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					Nissan Motor Company
SalesLogix-based CRM System Improves Sales and
Customer Experience

                                                                                                   customer from this point of interest through
                                                                                                   to a completed sale, or, failing that, to at least
                                                                                                   understand why you might have lost them
                                                                                                   along the way.’

                                                                                                   In determining how to manage the test drive
                                                                                                   process, Fuel recommended an integrated
                                                                                                   approach that incorporated website and call
                                                                                                   centre customer contact.

                                                                                                   Just one in 120 leads were coming to Nissan
                                                                                                   online, but Fuel felt that Nissan’s website
                                                                                                   could be harnessed to deliver greater value
                                                                                                   cost-effectively by capturing valuable lead
                                                                                                   information through the test drive request
                                                                                                   process. However, Fuel also recognised that
                                                                                                   some customers prefer liaison with a human,
                                                                                                   so it was crucial to also integrate the test
                                                                                                   drive process into the call centre activities
                                                                                                   that Fuel already handled for Nissan.

                                                                                                   ‘We need to give customers every opportu-
                                                                                                   nity to engage with Nissan,’ said Mr Kidman.
Renowned for its innovative response to           floor selling rather
challenges, Nissan Motor Company (Austral-        than being distracted by long-term customer      Essential to the success of this integrated
ia) recruited Australian marketing group The      management and marketing efforts.                concept was a robust and flexible customer
Fuel Agency to help it manage its pipeline                                                         relationship management (CRM) system. It
and boost sales. Fuel, in turn, responded         After a strategic review of the purchas-         was also critical that the system was easy to
with an automated, integrated web and call        ing process of Nissan customers, The Fuel        use and interface in order to minimise the
centre solution powered by the SalesLogix         Agency recommended initially focusing on         effort required in the process by both the
CRM system from Sage.                             developing an automated system for manag-        customer and the dealer.
                                                  ing test drive enquiries.
While considered among the car industry’s                                                          Fuel recruited systems integrator, Customer
best sales forces, Nissan’s Australian dealer     At the time, test drives were handled on a       Systems International, to help find and cus-
network still faced some challenges in ef-        walk-in basis by individual Nissan dealers.      tomise the right software for the job.
fectively tracking, funnelling and managing       With no centralised management of test
leads.                                            drive requests, Nissan and its dealers found     Mr Kidman said, ‘We wanted to keep this
                                                  it difficult to identify and effectively man-    system simple and low cost to test our initial
‘A key problem is that the average dealer         age a relationship with interested custom-       idea. But in the longer term we also wanted
outlet is best set up to handle short sales cy-                                                    any information we collected through the
cles,’ explained Tim Kidman, CEO at The Fuel
Agency. ‘Dealers are under pressure to close      Essential to the success of                      test drive process to be a consistent, collat-
                                                                                                   able measurement of client values that could
sales on the spot, and on the whole they          this integrated concept was                      be easily transferred as strategic market
do this effectively. But cars are a high value                                                     intelligence to Nissan and its dealers. It was
purchase, and, with intensifying competition      a robust and flexible (CRM)                      essential that we had a system that would
in the new car market, customers are less and
less likely to make quick in-store decisions.     system. ...                                      consistently but simply capture the most
                                                                                                   important information for Nissan, regardless
                                                                                                   of the point of customer contact.’
The trouble is that sales can easily be lost if
dealers have no system for gently nurturing       ers over any period of time. This potentially
                                                                                                   Customer Systems International recommend-
potential customers over a longer period of       represented a significant loss of sales, and a
time.’                                            lost opportunity to gather valuable market       ed SalesLogix from Sage, integrated with
Nissan turned to its inbound and outbound         intelligence.                                    Customer System’s Computer Telephony
marketing supplier, The Fuel Agency, for                                                           Integration (CTI) application, EzDial.
help in improving pipeline management. In         ‘Interest in a test drive is an important        ‘SalesLogix is a robust and easy-to-use CRM
particular, it was keen to free dealers up to     indicator of a serious prospective customer,’    system, but also offers a deep granularity
concentrate on their core business of shop-       said Mr Kidman. ‘The key is to nurture the       that gives it scope for more sophisticated

