle available on the                 NATURAL                                     Gold              Silver
market today. Their long, narrow hackles tie more flies                   Barred Dark Ginger*                    W91102016          W91202016
per feather, making them a great value.                                   Barred Medium Ginger                   W91102005          W91202005
                                                                          Brown**                                W91102003          W91202003
CAPES                                                                     Furnace**                              W91102020          W91202020
                                                                          Golden Badger                          W91102007          W91202007
NATURAL                                     Gold              Silver      Grizzly                                W91102001          W91202001
Brown**                                W91101003          W91201003       Light Ginger                           W91102004          W91202004
Golden Badger                          W91101007          W91201007       Medium Ginger**                        W91102017          W91202017
Light Ginger                           W91101004          W91201004       Silver Badger                          W91102018          W91202018
Medium Ginger                          W91101017          W91201017       White                                  W91102002          W91202002
Natural Grizzly                        W91101001          W91201001       *Limited Availability
Silver Badger                          W91101018          W91201018       **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.
White                                  W91101002          W91201002
                                                                          DYED OVER WHITE                             Gold              Silver
DYED                                        Gold              Silver      Black/White                            W91102008          W91202008
Light Dun/White                        W91101221          W91201221       Dark Dun/White                         W91102223          W91202223
Medium Dun/White                       W91101222          W91201222       Light Dun/White                        W91102221          W91202221
Black/White                            W91101008          W91201008       Medium Dun/White                       W91102222          W91202222
Olive/Grizzly                          W91101139          W91201139
Coachman Brown/Grizzly                 W91101149          W91201149
**Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.
                                                                          ½ SADDLES
                                                                          NATURAL                                     Gold              Silver
½ CAPES - SILVER                                                          Barred Dark Ginger*                    W91142016          W91242016
                                                                          Barred Medium Ginger                   W91142005          W91242005
Each                                                                      Brown**                                W91142003          W91242003
                                                                          Furnace**                              W91142020          W91242020
NATURAL                                                                   Golden Badger                          W91142007          W91242007
W91241003      Brown**                  W91241017 Medium Ginger           Grizzly                                W91142001          W91242001
W91241007      Golden Badger            W91241018 Silver Badger           Light Ginger                           W91142004          W91242004
W91241001      Grizzly                  W91241002 White
                                                                          Medium Ginger**                        W91142017          W91242017
W91241004      Light Ginger
                                                                          Silver Badger                          W91142018          W91242018
**Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.
                                                                          White                                  W91142002          W91242002
DYED                                                                      *Limited Availability
                                                                          **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.
W91241008      Black/White
W91241149      Coachman Brown/Grizzly                                     DYED OVER WHITE                             Gold              Silver
W91241221      Light Dun/White
                                                                          Black/White                            W91142008          W91242008
W91241222      Medium Dun/White
W91241139      Olive/Grizzly
                                                                          Dark Dun/White                         W91142223          W91242223
                                                                          Light Dun/White                        W91142221          W91242221
                                                                          Medium Dun/White                       W91142222          W91242222
½ EACH BROWN AND GRIZZLY                                                  SADDLE HACKLE PACKS
W91301080 Bronze                                                          Each 'Pack' contains a dozen dry fly saddle hackles in
W91201080 Silver                                                          assorted sizes. Excellent for beginners, fly tying classes
                                                                          or kits.
                                                                          W91805003      Brown                    W91805017 Medium Ginger
                                                                          W91805020      Furnace                  W91805000 Mixed Colours
                                                                          W91805001      Grizzly                  W91805002 White
                                                                          W91805004      Light Ginger
                                                                          W91805008 Black             W91805222 Medium Dun
                                                                          W91805249 Coachman Brn./Wh. W91805139 Olive/Grizzly
                                                                          W91805221 Light Dun         W91805151 Orange/Grizzly

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Whiting Rooster Hackle                                                     CONTINUED

