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                                                   Are you a high performer?
   Master of                                       Do you want to fast track your career?
                                                   Grab yourself an unfair advantage!
   Business                                        The MBA is a one-year full-time or two-year
                                                   part-time, intensive qualification designed
   Administration                                  specifically for today’s graduate and based
                                                   on industry requirements. If you are motivated
                                                   to progress your career and enhance your
                                                   employment opportunities, this MBA provides
                                                   the tools necessary for an accelerated career
                                                   in management.
                                                   RMIT University is recognised for its
                                                   strong links to the real working life and its
                                                                                                    Graduate School of Business
                                                   responsiveness to the needs of industry.
RMIT program code                                  Together with business mentoring support,
                                                   the focus is on solving real problems and          Key features of the MBA
MC088                                              developing practical management skills
                                                   that employers will value. RMIT’s MBA will         » Preparation to accelerate a career
CRICOS number
                                                   enhance your international knowledge,                in management
                                                   perspective and readiness to work in a global      » Exposure to business thinking and
Location                                           environment—in large, medium or family               practice
Melbourne City campus and Vietnam                  businesses.                                        » Business mentoring support
Mode and duration                                  RMIT rankings                                      » Integration of technology to solve
                                                                                                        real problems
1 year full-time                                   Top 10 MBA provider, Australia
                                                                                                      » Intensive mode shortens study time
(3 x 13-week trimesters, 4 courses per             » Australian Financial Review,                       to one year (or two years part-time)
trimester, day time classes)                         BOSS Magazine 2007
2 years part-time                                                                                     » Lecturers and facilitators from
(6 x 13-week trimesters, 2 courses per                                                                  university and industry
trimester, evening classes)                        Top 3 MBA provider, Melbourne                      » Encourages an ethos of corporate
International students can only study full-time.   » Australian Financial Review,                       social responsibility
                                                     BOSS Magazine 2007                               » A dedicated business school, located
Information sessions
                                                                                                        in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD
Prospective students are welcome to visit                                                             » Diverse student mix
                                                   4 stars 
the School and meet with Client Services
and Academic staff. Information sessions           Corporate links, graduate salaries and getting
about the MBA degree are run throughout            a job.
the year. For details visit       » The Good Universities Guide to MBA and         MBA student profile
gradschoolbusiness or contact the Graduate             Management Programs 2009
School of Business.
                                                   4 stars                                      » Aged early- to mid-twenties
                                                   Academic qualifications of staff in the          » Degree qualified in any discipline but with
                                                   Graduate School of Business                        limited work experience since graduation
                                                   » The Good Universities Guide to MBA and           (typically less than four years)
                                                      Management Programs 2009                      » Looking to get ahead of the pack by
                                                                                                      adding business skills to their existing
                                                                                                    » Want to complete an MBA in just one year
                                                                                                      (or two if part-time)

‘The rMiT MBA is a challenging degree that will develop
your management skills and open up broader career options.
Approachable staff, intimate class sizes and cultural diversity
make rMiT a comfortable and interesting place to study.’

                                                                                                           Jennifer Tratt (cover image)
                                                                                                           Current MBA student
Program structure                                                          BUSM1534 Marketing Management
                                                                           No business initiative can proceed without a sound marketing plan.
For full course descriptions visit:
                                                                           This course will enable you to understand and use marketing tools,
                                                                           techniques and processes towards better organisational outcomes.
The MBA consists of 12 courses, each of which is worth                     It relates marketing strategy to the environmental opportunities
12 credit points (144 credit points in total). Courses are listed below    and constraints that you must address. A feature of this course
in the order in which they are generally completed—four courses per        is considering the relevance of marketing practices in different
semester full-time, or two per semester part-time.                         organisational contexts.
BUSM3237 Global Business Context
                                                                           BUSM3243 Business and Economic Analysis
This is the foundation course of the MBA degree, and essential
                                                                           Here we consider traditional economic theories within a contemporary
starting point for your studies. You will learn about the issues that
                                                                           context. Topics include the use of the internet to price discriminate,
confront people and organisations working in an international context.
                                                                           the changing nature of competition, market failures relating to climate
You will explore global trends, international trade, business ethics,
                                                                           change and the economic theories underpinning new products and
innovation and scenario analysis—and a range of other core business
                                                                           services. The broad international background of your classmates
issues. This course will introduce you to many of the topics that will
                                                                           provides a platform to share and explore the similarities and differences
be explored throughout the MBA degree. You will also experience
                                                                           of global economies. The aim is to develop economic thinking which
the distinctive character of the RMIT—adult learning, with a focus on
                                                                           will inform business decision-making.
group work and the practical application of theory.

