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									                                   FOOD AND WINE

                                                       Taste your way around Australia, sampling the best of our regional bounty…

                                          ustralia is one of the most exciting destinations for ‘foodies’      discover specialised local produce, gourmet delights and unique artisan
A UniqUEly AUSTrAliAn inviTATion

                                          as we have some of the best produce in the world.                    products, and make lots of new friends to boot, as you taste your way
                                                                                                               around Australia.
                                           Ours is a vast country with microclimates that range from the
                                   steamy, tropical heat of the north – just right for mangoes, avocados
                                   and macadamia nuts – to the brisk cool climate of the south – where         Some produce facts
                                   Asian herbs, mussels, tuna and Chardonnay grapes flourish. Australia is
                                                                                                               • Immigration from Europe, Asia, Middle East and surrounding islands
                                   able to cultivate almost any produce.
                                                                                                                 has inspired a fusion of food styles and flavours like nowhere else in
                                   The cross-pollination of ideas brought to our country by migrants from        the world.
                                   the four corners of the world means travellers will find tasty Australian
                                                                                                               • There are more than 15,000 cafes and restaurants in Australia,
                                   versions and adaptations of food from around the world.
                                                                                                                 providing 1.1 million seats for dining. Just over a third of these
                                   To accommodate the growing Australian taste for exotic foods, new             establishments are licensed.1
                                   crops have been introduced such as Asian vegetables, nashi pears,           • Australia produces much of the world’s premium beef, lamb, tuna
                                   lychees, olives and herbs. Aquaculture activities, such as farming            and gourmet produce including cheese, truffles, saffron, scallops
                                   Atlantic salmon and southern bluefin tuna, also add to our fresh              and coffee.
                                   food credentials.
                                                                                                               • Australian cuisine owes its greatness to access to fresh and fine
                                   We produce and export fruit and vegetables, seafood such as salmon            produce and the multitude of ethnic groups represented in Australia.2
                                   and trout, oysters, mussels, crabs and yabbies, as well as quality beef,
                                                                                                               • It may seem strange but The Byron Bay Chilli Company now sells
                                   veal and lamb, dairy products and cheese. Australian chilli products,
                                                                                                                 its products into the US where it has won a host of awards. For the
                                   olive oil and lobster, just to name a few, are much in demand. And our
                                                                                                                 second year in a row, Chilli Sauce with Lime won first place at the
                                   smallgoods, pastas, sauces and olive oils just have to be tried.
                                                                                                                 Fiery Food Competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
                                   Local chefs source the finest of regional produce – succulent grass-
                                   fed beef and lamb, full-flavoured game meats, superb lobsters from          Uniquely Australian
                                   Western Australia, salt-sweet South Australian scallops and oysters
                                   – to craft luscious cuisine that highlights the best of our land and        • From the fishing ports of the Tasmanian East Coast, crayfish and
                                   sea bounty.                                                                   scallop boats reap a rich harvest from the Tasmanian ocean. All the
                                                                                                                 flavours of the sea wait here for you to enjoy, along with Tasmanian
                                   You’ll want to try genuine Australian ‘bush tucker’ such as emu, ostrich      East Coast cool-climate wines and other fine local produce. In
                                   kangaroo and crocodile and unique gourmet bush flavours such as bush
                                                                                                                 Northern Tasmania, sample the local smoked salmon at 41º South
                                   tomatoes, quandongs, rosella flowers, wattleseed and bunya nuts.
                                                                                                                 Aquaculture near Deloraine, local cheeses and honey icecream. You’ll
                                   Why not try some chilli kangaroo tail, sweet yam gnocchi or lemon
                                                                                                                 love the Tasmanian cream and butter, wasabi and smokehouse chilli
                                   myrtle linguine and finish off with a flavoursome home-grown coffee.
                                                                                                                 cheeses and leatherwood honeys, plus the best seafood, truffles,
                                   You can buy produce direct from a farmer at one of the many city or           walnuts, saffron, mushrooms and oysters – all farmgate fresh.
                                   local markets; learn to make cheese at a dairy or wine in a vineyard,       • The perfect location for a gourmet picnic or café lunch is Maggie
                                   take a cooking class at one of the world’s largest fish markets or a          Beer’s Farm Shop in the Barossa Valley. One of Australia’s favourite
                                   hideaway gourmet retreat.
