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					The Objective |                   Strategy and Execution |                  The Result |
Communications Objectives         High impact roadblocks were placed        The campaign was very successful
                                  across (NSW),       with the best performing ad placement
•   Create impact and drive (VIC) and                being the leader board on
    awareness of Audi Q5 (WA), targeting ’s news & reviews
    launch                        audiences from Audi’s top three target    section, achieving a CTR of .11 per
                                  states.                                   cent.
• Demonstrate Audi’s core                                                   This far exceeds the standard of .04
  value proposition of            The roadblocks featured synchronized      per cent for this placement.
  “Progressive Performance”       creatives & messaging that
                                  successfully emphasised the style vs
•   Communicate Audi’s            practicality message.
    prestige offering                                                         Testimonial |
                                  The campaign ran on the
                         site and newsletter        Jacquiline Harvey,
                                  as well as the fashion section of           Marketing Communications
Target Market |          These sites                   Manager - Audi Australia
                                  successfully provided contextually
Predominantly males between       relevant and premium environments           ” News Digital Media understood
40-50 years old, married with     for the advertiser.                         our objectives and were flexible
a household income between
                                                                              with their recommendations.
$137K-$265.                       By running the campaign on                  They were able to offer a solution
And women who are a key , we were able to               to capture our audience through
influencer in the purchase        engage with a female audience who           several of their sites and we were
process of the Q5.                are a key influencer in the purchase        delighted by the audience
                                  process of the Q5.                          response to our campaign.
                                                                              We were very happy with the
                                  Similarly, effectively     outcome and can report that Audi
                                  captured users during pre-research          Q5 sales have exceeded
                                  and fact finding.                           projected volumes.”

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