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									                                                                                                     Vol. 6 No. 1

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                                                                                                    ACO Polycrete Pty Ltd

                       One-stop for                                                                   This Issue
                       Access Covers
ACO Polycrete has launched
ACO ACCESSTM, the most
comprehensive range of
access cover systems in

As a world leader in supplying
solutions to the construction
industry, ACO is constantly
                                                                                                     New Technical Handbook
developing its product range. The
                                                                                                     See adjacent
launch of ACO ACCESST M
provides the industry with a
complete range of solutions to
suit all commercial and
industrial applications, loadings
and sizes from the most
comprehensive range of access
covers available.

All covers are certified to
AS3996 (Australian Standard for
access covers and road gully
grates and frames) and are
available in a variety of load
                                                                                                     New Scheduling Service
classes from Class A 10kN to
Class G 900kN.

The range comprises:
•   Rhinocast TM - Ductile iron solid
                                         “All products are fully detailed in the new
    top & recessed durable               44 page, full colour, technical handbook.”
    systems designed for strength,
    durability and economy.                                    ACO ACCESSTM also offers fire
•                                                              rated access cover systems.
    Urbanfil T M - Architectural steel
    recessed covers and frames,                                All products are fully detailed in
    ideal for pavers and tiles.                                the new 44 page, full colour,
•   Hermelock                                                  technical handbook.
    Her melock T M - Lightweight,
    heavy-duty composite access                                The ACO ACCESS TM handbook
    covers systems with unique                                 provides information on correct       Stainless Steel Gullies
    hermetic sealing capabilities.                             selection and installation of         See rear cover
•                                                              access covers, dependent on the
    Ser vokat TM - Gas cylinder
    assisted lift access covers,                               pavement areas or loadings.
    ideal for light to heavy-duty                                                                               further product
                                                                                                           For fur ther product
                                                               ACO’s Design Ser vices
                                                               ACO’s          Services
    industrial and commercial                                  can also offer
                                                                                                          information, or,
                                                                                                          infor mation, or, CAD
    applications.                                              additional advice and                     specification disks for
                                                               assistance to select the                installations, contact your
                                                               access cover best
                                                                                                          nearest         office.
                                                                                                          nearest sales of fice.
                                                               suited to any
        Sydney Rapid Bus Transitway
     Polycrete                               providing
ACO Polycrete Pty Ltd has been successful in providing over
1650 metres of Q200 Channel to various contractors on the
prestigious Transitway Project.
prestigious Transitway Project.

The first link in the rapid bus       The Government Authority which
Transitway network runs between       has jurisdiction over the project
Liverpool and Parramatta in           is very happy with the installed
Western Sydney. At a cost of          product and the service given by
$260 million, this 30 kilometre       ACO personnel.
link opened in February.
The Transitway is a ‘Bus Only’        “The Q200 Channel
road designed to speed up the
flow of traffic around the outlying
                                      was specified ... and
suburbs of Sydney. This will           supplied in a grey
decrease travelling time on
public transport and increase its
                                        colour to match
popularity, whilst decreasing the     bluestone kerbing.”
number of cars on Sydney roads
and also the ever-increasing level    ACO DRAIN Q Channel drainage
of vehicular emissions.               has been used extensively
The ACO DRAIN Q200 Channel            throughout Europe and the
was specified on the tender           United Kingdom in road
documentation supplied in a           applications. ACO DRAIN Q200
grey colour to match in with the      Channel is well suited to the
bluestone kerbing.                    Australian market due to its          This is the first major road      Also supplied on the same
                                      ability to capture and disperse       project in Sydney where the ACO   project were quantities of ACO
                                      runoff efficiently.                   DRAIN Q Channel System has        DRAIN K Channel, ACO
                                                                            been used. Previously ACO has     ACCESS TM Rhinocast TM Ductile
                                                                            supplied ACO DRAIN S and K        Iron Covers, ACO ACCESSTM
                                                                            Channel Systems for roadworks.    Urbanfil TM Galvanised Steel
                                                                                                              Infill Covers and ACO
                                                                                                              CABLEMATE              Concrete
                                                                                                              CABLEMATE Polymer Concr ete

Easy access                                                                                                   Electrical Pits.

to underground
           short           from Lygon Street        Melbourne
Situated a short walk away from Lygon Street and Melbour ne
          Uropa Apartments
CBD, the Uropa Apar tments complex comprises 173
apartments     three
apar tments in three separate buildings titled Milano, Prague
and V ienna.

