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									  You can save dollars
   each year on your                                                                       save time
       water bill
Mulched gardens can reduce evaporation
                                                                                           save money
 - so there’s no need to water so often.
                                                                                           stop salt
        You can save
        weeding time
A layer of mulch discourages weeds from
 growing – that means more leisure time
                 for you!

You can feel a sense of
    satisfaction –
   By helping your
     to reduce the cost of salinity
            to Wagga Wagga.
Salinity costs Wagga Wagga 3. 2 million
           dollars each year.
  One of the causes is overwatering.

                                           For further information contact::
                                           Wagga Wagga City Council ph 69 269511

                                                    Designed and produced by L. Crosbie,
                                                       D.L.W.C. Wagga Wagga. 1999.
   Why use mulch?
Mulch is a layer covering the soil surface
protecting it from the damaging effects of
wind, sun and water. Some of the benefits
                                                                   A General Guide to Mulches
                                                Mulch type            Cost         Depth                       Advantages / Disadvantages
  reduce water evaporation.                   Living Plants used   Varies per    Full height   Excellent feeder – groundcovers that fix nitrogen to the soil eg.
  suppress weeds which compete for            as Mulch             plant                       Comfrey, daisies, legumes, dill, thyme, sage, nasturtiums, bulbs.
                                                                                               Allow to grow to full height.
  regulate soil temperature by reducing       Compost              Free or $15   10 cm         Make your own or purchase. Excellent feeding mulch for soils &
  summer heat and winter cold                                      per m2                      plants. Takes time to make.
  increase water infiltration by trapping     Lawn clippings       Free          4 cm          Convenient. Rapid decomposition speed. Green grass adds
  water on the surface and holding it until                                                    nitrogen. Do not allow to form a mat.
  it has time to be absorbed
                                              Leaves               Free          10-15 cm      Adds nutrients – can be mixed with other materials. Better if
  supply nutrients and organic matter to                                                       aged first. Leaves which are left to decompose before using are
  soils                                                                                        called Leaf Mold. These make an excellent feeding mulch (use like a
  minimise erosion from bare soils                                                             compost).
  recycle garden waste                        Straw                Varies        10 cm         A good mulch, however need to add nitrogen. Should be seed-free.
                                                                                               Birds dig up. Highly flammable

      How to apply                            Lucerne hay          From $5 per
                                                                                 10 cm         A good mulch. Rapid decomposition. Adds nitrogen. Should be
                                                                                               seed free – 2nd or 3rd cut is ideal. Birds may dig up.

        mulch                                 Pea straw            From $4 per
                                                                                 10 cm         A good mulch. A few peas will grow up but simply lay germinated
                                                                                               peas on top of mulch. These will add nitrogen. Birds may dig up.

Mulch according to individual preference      Worm castings        Free if own   1 cm          Excellent feeder; difficult to produce large quantities. Will blow &
Consider: appearance, garden type & cost.                          worm farm                   splash outdoors unless combined.

                                              Newspaper            free                        Not an attractive appearance, but can be used under mulch or
1. The best time of year to apply mulch is                                                     mixed with other materials. Birds may dig up.
   in spring when the soil is beginning to
                                              Tree trimmings       Free          7-10 cm       A good mulch using recycled prunings. Need to own or hire a
   warm.                                                                                       mulcher. Birds can dig up.
2. Water your garden well before applying.
3. Ensure you leave a small gap between       Bark chips           $18 - $30     5-7 cm        A good mulch. Better aged. Birds may dig up. Needs freshening
                                                                   per m3                      about every 2 years.
   mulch and plant stems to avoid stem rot.
4. Don’t allow your mulch to form a hard      Coloured stones      $26 - $108    5-10 cm       Used around trees & shrubs on gardens which aren’t cultivated.
   crust - water and air need to circulate.                        per m3                      Problems with weeds – unless a layer of black plastic is used.

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