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News and views of the action in Australasia's IT sector this week

                    THE RUST BUCKET                         Sydney firm buys US
             Making sales                                   supply chain specialist
    SELLING ICT today is a lot like playing poker —         Supply Chain Consulting (SCC), a Sydney-based
    there's a heap of bluffing going on. Many of the        provider of SAP services and solutions, has stepped
    players who put their faith in the statistical          up a class into the multinational league by acquiring
    distribution of the cards could lose their shirts.      Viewlocity, a US developer of supply chain
         Consultants and global SIs are attempting to       management software. The value of the deal has not
    charge into the arena again promising the world         been disclosed.
    that    all  integrates     neatly!  Another    game
                                                               Tony Carr, CEO of SCC said the acquisition is a
    surrounded by another heap of bubbleware.
         All of this as we finish a year of rumours,        part of the company's strategy to extend its industry-
    scandals, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. And you         specific SAP solutions, and to gain "a truly global
    can add to the mix the media leaks, accounting          presence", with established operations in the major
    scandals, board games, fraud charges, juggling acts     markets of the Americas, Europe, and North Asia.
    with the regulators, appeasing customers, boosting         Viewlocity will operate as a separate business unit
    staff morale, maintaining credibility, and fighting     of SCC headed by Fadi Geha, formerly Viewlocity's
    a new group of competitors.                             vice president of Asia/Pacific operations.
         The    maturing     of   industries   leads   to
    marketplace wars and cut-throat competition. It
    also means consolidations, new partnerships, and
    in some cases bankruptcies. And of course mega-         Maxamine books sale to US Govt
    vendors in one market are trying to knock out
    providers of better solutions.                          Maxamine, a company with Australian roots that has
         It's no time to be passive, but it's no good       moved its HQ to California, has been awarded a five-
    dwelling in the past. When Alvin Toffler introduced     year contract to provide the US Treasury Department
    the term, "future shock" in his blockbuster book of     with Web site analysis software. The products covered
    that title, he not only highlighted a crucial           by the $US9.6 million deal will be made available to
    phenomenon but he did so with exquisite timing,         125 federal agencies and customers serviced by the
    just as information technology was kicking in the       department's Federal Consulting Group. The software
    afterburners of technological acceleration.
                                                            will enable the agencies to improve Web site quality
         With all the terms and abbreviations used
    today, a conversation about the industry sounds         and compliance, explained Steve Kirkby, CEO of
    like a bowl of acronym soup. And then the stew is       Maxamine.
    often peppered with an urgent sense from the                The Social Security Administration, the Health &
    seller that such matters need to be addressed           Human Services Department, and Treasury have
    quickly. But at the same time buyers are asking:        already signed agreements under the terms of the
    "but what does it really mean?"                         contract, Kirkby added.
         By spreading questionable information about            "While producing tremendous opportunities, the
    the competitive environment and the drawbacks of
                                                            Web also creates new challenges for agencies as the
    less well-known products and companies, the
    somewhat established vendors can discourage             US Government's 20,000-plus sites grow in
    decision-makers       from      choosing     products   complexity and size. Federal Consulting Group is
    regardless of their relative technical merits. Of       playing a visionary role in promoting better online
    course, we're all familiar with similar types of        experiences for citizens and those who visit
    tactics that are used to alter public opinion on        government      Web      sites,"   Kirkby    claimed.
    particular issues or the opposing party.      
         Companies have invested a load of money in
    enterprise systems and, since around 2000, this
    has been an endless drain on resources (both
    money and human) to get systems deployed, users            This is our last issue of The Rust Report for 2006
    trained, maintenance undertaken, and the original               but we will be back in your in-boxes on
    investments "upgraded".                                                      January 19, 2007
         To be sure, we think 2007 will be a
    challenging year in ICT, and anxiety is already
    running high — with good reason. The offshores                      We wish all readers of
    are seeking higher-value system integration,
    enterprise application implementation, and IT                          The Rust Report
    strategy engagements. To fend off the efforts of
    competition many have relied on the intimacy of
                                                                    a very merry Christmas and a
    their relationships with clients at the highest level
    and the depths of their knowledge.
                                                                      prosperous and peaceful
                                                                              new year
                   — Len Rust
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                         Page 2

