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                                 14 AUGUST 2006

Meeting Opened:         5.30pm

PRESENT: Councillors P W Partridge (Mayor), Y R Thorne (Deputy Mayor), R E Rice,
             J A Williams, J V Probert, R M McLennan, S Y Martin, M A Hall, S J Arnold
             General Manager J E Martin, Corporate Services Manager G R Jetson,
             Development & Environment Manager C W Bridges, Environmental Health
             Officer P A Hoffner, Works & Infrastructure Manager B A Smith,
             GHD Pty Ltd Consultant Alex Brownlie

APOLOGIES:        Nil

108/06        Declaration of Pecuniary Interest of a Councillor or
              Close Associate


Mayor Partridge reminded Councillors they were acting as a Planning

109/06        Planning Application – Spencer Morgan Pty Ltd
              Tourist Accommodation and Tourist Facilities
              1251 Musselroe Road, Musselroe
              Reporting Officer: Development & Environment Manager, C W Bridges
              Ref: PLN 0536

Spencer Morgan Pty Ltd have submitted an application to establish a tourist
accommodation and tourist facility on property at Musselroe Road, Musselroe, being
a property consisting of an overall area of 1474 hectares.

The land concerned is contained within two resource units and management areas.
The two resource management areas are Great Musselroe and Musselroe Point. The
resource units are Rural Coasts and Rivers and Rural Plains Resource Units.

The proposal is defined as Tourist Accommodation and Tourist Facility under the
Dorset Planning Scheme 1996 and as such are discretionary use/developments
requiring the issue of a permit, which Council may refuse or approve.
Since the property is some 1474 hectares, the development is proposed in clusters to
take advantage of the variation of environment the property offers and therefore
components of the proposal, at this time, include the following:

        Zone 2 - Lakeside Theme
                 90 Units
        Zone 4 - Ridge Theme
                 Resort – Musselroe Central (100 room resort with ancillary facilities)
        Zone 5 - Wetlands Theme
                 40 Units
        Zone 6 - River Theme
                 50 Units
        Zone 7 - Heathland Theme
                 80 Units
        Zone 8 - Heathland/Wetland Theme
                 20 Units
        Zone 10 - Golf Course Theme
                  40 Units
        Zone 1 - Whilst not part of this proposal, includes the redevelopment of
                 Musselroe House, which will be used as a central point for
                 managing the project for a period of time.
        Zone 3 - Includes the development of a new airstrip and terminal and other
                 ancillary buildings, which will be constructed as part of the current

Staff accommodation is proposed a short distance south of Musselroe Central to
provide accommodation for up to thirty-two (32) staff.

A new airstrip and associated facilities will be established by constructing a 1.7
kilometre long airstrip, 1.2 kilometres of which will be sealed. The new airstrip will
be suitable for Code 2B aircraft. If demand requires, the airstrip can be sealed for its
full length to make it suitable for larger aircraft, with also an extension to the apron.

Whilst public consultation has been initiated by the applicant on at least three
occasions, the proposal was formally publicly notified as required under the Land Use
Planning and Approvals Act 1993 on Wednesday 5 July 2006.

As a result of the public notification, five (5) representations were submitted within
the statutory timeframe. Representations were submitted by:

    •   Tasmanian Fire Service
    •   Parks and Wildlife Service
    •   Pam Claridge
    •   Thomas Ransom
    •   Todd Dudley

Dorset Council Special Meeting 14 August 2006                                             2
Largely, the representations were submitted on grounds of environmental issues and
the perception of the nature of the development, by the objectors, that it essentially
represents a residential development.

Copies of the representations are circulated, however, the planning comments in
respect of matters raised are contained in the Planners Report, which is also

It is considered that the proposal provides an opportunity to focus tourism on an
isolated area of the Dorset municipal area, providing an economic boost and
employment prospects.

Crs S Arnold/J Probert:

That the proposed development of tourist accommodation, tourist facility and
ancillary facilities submitted by Spencer Morgan Pty Ltd at Musselroe Road,
Musselroe be approved subject to conditions numbered 1 to 31, as contained in
the GHD Report dated 9 August 2006, with conditions 3 and 23 being amended
to read as follows:

3)      A site plan and/or other details on the proposed staging of the
        development including timeframes for completion shall be submitted to
        Council for its endorsement. Stage 1 is to include construction of
        Musselroe Central, construction of the main resort building and
        associated facilities and accommodation, construction of the new air
        facility, construction of the golf course, and construction of at least two of
        the accommodation clusters. All development is to be completed within 5
        years of works commencing unless otherwise approved by Council.

23)     Approval is given for Scheme 3 – Full Zone Treatment System, as
        described in the Syrinx Environmental Pty Ltd report no RPT 0603-001.
        Detailed engineering design specifications are to be prepared by a
        Chartered Practising Engineer for each zone of development and
        submitted for Council approval and issue of a Special Plumbing Permit
        pursuant to the Building Act 2000 prior to works commencing.
        The proponent must obtain accreditation of the system for use in
        Tasmania from the Minister responsible for accreditation under the
        Plumbing Regulations 2004.
        Application for accreditation must be made concurrently with the
        application for Special Connection Permit with Dorset Council.
        On completion of all works, as constructed designs of all completed works
        certified by a Chartered Practising Engineer must be submitted to

                                                           Carried Unanimously

Dorset Council Special Meeting 14 August 2006                                       3
Meeting Closed:       5.47pm

Minutes confirmed 21 August 2006


Dorset Council Special Meeting 14 August 2006   4

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