Available in sizes 10 through 20 in all dyed and natural colours.
NATURAL                       Size 10              Size 12               Size 14            Size 16             Size 18      Size 20
Barred Dark Ginger*           W91810016           W91812016              W91814016          W91816016           W91818016   W91820016
Barred Medium Ginger          W91810005           W91812005              W91814005          W91816005           W91818005   W91820005
Brown**                       W91810003           W91812003              W91814003          W91816003           W91818003   W91820003
Golden Badger                 W91810007           W91812007              W91814007          W91816007           W91818007   W91820007
Grizzly                       W91810001           W91812001              W91814001          W91816001           W91818001   W91820001
Light Ginger                  W91810004           W91812004              W91814004          W91816004           W91818004   W91820004
Medium Ginger**               W91810017           W91812017              W91814017          W91816017           W91818017   W91820017
Silver Badger                 W91810018           W91812018              W91814018          W91816018           W91818018   W91820018
White                         W91810002           W91812002              W91814002          W91816002           W91818002   W91820002
*Limited Availability
**Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.

DYED OVER GRIZZLY             Size 10             Size 12                Size 14            Size 16              Size 18     Size 20
Coachman Brown/Grizzly W91810149                   W91812149             W91814149          W91816149           W91818149   W91820149
Olive/Grizzly          W91810139                   W91812139             W91814139          W91816139           W91818139   W91820139

DYED OVER WHITE               Size 10              Size 12               Size 14            Size 16              Size 18     Size 20
Black/White                   W91810008            W91812008             W91814008          W91816008           W91818008   W91820008
Coachman Brown/White          W91810249            W91812249             W91814249          W91816249           W91818249   W91820249
Dark Dun/White                W91810223            W91812223             W91814223          W91816223           W91818223   W91820223
Light Dun/White               W91810221            W91812221             W91814221          W91816221           W91818221   W91820221
Medium Dun/White              W91810222            W91812222             W91814222          W91816222           W91818222   W91820222
Olive/White                   W91810239            W91812239             W91814239          W91816239           W91818239   W91820239

                                                 The Ultimate Hackle
                       Whiting Farms has taken the ultimate in hackle one step further with the
                         Whiting 100 Fly Pack. Each package contains enough superb Whiting
                                 saddle hackle feathers to tie a minimum of 100 flies.
                                           Whiting 100’s - The Best for Less!

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                                                                              CAPES, SADDLES
                                                                                    & HACKLE
Whiting Hen Products                                                      CHICKABOU
HEN CAPES                                                                 Chicken Marabou whole skin with soft hackle flank
                                                                          feathers. Great for Matukas, Wooly Buggers, Soft Hackles,
Each                                                                      Damsels, Dragons and more.
NATURAL                                   Silver             Bronze
Black**                               W92201008           W92301008
                                                                          NATURAL                           Gold          Silver
Brown                                 W92201003           W92301003
Dun Grizzly                           W92201012           W92301012       Black                        W91103008      W91203008
Furnace                               W92201020           W92301020       Dark Dun                     W91103023      W91203023
Grizzly                               W92201001           W92301001       Grizzly                      W91103001      W91203001
Light Ginger                          W92201004           W92301004       Light Ginger                 W91103004      W91203004
Medium Ginger                         W92201017           W92301017       Medium Dun                   W91103022      W91203022
Pale Watery Dun                       W92201013           W92301013       Unique Variant               W91103009      W91203009
Silver Badger                         W92201018           W92301018       White                        W91103002      W91203002
White                                 W92201002           W92301002       DYED OVER GRIZZLY                 Gold          Silver
DYED                                      Silver             Bronze       Brown/Grizzly                W91103149      W91203149
Brown/Grizzly                         W92201149           W92301149       Chartreuse/Grizzly           W91103156      W91203156
Dark Dun/White                        W92201223           W92301223       Golden Olive/Grizzly         W91103165      W91203165
Light Dun/White                       W92201221           W92301221       Magenta/Grizzly              W91103160      W91203160
Medium Dun/White                      W92201222           W92301222       Olive/Grizzly                W91103139      W91203139
Olive/Grizzly                         W92201139           W92301139       Orange/Grizzly               W91103151      W91203151
                                                                          Purple/Grizzly               W91103154      W91203154
                                                                          Red/Grizzly                  W91103152      W91203152
HEN SADDLES                                                               Yellow/Grizzly               W91103155      W91203155
NATURAL                                   Silver             Bronze       DYED OVER WHITE                   Gold          Silver
Black**                               W92202008           W92302008       Chartreuse/White             W91103256      W91203256
Brown                                 W92202003           W92302003       Highlander Green/White       W91103259      W91203259
Grizzly                               W92202001           W92302001       Magenta/White                W91103260      W91203260
Light Ginger                          W92202004           W92302004       Olive/White                  W91103239      W91203239
Medium Ginger                         W92202017           W92302017       Orange/White                 W91103251      W91203251
Pale Watery Dun                       W92202013           W92302013       Purple/White                 W91103254      W91203254
White                                 W92202002           W92302002       Red/White                    W91103252      W91203252
DYED                                      Silver             Bronze       Silver Doc. Blue/White       W91103257      W91203257
                                                                          Yellow/White                 W91103255      W91203255
Light Dun/White                       W92202221           W92302221
Medium Dun/White                      W92202222           W92302222
Olive/Grizzly                         W92202139           W92302139       DRY FLY MIDGE ½ SADDLES                      NEW!
Brown/Grizzly                         W92202149           W92302149
                                                                          NEW from Whiting, with 80% or more hackle for hook
**Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.
                                                                          size 18 and smaller.
                                                                          Black                        W93242008
                                                                          Grizzly                      W93242001
                                                                          Light Dun                    W93242221
                                                                          Medium Dun                   W93242222
                                                                          Natural Brown/White          W93242203

