Starters and Side Dishes Mains Toppings See Special Board for by lindahy


Starters and Side Dishes Mains Toppings See Special Board for

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Starters and Side Dishes                                                                     price

Turkish Bread                                                                                             2.0
Garlic Bread lightly toasted                                                                              3.8
Bruschetta sliced Turkish bread topped with a tomato and basil salsa                                      6.0
	   finished	with	fetta	cheese
Crumbed Prawn Cutlets with house made tartare sauce                                                       8.5
Salt and Pepper Squid with sweet chilli and house made tartare sauce                                      8.5
Greek Salad with	mixed	lettuce,	tomato,	onion,	cucumber,	olives	and	fetta                                 7.0
Bowl of Chips with tomato sauce and aioli                                                                 5.0
Potato Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream                                                            8.0
Seasonal Vegetables lightly steamed and tossed through a garlic and                                       5.0
    herb butter
Mixed Green Salad with tomato, cucumber and onion dressed with                                            6.0
    house made vinaigrette

ME Burger chicken	or	house	made	beef	pattie	with	bacon,	cheese	and		                                  13.5
    salad, served with crispy hot chips
Fish ‘n’ Chips beer battered or grilled with chips and a mini garden salad                    8.5     17.0
Salt and Pepper Squid lightly dusted in lemon pepper, served with                                     16.9
    golden chips and a mini garden salad
Pie of the Day homemade	pot	pie	topped	with	golden	puff	pastry,		                             8.0     16.0
    served with chips
Tuscan Seasoned Lamb Chops resting on sweet potato mash with                                          18.0
    a char	grilled	Mediterranean	vegetable	stack,	finished	with	a	
    sticky balsamic glaze
Pan Fried Pork Medallion presented on potato mash and dressed                                         16.9
    with a creamy pesto sauce
Char Grilled Veggie Stack layers	of	zucchini,	capsicum,	eggplant,	                            8.0     16.0
    fetta and	a	sweet	onion	relish	sandwiched	in	flaky	puff	pastry
Gnocchi potato pillows tossed through a white wine and garlic cream                           8.0     16.0
    reduction with sun dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and baby
	   spinach,	finished	with	shaved	parmesan
Oven Baked Chermoulla Spiced Chicken Breast served with a                                             18.0
    wild rocket and cous cous salad with a raita dressing
Vegetarian Cannelloni pasta	tubes	filled	with	roasted	pumpkin,				                                  	 15.0
    toasted pine nuts and ricotta cooked in a cheesy béchamel sauce
    with a mini garden salad
Chicken and Avocado Penne breast	of	chicken	tossed	through	a                                          16.0
    tomato cream	sauce	and	finished	with	shaved	parmesan
Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Steak with	a	warm	base	of	green	beans,	                                     22.0
    onion and baby potatoes topped with a preserved lemon and
    sun dried tomato dressing
Mediterranean Chicken Salad mixed leaves and marinated chicken                                9.5     19.0
    breast with sun dried tomatoes, onion, roasted capsicum, olives,
	   cucumber	and	fetta,	drizzled	with	a	light	pesto	dressing
Mega Beef Schnitzel crumbed	topside	of	beef	served	with	golden	                                     	 12.5
    chips and a mini garden salad
Chicken Schnitzel crumbed	breast	of	chicken	served	with	golden		                                      14.9
    chips and a mini garden salad
Grilled Scotch Fillet cooked on the char and served with a mini                             13.0      26.0
    garden salad	and	creamy	potato	mash,	finished	with	a	sage	
    butter sauce
Mushroom, Pepper, Diane or Gravy                                                                          2.0
Parmigiana, Mexican or Creamy Garlic Prawn                                                                4.0

See Special Board for Desserts

                                Please place orders at counter

 Special 1/2 Price Lunch Menu Available Monday to Saturday 12noon-2.30pm
         Conditions	Apply.	Minimum	spend	per	person	for	half	price	lunch	$8.
     Our	food	may	contain	nuts	and	other	products	-	please	speak	to	our	staff	if	you	have	any	concerns	
                        or	need	to	make	us	aware	of	your	specific	dietary	needs.

Killawarra Brut                                           4.50   18.00

House Sparkling Shiraz                                           20.00


Gunn Estate ‘Skippers Pool’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc   7.00   27.00

Taylors ‘Promised Land’ Unwooded Chardonnay               6.00   23.00

Peter Lehmann Eden Valley Riesling                        7.00   27.00

Longview ‘Red Bucket’ Semillon Sauvignon Blanc                   25.00

Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc                           29.00

d’Arenberg ‘Olive Grove’ Chardonnay                              27.00

Brown Brothers Spatlese Lexia                                    25.00

House Semillon Sauvignon Blanc                            5.00   20.00

House Chardonnay                                          5.00   20.00

House Riesling                                            5.00   20.00

House Sweet White                                         5.00   20.00


Yalumba ‘Patchwork’ Shiraz                                       31.00

Tintara Cabernet Sauvignon                                       32.00

Longview ‘Red Bucket’ Shiraz Cabernet                     6.30   25.00

Milton Park Merlot                                        5.80   22.00

Scarpantoni ‘School Block’ Shiraz Cabernet Merlot                29.00

Glaetzer ‘Wallace’ Grenache Shiraz                               30.00

Stonehaven ‘Stepping Stone’ Cabernet Sauvignon            6.30   24.00

d’Arenberg ‘Footbolt’ Shiraz                                     31.00

House Cabernet Sauvignon                                  5.00   20.00

House Shiraz Cabernet                                     5.00   20.00


Grant Burge Tawny                                                 4.00

Galway Pipe Tawny                                                 7.50

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