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					                    Spring-A Food Services                                  Spring-A Food Services

               In The Mounting Yard                                   Rounding The Turn (Cont.)

Piping hot Garlic - you will need “Light Fingers”                            This Days Roast
(1965) to pick up theses hot morsels                     Smoked Aldinga turkey breast & Leg ham served with
                                                         oven roasted potatoes, vegetables, rich meat gravy &
                                               $ 5.50
                                                         Cranberry Marmalade sure to impress any “Black
                At The Starters Gate                     Knight” (1984) at your table                    $15.50

                Salt & Pepper Squid                                    Beef or Chicken Schnitzel
Marinated squid in our own special mixture, on Thai      Freshly crumbed, with golden fries & seasonal salad.
style salad with “Just a Dash” (1981) of sweet chilli    Your choice of Topping or fresh lemon, one of the all
                                                         time favourites on any menu call this one the
sauce                                          $ 11.50
                                                         “Banker” (1863)                               $17.00
                  Crumbed Prawns
Ocean fresh crumbed prawns served with absolutely our                         Garfish Fillets
own “Trump Card” (1937) bush tartare, wedges of          Fresh Garfish (3) from the renowned fish markets at
                                                         “Gurner’s Lane” (1982) served with golden fries &
lemon & salad garnish                       $ 12.70
                                                         seasonal salad topped with a lemon sabayon & this is
                   Oysters Natural                       not at “Subzero” (1992) temperature           $19.50
Fresh oysters from the realm of Poseidon (1906) Served
with our own unique cocktail sauce & lemon wedges,                            Fish & Chips
absolutely “Tawriffic” (1989)           per 6: $11.0     Butterfish fillets in Beer Batter or crumbed, served with
                                      per 12: $20.00     crisp fries, bush tartare & lemon - don't let this one slip
                                                         through your net this one is “The Pearl” (1871) so don't
                Oysters Zulu (1881)                      just “Quack” (1872) about it                       $17.50
Topped with crispy bacon & Worcestershire sauce,
grilled & served with wedges of Lemon, flavours some                          Chicken Kiev
would call heavenly others just “Saintly” (1996)         Plump chicken breast filled with garlic butter oven
                                       per 6: $13.70     baked oven baked until golden brown. Served with fries
                                                         & seasonal salad, together these combinations are the
                                      per 12: $23.50
                                                         “Vintage Crop” (1993)                           $20.00
                Rounding The Turn
     All “Rounding The Turn” Fare served with                            In The Home Straight
   complimentary Garden Salad or Fresh Seasonal
                                                                      An array of desserts & cakes
                 Vegetable Medley
                                                                     available from our dessert menu
                    Filet Mignon
Prime eye fillet steak with bacon & grilled to order,                    Past The Winning Post
served on mash topped with grilled tiger prawns &
hollandaise. For the beef connoisseur, this subtle       Imported & local cheese’s served with both fresh &
combination says “Let’s Elope” (1991) with your          dried fruits, nuts, berries & “Empire Road” (1988)
taste buds                                      $28.50   Water crackers                         (for 2) $ 11.50
                    M.S.A Rump
300 gram M.S.A Assured rump steak cooked to order.
Served on cream Potatoes, with your choice of sauce to      Please Note Minimum Charge of
give you the energy to stay all day & make yourself oh        $15.50 per person does apply
“What a Nuisance” (1985)                      $19.00

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