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									                               PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                    PASSIVE NEWS

                                                                                                                May, 2005

                                                                                                     Inside this issue:

                                                                                                     Passive Expo              1

                                                                                                     General update            2

                                                                                                     Technical Buyer’s         2

                                                                                                     Training accreditation    3
                                                                                                     and licensing
                                                                                                     Consulting member         3

                                                                                                     Passive expo              4

                                                                                                     Fire collars for waste    6
                                                                                                     Fire Australia            7

                                                                                                     New Members               8

                                                                                                     Upcoming events           8

                                                                                                     Website                   8
      Passive Expo - Certainly a day to remember!                                                    Member companies          9

We would like to start this       methods, product                  We will be seeking
edition of Passive News           standards and the                 feedback from members
featuring the Passive Fire        maintenance standard) in          and those who attended to
and Smoke Containment             this field, as well as            determine whether a similar
Conference and Expo held          presentations on Sandwich         event should be held next        Special points of interest
on April 28th in Sydney.          Panels, upcoming BCA              year. Those who have any
What can we say? An               changes to fire hazard            strong feelings should           • Review of the Passive
outstanding success for the       properties of wall & ceiling      contact us.                        fire protection technical
inaugural event                   linings and floor coverings,                                         seminar and expo
co-organised by the               training, accreditation and       A full report on the “Passive
Alliance and FPA Australia.       licensing, as well as some        Expo” and more pictures
                                  brief presentations on what       are contained within this        • Technical Buyer’s Guide
In the order of 200               is new in terms of products       issue.                             for Fire doors
delegates paid to attend the      and services.
full day, where they took in
technical seminars relating       Delegates could also visit                                         • Overview of the issues
to topical issues in the          the various exhibitions                                              concerning fire collars for
Passive Fire and Smoke            booths to see what was on                                            floor waste applications
Containment area. These           offer and these booths were
included updates on the           inundated with people at
proposed changes to               the morning and afternoon
various Australian                tea breaks in particular.
Standards (fire test

        The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                                PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                               Page 2

General Update from the Executive Officer
Welcome again to yet              I am also pleased to                 providing relevant public
another issue of Passive          announce that Accredifire,           comments as appropriate.         “ Be active about passive”
News.                             the initiative to develop and
                                  deliver training to the Passive      The web site continues to
We were very busy                 Fire and Smoke Containment           surprise us with web hits
planning and organising the       industry has now been                growing constantly and
Passive Expo which is             launched and readers are             peaking above 65,000 hits
featured in this issue of         requested to visit the               per month in recent
Passive News. This event web           months, which is nothing
was no doubt an                   site to learn more about             short of staggering I am
outstanding success and           Accredifire. It will kick off with   sure you will agree. The
we are proud to have been         a pilot project delivering           other pleasing statistic is
an integral part of making it     training for installers and          that the average number of
a reality. I would like to        service providers of fire doors      page views per visitor is
thanks those members who          and fire door hardware. This         more than ten (10) pages,
sponsored, exhibited,             is planned for the new               which suggest that users
prepared and made                 financial year when all the          come and stay on our site,
presentations or attended.        relevant training materials are      interrogating it for the
It certainly made me feel         completed and available.             product, supplier, installer,
pretty proud to be a part of                                           consultant or other relevant
an industry sub-sector that       As outlined at the “Passive          information they are looking
is truly alive and kicking.       Expo”, nearly all of the             for.
                                  relevant Australian Standards
As I said in the closing          relating to fire and smoke           Last but not least, I need to
address to one of my              containment are close to             thanks new members and
presentations at the              republication and we have            existing members for their
“Passive Expo”                    been extremely busy working          continued support which
                                  on the various committees            allows us to do what it is we
 “be active about passive”        and sub committees to draft          do well.
                                  these documents, and

