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					                                                       Garrett Thomson, Zonal Trustee, with some of the
                                                       "darling girls" at the Zonal Gathering in Ireland

It was another of those Gatherings which have been
proving the efficacy of the "Iberian Effect", which

we began to experience during the Subud Iberia
Congress at El Escorial, Madrid two years ago, and
which has been in evidence at Zonal meetings since
then and at the Iberian/Alicante Gathering during
October '87 and the visit to Belgium (Malmedy) in
                                                       expressed about the enthusiasm and way in which
                                                       this project had been launched.
What is this Iberian effect? I cannot do Justice to    Discussion then became more general. Raphaela gave
the people or the events themselves, and only those    the Kilshanny caving enterprise a plug, saying it
who have had the good fortune to participate can       needed capital. Sergio Moreno (President S/Iberia)
recall the after-taste: 'Who has not tasted cannot     told us the new Subud House had been opened at
tell'. It has to do with what Leonard Regnier said     Alicante. Umberto, who had looked after the rec-
(see Subud Voice No.11, p.4) on the subject of the     eption computer during the Benidorm holiday had
importance of fun at Gatherings - which is what        died in December; Gregorio's wife had been 'almost
the Iberian Effect is all about.                       dead', having been pronounced clinically dead for
                                                       one hour in an asthma attack. Sergio had been for-
So what happened at Clonakilty? (At this point my      ced to abandon the Alicante residential project
typewriter exploded and I Jammed my finger in the      because of the lack of help. He spoke of the impor-
kitchen door; there must be a satanic plot against     tance of the Joint effort of the Alicante group in
the completion of this account) Clonakilty..      the redecoration and reconstruction of their new
                                                       House - as a result of which several 'lost' mem-
The Synchronicity brought several of us together at    bers had returned. Sheila Tavolinl (Pres.S/Italy)
Heathrow for the same flight, after which we were      said it was difficult to distinguish between committee
met at Cork Airport by Michael and Raphaela Heaslip    and latihan 'action' - in that after the Subud
and conveyed to their house, where we were fed with    Youth Gathering in Italy, which had included non
beautiful Irish cheeses. Several other arrived,        Subud people, about 5 or 7 had been opened.
like 'Benito' Calcaterra from Italy, our dear friend
Charles Dupon from Belgium, half a dozen Internat-     Next day there was considerable discussion about
ional Helpers and Wilbert Verheyen for SDI. We were    procedures for the appointment of Trustees (my
then moved to the Retreat House at Clonakilty for      notes indicate that during this there was an
the meetings.                                          INCOMPREHENSIBLE DIVERSION by one of the helpers)
                                                       ..and a recommendation made that the World Chair-
Garrett Thomson our Zonal Trustee started off with     man and Chairman WSC should be responsible to the
the Archives project "is there a way of handling       Trustees and between Congresses be removable by
this?". Later he said the Trustees could not app-      the Trustee/Dewan.
rove of the present proposal; the originators had
no mandate for an undertaking of this scale; there     Garrett felt that the World Congress should be
was confusion from not understanding the work of       for the purpose of expressing the voice of the
ISC, and ISC not seeing themselves as an executive,    members, and representatives should demonstrate
so the Trustees' policy is not being executed.         the general feeling in their country. The AIM
Garret questioned whether there would be time for      should be to find the direction for the next
formulating resolutions for World Congress about       4/5 years, through members' views on all aspects
the Archives issue. Varindra had undertaken to         of Subud.
contact Lorenzo Music about fundraising for Bapak's
house, and money to be allocated to archives as        We were sad to leave these lovely Irish people.
being a responsibility of the Subud organisation.      Just to say 'thankyou' is not enough for all the
Farlan Carre, France, said there is no clear view      hard work they put in, including the splendid
among members, and Steven Somsen, Holland, said        dinner and friendly social evening at Manch House
no one there is really interested..that probably       ..I get a bit carried away by the memory of the
the Asian Zone has the greatest interest in buying     peat fires and all that food.
Bapak's house at Wisma Subud. Reservations were                                         Contd. on page 2
 . .AND THE IRISH EFFECT!                                      Contd. from page 1

