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Overview Strategy and Execution The Result The Objective(s


Overview Strategy and Execution The Result The Objective(s

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									Overview |                        The Objective(s) |                        Strategy and Execution | is Australia’s #1
                                  - To ensure Mainland is top of mind       The campaign included banners, an
recipe site and is aligned
                                    with consumers and within their         integrated site advetorial with
perfectly with Mainland’s
                                    consideration set when purchasing       editorial promotion.
target market.
A dedicated “Every day twist”                                               The Result |
                                  - To position Mainland as the #1 brand
page was designed to allow
                                    in cheese                      provided a perfect
the target market to gain a
                                                                            platform for Mainland to engage with
thorough understanding of
                                  - To increase awareness of the            their target market. The campaign
just how simple it is to put a
                                    breadth of range and how it can be      achieved above average click
twist to their everyday meals.
                                    used                                    through rates and the ability to
                                                                            integrate advertising content within
The page included
                                  - To convey Mainland’s values of          Taste’s recipe collections allowed
- Every day twist video
                                    craftmanship, values, natural quality   Mainland to offer immense value to
recipes to illustrate just how
                                    ingredients and expertise in cheese.    the client whilst still reaching their
simple it can be to add a twist
                                                                            branding and awareness objectives.
yo your meal
- Downloadable recipes            Target Market |
- Streaming of Mainland TV
                                  Main Grocery Buyers with children.
which gives consumers the
                                  These women are everyday mums.
opportunity to view the history
                                  They are the main meal preparer/           Testimonials |
of the Mainland brand
                                  provider and have a regular repertoire
- Voting poll on the every day                                               “ provided a
                                  of 6-8 family meals that form the basis
recipes giving Mainland                                                      platform for us to do more than
                                  of their everyday cooking. They are
valuable customer feedback                                                   promote our products – we could
                                  not looking for gourmet solutions but
- Competition to win a trip to                                               offer value to the customer
                                  are looking for ways to add an
New Zealand                                                                  through recipe collections and
                                  interesting “twist” to their everyday
- Product promotion across                                                   ideas. The interactivity that we
the page                                                                     acheived with our target market
                                                                             online was invaluable, and a
The strategy also included        The Challenge |                            great support to our wider
editorial support on the          To create a continuous dialogue with       campaign”.
homepage as well as               the target audience in everyday
sponsorship of the recipe         environments to stimulate more
collection section on             buyers, more often.

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