                                     INSIDER EDITION
Prophecy fits the bill for big US city                    De Data finds answers for distributor
South Australian developer Prophecy International         Johnson & Johnson Pacific has turned to Australian
has been awarded a contract to provide its basis2         developer De Data and its Purveyance sales force
billing software to The City of Philadelphia in the US.   automation tool to upgrade the sales field and back
The software will be implemented as a component of        office operations of its national grocery and pharmacy
an integrated Oracle solution.                            divisions.
    Ed Reynolds, CEO of Prophecy, noted that the win          One of the criteria for the decision was the need to
is extremely significant for the Australian company,      have a single system that could cater for the diverse
not least because one of the contenders for the           channel activities of the two divisions, explained John
business was SAP, which has its North American            Cortazzo, national field manager, grocery, at Johnson
headquarters in Philadelphia.                             & Johnson. "The Purveyance solution was affordable
    "Prophecy plans to expand its operations in the US    and enabled us to incorporate the pharmacy and
as a result of this deal and expects that further         grocery businesses into one from a reporting and
business will now be possible in the lucrative North      order placement point of view."
American       marketplace,"      Reynolds       added.                             ISYS controls search for uni
                                                          The University of Sydney has selected the
TrakHealth has cure for Thai group                        ISYS:desktop search solution from Australian
Australian developer TrakHealth has been selected to      developer ISYS Search Software as its information
provide     its  TrakCare     Web-based      healthcare   access tool. The system will be used by the
information system to Thai private health care            university's secretariat to search through agendas,
provider, the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services              reports, and minutes of the university's governing
Company. The company, which has also used                 body and main academic body that have accumulated
TrakHealth's Medtrak and LabTrak products, will           over 15 years.
facilitate a group-wide summary electronic patient
record (ePR) by deploying TrakCare and its FastTrak-      WA developer backs oil explorer
to-ePR     capability,  explained      Darren    Jones,
TrakHealth's regional director for Asia/Pacific.          Perth-based developer ISS Group has created and is
    TrakHealth has also won a contract to provide         hosting a software system that provides a joint
TrakCare to Mercy Hospital in the NZ city of Dunedin,     venture production reporting solution for South
its second Kiwi customer.              Australian oil search company Stuart Petroleum.
                                                              Shane Atwell, managing director of ISS, noted that
                                                          Stuart Petroleum had problems because its internal
Mikoh wins repeat for RFID gear                           reporting systems often lagged behind production,
Small-cap Australian technology developer Mikoh           making it difficult to manage product, shipping, and
Corporation has received a follow-on order for 50,000     relationships with joint venture partners.
RFID vehicle tags for use by US company TransCore.            "This type of business model has been available in
Although details of the application have not been         other industry sectors for a number of years. We are
disclosed, the tags will be attached to vehicle           just bringing this concept to the resources sector so
windscreens to enable identification from a distance,     that smaller companies can concentrate on their core
even when the vehicles are moving, a spokesman said.      business but still gain the benefits from specialist
Mikoh first sold tags to TransCore in 2005 (Rust          management and reporting systems," Attwell said.
Report, Oct 28 2005, p2).         

Education group takes SA HR pack                          Real estate group buys locally
The Catholic Education Office for the Archdiocese of      The Mirvac real estate group is implementing the
Canberra and Goulburn has signed up to use the            Praxeo facilities access software from Valorem
Web-based Casual Relief System run by SA company          Systems at 60 shopping centres, office buildings, and
Empower-HR.                            industrial facilities.
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                           Page 3