 Needless to say Barbor made one of his social         went into the Library where there is good floor
 bloops; in the car from Cork airport I had no idea    space. The piper enticed some and then Dainouri
 where we were, Just that we were in a small cou-      Choque started to play the piano and Stephen Flynn.
 ntry lane. I asked Michael Heaslip, who was dri-      organised musical statues which a Cork member won
 ving, if this was the main road to Cork? He replied   and he had to sing a song..
 that if I was going to make any more silly jokes
 like that, I could get out and walk...                It was lovely to see Les Grandes Dames - Khadarijah
 PS. It rained all the time we were there. Fact.       and Rachmaniah join in the group dancing. Later
                             - David Barbor            Raymond found disco music for "the darling girls"
                                                       as Rachmaniah called Pam, Louise and Renee..and
 The evening we spent at Manch (home of the Conners)   we all sang 'Yellow Submarine'.
 during the Zonal meeting in Ireland was very spec-
 ial. Ever since I read Ismana Myerson's account of    Another highlight for me was coming into the
 the international soiree at the close of the '87      kitchen and finding K and R chatting and listen-
 meetings in Cilandak I've felt (again) how import-    ing to the girls..and another wonderful happening
 ant cultural events are - especially at meetings      for me was saying to the ladies after our morning
 where people dont know each other very well.          latihan that I had these 'bothersome thoughts'
                                                       during latihan and was it alright to ask God, who'd
 We can then so easily and quickly learn more about    already given me the miracle of the latihan, to
 each other - as at Manch, seeing Muchtar Martins      help me surrender more and do something about the
 sing and dance (such a feeling of worship, and        thoughts. "Of course" they said (K and R) - like
 that this is so right). Also we form a different      He's your Father. And they told me Varindra's exam-
 sort of relationship, i.e. practising together for    ple of latihan at first: thought/latihan/thought
 a piano and violin concert.                           like this:    I   I     later   II   I   III
                                                       and that Ibu Rahayu had said either to R or K
 I had told people we'd have a party but there         "She cant help herself. Even Bapak cant help him-
 weren't any offers of performances! So after the      self ", and others said not to worry. And since
 lovely meal I asked Dermot Conner (aged 12) would     then my latihans have been much deeper and "that
 he like to start the evening like the Pied Piper      lovely experience that you want for nothing".
 on his piano accordion. He was very good but it       Thanks be to God - and to Khadarijah and Rachman-
 was also very funny because he hadn't played for      iyah and my other sisters.      - Raphaela Heaslip
 a while and what he could do was simple tunes like
 Jingle Bells. He does like performing, so off he


 I want to make a plea for the world!                       Lizabeth Seller. She and her husband Jon were opened
                                                            two years ago in Israel, where "there is a strong and
 Until recently I looked upon myself as a consider-         thriving group". They heard of Subud through renting
 ate, informed, clean living sort of person. Then           the Subud House there!
 I Joined Subud! I dont mean that that transformed
 me overnight into a degenerate, but I have slowly
 come to appreciate the dreadful state the world is
 in and the thoughtless way which most of us treat
 it (and the criminal way that a minority abuse it).

 At first I tried to remedy this by small changes,
 such as saving milk bottle tops, composting food
 scraps etc; then a friend (who is a member of
 Friends of the Earth) gave me a booklet listing
 local charities, scout groups, church groups etc.
 who will take my rubbish and re-use or recycle it.
 It's a small effort but I get such a kick out of
 knowing I'm helping to save the world, that it's
 worth much more - which is why I'm writing this.

 I feel I must start at the roots of my awakening
and pass on to brothers and sisters who are perhaps
 unaware of their power as a consumer, rate payer
or voter a few little hints which are essential to
keep this earth healthy. After all, how can we hope     Please try to recycle whatever can be used again.
                                                        For example: re-use plastic carrier bags, dont Just
to advance spiritually in this world if there is
                                                       accept new ones every week (they make good bin lin-
no world? And that's no exageration; with a hole in
                                                       ers too); avoid over-packaged goods; use recycled
the ozone the size of the USA and growing, (Just
                                                       paper products; buy glass bottles where possible and
one problem we face) we must all act quickly to
                                                       then recycle the bottles (bottle banks are springing
prevent its spread and give the earth time to heal
                                                       up all over the place); save newspapers and magaz
its wounds. So do, if you haven't already, stop
                                                       -ines etc.; give old clothes to Jumble sales (or
using aerosols with dangerous CFC gases in them.       sell them and other Jumble at car boot sales to make
If you want a list of safe aerosols contact Friends    money for your Subud group - we made £50 last year
of the Earth. This is not meant to be a plug for       in one morning for our group this way); save alum-
FoE but it Just so happens that they and other         inium - foil and cans; take engine oil to your
concerned groups, have the necessary information we    local authority dump, they will dispose of it
need to help us fight this battle. I sincerely hope    properly (down the drain. It is a serious pollut-
Subud will in future become more active in this        ant); use biodegradable cleaning agents - these
area as it is fundamental to our existence on God's    are becoming more widely available (try good
earth.                                                 health food shops).
                                                           engulfed in flames and was entirely gutted, so
                                                           that now he always carried a fire extinguisher!

