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					Radovan Surjancev                                               cell: (630)730-8232
Shure Consulting Corp                                        home: (630)792-9515
1783 W Windmill Court                                           fax: (630)792-9517
Addison, IL 60101                                
Objective       To further my career in the exciting field of software development, to
                   assist clients employing the newest technologies, and to industriously
                   work toward the mutual success and satisfaction.
Summary            Over 20 years of professional experience in designing and
                   implementing complex business system solutions. Thorough
                   understanding of the most current technologies. Excellent
                   communication skills and technical skills concentrating on:
                       Object Oriented Design and Methodologies.

                         Distributed Design and Architecture.
                         Server/Client/Network      Solutions     –     Legacy      and
                          Internet/Intranet Systems.
                         Various hardware and software platforms integration.

Skills             Operating Systems: MS Vista OS, MS Windows XP Professional,
Summary            MS Windows 2003 Advanced Server, MS Windows 2000 Advanced
                   Server, MS Windows NT Server, MS Windows NT Workstation, MS
                   Windows CE, MS Windows Me, 98 and 95, 16-bit MS Windows,
                   UNIX,      Fedora,     RedHat,     QNX,      VMS,        etc.

                   Programming Languages: C#, C++, C, Visual Basic.NET, Visual
                   Basic, Basic, Pascal, Java, SQL, Prolog, Lisp, Modula 2.

                   Scripting Languages: Java Script, ASP, PHP, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO,
                   DHTML, (X)HTML, XSD(XML-SCHEMA), DDL, CSS, Perl

                   Distributed Objects Methodologies: .NET 2.0, 1.1, 3.0 and 3.5, Web
                   Services, AJAX, COM/DCOM, CORBA, Automation, MSMQ,
                   MSXML,          MSMTS,         MS        Office         Integration.

                   Standards and Applications: .NET 3.0, SOAP, WebServices, STL,
                   Boost, Ace, MFC, ATL, WTL, LDAP, XML, XSL(T), ADO, OLE
                   DB, TCP/IP, UDP, IP Multicast, MS Mailslots, PIPES, Sockets,
                   Multithreading, Synchronization and Communication Objects.
               Financial Applications: Automatic Order Matching, Specialist
               Trading, Automatic Order Executions, Odd Lot Trading, Over-the-
               Counter (OTC) trading, Futures and Derivatives, Options Trading.

               Handheld Devices GUI Development: Cassiopeia, HP Jornada
               Windows CE Systems.

Work History   April 2007-          Federal Home Loan Bank of            Chicago,
               Present                       Chicago                          IL
               Senior Consultant
               Summit MUST Trade Conversion
               Conversion of standard Summit based system of ADVANCES to the
               new generation of general-format trades and advances (MUST
               format). I am working on conversions of the background Data
               Models and all corresponding interfaces as well as on the changes in
               the daily reports affected by conversions and/or changes in the Data
               Model. Work is done primarily in the MS VisualC++ 2005, C# 2.0,
               ASP.NET, MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005. The background source
               repository is MS SourceSafe.

               Aug 2005-April 2007      Chicago Stock Exchange Chicago, IL
               Senior Consultant
               NTM (New Trading Methodology) Trading
               Design and implementation of the New Generation Trading Software
               for the exchange in pursuing a goal of moving to completely
               automated exchange. This was an extremely challenging automated
               exchange designed to fulfill the most rigorous requirements of
               processing up to 1000 single order executions per second. This is
               heavily multithreaded, time-optimized application that is
               implemented solely in standard C++ (Using MS Visual C++ 7.0 –
               Visual Studio 2003 Professional and 2005 Professional environment).
               Whole implementation is based on exclusive use of STL and Boost
               libraries – for extremely complex containers, dictionaries, matching
               caches etc. All communication primitives are also custom-made –
               based on the home grown IP based protocol – IPC which utilizes both
               UDP and Multicast for guaranteed delivery. There is also hot stand-
               buy database support implemented in Oracle with stored procedures
and functions written in PL/SQL*Plus. The Microsoft Source Safe is
the source control system. All messaging is XML formatted and
conforms to some extent to the standards of FIXML.

Feb 2003-Aug 2005 Breakthrough Technologies Evanston, IL
Senior Consultant
CAT Builder, CAT Administrator, CAT Config
Worked on the family of applications for the Computer Adaptive
Tests (CAT) Specification and Implementation. The primary focus
was set on redesigning the main part of the application – the Builder
– to using the advantages of the .NET environment. This was an
extremely challenging undertaking with the most diverse
development environment imaginable. The original project was
written in VC++ on Windows NT and Windows 2000. The new
version was done on Windows XP Professional in C#, ASP.NET and
managed VC++. Some of the skills actively used include: C#,
Applets, Java Script, Java VM, Mozilla Browser Control, IE Browser
Control, MS SQL Server, MS IIS, COM, COM+, TCP/IP and UDP,
WinInet, SOAP etc. Source code control is done through the Visual
Source Safe over the internet (VPN).