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Whiting American Hackle                                                      Hebert Miner™ Hackle
AMERICAN ROOSTER SADDLES -                                                  Whiting Farms assumed stewardship of Andy Miner &
BRONZE                                                                      Ted Hebert’s hackle rooster gene pool in 1997. Their goal
                                                                            is to preserve the inherent characteristics of this
Each                                                                        exceptional hackle stock while continuing the development
NATURAL                                                                     and refinement of its hackle qualities and unique natural
W41302003     Brown                                                         colours.
W41302001     Grizzly
W41302022     Medium Dun                                                    HEBERT MINER™ ROOSTER CAPES
W41302017     Medium Ginger                                                 Each
W41302002     White
                                                                                                          Gold             Silver           Bronze
DYED OVER WHITE                                                             Black**               W81101008         W81201008           W81301008
W41302256     Chartreuse                                                    Cream*                W81101087         W81201087           W81301087
W41302266     Claret                                                        Light Ginger          W81101004         W81201004           W81301004
W41302239     Olive                                                         Medium Ginger**       W81101017         W81201017           W81301017
                                                                            Medium Cahill Dun     W81101096         W81201096           W81301096
W41302251     Orange
                                                                            *Limited Availability
W41302255     Yellow
                                                                            **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.

AMERICAN HEN CAPES - BRONZE                                                 HEBERT MINER™ ROOSTER SADDLES
NATURAL                                                                                                   Gold             Silver           Bronze
W42301008 Black                  W42301022 Medium Dun                       Black**               W81102008         W81202008           W81302008
W42301001 Grizzly                W42301002 White                            Cream*                W81102087         W81202087           W81302087
W42301004 Light Ginger                                                      Furnace               W81102020         W81202020           W81302020
                                                                            Grizzly               W81102001         W81202001                  ---
DYED OVER WHITE                                                             Light Ginger          W81102004         W81202004           W81302004
W42301256   Chartreuse           W42301251      Orange                      Medium Brown          W81102089         W81202089           W81302089
W42301266   Claret               W42301252      Red                         Medium Ginger**       W81102017         W81202017           W81302017
W42301259   Highlander Green     W42301257      Silver Doc. Blue            Unique Variant        W81102009         W81202009           W81302009
W42301258   Kingfisher Blue      W42301255      Yellow                      *Limited Availability
                                                                            **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.

