Types and Uses of Vacuum Cleaners

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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Vacuum cleaners are an unavoidable appliance for those who would like to keep their households neat and
    clean. They are indispensable tools in today’s household, able to tackle with ease any type of floor: hard wood,
                                                laminate, carpet or tile.
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                                              Types and Uses of Vacuum Cleaners
                                                             By Jayesh Bagde

   Many kinds of vacuum cleaners come out with a multiplicity of styles and shapes. This surely gives
the best option in cleaning your house or business establishment.

 These days, there are plentiful kinds of vacuum cleaners to choose from. So it is better for consumers
to familiarize themselves with various types of cleaners and get ample information about these
products prior to making a purchase. Some of the types of vacuum cleaners include upright vacuum
cleaners, stick vacuums, canister vacuums, portable vacuums, and handheld vacuums. Along with
broom vacuums, wet and dry vacuums, hepa vacuums, and even robotic (Roomba) vacuum cleaners.

 The upright vacuum cleaner is quite powerful. It can clean dirt and debris from carpets and draw air
through a much shorter pathway. Hoover and Eureka vacuums are one the impressive upright
vacuums on hand. Next of its kind is the canister vacuum. It is much smaller compared to the upright
vacuum. Canister vacuum comes from a huge collection of reasonably priced vacuums. It is perfect for
carpeted stairs and floors, tiles, hardwood floors, ceilings, and drapes.

 Another type of vacuum cleaner is the handheld vacuum. It is also smaller in dimension and is
especially lightweight. Handheld vacuums are often wireless and battery operated. This type is perfect
in eliminating dirt from your car, small spills on the kitchen, and other hard to get spots in between your
sofas. This vacuum is very handy and can be easily stored because it is cordless.

 The Hepa vacuum cleaner specializes in removing pet and animal hair. Scattered hair of animals can
cause problems as well as allergies and can lead to asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Hepa
vacuums can significantly help you do away with these. This unit is particularly designed to vacuum
carpets, floors, and the like. Hepa vacuums also get rid of dust particles, mites, and dander which can
be hazardous if not totally clean up.

 The Roomba vacuum cleaner is manufactured by iRobot. It is not intended for deep surface carpets
because the Roomba is low enough to move under a sofa or bed. If Roomba perceives that it has been
trapped on a mat, for example, it will not sense the floor beneath it. When it has been caught into a
tight spot and is not capable of getting away, the unit halts and hums a sound to assist its owner locate
it. It’s amazing and is easy to use since it is a battery powered vacuum.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

Here are some leading brands of commercial vacuum cleaners in the backpack vacuum category:


 The best brands for commercial vacuum cleaners under the Commercial Upright Vacuums category
are the following:

•Fuller Brush

The best commercial vacuum cleaners in the Wet & Dry Vacuums category:


Best vacuum cleaners in the Wide Area Vacuums category:


Arco Wand Series Portable Industrial Vacuum Cleaners features:

•Up to 12 inch HG and 200 CFM
•Automatic filter cleaning system
•Automatic relief valve prevents motor overload
•Ranges from 6 to 55 gallons
•Stainless steel, painted steel, or Poly tanks
•5 stage filtration station
•three different motor units to choose from

Stationary P.B. SERIES Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Systems with features such as:

•Stationary or Portable

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•5 cu.ft. dust bucket standard
•Up to 8inch Hg. at 500 CFM
•Powder Coated finish
•Cyclonic inlet available in 1.5" 2" or 3" sizes

Features of the Eureka Boss SmartVac 4870GZ include:

•Powerful 12 amps. motor
•True HEPA filtration
•Onboard tools
•transparent clog proof stretch hose
•Weight: 21 pounds
•Cleaning path: 15 inches
•Long life belt
•Brush roll on/off
•Non-tip over design
•1-year warranty
•Power cord w/ cord-clip: 30 feet

The Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner has:

•A 27-foot long power cord
•Quick release lever for the power cord
•Dual edge cleaners
•Furniture protection guard
•12-amp motor
•Filtration system with 3 filters
•Stretch hose with an extension wand, crevice tool and dusting brush
•14 ½ inch wide cleaning path
•Easy to empty dirt container
•Long power cord
•Wide cleaning path

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                 Kirby Vacuum Cleaners - Should You Buy A New Kirby Vacuum Cleaner?
                                                         By Elizabeth V. Bindas

 When it comes to sucking up the dirt and debris that gets left on your floor, nothing beats Kirby
vacuum cleaners. If you have a Kirby vacuum cleaner, you've probably seen a demonstration at one
time or another. Since the 1920s, Kirby vacuum cleaners have been sold to people around the country
by door to door salesmen who do in home demonstrations. Really, you have to see it to believe it, and
that is something that the Kirby company, based out of Cleveland, Ohio, got right away. Those things
will get almost anything out of a carpet, and have a reputation of being great, long lasting machines
that are well worth their cost.

While Kirby vacuum cleaners have a distinctively retro look, there's nothing archaic about them. In fact,
the latest models use a HEPA filtration system called 'Micron Magic' that ensures you're breathing in
less dust and allergens than you would expect to while vacuuming. The best thing about Kirby vacuum
cleaners is that the company really stands behind their product. Their latest model, the Sentria, comes
with a lifetime warranty that will rebuild your vacuum cleaner from the ground up for just one tenth of
the original purchase price. Literally, if you buy a Kirby vacuum today you'll never have to buy another
one for the rest of your life.

One of my favorite things about Kirby vacuum cleaners is that a sales representative will come into
your home and show you exactly how to get the most out of your purchase. Kirby vacuum cleaners can
do a lot more than just an upright vacuum cleaner can, but you may not realize it until somebody has
shown you how to take advantage of the machine. Once you buy a Kirby vacuum, you'll never have to
worry about getting another one. Now that's a comforting thought!

To read Kirby vacuum cleaner reviews, visit the Vacuum Cleaner Forums at
http://www.VacuumCleanerForum.com/ today. Free membership.

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