Leading architects Hayball            ACO’s Design Ser vices provided
                                      ACO’s           Services
Leonard Stent were responsible        comprehensive installation
for the design. Multiplex are the     instructions regarding
builders for this project.            preforming of rebates, unit
                                      installation, backfilling and cover
ACO supplied a 16 Par t, Class D,
RhinocastTM Multipar t Cover and
Frame complete with Fire Rated
Cover on Concrete Ledges. The          “The clear opening
clear opening for the unit is          of the unit is 2895 x
2895 x 2760mm.
Due to the large size of the unit,
ACO recommended unit
                                      The multipart cover is situated in
assembly and checking prior to
                                      the main driveway over the
concrete filling of the covers for
                                      substation for the complex,
ease of handling and to ensure
                                      hence the need for fire rated
correct fit.
          Roma St Parklands, Brisbane
              hectares                      heart
Covering 16 hectares and located in the hear t of the                Some key areas within the           In large pavement areas around
                       recently renovated
Brisbane CBD is the recently renovated Roma St Parklands             parkland include The Spectacle                    ACO’s
                                                                                                         the parkland, ACO’s Design
Project.             project       transformed       area
Project. The $60m project has transfor med the area with             Garden, The Lake Precinct,          Services
                                                                                                         Services was able to provide
             horticultural                          chitecture,
spectacular hor ticultural displays, distinctive architecture,       Celebration Lawn, The Forest and    exact hydraulic data for all
sweeping vistas and unique ar twork. The parkland is                 the Activity Centre.                recommended ACO DRAIN
                    world’s largest subtropical garden
believed to be the world’s largest subtropical garden located                                            systems.
                                                                     ACO was asked to play a
in a city centre.
                                                                     significant role in the
                                                                     development of this unique           “ACO was asked to
                                                                     project. With a project this size     play a significant
                                                                     there is a lot of work involved
                                                                     with the various site services.          role in the
                                                                     These services included              development of this
                                                                     electrical reticulation, lighting
                                                                     and communications. The               unique project. ”
                                                                     landscape architect wanted the
                                                                     access points for these services    ACO also custom made a
                                                                     to be as discreet as possible.      galvanised steel Heelguard grate
                                                                                                         to address safety concerns of
                                                                     ACO ACCESS TM Urbanfil
                                                                                                         areas with high pedestrian traffic
                                                                     Paver mate TM Recessed
                                                                                                         Over 400m of ACO DRAIN
                                                                     Galvanised Steel Covers not only
                                                                                                         System K100 and K200 were
                                                                     provided the required aesthetic
                                                                                                         used through- out the project.
                                                                     features but also enabled, due to
                                                                                                         ACO DRAIN K Channel with it’s
                                                                     their deep pan, pavers to be laid
                                                                                                         built in galvanised steel edge rail
                                                                     in the cover without being cut
                                                                                                         proved to be an ideal restraining
                                                                     down and thus weakened. Over
                                                                                                         edge for the various surface
                                                                     300 various sized ACO
                                                                     ACCESS TM Urbanfil TM Recessed
                                                                     Galvanised Steel Covers were
                                                                     used throughout the project.

The parkland area was used as a      After the markets were closed
market area until mid 1960’s.
The close proximity to Roma St
Railway Station, was ideal for the
                                     the area became a goods yard
                                     used by Queensland Rail.             New Scheduling
marketing of fresh produce and
live animals.
                                                                       Service Available
                                                                     ACO is continuing to develop its technical ser vices by
                                                                     offering               increasing            free,
                                                                     of fering customers an increasing number of free,
                                                                     professionally                      services     support
                                                                     professionally documented, design services to suppor t
                                                                     customers of its product range.

                                                                     ACO SS is a drain-scheduling        This free facility is offered
                                                                     programme developed by ACO to       without obligation to customers
                                                                     generate quick, neat and                     Polycrete
                                                                                                         of ACO Polycrete The service
                                                                     accurate run schedules              may be used for individual runs
                                                                     illustrating long sections of ACO   or for large projects containing
                                                                     DRAIN runs. The schedule is         several runs and can be
                                                                     designed to assist the customer     presented, faxed or emailed
                                                                     identify all channels, gratings     directly to the customer without
                                                                     and auxiliary components that       delay.
                                                                     comprise each run. The
                                                                                                         ACO’s Design Ser vices
                                                                                                         ACO’s           Services
                                                                     programme also generates for
                                                                                                         Department also provide
                                                                     each run schedule, a
                                                                                                         optimum drainage designs and
                                                                     corresponding bill of quantities.
                                                                                                         installation details. The
                                                                                                         department is staffed by fully
                                                                                                         qualified engineers.