Continued from page 2                                       Aussies worth watching
ADI awarded defence contract                               A roundup of companies making waves
ADI (trading as Thales Australia) has been selected as             at home and abroad
the contractor for the integrated suite of command,             INFOMASTER is a software solutions company
control, communications, computing, and intelligence       providing solutions that integrate across different
systems for the planned Defence Headquarters Joint         data formats and platforms. InfoMaster's software
Operations Command facility near Bungandore in             has been installed in municipalities, utilities, and
                                                           state governments in Australia and New Zealand.
NSW. The deal is worth up to $A58.3 million.
                                                           Its products include MasterView, designed to
   Under the terms of the deal ADI will build and test     connect the silos between disparate data sets used
the majority of the systems off-site while the             by government and utilities, and MasterPlan, a
headquarters are being built, and will install them in     way of managing the complex interactions that
the second half of 2008.                                   take    place  during    the   planning     process.
Aussie software runs AG's checks                                SITEPOINT is an online media company and
Australian consulting firm Change Corporation has          information     provider   targeting  the     Web
been selected by the AusCheck division of the Federal      professional market, specifically Web developers
                                                           and designers. SitePoint has five major revenue
Attorney-General's Department to provide an IT
                                                           streams: advertising and sponsorship; content-
system to be used to check the backgrounds of              based products both online and retail; software
individuals employed in secure areas of Australian air     and streaming; video subscriptions; and classified
and sea ports. The system is due to go live on July 1,     listings.
                                                                GLOBAL STORAGE supplies data storage and
                                                           security    solutions.  The   company's    Storage
Woolies picks Mincom for B2B                               Environment Replication Service provides a
Woolworths Group has signed up Mincom Axis as one          business continuity and disaster recovery solution
                                                           that meets changes in data availability and
of three B2B integration partners used to connect
                                                           replication        requirements.
suppliers to the retailer's e-business platform. "This
sets the stage for us to pursue many opportunities in
the retail sector in Australia," claimed Peter Suchting,        GEOMATIC TECHNOLOGIES provides location-
executive     vice    president     of  Mincom     Axis.   based     business    intelligence     products    and                                             solutions, servicing a range of customers including
                                                           utilities, government, telcos, and enterprises.
                                                           Services include aerial photography, spatial
     — Orders & installations —                            application development, commercial spatial data
                                                           sets, road and rail asset mapping, and field
   ESP-QMAP Australasia has been selected by Local         inspection         systems         for       utilities.
Buy ( to fill a spot on      
Queensland local government bodies' preferred
                                                               ACCESS PROVIDERS (ASX:APV), a tele-
suppliers' database for business process mapping           communications carrier, has developed a wireless
software.                                  network    platform     providing     carrier   grade
                                                           symmetric     broadband     and    private    network
   The Spydus library management software,
                                                           functionality       to       deliver       broadband
developed in Australia for British company Civica, has     communications such as Internet, voice, data, rich
been selected by the Hampshire County Council              multimedia,     video    conferencing,    large   file
Library and Information Services.        transfers,    and      e-commerce       applications.
   Civica has selected Equinix to provide collocation
and network exchange services for its Authority                 GRABBA INTERNATIONAL's products are used
managed services offering for local government             in more than 60 countries in applications
councils. The services will be provided from Equinix's     involving 1D and 2D barcode scanning, magnetic
Sydney Internet business exchange.                         stripe card reading for payment systems and
                                                           loyalty programs, and for reading drivers' licences,
                                                           plus smart cards for national identity, health
   StorageCraft has supplied its ShadowProtect back-       insurance and secure access applications. Grabba
up and disaster recovery solution to Ferny Grove High      has operations in the US, UK, and Singapore.
School in Queensland.