                                                                            HEBERT MINER™ HEN CAPES
W42302008 Black                  W42302022 Medium Dun                       Each
W42302001 Grizzly                W42302002 White                                                                       Gold               Silver
W42302004 Light Ginger
                                                                            Black**                               W82101008           W82201008
                                                                            Brown                                 W82101003           W82201003
                                                                            Cream                                 W82101087           W82201087
Whiting Farms developed American Hackle to meet                             Furnace                               W82101020           W82201020
                                                                            Light Ginger                          W82101004           W82201004
the demand for high quality wet fly hackle. They                            Medium Ginger**                       W82101017           W82201017

 are heavily feathered and feature hackle that is                           Pale Watery Dun                       W82101013           W82201013
                                                                            **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.

 broad and long, densely webbed with round tips
                                                                            HEBERT MINER™ HEN SADDLES
             and a firm, sturdy quill.                                      Each
                                                                                                                       Gold               Silver
                                                                            Black**                               W82102008           W82202008
                                                                            Brown                                 W82102003           W82202003
                                                                            Cream                                 W82102087           W82202087
                                                                            Light Ginger                          W82102004           W82202004
                                                                            Medium Ginger**                       W82102017           W82202017
                                                                            Pale Watery Dun                       W82102013           W82202013
                                                                            **Dyed colour may be substituted by Whiting if natural is unavailable.

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                                                                      CAPES, SADDLES
                                                                            & HACKLE
Genetic Hackle                                                    GENETIC ½ SADDLES                                  NEW!
Our genetic capes and saddles are well priced and provide
                                                                  GGHS-15        Gldn. Badger      GGHS-03           Brown
a variety of hackle sizes, making them a great value.
                                                                  GGHS-00        Grizzly           GWHS-10           White
Ask us about custom dyeing!
                                                                  DYED OVER GRIZZLY
GENETIC ½ CAPES                                                   GGHSD-12       Black             GGHSD-19          Purple
Each                                  6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%     GGHSD-18       Chartreuse        GGHSD-04          Red
                                                                  GGHSD-08       Olive             GGHSD-02          Yellow
GRIZZLY                                                           GGHSD-03       Orange
GGHC-00-1     Grade 1
GGHC-00-2     Grade 2                                             DYED OVER WHITE
                                                                  GWHSD-14       Hot Pink          GWHSD-19          Purple
NATURAL                                                           GWHSD-08       Olive             GWHSD-04          Red
GHC-03        Brown                                               GWHSD-03       Orange            GWHSD-02          Yellow
GHC-15        Golden Badger NEW!
GHC-16        Silver Badger NEW!
GHC-10        White                                               Bass & Saltwater Capes
DYED OVER GRIZZLY                                                 Larger capes with long, wide, round tip feathers.
GGHCD-12      Black             GGHCD-19          Purple
GGHCD-08      Olive             GGHCD-04          Red             Each                                   6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
GGHCD-03      Orange            GGHCD-02          Yellow
                                                                  SWC-06       Badger       SWC-05          Furnace
COMBO CAPE SET                                    NEW!            SWC-13       Chinchilla   SWC-01          Ginger
                                                                  SWC-04       Coachman Brn.SWC-03          Red Brown
Set                               6 SAME CODE       LESS   5%     SWC-02       Dark Ginger  SWC-10          White/Cream
GCC-00    ½ Each - Coachman Brown/Grizzly
                                                                  SWCD-12      Black            SWCD-14     Hot Pink
                                                                  SWCD-13      Blue Dun         SWCD-08     Olive
                                                                  SWCD-05      Burnt Orange     SWCD-03     Orange
   SUPERFLYTM now offers split capes, not just in                 SWCD-18      Chartreuse       SWCD-19     Purple
                                                                  SWCD-20      Claret           SWCD-04     Red
  halves, but in new Dry Fly & Streamer Patches,                  SWCD-17      Dark Blue        SWCD-15     Silver Doc. Blue

    providing a wider variety of hackle options.                  SWCD-06
                                                                               Golden Olive
                                                                                                SWCD-02     Yellow

GRIZZLY DRY FLY PATCH                             NEW!            Chinese Cock & Hen
Each                                  6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%     CHINESE COCK CAPES
GDPD-12     Black           GDPD-19      Purple
GDP-00      Natural         GDPD-04      Red                      Each                                   6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
GDPD-08     Olive           GDPD-02      Yellow                   NATURAL
GDPD-03     Orange                                                CC-06      Badger              CC-05     Furnace
                                                                  CC-13      Chinchilla          CC-01     Ginger
GRIZZLY STREAMER PATCH                          NEW!              CC-04      Coachman Brown      CC-08     Ginger Variant
                                                                  CC-17      Cochy Bondhu        CC-14     Golden Badger
Each                                  6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%     CC-07      Cree                CC-03     Red Brown
                                                                  CC-02      Dark Ginger         CC-10     White/Cream
GSPD-12     Black           GSPD-19      Purple
GSP-00      Natural         GSPD-04      Red                      Assortment                                       NEW!
GSPD-08     Olive           GSPD-02      Yellow                   CC-AST Assorted Natural Colours
GSPD-03     Orange