Technical Buyer’s Guides
Fire Doors and fire door           popular and successful, this         follow soon after the
hardware                           new fire door and fire door          publication of the next
                                   hardware guide will be               version of AS3959 in mid          Editorial and Technical
Work is continuing with the        published in hard copy format        to late 2005, when the                subcommittees
drafting of the technical          as version 2. Advertising            exposure conditions and                 established
buyer’s guide for fire door        spaces will be sold, similar to      test methods are more
and fire door hardware.            the approach taken on TBG-           accurately known.
                                   03, and details will soon be
We have now formed both            available by contacting the          Other Guides
an editorial and a technical       Alliance.
subcommittees to assist                                                 We are also contemplating
with this process.                 If your company did not get          Guides for:
                                   the questionnaire or wants
Assa Abloy / Lockwood              more information regarding           - BCA Specification C1.10a
have joined the Alliance           advertising, please contact          complaint wall & ceiling
and are supporting this            us.                                  and floor covering
initiative which is pleasing.                                           materials
We welcome one of the              Bushfire prone areas –               - Fire proofing of structural
market leaders onto our            construction products                steel, and
team.                                                                   - Fire stopping products
                                   As reported previously, we
We plan, like we did for the       plan to do a future Buyers           Anyone who has ideas for
Sandwich Panel technical           Guide for products and               other Guides should also
buyer’s guide to launch the        materials suitable for use in        contact us.
first edition electronically       construction in bushfire prone
and if it proves even half as      areas. This will probably

         The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                          PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                                Page 3

Training, accreditation & licensing
National – Australia             QLD                             current regime (including
                                                                 entry requirements and
As reported in the last          Discussion continues in         categories of licences) to
edition, under the overall       Queensland in relation to       assess whether it is
umbrella of the FPA              the development of              appropriate and relevant in
Australia, being the peak        Occupational Licensing          the modern building
Association for fire in          which entails licensed          industry. Since licensing         Passive training initiative
Australia, the Alliance          individuals under a Fire        was introduced in 1972 the
through its Executive            Equipment or equivalent         industry has changed. This
Officer has played an            Act of Parliament, not too      is highlighted by the
important role in the            dissimilar to Electricians,     increase in licences issued
production of a Strategic        Plumbers and the like.          from 16,000 to 170,000
Plan for training,                                               each year.
accreditation and licensing      NSW
in Australia.                                                    The terms of reference in
                                 As reported previously, we      RTF format (size: 49k) set
This plan can now be             have found some license         out the scope of the
downloaded under                 sub categories that do exist    review. A discussion paper
Technical Papers / Training      for Passive Fire Protection     canvassing options and
on the           activities including fire       other licensing issues is
web site.                        doors, fire spray / coating     being prepared and is
                                 materials and fire              expected to be available for
The Alliance is also working     retardants.                     public comment by 31 May
closely with FPA Australia,                                      2005.
Chubb and Tyco to develop        We were trying to assist the
the relevant training            NSW Home Building               For further information or to
materials for the new            Service with rationalising      be placed on the mailing list
National Competencies for        these license sub               for discussion paper,
Passive Fire and Smoke           categories but due to the       contact Trish Micarelli by
Containment that are now         impending review of NSW         telephone 9895 9905 or by
approved as part of the          licensing, this has been put    emailing
PRM04 Asset                      on hold.                        trish.micarelli@oft.commer
Maintenance- Fire                                      
Equipment Training (&            Review of licensing in the                                         Review of licensing in the
Assessment) package.             NSW home building                                                    NSW home building
                                 industry                        VIC, SA, WA                                industry
                                 Fair Trading Minister John      No significant change from
Accredifire is a National        Hatzistergos announced on       last report
initiative supported by the      2 May 2005 that a review of
Alliance which is proposing      licensing in the NSW home
to develop and deliver           building industry would be
training to the Passive Fire     conducted by former ICAC
and Smoke Containment            Commissioner Irene Moss
industry sub sector.             and assisted by the former
                                 Professor Kevin Rice.
Visit                            The review will examine the

Consulting member companies
We are please to announce        Membership for
that we are getting              Consultants is only $450
continued support from           plus GST.
Consulting Members
companies who can see            Omnii Pty Ltd joined
the benefits from working        recently as both Fire Safety
closely with the Alliance        Engineering and Fire
and being paid up                protection Consulting
members.                         members.

