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NG5 Aboriginal Support & Services


NG5 Aboriginal Support & Services

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									         Aboriginal Services &
         Support                                                                                           Naviigattorrs Guiide
                                                                                                           Nav ga o s Gu de

         Koori people have been having a say              for clients and their families. There
         about mental health and we are starting          are a range of services available that
         to be able to provide our own services           offer therapy, counselling, clinics and
         for our people. More & more we are               other support services. Sometimes it’s
         able to get help with our mental health          helpful to sit down and have a yarn
         problems and wellbeing while getting             about how things are going for all the
         treatment or help in a way that respects         family, we know that it can be tough
         our families, our culture and us.                sometimes.
         Sometimes we are ashamed or scared
                                                          Barkuma Neighbourhood Centre
         to admit that we have a family member            (Kurri Kurri) 02 4937 1094
         with a mental health problem, it’s a
         touchy subject.                                  Biripi Town Clinic
                                                          (Taree) 02 6551 7444
         Inpatient Support1                               Daramulen Home Care
         It is important that clients and their           (Newcastle) 02 4969 4999
         families feel that they are being                Muloobinba Family Support Service
         included and listened to during                  (Newcastle) 02 4962 1809
         treatment. Advocates will listen and
                                                          Yaamanhaa Men’s Group
         help you get your voice heard. Being             (Tamworth) 02 6766 5211
         in hospital can be a confusing and
         difficult time for clients and their             Yinaar Women’s Health Group
         families. It is important when you are           (Tamworth) 02 6762 3970
         admitted to let staff know that you are          Children’s Services3
         of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
         descent. They can arrange for an                 Keeping families together is an
         Aboriginal Liaison Officer to see you            important part of what we do. It can
         whilst you are in hospital.                      be hard looking after children when
                                                          you are looking after a family member
         Aboriginal Liaison Officers or Health            with a mental health problem.
         Workers attend the following regions             Services are available to help families
         covered by Community Mental Health               stay together and gain skills to manage
         Services                                         the extra stress.
         Armidale 02 6776 9600                            Aboriginal Child & Youth Counselling
         Moree 02 6757 0222                               Service 02 4969 2477
         Narrabri 02 6799 2000                            Awabakal Child Care Centre
                                                          (Newcastle) 02 4961 6429
         Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter
          Valley 02 4924 6508                             Awabakal Pre-school
                                                          (Newcastle) 02 4956 9132
         Tamworth 02 6767 7910
                                                          Birrelee Aboriginal Children Services
         Taree 02 6592 9823
                                                          (Tamworth) 02 6765 3470
         Community Support2                               Great Lakes Manning Aboriginal
                                                          Children Service (Taree) 02 6551 2088
         Health and other services try to
         provide as much support as possible              Hunter Aboriginal Children Services
                                                          02 4960 1657

         1   See Adult Hospital Inpatient Services NG4
         2   See Community Mental Health Services NG3     3   See Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services NG7

          Navigators Guide for Family and Friends 2008                                                           1
                                                                                 Naviigattorrs Guiide
                                                                                 Nav ga o s Gu de

Housing Services                                 Aboriginal Legal Aid
                                                 (Taree) 02 6551 3928
Having a safe place to live is an
important part of staying well. We can           Aboriginal Legal Service
direct you to other agencies that can            (Tamworth) 02 6761 3766
help you or a family member find a               Court Liaison Service
safe place to live.                              (Newcastle) 02 4924 6635
Aboriginal Enquiry Line 1800 355 740             Many Rivers Aboriginal Legal Service
                                                 (Newcastle) 02 4921 8815
NSW Aboriginal Housing Office
02 8836 7444                                     Northern Community Justice Centre
                                                 02 4929 1211
NSW Aboriginal Land Council (Can
provide contacts for local Aboriginal land       Yulawirri Nurai Indigenous Association
councils) 02 9689 4444                           02 4973 5560
Warlga Ngurra Women and Children’s
Refuge (Newcastle) 131 114
                                                 General Health
Department of Housing                            Taking care of your body is as
                                                 important as taking care of your mind.
Armidale 02 6773 7555                            There are services that can help you
Maitland 02 4934 0444                            stay physically healthy that are also
                                                 sensitive to your individual needs.
Newcastle 02 4925 6333
Tamworth 02 6765 6310                            Awabakal Medical Centre
                                                 (Newcastle) 02 4969 2424
Taree 02 6551 1991
                                                 Biripi Medical Centre
                                                 (Purfleet) 02 6552 2154

Income Support                                   Cumpo-Gunerah Health Service
                                                 (Gunnedah) 02 6742 4121
We can support people who are having
                                                 Euraba Mungindi Health Service
difficulty    accessing    Centrelink
                                                 02 6753 2422
payments. We can arrange medical
certificates and help clients access             Manning Rural Referral Hospital
Centrelink to make sure they are                 (Taree) 02 6592 9111
receiving the most appropriate                   Pat Dixon Medical Centre
payment.                                         (Armidale) 02 6774 9450
Centrelink Disability Support                    Pius X Aboriginal Corporation
Payments 132 717                                 (Moree) 02 6752 1099
Centrelink Appointments 131 021                  Tamworth Aboriginal Medical Service
                                                 02 6766 5211
                                                 Tobwabba Aboriginal Medical Service
Legal Issues                                     (Forster) 02 6555 6271
If you have a family member who is a             Town Clinic (Taree) 02 6551 7444
client of Mental Health Services and is          Walhallow Aboriginal Health Service
having problems with the law, there              02 6762 1819
are services that can help.

 Navigators Guide for Family and Friends 2008                                          2

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