                                                           While he drove R i f a i to the nearest telephone
                                                           I retreated up the bank and sat on the fence,
                                                           looking across the tranquil countryside as the
                                                           cars sped by on the motorway, reflecting on
                                                           the statistical improbability of such help in
                                                           the form of a man with a fire extinguisher,
                                                           when another 30 seconds may well have been too

                            Rifai and Maryse Lawrie        Latihan came spontaneously as I sat there and
                                                           I sang at the top of my voice with the birds
     Some of my main and continuing evidences of the       and the speeding cars, with a feeling of en-
     protection of the latihan have occurred while         normous gratitude and happiness.
     driving - a regular and potentially dangerous
     occupation!                                           My latest experience of the intervention of the
                                                           latihan in my life while I have been driving
    For instance, driving to latihan one evening at        occurred a short time ago when my car hit a
    peak period in London's West End, the traffic          largish piece of wood on the dual carriageway
    lights at a main intersection were green, but          and ripped a tyre to pieces. I let the car slow
    half way across my inner voice said "chaos".           down gently until I felt it was safe to brake
    So I slowed down, and suddenly a woman ran             and could ease it up onto the curb. I got out
    right in front of my car as she had eyes only          to have a look at the damage, then looked
    for the bus she wanted to catch on the other           around wondering what to do next, as I was
    side of the street. As I was slowing rather            miles from anywhere and it was a Sunday after-
    than accelerating I was just able to stop in           noon.
                                                           Inmediately I heard a voice calling "Do you
    About 15 years ago, my husband Rifai and I             need any help?" As there were no cars about
    were driving down to Kent in our old 1948 Ben-         and no houses or people I thought maybe it was
    tley which was packed with our holiday gear.           my guardian angel. He called again and I saw
    Normally the old car purred along like the old         that I had stopped on a fly-over, and there he
    aristocrat it was, but that day we were bowl-          was, leaning out of his car on the road way
    ing along the motorway at 70 mph and were just         below. "Yes please," I called, and he came
    overtaking another car when there was a dread-         clambering up, and scon made short shrift of
    ful knocking noise, and smoke began pouring from       the job of undoing intransigent wheel nuts and
    from the engine.                                       changing the tyre.
                                                           "I don't usually come on that road" he said,
    We pulled onto the hard shoulder, Rifai leapt          "but today I did for sane reason, and was just
    out and opened the bonnet.                             passing when I looked up and saw you looking
    "My God, the engine's on fire!" he shouted.            about as if something was wrong."
    But all the luggage was neatly wedged in at the        With that he disappeared down the bank again,
    back and I had visions of the fuel tank( with          making light of my thanks, and left me wonder-
    its 20 gallons of petrol) exploding while I was        ing at the neatness and simplicity with which
    in there struggling with the cases, so I too           we are helped in our daily lives. Thanks be
    leapt out and stood well back. At that moment a        to God.            -           Maryse Lawrie
    man ran up to us brandishing a fire extingui-
    sher, which he played onto the flames and soon
    put them out. He was the man we had been pass-
    ing and he had seen what was happening. He ex-             ..AND ANOTHER STRANGE THING
    plained that it was "the big end" in the eng-
    ine which had come loose and punched a hole           Rifai also remembered a strange incident which
    through the engine wall. Not so long before,          had happened to him once, when by mistake he paid
    this had happened to him and he had had to            his bill at Anugraha twice over: he then met an
    stand by helplessly while his whole car became        old friend, and they strolled off together over
                                                          the lawns outside. Soon Rifai's foot hit something
                                                          hard and unfamiliar on the ground. When he bent
                                                          down to investigate, he discovered it was a pile
So, generally support environmental issues, like          of coins..they had clearly been lying there at
the halting of rainforest destruction. (How many          least a year - and they came to almost exactly
of you answered Lawrence Lennard's request Just           the amount he had just paid to Anugraha.
for signatures that was in NNS No.380. All you
have to do is sign your name and ask others to do
the same - again it's a little thing but with en-
ough interest WE CAN save the rainforests - in
fact we must.) Likewise campaigns for lead-free
petrol, a nuclear-free world and of course saving
                                                       Rainforest Petition
the poor old whale. My point is, we are never too       To date Lawrence has had 13 replies to his request
little to protest and the more who do the bigger       for people willing to take petition forms and get
and more effective we become. That protest may         signatures to save the rainforest. More are welcome.
only take the form of boycotting a certain product     SUBUD VOICE will be very happy to publish other
or signing a petition, but it is our responsibility    articles on Green issues.' Anyone wishing to find out
(no one else's) to stem this tide of self destr-       more about the activities of FRIENDS OF THE EARTH
uction until God sees fit to take the world from       should write to: 26-28 Underwood St. London N1 7JQ.
us and personally I'd prefer to leave such matters     Tel. 01 490 1555. - Ed. )
in His hands.           - Lizabeth Seller