                                                                                                         For further information, email:
                                                                                                           further information,
                                                                                                      For further information,
Long Red Streak at Pt Adelaide                                                                        visit our website:
      Australia’s       port, Port
South Australia’s major por t, Por t Adelaide, handles          Berths 18 - 20 were recently          http:/
approximately                              carr
approximately 1,000 ship visits per year car r ying general     given a facelift with a regrade of    or,              nearest
                                                                                                      or, contact your nearest
and containerised cargo.                                        the apron including the drainage            office:
                                                                                                      sales office:
                                                                and runoff collection system.
                                                                                                      New South Wales
                                                                500 metres of ACO DRAIN               185 Briens Road
                                                                S200, heavy-duty sur face             Northmead NSW 2152
                                                                drainage system were specified        Telephone       02 9630 2788
                                                                by consultants Maunsell. The          Facsimile       02 9630 2733
                                                                system’s heavy-duty                   email
                                                                construction, with Class G
                                                                gratings secured by 8 locking         Victoria
                                                                bolts per metre, makes it ideal to    9 Overseas Drive
                                                                withstand years of severe             Noble Park VIC 3174
                                                                loading from the vehicles that        Telephone        03 9795 3666
                                                                will traffic this busy maritime       Facsimile        03 9795 6444
                                                                operation.                            email

                                                                A red coat of paint on the            Queensland
                                                                grating gives the apron a             467 Tufnell Road
                                                                distinctive streak. A bold            Banyo QLD 4014
                                                                statement accentuated by its          Telephone        07 3267 8700
                                                                industrial surrounds.                 Facsimile        07 3267 8711

     Stainless Steel Floor Gullies                                                                    Sales Agents

The ACO STAINLESS range of E150 Floor
          STAINLESS                         Gullies of fer
                                                    offer       Manufactured in austenitic            South Australia
compact, high per formance floor drainage
                  formance                  solutions for a     stainless steel, the gullies are      Bianco Building Supplies
wide variety of applications.                                   nonmagnetic and therefore ideal       Telephone       08 8336 6666
                                                                for hygiene applications.             Facsimile       08 8336 6655

                                                                Available in either 304 or 316        Western Australia
                                                                grade stainless steel to meet a       GSE Distributors
                                                                range of performance and cost         Telephone         08 9344 1566
                                                                requirements.                         Facsimile         08 9344 1872

                                                                Suits vinyl, tile, epoxy and          Northern Territory
                                                                concrete floor finishes.              Brasswares Agencies
                                                                                                      Telephone          08 8947 0019
                                                                Gully options include: side inlets,   Facsimile          08 8947 0349
                                                                choice of grate and edge detail
                                                                and 110mm or 75mm horizontal          Tasmania
                                                                outlet.                               Buildtech Supplies
                                                                                                      Telephone        03 6273 5800
                                                                All products are fully detailed in    Facsimile        03 6273 4977
                                                                the new 12 page, full colour,
                                                                technical handbook.                   New Zealand
                                                                                                      Mico Pipelines and Plumbing
                                                                                                      Telephone         09 622 0963
                                                                                                      Facsimile         09 622 0943

       We Have Moved, Brisbane
                              office.    larger premises
ACO has moved its Brisbane of fice. The larger premises         The new address is:
house the state administration and sales offices as well as a   467 Tufnell Road
showroom       warehouse.
showroom and warehouse.                                         Banyo QLD 4014
                                                                Telephone     07 3267 8700
                                                                Facsimile     07 3267 8711
                                                                                                      ACO Polycrete Pty Ltd
                                                                                                      ACN 050 102 942
                                                                Postal Address is:
                                                                                                      Head Office Administration
                                                                PO Box 160
                                                                                                      185 Briens Road
                                                                Banyo QLD 4014
                                                                                                      Northmead NSW 2152
                                                                                                      Telephone        02 9630 2788
                                                                                                      Facsimile        02 9630 2733

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