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Tobias Palm Nerg Amanuensvägen 4 /0320 10405 Stockholm Sweden Mobile: +46705871999 Mail:

About myself
My name is Tobias Palm Nerg, I'm a 21 year old/young man who has grown up in Småland, Sweden. I've been interested in video games and the entertainment it brings since I was a small child, and therefore I've started to prepare myself to be able to produce them on my own. Another big interest I have is making music, something that is treated purely as a hobby though. I make mostly old retro game-inspired songs with a touch of orchestration in them. I see myself as responsible and caring. I'm also humble even though I can easily express my own opinions. My interest in Funcom is not entirely unrealated. I really like MMORPG's and have played Age Of Conan a lot, as well as some Anarchy Online. And needless to say I'm a gamer with a broad sense and have been around since Super Mario was released to the Nintendo 8-bit system.

Why would you want me?
I really love challenges and I don't give in until I've solved any problems presented to me. I'm efficient and accurate in my work and I love to work in groups. I'm a very fast learner and I'm really passionate for the gaming branch. As a programmer I've spent most of my time in Java, in the IDE Eclipse. I've programmed both games and applications which involes graphics, Swing, Networking through sockets, Networking through RMI. I have also worked a lot in languages like C++ and C#. Currently I'm co-programming a gameengine (C#, XNA Studio) which will be used in the last project I will undergo in my education.

   A three-year Natural-Sciencentific high school education from Finnvedsskolan in Värnamo, Sweden. One and a half year of education in the course “Digital games” at “Blekinge Tekniska Högskola” where I learnt to work in a group, media production, programming etc. Now I'm studying the third year here in Stockholm in the course: “Computergame production”, DSP80, in the institution DSV.

What the education has taught me
        To work in a group and independently Programming, mostly in java, C++, C# and DirectX PHP and SQL Databases, structure, creation and implementation XHTML How a computer's hardware works Construction and programming of a game-engine 3D and Network programming in Flash

I've only worked for about three months (from march to june 2007) of time because studies have taken a large part of my life. I worked as a Computer-technician at Högalidsskolan in Stockholm. I helped in all kinds of matters involving computer hardware, the Novell system for account managing, and also the issue of upgrading existant computers.

References A Balldodging game + Server with RMI Technology made in Java Link Java RPG Works best in IE A game-design document I took part in Eve's Four-in a row networking game made in Java with Sockets. Link

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