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How to practice safe gymnastics at home
     Gymnastics is a won-                                                            To be safe at home,               that you can do the skill        Spotting is more difficult        many more hours practic-
derful sport for kids and                                                      gymnasts need to lower the              every time you attempt it.       that it looks and serious         ing and mastering. Other
can help them develop                                                          level of skill difficult that                Gyms have wide-open         injuries can occur if a spot-     children, non-gymnasts
coordination, strength,                                                        they attempt and do at                  padded areas that have           ting error is made.               and brothers and sisters do
balance, flexibility and so                                                    home. If you are not                    carefully been cleared of        Spotting is for professional      not have the skill and
much more. It can also                                                         absolutely sure, don’t do               obstacles and obstructions.      coaches who have the              experience you do and
build their self-esteem and                                                    the skill. Ninety-nine per-             Your house is full of unsafe     training and experience to        may get injured seriously
improve skills such as self-                                                   cent of the time, gymnasts              obstacles for gymnasts.          avoid any type of accident.       trying skills that only you
discipline and concentra-                                                      will not attempt to do skills                Watch out for hazards             Gymnasts should not         should be doing. Don’t let
tion.                                                                          that they are not capable               including things like glass,     do any level of difficult         friends try skills that only
     Plus, being a gymnast                 Nancy Bauman                        of doing safely.                        mirrors, and obstacles,          gymnastics without some-          you can do safely
can be a lot of fun. It is a                                                         Gymnasts should                   heavy wooden or metal            one else around in case of             Gymnastics is a fun
naturally fun activity and
                                           Southington                         think carefully before                  furniture. Make sure you         injury. Any gymnastics            and rewarding sport. You
children enjoy it in both
formal and informal set-
                                           YMCA                                attempting any skill they
                                                                               are not completely sure
                                                                                                                       have plenty of room to do
                                                                                                                       any gymnastics skills.
                                                                                                                                                        skill that could possibly
                                                                                                                                                        cause an injury should not
                                                                                                                                                                                          must be careful and espe-
                                                                                                                                                                                          cially protect your head
tings. It provides a unique                                                    they can do safely. All new             Clear out an area if there is    be attempted if there is not      and neck from injury.
type of inner joy to run,                way ties for balance beams            skills should be learned                not sufficient space to          someone else around who           Follow the rules, use com-
jump, leap and tumble.                   and doing back hand-                  first at the gym with pro-              safely do your gymnastics.       could help if you get hurt.       mon sense and listen to
     Gymnastics parents                  springs. The difference               fessional coaching and                  Leave an extra margin of         Often friends, younger            your coaches.
are well aware of how diffi-             between the gym and at                adequate matting and not                safety for anything unex-        brothers and sisters, even             If you have any ques-
cult it is to stop gymnasts              home is that the gym is a             at home.                                pected that might occur.         older brothers and sisters        tions about gymnastics
from doing gymnastics at                 safely matted environ-                      You should especially             Stay clear of any obstruc-       want to try the skills that       please feel free to contact
home, outside in the grass               ment. With mats every-                not try any new skills at               tions, obstacles or hazards.     you seem to do so easily.         me at
or just about anywhere.                  where, the gym is a much              home without supervision                     Children should never             Don’t allow or encour-      www.nbauman@southing-
Gymnasts of all ages can                 safer place to play and               and proper matting.                     spot other children while        age your friends to try           ton-cheshireymca.org or
be seen using curbs or rail-             practice gymnastics.                  Mastering a skill means                 doing gymnastics at home.        skills that you have spent        203-2727688.

Try to get your Omega 3 acids from fish lower on the food chain
      Recently in the news                                                               els, helping eczema           Mackerel, Herring and other      Women and children should         their food, in order to get the
was a story about omega 3                                                                and psoriasis and             fatty types of fish.             avoid swordfish and macker-       pink color salmon is known
fatty acids and the presence                                                             arteriosclerosis can               For instance, four          el.                               for, coloring is added. So
of toxins in those supple-                                                               also occur. Essential         ounces of wild caught                 Better choices for fish      while there is no problem
ments. Unfortunately, the                                                                fatty acids are also          salmon can contain 3,600         with Omega 3 fatty acids          with mercury, you are deal-
way the story was discussed,                                                             needed in the treat-          milligrams of omea-3 fatty       would be smaller fish, lower      ing with pesticides and food
people might be wary to take                                                             ment of candidiasis           acids, while four ounces of      on the food chain. These          coloring and questionable
any Omega 3s. I want to                                                                  and coronary heart            cod (a low-fat fish) contains    have not had the “time” to        amounts of Omega 3 pres-
attempt to reassure the read-                                                             disease and to min-          only 300 milligrams. While       accumulate the toxins. This       ence.
er and clarify the story.                                                                 imize blood clot for-        we need omega-3 fatty acids      would be anchovies, sar-                If you would like to
      Deep sea, cold water fish          Dr. Carol Grant                                  mation.                      in our diet daily, daily con-    dines. The best source of the     know more about the pend-
are not only excellent sources                                                                 Research done           sumption of fish such as         fatty acid would be supple-       ing lawsuit and the labs and
of protein, they also are high           Alternatively                                    at Oregon Health             those mentioned has its chal-    ments made from Krill which       products involved please go
in a substance called omega                                                               Sciences University          lenges.                          is the crustacean whales eat.     to: www.fishoilsafety.com. If
3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty             Speaking                                         indicated that                    These fish are high on      They are very low on the food     you would like to discuss the
acid is an essential fatty acid                                                           Omega- fatty acids           the food chain and as such       chair and literally have no       types of products I recom-
which cannot be made by                                                                  are essential for nor-        tend to have a higher level of   toxins in them.                   mend which are guarenteed
the body and which must be               conditions such as heart dis-         mal function and develop-               mercury, lead and PCBs in             Salmon is “safe” because     toxin free, please call me.
supplied through the diet.               ease, arthritis and even can-         ment of the brain. Japanese             them. Fresh tuna should be       the fish is farm raised in this         Dr. Carol Grant, a local
They are also called Vitamin             cer have benefited from the           researchers concur that a               limited to one meal per week     area of the world. That           chiropractor, does not intend
F.                                       intake of Omega 3 Fatty Acid.         deficiency of essential fatty           for the general population       means that the fish lives its     this column to substitute for
      This compound is                        It will help lower choles-       acids leads to an impaired              and only one meal per            entire life in a big vat with     medical advice. She urges you
essential in our health as it            terol and blood pressure              ability to learn and recall             month for women of child         hundreds of other fish. They      to always consult with your
has been well researched to              which also reduces the risk of        information.                            bearing years and children.      are fed grain which unfortu-      personal physician before
decrease inflammatory                    heart disease and stroke.                  The types of fish that             Canned tuna can be eaten         nately has pesticides on it.      changing any current pro-
processes. As we have dis-               Other beneficial actions such         contain this substance are              once a weak by these groups.     Because they don’t fight for      gram.
cussed in other columns                  as reducing triglyceride lev-         Tuna, Blue fish, Salmon,

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