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Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation


Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation

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									Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation
Geoff Willis
16 December 2008

                            CEOs Appointed
A Leadership Team to Ensure Water and Sewerage Services Meet the Needs of
                             all Tasmanians

Mr Geoff Willis, Chair of Tasmania’s new Water and Sewerage Corporations, announced today the
appointments of CEOs for the regional and common services water and sewerage businesses.

Water and sewerage services are being moved from Tasmanian councils and bulk water authorities to
one of three council-owned regional water and sewerage corporations. A fourth common services
corporation is also being established to provide common services to each of the three regional

Mr Willis said he is delighted in the appointments who are:
 • Dr Christine Mucha           CEO Common Services Corporation
 • Mr Barry Cash                 CEO Northern Region Corporation
 • Mr Mike Paine                CEO North Western Region Corporation
 • Mr Danny Sutton               CEO Southern Region Corporation

“ We conducted a national search for these important and exciting new positions” said Mr Willis and “ I
am delighted that we have been able to select a very accomplished leadership team”.

The quality of water and sewerage services impacts on the lifestyle and well being of all Tasmanians.
These new businesses will address critical public health, social and environmental concerns. They
will protect the sustainability of our water resources so our communities will have the services they
need. The knowledge, experience and skills that these CEOs bring will ensure that this happens.

The selection process was thorough and rigorous and involved a CEO Selection Committee of
Directors from each Board together with expert advice from the specialist consultant Cordiner King.

Mr Willis said that he and the Directors of the Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporations “were
pleased that three of the four roles have been filled by people from within the Tasmanian industry
which demonstrates the capability that exists here”

In addition to their experience in the sector each of the new CEOs brings something special to the
statewide leadership of the industry:
 • Christine is widely recognised for her commitment and understanding of business sustainability
   in the resource sector;
 • Barry has an outstanding grasp of all that is involved in transition planning;
 • Mike comes to Tasmania from Victoria where the industry has had economic regulation for some
   time; and
 • Danny brings his extensive experience in human resource management.

The appointment of these CEOs will ensure those currently working in the industry will be provided
with many more opportunities for furthering and developing their careers.
“This is a capable and highly motivated team to deliver the reform agenda which our owner Councils
have set for us” said Mr Willis and “I and my fellow directors are looking forward to working with them
to lay the foundation for a strong and sustainable sector in Tasmania”.

The four CEOs, who will take up the new roles early in the New Year, will oversee the transition
arrangements which have a completion target date of 1 July 2009.

Dr Mucha will continue as CEO of Hobart Water until it is transferred into the new structure and Mr
Cash will also continue as CEO of Esk Water until this time.

Further information on Tasmania’s water and sewerage reform is available on he Local Government
Association of Tasmania’s web site or the Department of
Treasury and Finance’s website at

For further Information please contact: Suzi Watral 0407-526-460

Background information on each of the CEOs is attached

Dr Christine Mucha - CEO Common Services Corporation
Christine’s career in Tasmania’s natural resource industries is distinguished and she has national
standing in the water industry as a board member of the Water Services Association of Australia. She
brings broad experience in the sustainable development of businesses with a natural resource base.

She has been CEO of Hobart Water since it was established as a joint authority in 1997. Christine has
provided the leadership and drive which has enabled Hobart Water to add significant economic value
to the community and to become recognised for its technical excellence.

Dr Mucha is also Deputy Chair – EPA, Chair - Wellington Park Management Trust and Chair - The
Southern Natural Resource Management Regional Committee. She is a member of the Resource
Management & Planning Appeals Tribunal, member of the Steering Committee for Derwent Estuary
Program and a Director of the UTAS Foundation.

She has a Bachelor Agricultural Science (Hons.) and a PhD from UTAS, a Post-graduate Diploma of
Agricultural Economics from New England and recently completed the Advance Management
Program at INSEAD in France. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a
Companion of Engineers Australia.

Mr Barry Cash - CEO Northern Region Corporation
Barry has an engineering and general management background and has been involved in the
Tasmanian water industry for more than 30 years. He was born in the north of Tasmania, was
educated there and has lived and worked in the region for much of his career.

He is currently the CEO of Esk Water, and has led that very successful organisation since its
establishment in 1997. Esk Water is the bulk water authority servicing the Launceston / Tamar Valley
region and will form part of the new water and sewerage corporation.

Mr Cash has a degree in civil engineering from the Tasmanian College of Advanced Education, a
Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Deakin University and a Company Director’s Diploma.

He is a Member of the Institution of Engineers, Australia (CPEng, MIE(Aust)), a Fellow of the
Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD) and is a member of the Australian Water

Mr Mike Paine - CEO North Western Region Corporation
Mike, a career executive in the water industry comes to the CEO role in the North West from Victoria’s
largest regional water authority Barwon Water where he was the General Manager of Customer
Services with a reach to 130,000 customers.

Prior to this appointment he was the CEO of the Westernport Regional Water Authority which is
centred around Phillip Island.

He has a vast experience and a passion for water conservation. He was a foundation director of
Savewater!, an organisation which promotes water efficiency and he is currently the Chair of the
Victorian water industry’s Water Efficiency Task Group.

Mr Paine has an engineering background, he has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from University of
Queensland and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Municipal Management). He is a Fellow of the
Institute of Engineers and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He comes to Tasmania with his wife Sandra and their two sons and they will take up residence on the
North West coast early in the New Year.
Mr Danny Sutton - CEO Southern Region Corporation
Danny is an experience executive in the water industry having undertaken a number of senior
leadership roles with Hobart Water over the past 7 years. He brings operational and strategic
experience to the new role having been directly involved in the development of opportunities for the
expansion of Hobart Water’s operations and maintenance services.

He started his career in the human resources field and in this time served on a number of education
and training committees. Later he moved into more customer focused roles and was the Sales &
Marketing Manager for Impact Fertilisers before joining Hobart Water.

Mr Sutton has a Bachelor of Arts from UTAS and in currently completing his Executive MBA from Mt
Eliza Business School. He was recently recognised by the TCCI with its 2007 Professional Manager
of the Year Award.

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