Proof the Superwoman syndrome is a lie

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					Time to feel the heat
                                                                                                                                                                budgeting and developing
Britain’s foreign                                                                                                                    Climate                    contingency plans for the future.
secretary talks to                                                                                                                                                 Such is the issue emerging, the

Charles Miranda in                                                                                                                 change is                    UN Security Council as recently
                                                                                                                                                                as last April convened its first
                                                                                                                                                                discussion on climatic security.
London about a                                                                                                                     not just an                     It found if the world’s
                                                                                                                                                                temperatures were to rise as
catastrophic future if                                                                                                             environ-                     predicted by between 2 and 4
                                                                                                                                                                degrees celsius, the heat would
Australia and the world                                                                                                            mental                       raise sea levels and threaten
                                                                                                                                                                numerous nations. It is debatable
does not address                                                                                                                   issue but a                  by how much seas could rise but
                                                                                                                                                                nations such as Bangladesh have
global warming.
                                                                                                                                   security                     as many as 17 million living just
                                                                                                                                                                one metre above sea level.

       wo months ago, British

T      Foreign Secretary David
       Miliband spoke with his
Australian counterpart Stephen         Talks: Foreign minister Stephen Smith (left) and British foreign secretary David Miliband
                                                                                                                                                                   David Miliband said it was not
                                                                                                                                                                only the Pacific that was already
                                                                                                                                                                feeling the effects of change. He
                                                                                                                                                                compared the humanitarian
Smith via telephone.                                                                                                                                            crisis in Darfur — where the UN
  They had spoken once before,         Ocean, the threat is already             types of crimes. There are also           facts tell us,’’ the top agent told
                                       materialising and literally ebbing       operational concerns such as              The Sunday Telegraph.                 has estimated 200,000 people have
after Labor won government and                                                                                                                                  died as a result of drought,
Smith was given the prestigious        away on their livelihoods.               difficulty maintaining military             ‘‘Climate change has an impact      desertification         and     over-
portfolio. But the latest call         Nations like Tuvalu, a string of         capability, loss of strategic             and that impact can manifest          population leading to tribal
coincided with the release of a        tiny atolls 26 kilometre square,         defence assets, mass peacetime            itself in a number of ways. If you    tensions — as a mini example of
report by the Oxford Research          are like the early warning system        military deployments and                  look at, say an example what          what could happen globally.
Group in the UK, which showed          for the rest of the world, as rising     regional instability.                     climate change will do to the
                                       oceans have already washed over                                                                                             ‘‘You can make the argument
climate change ‘‘will’’ lead to wars                                              The      report     concluded           displacement of people, then          that Darfur is a resource war,’’ he
with scarcity of water, dis-           roads and rendered crop lands            governments needed to act now             that’s only going to manifest
                                       unsuitable due to salt.                                                                                                  said, adding that a similar issue
placement of large populations                                                  on five key policies, including           itself as a security issue.           could be seen in Australia with
and general mayhem. It was a             It is already assumed within the       defending essential supply                  ‘‘It’s looking at the impacts of    severe climate patterns, first
short but pointed call to Smith.       next 50 years the 12,000-strong          network infrastructure, more              climate change and looking at         drought as seen late last year,
  ‘‘Climate change is no longer        population will have to be moved.        funding for research and                  what the consequences of that         and now floods.
just an environmental issue but a      Tuvalu is expected to be the first       development into renewable                may be. In some instances it may         He     said       the     British
security threat that has to be         country to be wiped off the map          energy resources, national and            be a security threat, in other        Government hopes to speak
addressed by all,’’ Miliband told      by global warming. According to          international consensus on the            instances it may be another kind      more with Asia Pacific nations
Smith, who readily agreed.             the prestigious Oxford Research          management of mass environ-               of threat.                            like Australia and offer solutions
  And so he should.                    Group, climate change will have          mental refugees and aid                     ‘‘But again it’s certainly          in a bipartisan or multi-partisan
  The Australian Government            serious environmental, socio-            programs with an adaptable                something we need to deal with        approach, and that Prime
and the Australian Federal             economic         and        security     measure to take in at-risk nations        and not just put in a box and say:    Minister Kevin Rudd signing the
Police have been tasked for            consequences for both developed          or regions.                               ‘Oh well, that’s got nothing to do    Kyoto Treaty was a significant
months with working out how to         and developing nations alike.              Australian Federal Police               with security because it is to do     step, signalling to the world that
tackle large-scale national              ‘‘However, as this report shows,       Assistant Commissioner Peter              with climate’.                        Australia was back at the table of
threats to our borders both from       if governments simply respond            Drennan,      the     Australian            ‘‘It’s about taking a more          leaders, looking for solutions.
within and from out.                   with traditional attempts to             national manager of counter               pragmatic and more lateral view          ‘‘Australia is a key player on the
  So, too, have all police chiefs in   maintain the status quo and              terrorism said last week that             of what events occur and what         climate change issue because you
the Pacific region, with many          control insecurity they will             climate and security now went             the consequences might be.’’          have changed your position,’’ he
concluding the threat was now no       ultimately fail,’’ it concludes.         hand in hand.                               Drennan’s          boss,    AFP     said. ‘‘Obviously there’s a new
longer an if, but a when.                Among their listed risks are an          ‘‘It’s not about agreeing or            Commissioner Mick Keelty,             government with a great sense of
  But for the more than seven          increase on border security              disagreeing (with perceived               couldn’t agree more and has           energy and drive, which from our
million people in the Pacific          demands, changes in rates and            threat) — this is just what the           given the issue priority status in    spectrum is nice.’’