 Sage Business Solutions Contact Details:
 Number: 13 SAGE
and strategic projects in the future. It offers    of test drives due that day.                      website thanks to the draw card of the Sales-
enormous bang for the buck,’ said Michael                                                            Logix-based test drive management system.
Hopwood, Partner, Customer Systems Inter-          Adding further strategic value to Nissan, the     This is helping to cut the cost per sale while
national.                                          SalesLogix system also emails each dealer         driving growth.”
                                                   weekly a form with all leads relevant to them.
‘In addition, the extensive customisability        The dealer can then quickly via ‘hot buttons’     According to Nissan, this SalesLogix-based
of the application coupled with Customer           advise the status of each lead, and provide       solution from Fuel has delivered it with
System’s superior design skills, had enabled       a range of useful competitive information         automotive best practice. Lynn Blake Market-
us to provide a truly unique system that has       relating to that status.This not only increases   ing Manager at Nissan, said, ‘From creative
gained Nissan a competitive edge,’ said Mr         dealer accountability for closing the loop on     through to execution, measurement and
Kidman.                                            leads, but helps Nissan make strategic assess-    fulfilment, Fuel has closed the loop and
                                                   ments of its sales and marketing activities.      provided a robust solution for Nissan and our
‘We also liked the fact that the Sage system                                                         dealer network that is delivering integrated
is well proven and supported throughout            Customers who have taken a test drive are         and measurable marketing results. We
Australia,’ Mr Kidman added. ‘Uptime of this       automatically followed up with a question-        couldn’t be more impressed.’
system is important not only to the success        naire designed to find out whether a sale is
of this project, but to the reputation of Nis-     likely, and whether the customer felt well        The initiative also saw Fuel recognised as a
san because it will become such an impor-          serviced. If any low rating of either product     finalist in the 2006 ADMA Mobile Marketing
tant point of customer interaction with the        or salesperson is received, this is automati-     Awards.
Nissan brand.’                                     cally directed to Nissan’s customer service
                                                   team for immediate follow up.                     About Sage Group
It took less than two months for Customer
Systems International to develop the               If a dealer indicates that a prospect is a lost   The Sage Group plc, an established FTSE 100
SalesLogix-based CRM system for Fuel.Now,          sale, an email is sent to the prospect to         company, is a leading supplier of accounting
Nissan’s test drive management system can          ascertain if the person is still in purchasing    and business management software solu-
be accessed either via the general Nissan          mode, and what kind of follow up care they        tions and services to 5.2 million small and
website by prospective customers or by call        might require. If that person has purchased       medium sized clients worldwide. With over
centre operators receiving dedicated 1300          a competitive product, questions are asked        13 000 employees, the Sage Group comprises
calls.                                             and logged that collect valuable competitive      market-leading businesses throughout Eu-
                                                   information for Nissan.                           rope, United Kingdom, North America, South
In both cases, the system captures core                                                              Africa and Australia.
contact information in just a few data boxes,      Because all phone calls are received via
then immediately recommends the nearest            EzDial, Nissan’s call centre – manned by Fuel     About Customer Systems International
Nissan dealership to the customer’s home,          - knows who is calling them and can quickly
and offers them the opportunity to take a          view which car they are test driving along        Customer Systems International is a
test drive at that dealership or another of        with the dealer they are visiting or if they      CRM and business consultancy group
their choice.                                      have requested any brochures, which helps         that enables companies to run more
                                                   to enhance the customer experience with           efficiently and achieve superior results.
As soon as this information is submitted, the      Nissan.                                           Their solutions maximise productivity and
SalesLogix system automatically sends an                                                             increase profitability by focusing on the
SMS to the relevant dealer advising that the       This same application enables the call centre     one thing that matters most in business
new lead information has been sent to them         agent to click on phone numbers embed-            - the customer. With more than 25 years of
by email.                                          ded in contact files within SalesLogix to         combined experience inside leading CRM
                                                   automatically call the client without the need    companies and, a multitude of local and
As most sales people will be on the shop-          to manually dial the number. Call details         international projects, their people are
floor, this is also backed up by a call centre     for both inbound and outbound calls are           skilled in recommending, implementing
phone call to the dealer within a few min-         automatically logged by SalesLogix, which         and supporting the best solutions to
utes, to confirm which of the two optional         further reduces the administrative effort for     meet your needs. Their consultants work
test drive times would suit the dealer. As         agents and ensures that all customer contact      with clients as partners to understand
soon as this is ascertained, Fuel sends the        is registered consistently.                       and meet the challenges their company
customer an email via SalesLogix to confirm                                                          faces everyday. With multiple offices
their test drive time. The whole process typi-     Fuel is delighted with the results delivered      around the globe, Customer Systems is an
cally takes a few minutes.The day prior to the     by its SalesLogix system. Mr Kidman said, ‘Its    international organisation dedicated to a
drive, the SalesLogix system automatically         customer-friendliness is proven by its uptake:    diverse work environment that encourages
sends the customer an SMS reminder. Each           despite not being overtly promoted, one           personal growth and forward thinking in its
day, the system also emails each dealer a list     in 20 to 25 leads are now coming in via the       employees.

 Customer Systems International Contact Details:
 Number +61 3 96808800

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