  Are you a growing company that has                       Ask Macquarie's Technology Investment
  ambitions to be a market leader?                         Banking Team about Venture Capital                   FORWARD    thinking
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                           Page 4

                                         DEAL MAKERS
US developer runs with Aussie app                          Redflex sells comms group to Allied
Yellowfin International, a Melbourne-based developer       Diversified technology company Redflex Holdings has
of business intelligence solutions, has been selected to   sold its subsidiary Redflex Communications, including
boost the offerings of US company AlterPoint               its US operation, to fiercely acquisitive Allied
(, which provides network change        Technologies. The deal is valued at a nominal price of
and configuration management systems. Under the            $A8.2 million and may extend to $A10 million
terms of an agreement between the two companies            depending on performance.
AlterPoint    will    embed      Yellowfin    into   its      "The acquisition is in keeping with Allied's strategic
DeviceAuthority network management solutions.              focus to become a leading ASX-listed supplier of
    Yellowfin will provide the reporting and data          integrated ICT products and services to the defence,
visualisation tools for DeviceAuthority, explained Glen    security, and intelligence sectors, both locally and
Rabie, CEO of Yellowfin. "Through this relationship        globally," explained Michael Addison, CEO of Allied.
Yellowfin will greatly expand its North American           "We believe that Redflex's recognised status as a
footprint with an additional 250 sites within top          trusted defence supplier in the US and other inter-
financial, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, govern-      national markets will provide us with the capability to
ment, and technology organisations," Rabie added.          fast-track the group's offshore sales aspirations."                             
   Yellowfin expects to increase its global reach even        The acquisition paid swift dividends for Allied when
further today when it confirms Kyocera Mauzen as the       it was able to announce this week that Redflex
Yellowfin distributor for Japan. "That caps off a great    Communication Systems had been awarded a $A1.4
2006 for us," Rabie said.                                  million   contract   to   upgrade     communications
                                                           equipment for the Royal Australian Navy's landing
                                                           platform amphibious ships.
  ActivIdentity boosts R&D in ACT
 ActivIdentity, a US identity assurance specialist
                                                           Stratatel snaps up billing group
 that was created by the merger of ActivCard and           Telecommunications management and brokerage
 Canberra company Protocom (Rust Report, July 29           company Stratatel has acquired Vircom, a subsidiary
 2005, p1), is gearing up to expand its Canberra           of Intermoco that offers bill validation through its
 R&D centre. The growth follows the company's              OnTrac software. Intermoco has retained a licence to
 success in winning contracts with the US                  use OnTrac, which finds applications in energy
 Department of Defence and armed forces for its
 smart access card systems, explained Jason Hart,
                                                           management, energy use analysis, and bill validation
 CEO of ActivIdentity.                                     services for the electricity, water and gas industries.
      The company has other R&D centres in                    The deal will enable Stratatel to enhance its
 California and Paris.               existing customer base by adding fixed line and
                                                           mobile telephone billing services, a spokesman
Computershare teams with Citigroup
Computershare, an Australian provider of specialised       Mincom and Panviva extend alliance
financial and communication services, has joined           Queensland developer Mincom has extended its
forces with Global Transaction Services — which is         alliance with Panviva (, a Victorian
owned by Citigroup Corporate and Investment                developer of performance support systems. Mincom
Banking — to offer global payments solutions. Under        will now be able to use Panviva's SupportPoint system
the terms of the partnership Citigroup will work with      to deliver a library of application and process
Computershare to support cross-border dividend,            documentation for the Ellipse ERP/EAM suite.
share plan, and corporate action payments through              "Our partnership with Panviva is unique because it
its WorldLink payment services.                            helps companies develop clear and structured end-
    "We aim to fundamentally change market practice        user documentation that can be delivered to
for dividend and other types of payments," explained       employees with context sensitivity and in a form that
Paul Conn, head of global capital markets at               helps them use our systems and comply with
Computershare. "At the moment many investors               business processes," said David Batkin, vice president
experience inconvenience, delay, and extra cost when       of Mincom.
they receive payments in a currency other than the
one they prefer."                    Union keeps pressure on offshoring
                                                           The Financial Sector Union is continuing its campaign
Feds prepare ID card tenders                               against the offshoring of banking sector jobs by
The Federal Government plans to release the first          keeping the issue well in the public eye. Its latest
tender for its proposed smart card ID project on           initiative is to launch a Web site that will let visitors
January 5. The systems integration tender will be          know which jobs are going offshore and "what
used to select the supplier of the hardware, software,     information is going with them". "The public hates the
and services for the operation of the card, as well as     idea: 82 per cent said they would consider changing
the testing of the card systems, and the provision of      banks if their bank sacked Australian workers and
interfaces to linked agencies. A card issuance tender      sent their information offshore," said the union's
will follow later in January.           secretary, Paul Schroder.
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                          Page 5

