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					                                Macarthur/Bowral Library Service

               Resource List: Neonatology & Special Care

This list contains print and electronic resources available from either the Macarthur Clinical Library – Campbelltown
or the Michael Khoo Library – Bowral.

Reference books and Journals may not be borrowed; however photocopying services are available at both sites.
Other resources may be borrowed for a two or three week loan period.

Staff may borrow from either Library site in person with their Library Card or by completing the relevant interactive form
located on the Library Intranet site.

If you are not registered with the Library please ring 4634 – 3944 to have a registration form emailed or faxed to you.

For enquires or to borrow any of these resources please contact either library:

     Macarthur Clinical Library                                                      Michael Khoo Library
     8.30am – 5.00pm (Mon-Thurs)                                                     9.30am – 3.30pm (Thursdays)
     8.00am – 4.30pm (Fri)                                                           Ph: 4861 – 0214
     Ph: 4634 – 3944
                                                  Fax: 4634 – 3940

C – Held at Campbelltown                                                                          B – Held at Bowral

Books - Neonatology and Special Care                                                                REF – Not for Loan
Baston: Examination of the newborn: a practical guide.
London: 2001.                                                                                      WS 420/48              C
Beischer: Obstetrics & the newborn: an illustrated textbook. 3rd ed.
London: 1997.                                                                                      WQ 100/3b              C
Briggs: Drugs in pregnancy & lactation: a reference guide to fetal and neonatal risk. 4th ed.      REF
USA: 1994.                                                                                         WQ 240/1               C
Craig: Craig’s care of the newly born infant. 7th ed.
UK: 1982.                                                                                          WS 420/2               C
Creasy: Maternal, Fetal Medicine: principles & practice.
USA: 1984.                                                                                         WQ 211/11              C
Emergencies in paediatrics and neonatology, ed. Crisp.                                             WS 39/6 C.1            C
USA: 2007.                                                                                         WS 39/6 C.2            B
Guidelines for level three neonatal intensive care: report of the Super Speciality Services
Subcommittee of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council.
ACT: 1991.                                                                                         WS 420/19              C
Halliday: Handbook of neonatal intensive care.
USA: 1981.                                                                                         WS 420/3               C
Levene: Essentials of neonatal medicine. 3rd ed.
UK: 2000.                                                                                          WS 420/50              C
Levene: Essential Neonatal Medicine. 4th ed.
USA: 2008.                                                                                         WS 420/2               B
Lissauer: Neonatology at a glance.
USA: 2005                                                                                          WS 420/60              B
Manual of neonatal care.
Boston: 1980.                                                                                      WS 420/11              C
Manual of neonatal care. 2nd ed.
USA: 1985.                                                                                         WS 420/11a             C
Menihan: Electronic fetal monitoring: concepts and applications.
USA: 2008.                                                                                         WQ 209/1               C
Merenstein: Handbook of neonatal intensive care. 2nd ed.
USA: 1989.                                                                                         WS 420/56              C

                                                 January 2009                                                             1
                                       “Information is the Best Medicine”
Nutritional adaptation of the gastrointestinal tract of the newborn.
USA: 1983.                                                                                       WS 310/6            C
Rennie: A Manual of neonatal intensive care. 4th ed.
London: 2002.                                                                                    WS 420/55           C
Schaffer & Avery’s Diseases of the newborn. 6th ed.                                              REF
USA: 1991.                                                                                       WS 405/2            C
Tudehope: A primer of neonatal medicine.
Qld: 1984.                                                                                       WS 420/17           C
Vulliamy: The Newborn child. 5th ed.
UK: 1982.                                                                                        WS 420/57           C
Vulliamy: The Newborn child. 6th ed.
UK: 1987.                                                                                        WS 420/18           C