                                                                                                                 cooks and writers, Beer sells her gourmet products from her shop
                                   Head out on a food trail to talk to local producers who will be only          at Nuriootpa. Fill a hamper with your selection of the scrumptious
                                   too pleased to let you taste their smoked fish, organic fruit and             goodies on offer, from verjuice to pates, cheeses, olives, wood fired
                                   vegetables, cheeses, pates and chocolates and tell you their secrets          bread, game pies and quince paste. Then find a shady spot by the
                                   as to what makes their olive oils or chilli products so special. You’ll       water, spread out your rug and spend a lazy afternoon grazing.
• on the Flerieu Peninsula of South Australia, Blessed Cheese offers               • Journey across the Great Dividing range to the golden open country
  local produce and cheese from all over the world and runs cheese                   beyond and the beautiful NSW country town of Mudgee. Spend a
  appreciation courses as well as the McLaren Vale Cheese and Wine                   long weekend exploring the exceptional food and wine of the region
  Trail. Or, Take a tour of the Adelaide factory where Haigh’s chocolate             – the rich red earth produces great shiraz and chardonnay and the
  is made, or the brewery museum at Coopers.                                         fresh produce in the area includes magnificent freshly made goats
• Discover Kangaroo island off South Australia, a magical place full of              cheeses and local lamb. Visit a pistachio farm and see an olive press
  incredible produce, some of the best beaches, scenery and wildlife                 and the Mudgee bush oven in action.
  on earth, and exceptional cheeses, wines, lobster, marron, samphire,             • Join celebrity foodie Maeve o’Mara for one of her Gourmet Safari
  honey and olive oil.                                                               Tours in Sydney. Each tour mines the best cafes, food stores,
• Explore north-west victoria, home to vast orchards, citrus and olive               butchers and bakers of an area: the Greek food of Marrickville, the
  groves, vineyards and grainfields producing a huge range of fruits,                Portuguese in Petersham, the Italian
  nuts and vegetables. It’s the centre of Australia’s citrus and dried               in Haberfield, the Turkish in Auburn and the Vietnamese
  fruit industries, and the river yields freshwater fish including yellow            around Cabramatta.
  belly perch, red fin, yabbies and the famed Murray Cod in season.                • visit farms and taste the local tropical fruit wines and liqueurs,
  More recently, Murray River salt has become a gourmet item. It                     macadamias and boutique coffee on a taste of the tropical food
  wasn’t always so. At the end of the nineteenth century irrigation                  trail in Cairns. Tours include lunch featuring barramundi, red claw
  transformed a virtual desert into today’s ‘land of plenty’.                        crayfish and tropical fruit ice creams. Or, take yourself on a food trail
• visit the Gippsland region in north East victoria, one of Australia’s              excursion of your own, following brochure directions for five
  longest established and best known food tourism destinations                       tours that will entice you to explore this sumptuous area.
  producing an array of excellent cheeses, fine meats, wonderful                   • Experience the noosa Food Trail. The Noosa region abounds in
  seafood and organic fruits and vegetables. The largest concentration               exotic fruits, native, Mediterranean and Asian vegetables, succulent
  of farm fresh produce can be found in the renowned Gippsland                       poultry, sunshine yellow-yolked eggs, some of the best goat cheese
  Gourmet Country in and around charming towns and villages such                     in the country, freshly pressed olive oil, artisan baked breads,
  as Jindivick, Noojee, Yarragon and Warragul in Central Gippsland.                  sensational lean pork, and delicious cooking pastes made on site
  Turn off the beaten track to discover the wine – and the people                    from the labours of the land and every season producers more
  – behind beguiling names such as Narkoojee (‘place of flowers’),                   diversity – from the farms, farm gates and farmers markets to the
  Paradise Enough, Wild Dog and Lyre Bird Hill.                                      specialty stores, cafes, restaurants and country pubs.
• Discover bushtucker on a Pepperbush Adventure – a gourmet bush                   • Taste gourmet smoked products from Poachers Pantry Gourmet
  food and wildlife tour to the back blocks of Tasmania. You’ll try                  Smokehouse, including smoked chicken, quail, tomatoes, lamb, pork,
  fabulous dishes in the bush such as Three Spice Trout (lemon myrtle,               kangaroo and emu. A restored 1930s cottage on a rural property
  mountain pepper and native kunzea) on a salad bed, and Wallaby                     just a short drive from Canberra, Poachers Pantry is a great place to
  Tenderloins marinated and served with a pepper berry sauce.                        spend an afternoon. Taste the produce, including Wily Trout wines
• on a Margaret river Food Trail, visit Cowaramup Creek Farm’s                       and take home some gourmet delicacies.
  stylish tasting room and discover the delights of OlioBello award
  winning Estate Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Taste their tapenades,
  pestos, preserves and farm fresh produce, then visit
  the Berry Farm, and The Margaret River Chocolate Company.
                                                                                       For further information please contact:
• Gather regional produce for a picnic lunch of smoked fish and
  caviar, handmade cheese and pasta, seasonal fruits, organic salads                   Tourism Australia
  and chocolates from producers along the Yarra Valley Regional Food                   Global Public relations
  Trail. The region is famous for its world-class wine and food. Visit                 GPO Box 2721
                                                                                       Sydney NSW 1006
  a host of food producers including the Yarra Valley Dairy, Wild
                                                                                       Phone: +61 2 9360 1111
  about Fruit and the Warratina Lavender Farm. Stay at the beautiful
  40 room boutique hotel, Chateau Yering Historic House Hotel.
• Explore victoria’s High Country. Call in at vineyard cellar doors in
  any of the five distinct wine regions of north-east Victoria – sample
  delicious Milawa cheeses, mustards, olives and bread; wine matched
  with food at Brown Brothers Epicurean Centre; and our world                          February 2009
  famous Tokays and Muscats at Rutherglen.

1 Australian Bureau of Statistics publication “Cafes and Restaurants, Australia”

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