Sustainability Series to help businesses understand emissions trading

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					Media Release: 12 March 2009

           Sustainability Series to help businesses understand emissions trading
MOSS, the industry body for corporate responsibility and sustainability, has joined forces with leading
Australian law firm Minter Ellison to help businesses understand how to survive and prosper in a low carbon

The 2009 MOSS Sustainability Series will be a national series of forums addressing the impacts, risks and
opportunities of the Federal Government's proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), as well as
covering a comprehensive range of issues.

To help businesses understand their obligations, specialist speakers at the 13 forum sessions will discuss issues
such as reporting requirements, how to trade carbon permits, green washing, market advantage, the financial
impacts, risks and opportunities of climate change and the CPRS, as well as how to develop an abatement

The urgent need to lower pollution and adjust overall business and lifestyle practices will be a key theme of the
forums. In the past twelve years, Australia has experienced eleven of the hottest years since records began,
and temperatures are projected to continue to rise over the next century.

MOSS CEO Anne-Maree Huxley believes many Australian companies have not yet come to terms with the full
impacts of the proposed CPRS and the National Greenhouse Energy Reporting requirements: "If we don’t act
now, we will encounter catastrophic climate change and the effect on our economy will be much greater than
the impacts we are all facing today as a result of the global economic crisis. This year alone we have
encountered business disruption and loss through fire, flood, cyclones and drought costing us billions of
dollars. This will soon be the norm, unless we learn to minimize our environmental impacts. Now is the time
to make a change and embrace a low carbon economy.”

Minter Ellison partner, Duncan McGregor, who assists clients manage climate change issues, highlighted the
crucial need for businesses to understand their reporting obligations: "The climate change policy setting and
the legislative regime being established to reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions is significant.
Businesses need to understand this new regime if they are to manage the risks and seize the opportunities."

The 2009 MOSS Sustainability Series commences with a forum in Perth on March 31. Registration details can be
found at

Series One When/Where:
Perth: Tuesday 31st March 8:30am-1pm@Central Park Conference Centre 152-158 St Georges Tce
Sydney: Wednesday 1st April 8:30am-1pm@Minter Ellison, Level 19, 88 Phillip Street
Brisbane: Thursday 2nd April 8:30am-1pm Minter Ellison, Level 22, Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle St
Melbourne: Friday 3rd April 8:30am-1pm @Minter Ellison, Level 23, Rialto Towers, 525 Collins St

Media enquiries: Contact Anne Maree Huxley, MOSS Founder and CEO on 0419 798 104 / 03 9846 7629 or
Maria Nadalin, Minter Ellison on 07 3119 6179 / 0412 366 743

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