Not Enough Postage As Bears Try To Mail One In F Troop Knocks Off

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					                                                                                       The Unofficial Rag of North Sydney Bears Baseball

                                      Bear Pause                                                               Volume 1, Issue 6            26 July 2005

C2 Bears catcher Brett Gordon waits for a pitch   A Bears runner is forced out at home as the drunk aggro Argentinian lady barks some incomprehensible
from Jason Cooke, who came on strong in relief.   gibberish in Spanish (or was it Portuguese?) “Alguien me trae seis más tequilas. ¡Soy casi sobrio!”

Not Enough Postage As Bears Try To Mail One In
The C2 Bearsʼ 5 game winning streak               HBP, 2 steals and 3 RBI), Cookey                        was a positional challenge for the
came to an abrupt end at the hands                (2-4, 2 steals and 2 RBI) and Brett                     outfielders, with a few long flies falling
of a lowly Epping Eastwood side on                (1-3, 1 walk, 5 steals and 2 RBI).                      safe for extra bases. In the end, this
Saturday. In a game that would have                                                                       was the difference. Spud pitched well
                                                  This week the C2 Bears face the likely
guaranteed a home semi-final, the                                                                          and was unlucky to have a few critical
                                                  grand finalists in North Ryde RSL.
Bears lost 16-12.                                                                                         errors go against him.
                                                  While not a must-win situation, this
A number of costly errors let the game            will give us a psychological edge if we                 Doc led the way at bat with 2-3,
slip away. The pitchers worked well               can upset them this close to the finals.                 1 walk, 3 steals and 2 RBI. He was
but without luck, and deserved a better                                                                   backed up by Hags (1-4 and 2 RBI)
                                                  A shorthanded C1 team relied on
result. In particular, Cookey came in                                                                     and Spud (1-3 and 1 RBI). The star in
                                                  three players backing up, and the help
strong with 2 Kʼs in his first inning                                                                      the clutch was Frank with 1-3, 2 runs,
                                                  of an unlikely hero, Frank Su from
before allowing a few hits with runners                                                                   2 steals and 2 RBI. Seems the jump
                                                  Macquarie Saints. In a close contest
in scoring position.                                                                                      from D Grade to C Grade isnʼt go great
                                                  the Bears eventually went down 14-10.
                                                                                                          after all.
The middle of the batting lineup                  Despite the loss, the team showed a lot
delivered once again, led by our own              of character and should feel confident                   This week the C1 Bears take on the last
left-handed slap hitter, Ichiro. Graham           of finishing the season on a high in the                 placed North Ryde RSL. A chance to
went 2-2 with 4 RBI, a walk and a steal           coming weeks.                                           swing the bat and add a win to move
to lead the way from the 7 spot. He was                                                                   clear of the dreaded wooden spoon.
                                                  As with the early game, the vast space
ably supported by Jim (1-1, 1 SAC, 2

F Troop Knocks Off Minor Premiers In Thriller.
The F2 Bears thrust themselves back               strong with several stolen bases.                       pace, Home Run then induced an ill
into 3rd place with a stunning 13-12                                                                      considered pick off attempt from the
                                                  Coming into the bottom of the last
win over the previously undefeated                                                                        catcher. With at least 3 conflicting calls
                                                  inning tied at 12, our lead batter was
Five Dock Falcons.                                                                                        from the base coach, Home Run went
                                                  out at first. Things started looking a bit
                                                                                                          anyway and beat the throw home—at
The game was neck to neck the whole               grim. But ʻHome Runʼ Holman was up
                                                                                                          least according to the umpire.
way, with neither side able to get a              next and worked the count for a walk,
clear advantage. The pitchers worked              stole second...then third. Showing his                  It was a dramatic finish to a dramatic
hard and base running was particularly            vast wealth of experience and lack of                   game, one to savour!

                                                   Tony Callanan
                                                   Nickname: Chief
                                                   Position: Centre Field
Jason Cooke on the mound during the Bears C2
loss at George Kendall Reserve.                    Aged: Yes
                                                   Seasons with Bears: 16

                                                   Scouting Report: Big hitter,
                                                   reliable glove, no warm up, doesnʼt
                                                   mind a drink.

                                                   Value to the Bears: Good team                               Favourite female celebrity:
                                                   man, rises to the occasion.
                                                                                                               Kylie Minogue/Dame Edna Everage
                                                   Most embarrassing Bears                                     Dream Car: GTS Monaro
                                                   moment: Doing this interview.
                                                                                                               Biggest Regret: Not being a glory
                                                   Best Bears moment: Winning                                  boy pitcher.
                                                   two B1 grand finals at Flat Rock.
An Epping Eastwood runner breaks toward
second as “Pauly Baseball” holds the bag.

Cliffy takes a ball during Saturdayʼs C1 action.   A dejected Bears squad drowns its sorrows with drugs and alcohol after a long day at George Kendall Reserve.

                                                       In The Next Bear Pause:
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                                                       The ʻPause. Just drop us an email or give a call and weʼll try to include
                                                       them in the next issue. Please expect some editing to fit copy.

                                                       Submissions: Jim Strachan 0404843569 or
                                                       Michael Hagarty 0421 027 255

                                                                                                                   The Unofficial Rag of North Sydney Bears Baseball


Jason Cooke scores behind Kristian Cruz on
Ichiroʼs 2 RBI double... a pure double even!
                                                                                 Bear Pause

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