     The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                             PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                                Page 4

Passive Expo
As reported on the front page, the “Passive Expo” was well           Pre-lunch session
attended and from all accounts was a total success. This was
a joint initiative of FPA Australia and our own Alliance for Fire    Dampers (fire, smoke and air control) and changes to AS1682
& Smoke Containment (pfpa).                                          suite – Simon Hill – ME62 Chair and relevant sub committee
                                                                     chair dealing with dampers and principal of Professional
For those who could not attend we are happy to provide this          Engineering Solutions
summary of proceedings.
                                                                     Smoke doors and other smoke containment products –
The event was a very full day and was held the Mecure Hotel          Brendan Kennedy – Member of FP19 sub committee working
– Sydney Airport on April 28th.                                      on a proposed smoke door standard and principal of Smoke
                                                                     Control Pty Ltd.

                                                                     This session tried to stress that smoke and related products
                                                                     are just as important as fire resistant products

                                                                     Post-lunch session

                                                                     Sandwich panels – Andre Mierzwa – Factory Mutual – this
                                                                     session was to provide an overview of the issues with fires
                                                                     and the use of Plastics generally and specifically sandwich
                                                                     panels. It was an overview and follow up from the Plastics in
                                                                     Cosntruction seminar series

                                                                     BCA changes and fire testing of wall & celing linings and floor
                                                                     coverings – Bob Doyle – FP18/1 sub committee chair dealing
                                                                     with relevant fire test methods and Fire Testing Manager of
                                                                     AWTA Textile Testing Laboratories

                                                                     Maintenance of Fire Protection Equipment and the proposed
                                                                     new AS181 suite – John Rakic – FP01 Passive sub committee
Technical Program and speakers                                       chair responsible for the proposed changes to Passive areas
                                                                     and Executive Officer of the Alliance for Fire and Smoke
Morning session                                                      Containment

Fire testing and changes to AS1530 Part 4 – Paul England –
Chairman FP18 committee responsible for the Standard and
principal of Warrington Fire Research

Fire doors and shutters and changes to AS1905 Parts 1 & 2 –
John Rakic – Chairman FP19/1 and FP19/2 Sub Committees
responsible for the Standards and Executive Officer of the
Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment

 Penetration and control joints and changes to AS4072 Part 1
– Garry Collins – FP19 committee members and Manager of
fire testing at CSIRO-MIT

                                                                     Serious questions and clarifications were sought about the
                                                                     Maintenance Standard in particular which shows the serious
                                                                     interest in this area of our industry.

These presentations dove tailed together nicely and some
interesting questions and discussions pursued.

        The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                              PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005

Passive Expo (continued)
Afternoon session                                                     Exhibitors

Training, Accreditation and Licensing – an update and
overview – Bob Scott – Executive Officer for Training – FPA

This presentation was followed by a session called:

What is new in Passive products and services?

Presentation were provided by:

Nicholas Hughes – Polyphen –new Factory Mutual approved
core material for Class 1 (limited combustibility)

Grant Dybing – Cease-Fire Technologies – new bushfire
coating systems for FR timber and for commercial buildings
and the launch of the 3D fire safety centres nationally

Carmel Coate – Certifire – FIRAS (contractor accreditation)
and Firelabs (web site for test reports) initiatives
                                                                      The following companies took exhibitions booths out:
Mark White – CSR Panel Systems – Paroc non combustible
and FM Approved panel systems                                         3D Paint stores / Cease-Fire Technologies
                                                                      Alliance for Fire & Smoke Containment (pfpa)
John Rakic – Accredifire – training initiative for the passive fire   Austral Australia
and smoke containment industry                                        CSIRO - MIT
                                                                      CSR Panel Systems
                                                                      Certifire – FIRAS – Firelabs
Sponsors                                                              Exfoliators PFP (Aust)
It would be remiss of me not to mention and to thanks the             Fireball International
sponsors of the event who help subsidise the cost of the day          Smoke Control
for delegates.
                                                                      Thank you to those companies for their support and efforts
The overall co-sponsor of the event in concert with FPA
Australia and the Alliance and the sponsor of the satchels            CD of proceedings
was Promat Australia.
                                                                      For those who did not attend a CD of proceedings can be
Other sponsors included:                                              purchased from FPA Australia or the Alliance – please contact
Morning tea – International Protective Coatings (Akzo Nobel)
Lunch – FPA Australia and Alliance for Fire & Smoke                   Special note of thanks
Afternoon tea - Fireball International                                As a co-organiser, I personally would like to extend a
                                                                      personal and public thank you to Natalie Lowerson, Event Co-
CD and proceedings – SmokeGuard International (Smoke                  ordinator for FPA Australia who worked tirelessly to pull this
Control)                                                              event together and helped make it the success that it was.