BAFI3159      Finance and Accounting for Business Decisions
                                                                           BUSM3249 Managing People, Relationships and Performance
The ability to understand financial performance and make good
                                                                           A graduate with the addition of an MBA will often advance more
financial and business decisions is critical to the role of a manager,
                                                                           rapidly than a trainee with just an undergraduate degree. This course,
senior manager or director. This course covers a wide range of
                                                                           addresses the important skills associated with responsibility for the
material that is important for the implementation of good financial
                                                                           leadership and management of others. It deals with topics such as
management in an organisation. Topics include: resourcing corporate
                                                                           delegation, addressing poor performers, attempting to manage and
objectives, investment valuation techniques, project evaluation,
                                                                           resolve conflict, managing diverse and cross-cultural teams, many
measuring risk, cost of capital and implementing investment projects.
                                                                           of whom will be older than the young manager, dealing with the
BUSM1530 Leadership and Management                                         difficult issue of managing your boss and the reality of organisational
This course seeks to impart and develop perspectives and skills for        dynamics–politics!
individuals to understand the complexities of becoming a manager
                                                                           BUSM3255 Creating Strategy
and a leader. It is intended to encourage you to think creatively about
                                                                           Creating Strategy encourages students to balance creativity and
the capabilities required of managers and leaders, as professionals,
                                                                           analysis when thinking strategically in a business setting. The course
with an emphasis on self-development.
                                                                           draws on and integrates concepts from most of the other MBA
BUSM1546 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation                         courses and uses these insights to aid in the development of novel
New business ventures and entrepreneurship are exciting challenges         and competitive solutions to often complex and ambiguous business
in business and the development of entrepreneurship is a high              situations. The course covers the evolution of the field of strategy and
priority for governments around the world. This course is practical,       the need to balance strategy process, content and context.
applied and fuses theoretical concepts with the issues that must be
confronted when turning creative ideas into commercial reality. You will
deal with the problems which arise in the transformation, production
and commercialisation of new business ventures and be encouraged
to develop ‘the entrepreneurial mindset’. You will become a better
manager and user of ideas, time, people, finance and other resources.
BUSM2346 Management Decision Making                                          Double Masters—MBA/Master of Commerce
The best business decisions are firmly based in evidence and a               Graduate with a second masters by studying the Master of Commerce
thorough understanding of quantitative analysis tools is crucial to the      (MCom). On completion of your Master of Business Administration, an
effective manager. However, every technique has its limitations and          additional four courses of study from a business discipline will allow
you will learn not only the basics in statistics and quantitative analysis   you to gain a second qualification—a Master of Commerce.
but also how to avoid the pitfalls inherent in poor survey design,
                                                                             For more information visit
making assumptions and inappropriate analysis. Your skills in the
interpretation of raw data through the power of spreadsheet modelling        The sequence of study cannot be reversed; MBA must be completed first.
will be significantly enhanced.