Proof the Superwoman syndrome is a lie
I HAVE two friends who are smart,                                               maintaining my friendships was            once a week wasn’t enough to get      hand at freelancing, it turns out to
successful career women who also                                                totally out of the question.’’            things to where we need them to be.   be the best decision I have made.
have children and, just like me,
they have both just quit their jobs.             Sarah Blake                      The guilt makes some of us
                                                                                over-reach and overcompensate.
                                                                                                                            When your kids are babies you
                                                                                                                          sometimes find yourself looking
                                                                                                                                                                  It makes me think a lot of women
                                                                                                                                                                need to give themselves a break.
  It wasn’t something I discussed                                               I cook complicated dinners the            forward to when they get to school,   No more comparing ourselves to
with either of them and, if you        health would just be destroyed.          kids don’t really want, a friend          as if moving on from the stage of     these over-achieving role models.
had asked me if I thought one                                                   sits and obsesses over her six-           their total physical dependence         I know there are women with
                                         ‘‘So work had to go.’’                                                                                                 kids who run companies, and
was suffering a stress-related ul-                                              year-old’s homework when she              will give you more freedom.
                                         The exhausted public relations                                                                                         mums who look fabulous within
cer and the other’s daughter was                                                gets home just before her daugh-            I can’t really pinpoint exactly
                                       consultant — who, like each of us,       ter’s bedtime, and worries later                                                weeks of having their babies, but
having problems at school, I                                                                                              what makes parenting more chal-
                                       strove to reach a career pinnacle        that she is pushing her too hard.                                               — just like women in their 40s
wouldn’t have had a clue.                                                                                                 lenging the older my children get,
                                       that has proven too hard to                                                                                              who have babies — there are
  Superwomen, both of them on          maintain — is starting her own             It all comes to seem so normal.         but I know that this is a feeling
                                                                                                                          shared by many.                       really not that many of them.
six figure salaries, they always       part-time business.                        It’s a scary time to be putting                                                 The truth is that a lot of
looked pretty together. They             ‘‘I felt guilty about everything,’’    your mortgaged self out there as            The nightmarish mornings,           working mothers struggle, and
were juggling, like we all do, but     she says.                                a freelancer, with interest rates         when the whole house was fraught      become far too stressed, just
both seemed to be doing well.            ‘‘I felt guilty because I wasn’t       continuing their cruel climb.             and frenzied for two hours before     trying to get through their days.
  ‘‘Everything was just falling        doing the job I know I could be            But far more frightening is the         we spilled out the front door at        Talking with my friends, we
apart,’’ my marketing executive        doing. I felt guilty for not giving      thought of carrying on as we              8am, were starting to seem normal.    agreed that we can’t quite believe
friend says.                           enough time to my children.              have been.                                  Something had to change.            we managed to do it for so long.
  ‘‘I got to the point where my          ‘‘I felt guilty because I had noth-      The lapsed state of my house was          And, while I struggled with the       The simple truth is, that just
doctor told me if I didn’t change      ing emotionally left over for my         keeping me awake at night. Even           decision to leave the paper I have    because you can do something, it
something in my life then my           husband and I felt guilty because        cleaning before the cleaner came          worked at for 15 years and try my     doesn’t mean you have to.


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