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					        STOP Leaking Showers
        and shower leaks at the source!


  The most


  cost e ective
  alternative to renovating or retiling                                                      Year
  your deteriorated, old or leaking shower !!

Pressure test the                                                                       DiaoSeal penetrating sealer
shower breaching                                                                        to seal the pores and
piece assembly.                                                                         capillaries of tiles & grouts

Service taps, replacing
                                                                                        Cracked tiles can be sealed
tap valve, body washers
                                                                                        using our colour matched
& “O”rings.
                                                                                        DiaoSeal Product.

Seal penetrations                                                                       Prepare the wall & floor
behind flanges                                                                          tile junctions & internal
                                                                                        wall tile junction for the
Remove existing                                                                         DiaoSeal product using
deteriorated wall grout*                                                                purpose engineered
Regrout shower walls.                                                                   diamond burs.
* Not cement or epoxy                                                                   Seal and waterproof the
based.                                                                                  prepared tile junctions
                                                                                        with our DiaoSeal
Seal hairline cracks &                                                                  product.
glazing crazes.                                                                         (Product seal in red for
                                                                                        illustrative purpose only)
Remove deteriorated
mouldy sealant from
inside shower screen &                                                                   Inspect, clean & if required
replace with mould                                                                       seal floor grate internally
resistant sealant
                                                                                        Penetrating sealer to seal
Top up existing sand                                                                    the pores and capillaries of
& cement floor grout                                                                    floor tiles & floor grouts.


                               Waterproofing Solution

      Top up existing sand         Inspect, clean & if   Seal hairline cracks          Seal and waterproof
      & cement floor grout.       required seal floor     & glazing crazes.              the prepared tile
      Penetrating sealer to       grate internally to    Cracked tiles can be           junctions with our
       seal the pores and           provide capillar      sealed using our             DiaoSeal Engineered
        capillaries of floor            barrier.           colour matched                Epoxy Adhesive.
       tiles& floor grouts.                               DiaoSeal Product.
              T h e        D i a o S e a l               S t a n d a r d              S e a l         S e r v i c e

Our exclusive DiaoSeal Standard Seal Service guarantees to STOP leaking showers and shower leaks at the source.

Step 1.         The Appraisal
A fully trained and authorised Shower Repairs Plus/DiaoSeal waterproofing technician will assess the shower, bath or area in
question. And explain the DiaoSeal waterproofing process to the owner, resident or representative. (NB: if tiles are drummy or
broken then this is a separate procedure and an additional cost).

Step 2.         Plumbing
A FREE shower water pressure test will be carried out to determine if there any plumbing faults within the shower breeching
If the shower leakage is caused by a plumbing issue, our technician will make arrangements to seal the shower once a qualified
plumber has rectified the plumbing problem.

A full tap service will be carried out on standard spindle assemblies. This includes: ‘O’ rings, fibre washers, jumper valves and

Next, the tile penetration will be sealed to prevent water entering between the wall tiles and tap flanges into the wall cavity or
down behind the tiles. (NB: This step is not possible if a gravity-fed hot water system is installed or where ceramic disc ware or
mixers have been fitted).

Step 3.          Shower Preparation
Any previous attempts to seal the shower will be removed. The floor waste (drain) will be inspected and cleaned, and if
required, sealed.
Any silicone to the inside of the shower screen will be removed and the frame cleaned for a high performance neutral cure
silicone sealant designed to resist the growth of mould and mildew in high humidity.

Step 4.         Grouting

The technician will assess the existing floor grout for deterioration, cracks and efflorescence. The grout will then either be
topped up (if required) prior to sealing, or our DiaoSeal sealer applied directly to existing floor grout.

Any cracked tiles will be repaired using our product or the tile replaced as costed on appraisal.

The Shower Repairs Plus Standard seal normally involves regrouting the shower walls with a smooth, flexible, mould-resistant
(NB: if not cement grout, epoxy grout or an apparent risk of damaging the existing wall tile exists), however if the existing wall
grouting is in excellent condition, this is omitted. If the walls are not regrouted, the technician will apply our DiaoSeal sealer as
described in step 7.)

Step 5.           DiaoSeal Product Preparation
Our technician will prepare all wall tile and floor tile junctions along with any vertical internal junctions - including vertical and
horizontal hob and wall tile junctions – using specially engineered diamond burs. This process ensures a clean product bond to
the tile, instead of the product adhering to the glaze of the tile (as our competitors’ does).

Step 6.          DiaoSeal Application
DiaoSeal will be applied to the prepared main movement areas. The application is in form of a 5mm coving. The product will
be colour- matched to the shower to give a neat appearance. DiaoSeal has been specifically designed for wet area sealing and
has the strength to withstand normal building movement. It will not crack, deteriorate or let water penetrate through the
junctions. It does not dissolve and is not weakened by strong chemical cleaning agents.

Step 7.         DiaoSeal Sealer
A clear sealer applied to the entire tiled surface area of the shower. This sealer deeply penetrates the grout, narrowing the pores,
to help strengthen and seal it. Any micro fractures in the glazing of the tile will be sealed. This prevents any unnecessary tile

Last But Not Least - Peace of Mind
Your shower is now professionally sealed and guaranteed against leakage for a full twelve years.

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