         The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                                PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005

Fire Collars for floor waste applications
There has been quite a            C3.15 Opening for service        and in many cases when           international best practice
great deal of discussion in       installations                    tested with the use of the       and the overall intention of
recent times in relation to                                        cotton wool pad apparatus,       our BCA to provide cost
fire collars and their use or     Where an electrical,             typically use for ISO and        effective requirements for
otherwise on floor waste          electronic, plumbing,            BS test method, and soon         life safety.
applications. In fact as a        mechanical ventilation, air-     to be a requirement in the
result, several regional          conditioning or other            proposed new AS1530 Part         Any reader wanting
Regulatory Bodies have            service penetrates a             4.                               additional information
issued Building Practice          building element (other                                           should visit the
Notes in relation to fire         than an external wall or         It should be noted that the web site
stopping of service               roof) that is required to        standard, non-mechanically       and look under technical
penetrations generally and        have an FRL with respect         assisted, conventional fire      papers / fire collars for the
FPA Australia, thorough its       to integrity or insulation or    collars typically comply in      FPA Technical Bulletin and
Technical Committee,              a resistance to the incipient    full with both the integrity     other relevant information,
TC18 has published a              spread of fire, that             and insulation requirements      or speak directly with the
Technical Bulletin.               installation must comply         for all other relevant           manufacturers and
                                  with one of the following:       application where pvc pipe       suppliers of the collars.
It is probably appropriate                                         breaches a fire barrier. This
for the Alliance for Fire &       (a) The method and               issue only applies to floor
Smoke Containment to                   materials used are          waste applications.
provide a brief overview on            identical with a
the issue as we are being              prototype assembly of       Our Regulators and
asked more and more to                 the service and             Standards Committees
comment.                               building element            probably need to review the
                                       which has been tested       requirements in the BCA
In short, all service                  in accordance with AS       and in AS4072 Part 1 and
penetration must be                    4072.1 and AS 1530.4        determine whether the
protected in such a manner             and has achieved the        current requirements are
that the fire barrier they             required FRL or             appropriate in light of
penetrate meets the overall            resistance to the
performance criteria of the            incipient spread of fire.
Building Code of Australia.

The relevant performance
requirement in the BCA is
                                  AS4072 Part 1 – 1992
CP8                               provides specific fire testing
                                  requirements for protection
Any building element              of plastic pipe / floor waste
provided to resist the            applications terminating
spread of fire must be            with a grille at floor level.
protected, to the degree          The specific clause is
necessary, so that an             Clause 4.6.2 which is
adequate level of                 unique in international fire
performance is                    testing terms, and requires
maintained—                       a thermocouple to measure
                                  insulation failure
(a) where openings,               (temperature rise) to be
construction joints and the       placed directly on the grille
like occur; and                   itself.
(b) where penetrations
occur for building services.      The overall result is that
                                  many standard designs of
                                  fire collar which do not
Compliance can be by way          incorporate additional                           Fire collar floor waste assembly
of an Alternative Solution        mechanical means, such as
which meets the                   springs for example, to
requirements of CP8 above         assist with the rapid closure
or by way of meeting the          of the opening during a fire
prescriptive or deemed-to-        test, do not achieve the full
satisfy provisions of the         insulation rating as part of a
BCA.                              required FRL. Most of
                                  these proprietary products,
BCA Clause C3.15a deals           have been fire tested in
specifically with the             floor waste application and
protection on openings.           do meet the integrity criteria

        The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                               PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005

Fire Australia
Fire Australia 2005 is           second last night which
quickly approaching. This is     usually has a dress theme.
the peak event, held             Last year many of the
annually for the Fire            Alliance members got into
Protection Industry and          the theme of the night,
Alliance members                 which was Hawaii dress
companies and their              sense, and a good night
employees have supported         was had by the pfpa folk,
Fire Australia in recent         certainly not going un-
years by exhibiting and          noticed and in no way
attending.                       “Passive” about the
This year’s theme is “Fire
Risks in the 21st Century –      I hope to see you all there.
How can Systems and
Technology keep pace?”
                                 Contact FPA Australia or
The event is being held at       the Alliance for more
the new Adelaide                 information.
Convention Centre from
August 15th through to
August 17th.

