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					                             Position Description – CEO

 Responsibility          Key Objectives                           Outcomes
Planning          To prepare an annual Operating    1. The Assembly will prepare and
                  Plan and Budget                      periodically update a Strategic Plan
                                                       with the assistance of the CEO who
                                                       will use it as a framework for the
                                                       annual Operating Plan and Budget
                                                    2. The Operational Plan and Budget is
                                                       prepared and presented to the
                                                       Board for approval on an annual
                                                    3. The progress of the Operational
                                                       Plan and Budget is reported to the
                                                       Board at each meeting
Leading           To raise the profile of the       1. The profile of the Academy with
                  Academy by mobilising its wider      stakeholders is significantly
                  resources                            improved
                                                    2. Increased Academy activities are
                                                       conducted with government,
                                                       industry and the community –
                                                       particularly in relation to enhanced
                                                       input in the policy arena
                                                    3. Working relationships with relevant
                                                       Australian government departments
                                                       and ministers are maintained and
                                                    4. Constructive and harmonious
                                                       relations are established and
                                                       maintained with the other Learned
                                                       Academies and professional bodies
                                                       of interest to the Academy
Finance and       To manage the affairs and         1. The affairs of the Academy are
Administration    operations of the Academy            conducted within the budget
                                                       parameters. Timely and accurate
                                                       financial and managements reports
                                                       will be provided as required to the
                                                    2. The financial accounts of the
                                                       Academy are reported to the Board
                                                       in a form agreed with the Audit and
                                                       Investment Committee and are
                                                       audited each financial year
                                                    3. Appropriate systems and staffing
                                                       are in place
                                                    4. Effective leadership, supervision
                                                       and management of staff

Membership      To provide assistance on           1. The Fellowship represent the
                membership criteria and to            spectrum of persons who ought to
                improve the contribution from         be elected as Fellows
                new and existing Fellows           2. On a year-to-year basis the
                                                      involvement of Fellows is increased
Projects        To assist in the identification    1. In any one year at least two
                and advancement of issues on          projects of national significance are
                which the Academy should              completed
                provide advice to the              2. Projects are wherever possible self-
                community of a scientific,            funded
                technological or engineering       3. The Academy makes high quality
                nature                                submissions to relevant
                                                      government or other public
                                                   4. The Academy maintains a high
                                                      level of involvement in science,
                                                      engineering, mathematics and
                                                      technology eduction at all levels
Fund Raising    To strengthen the Academy’s        1. The untied financial support from
                financial position                    government is increased
                                                   2. Industry sources of funding through
                                                      the conduct of projects, seminars
                                                      and symposia is increased
                                                   3. An active program of donations and
                                                      bequests is implemented
                                                   4. Improvement of the sponsorship
Communication   To review on an annual basis       1. Public recognition and respect for
                and implement the                     the Academy is progressively
                Communication Strategy                enhanced
                                                   2. The quality and impact of Academy
                                                      publications continues to improved
                                                   3. The media profile of the Academy
                                                      is progressively enhanced
Committees      To actively participate in the     1. A leadership role is provided to
                Committees of the Board by            each Committee to enhance the
                providing advice, support and         objectives of the Academy through
                secretarial services                  such activities
                                                   2. Interaction with State Divisions is
                                                      conducted in such a manner to
                                                      ensure clear communication
                                                      between Divisions and also the
                                                      ATSE office
Foundations     To support the activities of the   1. Coordination and synergy between
                ATSE Clunies Ross Foundation          the Board and Foundations is
                and to facilitate co-operation        enhanced
                between ASTE and the
                Crawford Fund


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