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Chinese Cock & Hen                                     CONT.                  Indian Cock & Hen
CHINESE COCK CAPES                   CONTINUED                               INDIAN COCK CAPES
                                                                             Indian capes are smaller than Chinese capes and have a
DYED OVER WHITE                       6 SAME CODE LESS 5%                    stiffer centre quill.
CCD-10    Amber                 CCD-01 Green
CCD-12    Black                 CCD-37 Honey Dun NEW!                        Each                                       6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
CCD-13    Blue Dun              CCD-14 Hot Pink                              NATURAL
CCD-21    Brown                 CCD-08 Olive
                                                                             IC-06       Badger                IC-01       Ginger
CCD-05    Burnt Orange          CCD-07 Olive Dun
                                                                             IC-04       Coachman Brown        IC-08       Ginger Variant
CCD-18    Chartreuse            CCD-03 Orange
                                                                             IC-02       Dark Ginger           IC-09       Grey Variant
CCD-20    Claret                CCD-19 Purple
                                                                             IC-12       Fiery Variant         IC-03       Red Brown
CCD-11    Dark Amber            CCD-04 Red
                                                                             IC-05       Furnace               IC-10       White/Cream
CCD-17    Dark Blue             CCD-15 Silver Doc. Blue
CCD-09    Dark Olive            CCD-02 Yellow                                DYED
CCD-06    Golden Olive                                                       ICD-12      Black                 ICD-08      Olive
                                                                             ICD-13      Blue Dun              ICD-03      Orange
CHINESE HEN NECKS                                                            ICD-06      Golden Olive

Great feathers for Spinner wings, Paraduns and soft hackle
patterns. (Certain colours may be in limited supply.)                        INDIAN COCK SADDLES
                                                                             Narrower than Chinese saddles for hackling larger dry
Each                                      6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
                                                                             flies and perfect for Streamer wings.
                                                                             Each                                       6 SAME CODE LESS 5%
CHN-04    Coachman Br.   NEW!   CHN-14       Mixed Variant
CHN-02    Dark Ginger           CHN-03       Red Brown                       ICS-06  Badger                    ICS-05      Furnace
CHN-05    Furnace               CHN-10       White/Cream                     ICS-13  Chinchilla                ICS-01      Ginger
                                                                             ICS-04  Coachman Brown            ICS-08      Ginger Variant
DYED                                                                         ICS-02  Dark Ginger               ICS-09      Grey Variant
CHND-12     Black           CHND-08           Olive                          ICSD-12 Dyed Black                ICS-03      Red Brown
CHND-13     Blue Dun        CHND-03           Orange                         ICSD-08 Dyed Olive                ICS-10      White/Cream
CHND-20     Claret          CHND-04           Red                            ICS-12  Fiery Variant
CHND-06     Golden Olive    CHND-15           Silver Doc. Blue
CHND-01     Green           CHND-02           Yellow
                                                                             INDIAN HEN NECKS
                                                                             Soft webby hackle for wet flies.
Chinese Hens have wide, webby feathers perfect for soft                      Each                                       6 SAME CODE LESS 5%
hackle and Matuka patterns. Our Mottled Brown Chinese                        IHN-06  Badger                    IHN-05      Furnace
Hen Back makes a great Partridge substitution                                IHN-02  Dark Ginger               IHN-03      Red Brown
                                                                             IHND-12 Dyed Black                IHN-10      White/Cream
Each                                      6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
NATURAL                                                                      INDIAN HEN BACKS
CHB-02      Dark Ginger
                                                                             Mottled tips make great Mayfly Dun pattern wings and
CHB-02M     Mottled Brown
CHB-03      Red Brown
                                                                             Each                                       6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
CHBD-12  Black                                                               IHB-00      Assorted Mottled
CHBD-08M Mottled Olive
                                                                                                         Tying Tip!
                                                                              For realistic Mayfly wings, try using Indian Hen Back Plumage.
                                                                                It provides a variety of natural shades and when dyed can
                                                                              match the hatch. Use a Wing Burner (see Tying Tools section)
                                                                               to easily create an effective profile. For more durable wings,
                                                                              give them a coat of Superfly’s ClearFlexTM (see Fly Tying Aids).