It is usually a great event,
with a mix of business and

In many ways the highlight
each year is the
Conference Dinner on the

                                                                          Photos from last year’s Conference dinner

        The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                            PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005

New Members
The Alliance welcomes the following
new members:
•      Assa Abloy / Lockwood
•      KBS Passive Fire Pty Ltd
•      Omnii Pty Ltd
•      Remedial Building Services

Upcoming events

                                             DATE                                       INFO

 Fire Australia National                   15—17      The theme for this conference is “Fire risks in the 21st Century—
                                                     How Can Systems and Technology Keep Pace?”. Also includes the
       Conference                       August, 2005                  Fire Australia 2005 Exhibition.

                                                          Sessions will focus on topics and technical requirements relevant to
                                                                               all industry professionals.

       ABCB National                          11—15
                                                            The ABCB will host the 2nd IRCC Global Policy Summit. The
                                            September,     Summit will focus on key issues, identify possible solutions, and
        Conference                             2005        address the policy challenges of responding to the sustainability
                                                              issues through regulation and support of industry through
                                                                              international best practice. website
The pfpa website continues      experience increased traffic
to grow at a consistently       late last year.
increasing rate.
                                Anyone with suggestions
As seen in the graphs           for the website should
below, both the Hits and        email
Sessions per month have
constantly been rising since
the website really started to

                  Number of Hits per month                                      Number of Sessions per month

              80000                                                         4000
              60000                                                         3000
              40000                                                         2000
              20000                                                         1000
                  0                                                            0
                                              Hits                                                       Sessions
                      Jan- Feb-                                                    Jan- Feb-
                                Mar- Apr-                                                    Mar- Apr-
                       05 05                                                        05 05
                                 05   05                                                      05   05

     The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                        PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                                 Page 9

Manufacturer/supplier members

                                     Exfoliators PFP

Installer members

Consultant members

Associate members

    The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:
                             PASSIVE NEWS, May, 2005                                                               Page 10

                                                                                                     The Alliance for Fire & Smoke
                                                                                                       Suite 18, 12 Tryon Road
                                                                                                         Lindfield NSW 2070

                                                                                                         Phone: (02) 9416 0451
                                                                                                          Fax: (02) 9416 0452

    w      w      w      .     p      f    p      a      .    c      o     m       .     a     u

The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment (The Alliance) was formed in early 2002 with the support of
founding members to provide a uniform and coordinated approach for the passive fire protection industry.
The Alliance allows members to deliver relevant information to all building professionals via a web site, writing
and disseminating technical papers, seminar presentations, quarterly newsletter and relevant electronic email
Consultants, designers, installers, manufacturers, suppliers and maintenance providers are all encouraged to
support and actively participate to improve best practice in the passive fire protection industry by becoming
financial Alliance members. Please refer to the opposite page for our membership structure.

The shared goals of The Alliance members are to:
•   Promote passive fire protection as part of a total fire safety design approach
•   Promote property protection and public welfare as well as life safety
•   Promote fire fighter safety and facilitate fire fighting activities
•   Disseminate technical information to the Fire Safety Community
•   Promote competency based training, accreditation and licensing

The Alliance web site is designed to be a network of information for building industry professionals and end users
of fire and smoke containment (passive) products or systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please
do not hesitate to contact us as we may be able to answer your questions.

The web site also contains relevant technical papers, newsletters and press releases FREE of charge to all
visitors. There are also links to significant local and international organisations in the area of fire and smoke

A special thanks to our Gold members

        The Alliance for Fire and Smoke Containment. P: (02) 9416 0451 F: (02) 9416 0452 E:

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