Top iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

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Top iPhone Bluetooth Headsets
All Bluetooth headsets to date have concentrated on offering as small as possible single piece designs. Due to a Bluetooth headset needs to include a battery and extra electronics, it can never be as small as wired headsets. This impacts on how the headset can be mounted around your ear. There are two main styles of headsets in the way they are held in place: By a loop around the ear. Generally more comfortable, but may be less secure. By being physically jammed into the ear. Generally less comfortable but may be more secure.

What To Look For In A Bluetooth Headset
A Bluetooth headset should be something you could wear all the time, or something you can quickly affix on/around your ear. Due to being battery powered a Bluetooth headset would be something you'd only turn on when you need to use it. The headset should be easy to turn on and off because you wouldn't leave it on between calls. Volume controls and other features and functions should be easy to use and understand. If you have several different Bluetooth equipped phones, your Bluetooth headset should work with them all equally conveniently.

Why Use A Bluetooth Headset
In some states you are not allowed to hold a cell phone while driving, and the use of headset is mandatory. Although a satisfactory solution, a simple wired headset literally ties you to your iPhone. With a Bluetooth headset you can have your iPhone in your briefcase and still place and receive calls.

Factors To Consider In Comparing Headsets
Is it easy to put the headset on your ear, and to take it off again Is it easy to use the control buttons Is it comfortable to wear for a long phone call Can you use it with a pair of glasses Can it be worn on either ear How would you carry it when not wearing it Can you adjust the volume level How quickly does the unit turn on Does it have an easy to understand manual What is the battery life for talk time and standby time How do you know when the battery is nearly dead Can the headset also be charged via a USB cable or car adapter or some other way Does it have any noise cancelling or digital signal processing What is the sound quality it offers for sending and receiving audio Bluetooth headsets can offer a great deal of convenience and flexibility. A good Bluetooth headset is easy to understand, setup, and use, it makes your life simpler and easier.

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