Continued from page 4                                                     OMMS BITS
Hyro finds partner for Web services
Australian online business services provider Hyro has
                                                          Freshtel takes VoIP into UK schools
teamed up with RedDot Solutions — an Open Text            Internet phone systems from Australian company
company — to deliver Web content management               Freshtel are set to make their way into every
services to Australian customers. Under the terms of      comprehensive secondary school in the UK as the
the deal Hyro will provide implementation and             result of a give-away being undertaken by retail giant
integration services for RedDot's Web Content             Tesco. Michael Carew, CEO of Freshtel, said the give-
Management Solution.                                      away program aimed to help the schools work on
    "An important component is the ability to manage      collaborative     projects  and    practice     verbal
a wide range of content types from a variety of sources   communications skills using the Tesco phones
in a controlled, flexible and commercial fashion,"
claimed Henry Okraglik, Hyro's director of sales and          "We are delighted to be involved in this great
business management.                         initiative, which allows school communities to learn
                                                          and benefit from the many advantages that Internet
                                                          telephony offers," Carew added.
Bravura completes European buy
Bravura Solutions, an Australian provider of wealth       Vic utility IP-enables telecoms
management applications and professional services,
has competed its purchase of the shares of AB             Victoria Electricity (which also retails gas) has
Prodata, a developer of financial software based in       replaced a contact centre network with IP-based
Luxembourg. Iain Dunstan, CEO of Bravura,                 solutions built on Nortel equipment and provided by
explained that the acquisition has given the company      Optus. A spokesman said the Nortel CS platform
an additional 17 employees plus an established office     allows Victoria Electricity to deploy traditional digital
in Luxembourg.                   handsets with enhanced functionality without
                                                          sacrificing the upgrade path to IP telephony.
HarvestRoad funding for expansion
HarvestRoad, the WA-based developer of repository         Telstra to offer Siemens' solution
platforms for e-learning systems, has raised $A2
million from an over-subscribed placement to              Telstra plans to offer Siemens' OpenScape presence-
institutional and sophisticated investors.                based collaborative communications system to its
   Grame Barty, managing director of HarvestRoad,         business and government customers. "Telstra plans to
said the funds will help the company establish            provide a fully integrated enterprise voice and multi-
marketing and sales arrangements with major global        media solution that will help our customers achieve
companies operating in the areas of education,            greater productivity and better enable them to meet
defence and aerospace, publishing, and consulting-led     their cost challenges," claimed Lynda O'Grady,
services. "It is very important that HarvestRoad is       Telstra's executive director of convergent solutions.
adequately resourced and funded during the critical
establishment phase of these new relationships,"                      — Comms briefs —
Barty added.
                                                             The Australian Tax Office has selected Canadian
                                                          company Titus Labs as the provider of message
       — BUSINESS BRIEFS —                                classification software for all its e-mail marking
                                                          requirements. The deal will lead to one of Titus'
   South Australian Web services agency CDAA has          largest deployments.
launched a commercial Web hosting and application
division online. "Our product and support offerings           Hosting specialist Hostworks has been selected to
provide us with a unique value proposition for both       manage a new online presence for Network Ten, which
shared    business   hosting  and   mission-critical      is looking to launch at least 50 Web sites in 2007.
applications," said CDAA director Colville Nette.                                       The Communications Alliance has launched a
   Voice Perfect Systems has been appointed an            booklet advising potential VoIP customers on the
Asia/Pacific reseller of Dictaphone Healthcare            technology and questions they should pose to service
Solutions    from     Nuance    Communications.           providers. A soft copy can be downloaded from                            

