Understanding The Arthritis Symptoms And Best Treatment

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        Arthritis is a condition that affects many people, especially older persons. Arthritis causes swelling and
    inflammation and stiffness of the joints. Arthritis is a painful condition that affects about 46 million Americans.
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                               Understanding The Arthritis Symptoms And Best Treatment
                                                             By Markus Skupeika

   Most of the people want to remain healthy and fit at any stage of the life span. But the invasion of
chronic and debilitating disease arthritis makes them overwhelmed. Massive no of the people do suffer
from the arthritis and the associated symptoms. At this point of time their lives get miserable and they
look for the natural arthritis treatment.

About 60% of Arthritis sufferers are actually of working age and of course, even the very young can
suffer this debilitating disease. Arthritis is not really one disease, it is a word that is used to cover over
100 medical conditions, relating to the joints of your body, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows,
wrists , fingers, in fact anywhere that you have joints. The result of Arthritis can be stiffness in the
joints, together with pain and it can bring on a feeling of everything being too difficult to do, or handle
on a daily basis with the treatment of arthritis symptoms and anxiety.

As far as the types of arthritis are concern Osteoarthritis and the Rheumatoid arthritis are big threats
for the mankind. Osteoarthritis mainly attacks the cartilage tissue of the joints of the wrists, knees, hips
and various other joints. Cartilages are scientifically known as the cushion for the joints where two or
more bones meet. The cartilages are providing the people with the padding to avoid friction at the time
of movement. With the age most of the people develop the Osteoarthritis symptoms in them. On the
other hand Rheumatoid arthritis is more of autoimmune diseases that affects its bodily immune or
resistance system and helps the body deteriorate with no time to spare. Rheumatoid arthritis is more
severe than the other chronic disease. This type of arthritis may lead to affect heart and the blood
corpuscles. Tendon, redness, warmth and the swelling are the associated symptoms of Rheumatoid
arthritis. Best treatment of arthritis is the only suppressing method that people look around for arthritis
low back pain relief.

Unfortunately, there is no specified medication for the arthritis and its related symptoms. The arthritis
supplements vitamins are proven to be the best to cure arthritis disorders. Vitamin-C works as the
inflammatory for reducing joint tendon and the inflammation and supply with the antioxidants that is
helpful to combating arthritis pain and bodily symptoms. Vitamin-D increases the firmness of the bones
absorbing the calcium from the body. Vitamin-B12 which includes 11 different B vitamins, contributes
to the health of the nervous system. It is beneficial for medication overuse, alcoholism or recovery from
a serious illness helps to build the body metabolism. Some dietary changes are immensely helpful to
regain body activity.

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                              Arthritis Symptoms: There Are Ways To Understand Them
                                                                   By Frank Rom

 The main symptoms of arthritis are swelling, stiffness and pain. They are all signs of inflammation of
the joints. Other signs are redness of the skin of the joints and the fact that the affected joints feel
warmer than the rest of the body. The most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis and
osteoarthritis. Both these illnesses show the arthritis symptoms as described above and affect and
inflame the joints. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis will also have to endure fatigue, lack of
appetite and being feverish. Rheumatoid arthritis is also well known for attacking other parts of the
body other than joints: skin, lungs and heart may be affected

The two types of arthritis have a different cause, they both attack primarily the joints, but whereas
osteoarthrits is caused by the simple fact of wear of the joints through the years (as in older people or
in professional athletes), rheumatoid arthritis finds its cause in the body itself. The body's own immune
system goes haywire and attacks its own joints and the tissues surrounding them. Since sometimes
the immune system does not stop at the joints alone, rheumatic arthritis can have its detrimental
effects on other parts of the body as well.

Treatment Of Arthritis Symptoms

Although we have to live with the fact that there is no cure for arthritis, understanding the reason why
these symptoms occur is a major step. Understanding the symptoms means you can tackle them at the
root of the problem . This is particularly important in the case of rheumatoid arthritis since a big part of
the treatment will focus on reducing the harm, caused by the illness.

In most cases treatment will concentrate on pain management of the arthritis symptoms. This will
involve medication for pain management. According to the severity of the pain this medication could be
over-the-counter anti-inflammatory products containing ibuprofen ( Advil) or naproxen ( Aleve) or even
stronger medication that will have to be prescribed by your doctor.

When you manage to control the pain associated with your arthritis symptoms, it is time to start
working on reducing these symptoms. An exercise program is the best way to go about that. Try to
create some sort of exercise routine that works on your range of motions as well as on strength and
stamina. But first ask your doctor if and what exercises are best for your condition. After that it might
even be a good idea to get in touch with a personal trainer, experienced in arthritis patients.

Arthritis symptoms are painful and seem sometimes even unmanageable. It is up to the arthritis
sufferers to keep their spirits up and find those treatment options that will reduce the inevitable pain
moments associated with arthritis and thus regain their level of activity and quality of life.

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