Books – Neonatal Nursing                                                                         REF – Not for Loan
Ball: Maternity & neonatal care.
London: 1983.                                                                                    WY 157.3/4          C
Biancuzzo: Breastfeeding the newborn: clinical strategies for nurses. 2nd ed.
USA: 2003.                                                                                       WS 125/52           C
Green: Maternal newborn nursing care plans. 2nd ed.
USA: 2003.                                                                                       WY 157.3/1          C
Jensen: Maternity care: the nurse & the family. 2nd ed.
USA: 1981.                                                                                       WY 157/10           C
Kelnar: The sick newborn baby.
London: 1981.                                                                                    WS 420/5            C
Korones: High-risk newborn infants: the basis for intensive nursing care.
3rd ed. USA: 1981.                                                                               WS 420/8            C
Ladewig: Essentials of maternal-newborn nursing.
USA: 1986.                                                                                       WQ 160/42           C
Maternal-newborn nursing: pretest self-assessment & review.
USA: 1978.                                                                                       WQ 160/38           C
Moore: Newborn, family & nurse. 2nd ed.
USA: 1981.                                                                                       WY 159/6            C
Neonatal intensive care nursing.
London: 2000.                                                                                    WY 157.3/13         C
Neonatal surgery: a nursing perspective.
USA: 1988.                                                                                       WO 925/7            C
Olds: Maternal-newborn nursing: a family-centred approach. 4th ed.
USA: 1992.                                                                                       WQ 100.7/9b         C

Multi-Media (Videos, DVD, CD-ROM):
AUDIO-DIGEST PEDIATRICS – CD – Held at Campbelltown.
The Jaundiced Newborn. 52(12) June 2006

TITLE                                                                                         HOLDINGS
Archives of Disease in Childhood                                                              1981- 1986; 1990 - 2006
Clinics in Perinatology                                                                       1988 -
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing: JOGNN                                   1985 - 2002
Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing                                                       1990 - 2001
Premie Press                                                                                  2005 -     SCN DEPT

Electronic Databases - Clinical Information Access Program (CIAP)
CIAP is available through the intranet at any PC throughout SSWAHS. Ring 4634 – 3944 for the login and password.
Training sessions on how to use the CIAP resources are available in the library or at your workplace as a team training
session – ring the library for enquiries or bookings
TITLE                                                                                          HOLDINGS
Advances in Neonatal Care                                                                      2001 -
Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing: JOGNN                                  1996 -

                                                  January 2009                                                       2
                                        “Information is the Best Medicine”
   Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing                                                          1997 -
   Year Book of Neonatal and Perinatal Medicine                                                     1994 - 2006

   CIAP also has the Medical Journal of Australia, BMJ, JAMA & the New England Journal of Medicine available online

   Neonatology, Gomella, 5th ed. 2004

   Nursing Consult
   Manual of High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery, Gilbert, 3rd ed, 2003
   Neonatal Nursing Handbook, Kenner, 2004.

   Electronic Databases - ProQuest (Health & Medical Database)
   This database is available through any library PC or if you have internet access at your workstation ring 4634 – 3944 to
   register for a login and password
   TITLE                                                                                          HOLDINGS
   Archives of Disease in Childhood. Fetal and Neonatal Edition                                   1996 - 2003
   Biology of the Neonate                                                                         1998 -
   Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine                                                  2003 –
   Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing                                                        1998 –

   Internet Sites on Neonatology & Special Care

   The library staff have found these sites useful on this topic. If you do not have internet access at work the Clinical
   Library at Campbelltown has nine PCs available Mon-Thur 8.30am – 5.00pm & Fri 8.00am – 4.30pm.

Neonatology on the Web                                                 Austprem                                          

Neonatology Links and Resources (Monash)                               SANDS Australia 

Central Sydney: Neonatal Medical Guidelines                            eMedicine – Pediatrics – Neonatology              

Neonatal Services in Victoria                                          NICUWeb                              

NETS Neonatal Emergency Transport Service Victoria                     Diseases & Disorders: Congenital, Hereditary,                                  Neonatal Diseases (Karolinska)

Australian Neonatal Nurses Association                                 Neonatal Network                                             

                                                     January 2009                                                           3
                                           “Information is the Best Medicine”

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