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									                               PREPARE TO STUDY

WebCT shells for the Unit (?)VBQU044 Prepare to Study have been established for
each teaching department to customise for their students.

All students enrolled in courses within the department will have the Prepare to Study
unit available in WebCT for their use, so that any student can obtain the information
and get the WebCT tutoral which forms part of the learning materials. However, only
new students enrolled in Cert III or above and studying on campus are required to be
enrolled on ASCOL for the Prepare to Study unit and, therefore, assessed.

Therefore, while there might be 800 students in the WebCT Grade Book, only some
of those students need to be assessed and therefore monitored.

To assist in identifying those students and to further assist in managing a group of
students within a very large grade book, we have included an extra column in the
grade book which link students to their timetable group in Pandora. This makes it
easier for individual teachers to monitor the progress of their students in Prepare to
Study by searching for the relevant timetable group.

To find your student group, go to the Grade Book in WebCT. You will see that it is
sorted alphabetically by student name.

Firstly, click on the View All tab to ensure that you have all columns available for the

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To filter these records, click on the
Grade Book Options button

You will see some actions to choose

Click on Find Members

Click on the down arrow to choose a column heading and select TT Group

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In the box marked Value, type in your timetable group, and then click on Run Query

You will now only see those students who require a result and who are in your
timetable group.

You can use the same process to sort by Event Code, if you choose.

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Alternatively, if you are unsure of the timetable group, you can sort the grade by
column by clicking on the Action menu button on the TT Group column and selecting
Sort column.

This will sort the students and show those without a timetable group first. By
repeating the process (Action Menu button and click Sort Column) this will bring
those students with a timetable group to the top of the list and you can scroll down to
find those students in your group.

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