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Department of Business

A Human Resources Manager is responsible for managing the most valuable asset of an organisation
— it’s people. Human resource managers in the modern world are a core component of the decision
makers in medium and large organisations. In response to the new challenges and changes in
workplaces, Macquarie’s Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in HR) places a strong emphasis on
understanding the processes and techniques that create and maintain high performing organisations.
HR Managers play a strategic role in the success of an organisation and its people.

About the course                                                      Where can you go?
Students will                                                         Macquarie University’s partnerships with Australia’s largest and
•	 understand the environment of work, employment                     most innovative employers mean that more graduates find full-time
   and managing people                                                employment faster. Our Faculty of Business and Economics links with
•	 understand people management distinctions in                       many large companies that are actively involved with our programs.
   different industries                                               Opportunities, such as vacation and graduate programs, may be
                                                                      available with these firms, although, in every case, graduates will be
•	 understand the business environment
                                                                      responsible for promoting their own careers.
•	 understand organisational behaviour — including
   organisational culture and leadership — in the workplace           Varied careers include:
•	 understand how individual and organisational needs                 •	 Human Resources Manager
                                                                      •	 Employee Relations Manager
   are managed                                                        •	 Human Resource Development Manager
•	 develop change management and sustainability skills                •	 Occupational Health and Safety Manager/Officer
•	 develop coaching and consulting skills                             •	 Learning and Development Manager
                                                                      •	 Training Officer/Manager
•	 understand global HR issues and cross-cultural                     •	 Recruitment Officer
   management issues and                                              •	 HRM Consultant
•	 formulate strategies to get the right employees, with the          •	 HRM roles in government organisations
   right skills, in the right place, at the right time.               •	 Change Agent/Manager roles
                                                                      •	 Coaching/Life Coaching Consultant
                                                                      •	 Small Business Owner
In the final year students will work on an applied project,
refining their HRM skills and competencies so as to be ready
to work in HR.                                                        How much can you earn?
                                                                      The starting point for entry level positions is around $35,000 to
                                                                      $45,000, with an average salary from $65,000 to $87,000 for a
                                                                      HR Manager. Directors of HR earn much more than this.

David Poole (Lecturer)
I have just joined Macquarie University having taught at several other universities around the world. During recent years,
I took a break from full-time teaching to become CEO of an industry association for property developers and then owner
of a franchise bookstore! I have long wanted to work at Macquarie University since, in my view, it is the best university
for business studies in Australia. In particular, Macquarie has an exciting and dynamic HRM degree in which I will be
teaching. I coordinate a unit in HRM principles and another unit that focuses on the further development and training of
business managers and leaders. Like other Macquarie lecturers, one of my strengths is in bringing practical experience
into the classroom, as well as the latest in management thinking. I look forward to welcoming you to our program.
Gordon Starkey (Graduate)
Head of Instructional Design
After completing his degree Gordon went on to complete his Honours in Business Administration driven by
the reasoning that differentiation from other business students was the key to securing an interesting role once
finishing university. His academic research focused on factors that contribute to HR being regarded as a strategic
business partner across industry sectors.
In the current market place, employers need the right people, with the right skill sets. “Something that I look
at when hiring people into the business is the breadth of the degree that they’ve completed as well as any
experience that they had when still at University. “I feel that it’s really important to see graduates who have
made the effort to engage in part time work, and have had some extracurricular involvement to show their
engagement.” Gordon was really involved whilst studying at Macquarie University with tutoring in business
subjects, working as a Student Advisor, and an Adjunct Lecturer whilst undertaking his research.
Gordon now heads up the Instructional Design Division for a boutique e-learning consultancy, ELMO Learning.
At ELMO, Gordon and his team design e-learning solutions that provide an optimal instructional outcome
specifically tailored to meet the needs of the client’s target audience. ‘Having We work closely with clients
from development right through to implementation and beyond”. ELMO Learning provides e-learning to large
organisations right across industries from IBM to Leighton, to Government Departments and Universities —
including Macquarie University.

Units in the HR Major
A review of local and international HR competencies ensures               Popular possible electives to complete your degree
the HR major (along with the BCom foundation units) includes              (always check pre-requisites and availability)
the recommended content for modern, best practice,                        •	 BUSL201: Law in Australian Society
HR practitioners:                                                         •	 BUSL301: Corporations Law
100 LEVEL                                                                 •	 BUSL250: Business Law
BBA111:   Organisational Behaviour                                        •	 BUSL333: HR Law
HRM107: Introduction to Human Resources                                   •	 DEM256: Business Demographics
ECON 111: Microeconomic Principles                                        •	 DEM355: Social and Applied Demography
ACST101: Techniques and Elements of Finance (foundation)                  •	 PSY104:    Introduction to Psychology
BBA102:   Principles of Management (foundation)                           •	 PSY234:    Social and Personality Psychology
MKTG101: Marketing Fundamentals (foundation)                              •	 PSY338:    Organisational Psychology
ACCG106: Accounting Information for Decision Making (foundation)          •	 PSY334:    Social Psychology II: Relationships
                                                                          •	 PHIL225: Ethical Theory
                                                                          •	 PHIL364: Business & Professional Ethics
HRM201: Workplace Relations
                                                                          •	 SOC234: Methods of Social Research
HRM207: HR Learning & Development
                                                                          •	 SOC295: Work and Employment
HRM250: Human Resource Management
                                                                          •	 SOC372: Human Services: Organisations,
300 LEVEL                                                                               Structures and Policy
HRM307: Strategic and International HRM                                   •	 STAT170: Introductory Statistics
HRM317: Change Management and Sustainability
HRM327: Applied HRM
BBA340:   Cross Cultural Management

  Department of Business
  Faculty of Business and Economics
  Macquarie University NSW 2109
  Building E4A, Level 6
  F: +61 (02) 9850 6065
  CRICOS Provider Code: 00002J
                                                                                                          Department of Business

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