BUSM4066 Work and Careers                                                      Research
The Business Mentoring Program plays an important role in this
course, which explores the professional and personal implications              Research degrees are offered at masters and doctoral level.
of emerging career trends in the global knowledge-based economy.               Research activity within RMIT Business falls under the following
You’ll acquire a clear understanding of the skills, attitudes and              areas that aim to assist organisations and institutions to function
techniques needed to successfully launch a successful career, as well          more efficiently in a changing business environment:
as the importance of maintaining future employability through lifelong         » Development of Professional and Management Practice
learning and personal development.                                             » Entrepreneurship and Innovation
                                                                               » Financial Markets and Applied Econometrics
BUSM4087 MBA Company Project
Rather like receiving a brief from the CEO, you and your team will             » Health Services Management
move through the research, analysis, drafting and presentation                 » Knowledge Management and e-Business
requirements of delivering a project report, culminating in a                  » Organisational Accountability
presentation to the board. This course is typically framed around
a field exercise where groups of students work with a real client to           » Organisational Performance Measurement and Quality
produce critical research findings linked to the client’s organisational       » Organisational Policy, Practice and Market Effect
goals. It’s an excellent opportunity to add consultancy experience to          » Project Infrastructure and Construction Innovation and
your CV.                                                                         Management

BUSM3261 Implementing Strategy
                                                                               » Sustainable Business Practices
This is the capstone course for your MBA. You will learn how to                » Transport Logistics
integrate the foundations studied so far and put them into practical           We are proactive in establishing close links with industry and
use. The course explores the enablers that business leaders need to            addressing research issues that are relevant to business and the
put in place to ensure that everyone knows what they have to do and            communities in which we operate. Therefore, our collaborative
are equipped and supported so as to be able to implement company               ventures yield research that has broad economic, social and
strategy as efficiently and effectively as possible.                           environmental implications beneficial to business, industry and
                                                                               the broader community.
                                                                               For more information about research in Business visit

                 ‘The mentor groups are the best aspect of the rMiT university
                   MBA degree. The mentors are truly committed to supporting
                    and developing students throughout their MBA degree and
                                              afterwards during their careers.’
                                                                                                                                     Andrew Terzakis
                                                                                                                                  Claims consultant, IAG
                                                                                                                                          MBA graduate
Teaching and learning approach                     Classes are usually a combination of lectures      Business mentoring
Taking its cues from graduate employment           and tutorials but also include seminars,           The MBA degree is designed for students with
programs, the MBA is predicated upon a             simulations and site visits. Lectures deliver a    limited work experience. As a way of assisting
structured approach to the accumulation            comprehensive review of the latest thinking        your career progression and increasing your
of knowledge and skills. Courses are               and world’s best practice while tutorials          employment opportunities, the MBA includes
sequenced, with more sophisticated analysis        provide opportunities for facilitated discussion   a Business Mentoring Program. Our business
and deeper integration of material delivered       as we explore the way issues unfold in the         mentors all have at least 15 years experience,
later in the degree.                               business environment. Factually based case         are leaders in their fields and provide guidance
                                                   studies, a key feature of successful quality       and support to prepare you for your working
For example, courses in strategy development
                                                   MBA degrees worldwide, are an important            life. Students work with their business
that require an understanding of business
                                                   component of our courses and add further           mentors throughout the MBA degree but this
analysis, marketing and finance are scheduled
                                                   realism to the learning experience.                engagement is also formalised through the
after functional courses introducing these
concepts so that you can draw upon                 Assessment is undertaken via a combination         course Work and Careers.
these skills in creating strategy activities.      of group and individual assignments, student       Students will engage in a range of activities
Likewise, you will first learn about your          presentations and examinations. While group        including seminars with guest speakers, group
own development, strengths and style as a          assignments are an important component of          work and case studies, individual mentoring
manager or leader before moving to the critical    every course, the focus of the assessment is       and coaching and career preparation.
issues involved in managing and leading            weighted towards individual performance.
                                                                                                      The mentoring program covers:
others. Courses that bring a range of activities   Full-time study                                    » Leadership in the workplace
together, such as the MBA Company Project
                                                   The program of study is divided equally across     » Power and influence
and Implementing Strategy, are undertaken at
                                                   three study periods: four courses per session
the end of the degree and are an opportunity                                                          » Judgement in decision-making
                                                   (Semester 1, Semester 2 and spring/summer
to showcase your business expertise.                                                                  » Career and self-management
                                                   study period). Students can commence in
You will move through the degree as a              either Semester 1 (February) or Semester 2         » Working in Australian organisations
cohort, work in teams and benefit from the         (July). Classes are held during the day.           » Working in Asia
additional insights and understandings that
come from interaction with classmates who          Part-time study                                    » Working in a family business
have similar aspirations but come from a           The program of study is divided equally across
diverse range of disciplinary and personal         six study periods: two courses per session
backgrounds. Orientation and social activities     (Semester 1, Semester 2 and spring/summer
encourage the development of study                 study period). Students can commence in
circles and instil the value of networking.        either Semester 1 (February) or Semester 2
Some students have even continued their            (July). Classes are held during the evening.
association after graduation and established
businesses together.