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                             Rust e-Research Roundup
                                                           their computers or iPods. Again, six months earlier an
Turning the tables on tradition                            estimated 10 million users had had a podcast
In a new twist on the old year's-end activity of           experience. In other words, there has been a 70 per
surveying the year just past and speculating about         cent increase in the number of people who have
what the new one will bring, ABI Research has              downloaded podcasted audio or video content.
released a white paper titled What Isn't Going to              The bad news — for Steve Jobs and other
Happen in 2007. The paper is available free on the         podcasting advocates — is that in both surveys only
company's Web site.                                        one per cent of respondents reported downloading a
    Lots of things won't happen in 2007, of course. So     podcast on a typical day. In other words, the
ABI Research's analysts focused on several of the          frequency level remains very low. "Few people are
company's core areas of expertise, including gaming        doing this with regularity," said Madden. "There are a
and consumer electronics, mobile TV, wireless              lot of people sampling and trying out content."
communications, telematics and automotive, and                 Time online also seems to be a determining factor
RFID. And by identifying over-hyped technologies that      in podcast usage. People who have been online for six
won't be next year's Big Thing, they shed light on         or more years are twice as likely to have downloaded a
what will happen as we head on through the decade.         podcast than someone who has been online for three
    Their conclusions range from the surprising — that     years or less (13 per cent versus six per cent,
Fibre to the Home (FTTH) won't take flight in South-       respectively). While owning an iPod or MP3 player is
East Asia — to the provocative — that the laudable         not an absolute necessity when it comes to listening
effort to sell ultra-low-cost handsets to the developing   to or viewing podcasts, it obviously helps.
world will prove a commercial failure for most                 To that end, the proliferation of mobile media
vendors. They discussed the likelihood of widespread       devices is fuelling the demand for digital content,
WiMAX deployments. And they assessed the prospects         which can be either time-shifted or place-shifted for
for 802.11n, and the pre-draft product offerings that      later listening and viewing. According to Pew's earlier
aim to anticipate it.                                      survey, 20 per cent of US adults and 26 per cent of US
                                                           Internet users own an iPod or MP3 player.

                                                           Shopping online? Be careful!
    A handle on the hot topics                             A Web poll of 280 computer users, conducted by
 AS WE END 2006, we at The Rust Report are                 Sophos, has revealed that 71 per cent will shop online
 interested in the hot topics buzzing around in            this holiday. But online shoppers need to take care to
 your organisation, the issues you'll be dealing with      ensure their safety.
 in 2007.
      We're interested in finding out about the                              RUST e-RESEARCH continued on page 7
 kinds of products, technologies, and/or services
 you'll be looking to investigate and buy in 2007
      For example, are security tools of interest,
 such as identity management, policy management,
 application security, and compliance? Is the
 management       of   service-oriented-architectures
 (SOA) something you'll be dealing with in 2007? Or
 virtualisation. What about software as a service
 (SaaS)? Or outsourcing? The list goes on.
      Whatever the management issues, tools,
 technologies, services, or people you'll be wrestling
 with in 2007, whether they're pretty basic or
 bleeding edge, please drop us a line to let us know.
      And please, no vendors — only comment from
      All replies will be treated in strictest
 confidence. Send your list of topics or thoughts to with the subject line
 "2007 Topics".

Ears pricked for podcasts
Only a minority of US Internet users listen to
podcasts, but according the Podcast Downloading
report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project,
roughly 12 per cent of Internet users say they have
downloaded a podcast so they can listen to it or view it
at a later time. The audience is growing. That number
compares to seven per cent of Internet users who
reported downloading a podcast in Pew's February-
April 2006 survey. Mary Madden of Pew, the author of
the report, estimated in a podcast interview that 17
million people had downloaded podcasts for use on
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                             Page 7