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                                                                     CAPES, SADDLES
                                                                           & HACKLE
Hackle                                                           STANDARD STRUNG NECK HACKLE
ATTRACTOR NECK HACKLE                                            Hackle length 4"- 5".

5"+ Length                                                       Package                                     6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%

Package                              6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%     NATURAL
                                                                 NN-06      Badger                   NN-01      Ginger
DYED OVER BADGER                                                 NN-13      Chinchilla               NN-19      Light Ginger NEW!
ANB-18    Chartreuse        ANB-03      Orange                   NN-07      Cree                     NN-14      Mxd. Variant NEW!
ANB-01    Green             ANB-04      Red                      NN-02      Dark Ginger              NN-03      Red Brown
ANB-14    Hot Pink          ANB-02      Yellow                   NN-05      Furnace                  NN-10      White/Cream

    This premium badger hackle is dyed in our                    DYED
                                                                 ND-12      Black                    ND-14     Hot Pink
brightest colours, adding contrast and movement                  ND-13
                                                                            Blue Dun
                                                                            Brown NEW!
                                                                                                               Olive Dun
  to Pike, Bass, and saltwater patterns. It’s also               ND-05
                                                                            Burnt Orange
    great for Salmon and Steelhead patterns.                     ND-20      Claret                   ND-04     Red
                                                                 ND-35      Coachman Br.             ND-26     Salmon NEW!
                  Very versatile!                                ND-17      Dark Blue
                                                                                                     ND-29     Shrimp Pink NEW!
                                                                 ND-09      Dark Olive               ND-15     Silver Doc. Blue
                                                                 ND-06      Golden Olive             ND-02     Yellow
ATTRACTOR SADDLE HACKLE                                          ND-01      Green
5"- 6" Length
                                                                 LOOSE NECK HACKLE
Package                              6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
                                                                 Picked from the “Sweet Spot”. Mostly dry fly quality for
DYED OVER BADGER                                                 fly sizes 8-12. Feather length 1"- 3".
ASB-18    Chartreuse        ASB-03      Orange
ASB-01    Green             ASB-04      Red                      Package                                     6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
ASB-14    Hot Pink          ASB-02      Yellow
                                                                 NHL-14     Mixed Variant
PREMIUM STRUNG NECK HACKLE                                       NHL-03     Red Brown
Large, wide feathers good for Streamers, Bass and                NHL-10     White/Cream
saltwater flies. Hackle length 5"+.                              DYED
                                                                 NHLD-12    Black                    NHLD-14   Hot Pink
Package                              6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
                                                                 NHLD-13    Blue Dun                 NHLD-08   Olive
NATURAL                                                          NHLD-05    Burnt Orange             NHLD-07   Olive Dun
PN-06     Badger            PN-01    Ginger                      NHLD-18    Chartreuse               NHLD-03   Orange
PN-13     Chinchilla        PN-19    Lt. Ginger NEW!             NHLD-20    Claret                   NHLD-19   Purple
PN-17     Cochy Bondhu NEW! PN-14    Mxd. Variant NEW!           NHLD-17    Dark Blue                NHLD-04   Red
PN-02     Dark Ginger       PN-03    Red Brown                   NHLD-09    Dark Olive               NHLD-15   Silver Doc. Blue
PN-05     Furnace           PN-10    White/Cream                 NHLD-06    Golden Olive             NHLD-02   Yellow
                                                                 NHLD-01    Green