                                                   ‘i had just finished my undergraduate degree
                                                   in business entrepreneurship and found the
                                                   challenge to complete a one-year MBA too
                                                   attractive to pass up. i knew my choices would
                                                   broaden significantly and this would act as
                                                   a springboard into the highly competitive
                                                   corporate world. The one-year program was
Steven Leptos
                                                   perfect for me.’
Graduate Strategy Consultant,
Collins Anderson Management
MBA graduate
Fees                                                           Application closing dates                                      Contact details
                                                               and how to apply                                               Graduate School of Business
Tuition fees
                                                               » 31 May each year and                                         RMIT University
Local full fee-paying Australian residents                                                                                    300 Queen Street
                                                               » 10 November each year
2010: A$34,560 total master degree                                                                                            Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
($240 per credit point)                                        Late applications will be accepted subject to
                                                                                                                              Tel. +61 3 9925 0100
                                                               places being available. Prospective students
Fees are payable at the commencement of                                                                                       Fax: +61 3 9925 0147
                                                               are encouraged to enquire about possible
each semester and are calculated annually.                                                                                    School Client Service Team
                                                               vacancies in the degree at any time.
International full fee-paying students
                                                               Local students                                       
2010: A$39,600 total master degree
                                                               Applicants must apply on a Direct Application
FEE-HELP                                                       Form available from Info Corner
Australian citizens and holders of a permanent                 (formerly Office for Prospective Students),
humanitarian visa are eligible to apply for a                  Tel. +61 3 9925 2260,
FEE-HELP loan through the Commonwealth                         visit
Government. For further information visit                      International students
                                                               Applicants must apply through
Postgraduate Coursework CSP Equity                             International Services
Scholarships                                                   GPO Box 2476V
As part of its equity strategy, RMIT                           Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia
University has allocated a limited number of                   Tel. +61 3 9925 5156
Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) equity                      visit
places in postgraduate coursework degrees
to enhance the access of applicants from
designated groups. To see if you qualify visit
Entrance requirements

A bachelor degree in any discipline from a
recognised tertiary institution. Preference is
given to students with a Grade Point Average
(GPA) of Credit.
English language
All non-Australian residents and overseas full
fee-paying students must provide evidence of
one of the following:
» IELTS—6.5+ (no band below 6.0)
» TOEFL Paper based—580+ (TWE 4.5+)
» TOEFL Computer based—237+
  (TWE 4.5+)
» RMIT English Worldwide (REW)—Advanced
  Level 2
TOEFL or IELTS results are recognised for only one year
from the test date.

The Emily McPherson Redevelopment
In 2010 the Graduate School of Business will move to redeveloped                            Other special features include an executive education centre and
premises on the main RMIT campus.                                                           roof-top patio with views of Melbourne’s CBD.
Building 13, the Emily McPherson Building, a magnificent heritage                           To follow developments on this exciting project visit
property on the corner of Russell Street and Victoria Parade, is being            
totally refitted to provide a dedicated space for the Graduate School
of Business and Juris Doctor programs. Once complete, the building
will boast the latest in multimedia technology, teaching and meeting
spaces designed for collaborative learning, executive education,
careers counselling and alumni gatherings.

Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this publication is accurate and current at the date of printing. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to

the RMIT University web site before lodging your application. Prepared by: RMIT Design and Publishing, July 2009. RMIT University Provider Code: 00122A.

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