RUST e-RESEARCH                                               Broadband drives social networking
Continued from page 6
                                                              Rising broadband penetration and an interest in using
                                                              the Internet for personal connections are driving
According to APACS, the UK trade association for              growth in Internet usage across Western Europe,
payments, an incident of online fraud occurs every            according to a survey by the European Interactive
nine seconds. The Australian Payments Clearing                Advertising Association (EIAA) and Synovate.
Association (APCA) found there were 268,570                       In France, Norway, the UK, Sweden, and Denmark,
fraudulent transactions worth $A142.6 million in              broadband penetration is at 84 per cent or higher.
2005/06.                                                      High levels of broadband penetration mean more time
    "As greater numbers of Australian and New                 spent online: the average Western European Internet
Zealand shoppers turn to the Internet to avoid retail         user now spends 11 hours and 20 minutes a week
store queues this holiday season, Sophos urges                online, versus 10 hours and 15 minutes per week in
computer users to remain vigilant and alert to the            2005, an increase of 10.6 per cent, according to the
risks of transacting online," said Rob Forsyth,               EIAA.
managing director of Sophos Asia/Pacific. "Cyber-                 Social networking is among the online activities
criminals certainly won't be taking holidays this             seeing a boost. Just under a quarter (23 per cent) of
season. Instead, they will be lurking online waiting to       online western Europeans visit such sites at least
pounce on any computer user who lets down their               once a month. Among the 16-24 age group, 32 per
guard."                                                       cent visit at least once a month.
    Sophos offers the following security tips:                    Europe will be a key market for social network
    Ensure that firewall, anti-virus, and all software        advertising in 2007, eMarketer believes, as networks
patches are installed and up-to-date;                         from companies such as Bebo, MySpace and Skyblog
    Enter sensitive information only from a computer          shift into high gear. eMarketer projects that worldwide
you know is secure;                                           ad spending (excluding the US) on social networks will
    Visit and make purchases only from reputable              rise to $US260 million in 2007, up from an estimated
sites;                                                        $US95 million in 2006.
    Never follow links from an unsolicited email or
spam message; and                                             E-mail-to-go is vital to mobility
    Ensure your passwords are known to you alone
and are long enough to be unguessable.                        Mobile e-mail is an integral factor in the enterprise
                                                              mobility equation and continues to be the initial first
                                                              step in the plans and deployment of enterprise
                                                              mobility for most organisations, according to studies
          The Rust Report                                     by IDC Australia.
                                                                 "The current fragmented nature of the mobile
  The Rust Report is a weekly newsletter that is e-mailed     e-mail ecosystem does not always facilitate the
            FREE to registered subscribers.                   simplest route to enterprise mobility deployment and
                                                              poses a challenge to mobile e-mail service providers.
                                                              This issue will be exacerbated by organisations'
                     To SUBSCRIBE to
   The Rust Report click on the green button or send an       growing demands for more complex applications and
       e-mail to             solutions," explained an IDC analyst.
             (No subject or message required)                    "Enterprise mobility vendors are reacting by
                                                              expanding their current offerings to meet these
                       SUBSCRIBE                              evolving business needs. However, they are also facing
                       Subscribe                              threats from pure play Internet players, such as
                                                              Google, who are exploring opportunities within the
                                                              enterprise mobility realm," the analyst added.
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                                                              Power and cooling woes threaten IT
                     Organisations are increasingly deploying more
               (No subject or message required)               computer power but failing to increase their support
                                                              systems, with the result that by 2008 50 per cent of
                                                              current data centres will have insufficient power and
                     Unsubscribe                              cooling capacity to meet the demands of high-density
                                                              equipment, according to studies by Gartner.
                                                                  "With the advent of high-density computer
             The Rust Report is published by                  equipment, such as blade servers, many data centres
           Dialog Marketing Services Pty Ltd,                 have maxed out their power and cooling capacity," a
        PO Box 437, Roseville, NSW 2069, Australia.           Gartner analyst explained. "It's now possible to pack
                                                              racks with equipment requiring 30,000 watts per rack
                 Publisher Len Rust                           or more in connected load. This compares to only or phone 0413 588 728              2000 or 3000 watts per rack a few years ago.
                                                                  "Increased power translates into a significant
                  Editor Peter Scott                          increase in heat gain, where the electrical cost to cool or phone 0413 544 609
                                                              the data centre can equal or exceed the power to
                                                              energise the computer equipment. The heat produced
             The Rust Report is distributed by                by this high density requires new solutions in power
                    QM Technologies                           and cooling management, specialty cooling solutions,
                              data centre design and layout, and processor
The Rust Report, December 15, 2006                                                                           Page 8

