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Study English in Queensland


Study English in Queensland

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									Study English in Queensland
English language skills are a passport
to a global career. Queensland’s
English language teaching institutions
offer a range of general and specialised
courses delivered in an English
speaking environment.
With flexible enrolment times and courses for              Queensland’s strengths
beginners to advanced English speakers,                    • Qualified and experienced teachers
Queensland provides students with quality English
                                                           • Quality assured and accredited courses
language training options to suit their needs.
                                                           • State of the art learning facilities
                                                           • Metropolitan, beach and countryside locations for study
                                                           • Opportunities for work
                                                           • Diverse and welcoming community
                                                           • Outstanding travel and leisure attractions

                                  Studying in Queensland
                                  Queensland institutions offer modern language and multimedia laboratories,
                                  university-qualified instructors, self-study and library facilities and the opportunity to
                                  meet and interact with students from all over the globe.

                                  English courses - Courses available include:
                                  • General English
                                  • Business English
                                  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
                                  • International examination preparation (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge ESOL)
                                  • Training for teachers of English (TESOL, TEFL)
                                  • “English plus” courses that combine language training with specialised sporting
                                    or professional programs.

                                  Study Tours - Queensland is world-renowned for its perfect study tour environment.
                                  It represents an ideal combination of education excellence and outstanding tourism
                                  attractions in a supportive, innovative and welcoming learning environment.
                                  Visit for more information.

                                  Visit the Study Queensland website at for
                                  information about key Queensland education and training providers.
                                  About Queensland                                              English as a pathway to
Study English in Queensland

                                  Lifestyle – Queensland is a safe and culturally diverse       further study
                                  society, with a relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. The political
                                                                                                To meet the English language entry requirements for
                                  environment is stable and the economy is strong.
                                                                                                school, vocational training or university study, students
                                  Environment – Queensland offers both modern,                  may take a combination of general and academic English
                                  cosmopolitan cities and a stunning and diverse                courses. Other courses help students prepare for IELTS,
                                  landscape that includes national parks, rainforests and       TOEFL, TOEIC and other international examinations.
                                  reefs and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.         Many schools, colleges and universities offer their
                                                                                                own English language courses and students can get a
                                  Travel – A comprehensive transport network and an
                                                                                                “packaged” offer for their entire stay in Queensland.
                                  excellent motorway system allows students to move
                                  from the classroom to see the wonders of Queensland
                                  with ease. A choice of international airports located         Support for students
                                  in the state makes travel to Queensland efficient and
                                                                                                Queensland’s educational institutions offer a range of
                                                                                                support services for international students including:
                                                                                                • airport reception
                                  Living in Queensland
                                                                                                • accommodation placement
                                  Students can experience life with a Queensland family         • orientation programs
                                  in a Homestay, with meals included. Students under 18
                                                                                                • social and recreational activities
                                  years of age have specially selected Homestay families
                                  provided. Older students can also choose to live in           • welfare advice and counselling.
                                  shared or single accommodation.
                                                                                                Quality assurance in Queensland
                                  Working and studying                                          In Australia, English language training is closely regulated
                                  The strong service industry and growing economy               to ensure that the highest standards of quality are
                                  in Queensland offers opportunities for international          maintained. There are strict standards for class sizes,
                                  students to pursue work experiences. Many temporary           professional teacher qualifications, curriculum, teaching
                                  visa holders are allowed to work, although some visas         methods and materials.
                                  have limited work rights. For information about visas         English Australia (EA) is the national association for
                                  for studying and working in Australia please
                                                                                                accredited public and private English language colleges in
                                                                                                Australia and promotes quality English language training.
                                                                                                The National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS Australia)
                                  Looking to partner?                                           is Australia’s national accreditation scheme for English
                                  If you would like to discuss commercial partnerships          Language Teaching centres.
   University of Queensland.
   at Bond University and The
   Photographs shot on location

                                  with Queensland education and training providers
                                                                                                University English Language Centres Australia (UECA)
                                  including joint programming, curriculum exchange
                                  and study tours, there is a full listing of registered        is a network of 30 Australian universities offering English
                                  courses and contacts in Queensland, Australia at              Australia Language courses for overseas students, ELICOS,
                         or contact                     and IELTS preparation.
                                  Queensland Education and Training International,              The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act
                                  Trade Queensland by email               2000, is the legal framework governing the responsibility
                                  or phone +61 7 3224 4134.                                     of Australian education institutions towards overseas
                                                                                                students. For more information visit

                                  For more information
                                  Are you looking for information about studying in Queensland, Australia or about a particular course or Queensland
                                  institution? Visit the Study Queensland website at


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