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									                        The Australian Psychological Society
                       COLLEGE OF CLINICAL
                       (WA Section)

Thursday                    Psychopathology & psychotherapy:
November 19th
9am - 5pm                 The view from inside & outside the brain
Registration                          Dr John Manners & Dr Marjorie Collins
from 8.30am
                 Dr. John Manners is a Clinical Psychologist with over      The last decade of brain research
                 35 years experience working in the area of                 has shed new light on the
The University psychopathology and psychotherapy. He has worked             neurological processes involved
                                                                            in psychopathology and its
Club             within the prisons and the welfare systems, holding
                                                                            treatment. These findings have
UWA              senior positions within the Department for                 important implications for
                 Community Development. Since 1984, he has been in          professionals working with
Hackett Dve      private practice, where he provides psychotherapy,         psychologically troubled people,
Crawley          supervision, and teaching.                                 and give insights into how we
                 Dr. Marjorie Collins is a Clinical Psychologist in         might work more effectively
                                                                            with people in generating change.
Enquiries can be private practice, and a Senior lecturer in Psychology at   Clinical Psychologists Dr John
directed to      Murdoch       University,     where       she    teaches   Manners and Dr Marjorie
                 neuropsychology, case formulation, and the principles      Collins will present a one-day
Melanie Newton and process of intervention. Marjorie also provides          specialist seminar on the
melanie.newton@ clinical supervision in the postgraduate programme,         neurological and psychological and acts as a consultant in drug and alcohol               processes in some key aspects of
                                                                            adult psychopathology and
                 rehabilitation agencies. For more than 20 years, she       psychotherapy.
                 has conducted research into the relationship between
                 neurobiology, cognition, and emotion, and has
                 published many papers in this area.

                       The seminar will cover:
                         • The various forms of dissociation, and their important role in emotional
                         • The neurobiological underpinnings of dissociative processes
                         • How the past replays in the present for adults with anxiety and
                         • Brain processes involved in past experiences which unconsciously impact
                           in adulthood
                         • How implicit and explicit processes are involved in memories of past
                           experiences; and implications for psychological intervention
                         • The key psychotherapeutic processes in core change
                         • Applying an understanding of the neurobiology of learning to improving
                           clinical interventions
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          Dr John Manners & Dr Marjorie Collins
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