TUNBRIDGE WELLS is a group with a large num-        Testing with the Group has also been an incent-
ber of helpers. Useful as this is in many res-      ive in getting members coming regularly to lat-
pects, it can have its own set of problems.         ihan. Sane tests that were useful:
For instance, because there are so many helpers     Q. Receive in your body how it is when you are
there can be a lessening in the feeling of          under the influence of the material/vegetable/
responsibility that such a position entails.        animal/ human forces?
It is all too easy to sit back thinking "there      Q. How does it feel when my jiwa is truly sur-
are plenty of others to do it" when it comes to     rendered to Almighty God and the forces in me
discharging helpers' duties - with the result       are in their right places?
that sometimes things dont get done at all.         Q. Where in my body is the material/vegetable/
                                                    animal/human force?
The women helpers at Tunbridge Wells decided to
address this problem. They had 12 women helpers     Later, before Lent, most members tested whether
but few came regularly to the helpers' latihans     they should do Lent, and how. Many received yes
so that there was no continuity. Ongoing prob-      and sane surprising things. One member assumed
lems could not be addressed properly because        she should give up cigarettes - but found ins-
each time they came up there was a different        tead she should give up wheat! The interest in
set of helpers to whan the whole thing had to       Lent led to a Lent supper before each Monday
be explained.                                       latihan. This came as a decision out of a
                                                    group meeting. These are held every first Mon-
It was therefore decided to form a Dewan by         day of the month and on the preceeding Sunday
testing, each are receiving for herself wheth-      there is always a helper and committee supper.
er she should be a member of the Dewan. The ones    Recently this has become an occasion to invite
who received they should, undertook to be fully     non Subud people involved in or interested in
active whilst they were on the Dewan. This ent-     the group's activities.
ailed weekly attendance at helpers' latihan and
the meeting afterwards, visiting and doing lat-
ihan with those who were sick or otherwise un-      Also before Lent the group tested questions
able to attend group latihans, testing with the     concerned with prayer, for example: How does
members and talking with applicants. They also      it feel when you pray from your thinking/from
undertook to do "absent latihans" - synchroni-      your heart/from your inner? How is it for your
sing a special latihan with someone absent, and     outer life when you pray in accordance with
this could be very powerful. Each of these hel-     God's will for you?
pers has her own list of members (and helpers!)     The answers to these questions were helpful and
for whan she has a special responsibility. This     revealing. Afterwards everyone shared what they
makes it easier to avoid the kind of situation      had received, and this developed closeness and
where someone drops out and no one knows why,       helped get rid of barriers between members and
or where they have gone.                            helpers, for in this way everyone could show
                                                    where they really were.
If a previously inactive helper should wish to
become active again and join the Dewan she has      It should be stressed that the Dewan is in no
only to say so. Every two to three months the       way exclusive. It is actually the reverse -
number of helpers on the Dewan and who they         providing a means whereby loving and caring can
should be is reviewed and inactive helpers are      flow through the group more effectively.
encouraged to test again.
                                                                             Ilaine Lennard
How does it work out? For the active helpers
it is quite a strain, making big demands on
time and energy, but the group as a whole has
definitely benefited. What are the grounds for
saying that?                                                THE SOUND OF MUSIC
                                                    On the 1st of November, the Month of the Dead,
The members of Tunbridge Wells are spread over      I was at Chapel in Windsor. I offered my Mass and
a fairly large expanse of countryside, with re-     Communion up for Bapak.
latively few "active" members in the town itself.   During Communion I heard what sounded like music.
Those who are rather far away find it difficult     As it grew clearer, I recognised it was the gambarg
to come often to group latihans and tend to drop    music with Bapak singing to it. I really felt won-
away or lack a feeling of belonging and involve-    derful and thought I was priveleged to hear him.
ment. As an experiment the group are encouraging    It was proof for me that Bapak is in heaven and I
members in the more outlying districts to look      was listening to him play and sing in heaven.
for a rented latihan place once a week, with        Thanks be to God for the experience.
helpers travelling to these groups and the mem-                                    - Melina Coulter
bers making a definite commitment to visiting
the Centre once or twice a month. The advantage
with this arrangement is that these members are
then more likely to continue regularly with the
latihan than if they were left on their own,                  SUBSCRIPTIONS
and it could be the start of reversing the trend
                                                    SUBUD VOICE WILL BE PUBLISHED WHENEVER ENOUGH
over the years of reducing the number of groups.
                                                    MATERIAL COMES IN. Photos and contributions to:
For these once-a-week latihan facilities could
                                                    Ilaine Lennard, 101 Northcott, Bracknell, Berks.
be the seed out of which new groups could grow.
                                                    RG12 4WS Tel. 0344 51851. Subscriptions also
Bapak once said that a new group starts "where
                                                    to above address. Rates: £4.00 via Groups, £5.00
two or three members start doing latihan toget-
                                                    mailed individually, £6.50 air mail. Per 12 issues
her". ("Where two or three are gathered together
                                                    Cheques payable to SUBUD BRITAIN (Subud Voice).
there am I!")

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