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                                  REVOLVING DOORS
Hindi heads Dexterra's A/P region                        Rindel made CEO at ComputerCorp
Ammar Hindi has been appointed Dexterra's general        Robin Rindel has been appointed CEO of Australian
manager and vice president for the Asia/Pacific          desktop       management         services     provider
region. He will be based in Sydney. Hindi had            ComputerCorp, replacing Murray Mansell, who is
previously spent five years as managing director of      retiring because of ill health. Mansell had been with
Micromuse, a fault and service-level management          the company for six years.
company.                                                     Rindel has spent 12 years in the IT industry, the
                                                         past 10 of them with Datatec, an IT group listed on
Lawson appoints A/NZ VP                                  the stock exchanges of London and South Africa. He
                                                         has also been a director of and consultant to
Lawson Software, which merged with Intentia in 2005      ComputerCorp.
(Rust Report, June 17 2005, p1), has appointed
Stephen Moore vice president of Australian and NZ
operations. Moore has held a number of senior            No surprises in Feds' appointments
positions in IT companies, including head of services    The Federal Government stayed true to form in
for PeopleSoft Asia/Pacific. He was most recently        making several senior appointments this week.
Asia/Pacific managing partner and vice president of          Maurice Newman was appointed chairman of the
Unisys Worldwide Services Operations and has also        board of the ABC, replacing Donald McDonald who
worked for AeM group, and DMR Consulting Group.          will retire on December 31. Newman is a highly
                                                         experienced businessman who is now chairman of the
Mick Martin joins Juniper                                Australian Securities Exchange, director of the
                                                         Queensland Investment Corporation, and chancellor
Juniper Networks has appointed Mick Martin its           of Macquarie University.
Asia/Pacific    director of government     business
development. He has previously worked for Texas              Professor Ian Frazer has been appointed chairman
Instruments, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems,         of an advisory panel set up to encourage scientific
and Australian company Communications Design and         collaboration between India and Australia. The
Management. He also spent 20 years in the Australian     "priority areas" identified for the panel's efforts did not
defence forces.                                          include ICT.

Barlow takes sales role at Frame                         Balmer services IronPort customers
IT services provider Frame Group has appointed Roger     Steve Balmer has been appointed systems engineer at
Barlow national sales manager. He has previously         IronPort Systems. He will be based in Melbourne and
held senior roles with Macquarie Telecom and             will service customers in Australian, NZ, and South
Hostworks in Australia, and has also worked in the       Africa. He was most recently at Symantec, where he
UK.                                                      was responsible for advising customers on information
                                                         security practices.
McMahon takes a region for HDS
Michael McMahon has been appointed sales manager               — Around the traps —
of the southern region of Australia at Hitachi Data         Chris Navybox has left Promax Applications Group,
Systems. He will be based in Melbourne.                  an Australian promotional planning and trade spend
   Prior to joining HDS McMahon spent 10 years with      management systems developer, where he had been
IBM Australia. He had previously held a variety of       sales director. He had been with the company since
sales and managerial roles in the industry.              2004.

Calvert leaves Prophecy board                               Darren O'Loughlin has been promoted to the
                                                         position of general manager of security at Dimension
Brian Calvert has retired as chairman and as a           Data. He was previously southern region practice
director of the board of Prophecy International. He      manager.
had been a director of the developer since it became a
listed company.                                             Address management company QAS has promoted
    Leanne Challans, who has been with Prophecy for      Matthew Glasner to national sales manager, and
16 years and is now general manager of software and      replaced him as northern region sales manager by
services, has been appointed a director.                 Andrew Smith.

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