April 2002-Feb 2003 Trading Technologies Inc. Chicago, IL
Senior Software Engineer
Redesigned the flagship product of the product that is increasingly
becoming a de-facto standard for the future trading around the world.
The most improvements were done to the part of XTRADER called
MD (Market Depth) Trader – where the new user interface and
streamlined and optimized internals increased the speed of
transactions more than ten times while at the same time it achieved an
unprecedented level of reliability and robustness. These changes are
currently being ported to several previous versions still in use around
the globe, while I am working on the new communication layer and
an additional transaction abstraction layer that will disconnect the
current UI from the underlying communication patterns and at the
same time open the product to multi-application integration. The
work is done in Visual C++ (6.0 and 7.0 Managed VC++) on MS
Windows 2000 platform. I am extensively using MFC, ATL, STL,
ACE, BOOST in the development – using OO design patterns. New
layer architecture prototyping is done on .NET platform in C#.
Interfaces are done to MS Office 2000 and MS Office XP. The
source control systems used are MKS Source Integrity and MKS
Project Administrator and MS VSS 6.0.

1997-       Vision Technology International       Schaumburg,
2002                  (VTI), Inc.                         IL
Senior Consultant
Worked on following VTI contracts:
Designed and implemented XML based persistent store that replaces
VERSANT based configuration store. Implemented various reporting
and notification tools based on MS Office Integration through
Automation including Ticker Changes Mailing and Printing through
Outlook and Excel charting of executions Replaced VERSANT
(database) based OLES Client with XML based Data Provider Client.
Used MS Windows 2000 Server, IIS, MS SQL Server, MS Visual
OLES (Odd Lot Exchange System)
Designed and implemented application that integrates into MAX
(Midwest Automated Exchange) for odd and mixed-lot order trading.
Implemented server side and infrastructure of the client side
applications. Both server and client sides are implemented on
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 using Microsoft Visual C++, MFC, ATL,
COM, DCOM, NT services, CORBA (IONA Technologies, Orbix
and Orbix Talk) and VERSANT Object Base. Emphasis on the speed
and fault-tolerance of order transactions. Communication with the
legacy systems is based on TCP/IP, UDP and TCP Multicast
protocols. Used multithreaded models for performance gains in
multiprocessor environment.
SpecialiStation (Window NT version)
Designed and implemented application that integrates into MAX.
This is a sister project of the OLES project mentioned above.
Implemented server applications and several controlling and testing
applications. Used Visual C++, MFC, ATL, COM, Automation,
ActiveX controls, CORBA(Orbix and Orbix Talk), VERSANT, Perl
Scripts, Install Shield, VB Scripts etc.

1995–1996        Chicago Stock Exchange Inc.          Chicago, IL
System Architect
SpecialiStation (UNIX version)
The same project as above but implemented on HPUX (version 9 and
10) servers and workstations. Used C++, X-windows (motif based),
Sockets based communication using TCP/IP and UDP protocols.
Designed and implemented major portion of both server and client
applications. Used shared memory, message queues and semaphores.

1993–1995           AC Nielsen, Inc.             Schaumburg, IL
Senior Consultant
Executive Spotlight Application
Windows 95 and Windows 3.11 targeted application for an intelligent
document creation (RTF documents) with several standard executive
style documents and reports, with Word and Excel as document
containers and Crystal Report for reports. Used MS Visual C++,
Visual Basic for Applications, Visual Basic and VB Controls, OLE
Controls, OLE Automation. Used Sybase SQL Server and embedded
Trend Change Detection Application
Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 targeted application with the server
application implemented on the HPUX 9.0. Implemented all
communication between clients and the servers and all of the server
code. Used C, SPSS and Sybase Sequel Server, embedded SQL and
TCP/IP Sockets. On the client side implemented all of the TCP/IP
WinSockets based communication – using Visual C++, MFC and VB

1990-        Afcon Control and Automation,          Schaumburg,
1993                      Inc.                              IL
            Senior Software Engineer
            American Airlines Baggage Control System
            Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. QNX 4.2 (Quantum,
            Canada: Micro kernel Real-time, UNIX like operating system for PCs
            and compatibles) based real-time control and automation system for
            luggage and conveyor control/tracking. Implemented in Watcom C.
            IN-KOTE and IN-TEK steel production lines,
            Inland Steel.
            Borland C++, OWL, Microsoft C, VAX C. Worked on several server
            and control applications for the automated steel lines.
            Many other industrial control and automation projects.

Education   1985 MS     University of Novi Sad, School of          Novi Sad,
            CS                Technical Sciences                  Yugoslavia
            1983 BS     University of Novi Sad, School of          Novi Sad,
            CS                Technical Sciences                  Yugoslavia
Emphasis    Distributed Technologies, .NET Platform and Methodology, Web
            Technologies. Heavy emphasis on the Distributed Web Applications'
            development, using the best from the .NET and all related
            technologies. Current interests include .NET platform 3.0 and 3.5,
            AJAX and Web Services

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