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					      Self Management: Example Exercise
                            TEACHER WORKSHEET

Group Size                                        Emotions

  Individuals     Whole Class                      Grief & Loss

Learning Outcome
Healing grief and loss so that the child can breathe more freely and be more available for
cognitive learning

Once the whole class is familiar with how to work with this 3 stage water colour process for
grief and loss to bring back happiness and joy, you can introduce them to the grief and loss
healing corner in the class room. This corner has a table with watercolour supplies and water
colour paper. Whenever a child has a particular grief and loss issue or is just feeling sad
without knowing why, they can go to the grief and loss healing corner and take themselves
through the watercolour painting process outlined in group exercise below. This then
becomes a self-managing process with students demonstrating their capacity to identify when
they are in grief and loss and to take initiative to restore happiness back to themselves

Grief and loss is often a whole class experience. Examples are loss of a loved headmaster
after several years of leadership, loss of a loved teacher who is transferred to another school,
loss of a student peer who leaves the school, loss that is triggered by loss of a parent by one
member of the class, and loss of a peer or a significant sporting event.

Emotional Literacy Textbook
Refer to pages 65-66
Group exercise 1: Watercolour to heal grief and loss
                Self Management: Exercise 2
                             STUDENT WORKSHEET

Learn how to let go of sadness and create happiness.

Watercolour paper: 3 sheets per child
Watercolour paints at least red, yellow, blue, black, and green.
Paintbrushes: one large and one medium for each child
Water and jar
Paint palette (can use lids of ice cream containers)

Step 1: Place your hand on the part of your body in which you feel the most sadness when
you think about the loss.

Step 2: Wet the first sheet of paper with water then to drop colours onto the water that
represent how the sadness in your body is feeling

Step 3: On the second sheet of paper, paint “wet on wet” the quality you have lost as a result
of the loss i.e. joy, friendships, happiness, fun, love. As you paint the missing quality, imagine
you are breathing this quality into the part of your body that is feeling sad.

Step 4: Take the third sheet of paper. Place your hand back on your body where you felt the
sadness before and with your x-ray eyes have look at the colours and shapes in that part of
the body. Paint the colours and shapes.

Repeat these steps once a day for at least one week.

Think about how you can bring more fun, friends, warmth, joy or whatever the missing quality
is when you feel sad. It is very good to paint it because this help change the feelings from sad
to happy.

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