DYED                                                                                                              CONTINUED...
PND-12    Black             PND-14   Hot Pink
PND-13    Blue Dun          PND-07   Olive Dun
PND-21    Brown             PND-08   Olive
PND-05    Burnt Orange      PND-03   Orange
PND-18    Chartreuse        PND-19   Purple
PND-20    Claret            PND-04   Red
PND-35    Coachman Br. NEW! PND-26   Salmon
PND-17    Dark Blue         PND-29   Shrimp Pink NEW!
PND-09    Dark Olive        PND-15   Silver Doc. Blue
PND-06    Golden Olive      PND-02   Yellow
PND-01    Green

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Nov/02                  Phone: 780-455-6265 • Fax: 780-451-2846 • E-mail: sales@superfly.ca
Hackle               CONTINUED                                                STRUNG SOFT HACKLE
                                                                              Great for soft hackle patterns and Salmon wet flies.
Strung 4"- 6" feathers suitable for wet flies and Streamers.                  Package                                    6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%

Package                                6 SAME CODE       LESS   5%
                                                                              CHP-00      Mixed Colours         CHP-10      White
GSHD-21    Brown                 GSHD-19 Purple
GSH-00     Natural               GSHD-04 Red                                  DYED
GSHD-08    Olive                 GSHD-02 Yellow                               CHPD-12     Black                 CHPD-08     Olive
GSHD-03    Orange                                                             CHPD-13     Blue Dun              CHPD-03     Orange
                                                                              CHPD-20     Claret                CHPD-15     Silver Doc. Blue
                                                                              CHPD-01     Green                 CHPD-02     Yellow
Excellent for palmering large flies and Bombers. Makes                        SPEY HACKLE
great Streamer wings for Pike, Bass and saltwater
                                                                              Long-fibred feathers for spey-style palmered flies.
patterns. Hackle length 6" - 7".
                                                                              10 /pkg                                 6 SAME CODE LESS 5%
Package                                    6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
                                                                              SPEY-12     Black                 SPEY-08 Olive
NATURAL                                                                       SPEY-13     Blue Dun              SPEY-03 Orange
PS-06      Badger                PS-01        Ginger                          SPEY-05     Burnt Orange NEW!     SPEY-19 Purple
PS-13      Chinchilla            PS-08        Ginger Var. NEW!                SPEY-18     Chartreuse            SPEY-04 Red
PS-02      Dark Ginger           PS-03        Red Brown                       SPEY-30     Dark Blue Dun         SPEY-29 Shrimp Pink NEW!
PS-05      Furnace               PS-10        White/Cream                     SPEY-01     Green                 SPEY-15 Silver Doc. Blue
                                                                              SPEY-14     Hot Pink              SPEY-02 Yellow
                                                                              SPEY-00     Natural White
PSD-12     Black                 PSD-08       Olive
PSD-13     Blue Dun              PSD-07       Olive Dun
PSD-05     Burnt Orange          PSD-03       Orange
PSD-18     Chartreuse            PSD-19       Purple
           Coachman Br.   NEW!
                                              Salmon                                         Looking for hackle tools?
PSD-17     Dark Blue             PSD-29       Shrimp Pink NEW!
           Hot Pink
                                              Silver Doc. Blue
                                                                              See the Tying Tools section for our full range of hackle
                                                                              tools, from English Hackle Pliers to Hackle Gauges,
STANDARD STRUNG SADDLE HACKLE                                                 manufactured by Griffin, Thompson and
Hackle length 5"- 6".
Package                                    6 SAME   CODE LESS   5%
                                                                              our own SUPERFLYTM Best Value brand.
SS-06      Badger                SS-19        Lt. Ginger NEW!
SS-13      Chinchilla            SS-14        Mxd. Variant NEW!
SS-02      Dark Ginger           SS-03        Red Brown
SS-05      Furnace               SS-10        White/Cream
SS-01      Ginger
SD-12      Black                 SD-07        Olive Dun
SD-13      Blue Dun              SD-08        Olive
SD-05      Burnt Orange          SD-03        Orange
SD-18      Chartreuse            SD-19        Purple
SD-20      Claret                SD-04        Red
SD-35      Coachman Br.   NEW!   SD-26        Salmon
SD-17      Dark Blue             SD-29        Shrimp Pink NEW!
SD-01      Green                 SD-15        Silver Doc. Blue
SD-14      Hot Pink              SD-02        Yellow

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