; Microsoft PowerPoint - Arabic Mens Health Support Project
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Microsoft PowerPoint - Arabic Mens Health Support Project


Microsoft PowerPoint - Arabic Mens Health Support Project

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									Arabic Men’s Health
  Support Project

    Presented by
    Eline Salama
•Men’s health is a current issue
•Multicultural men’s health project
•Arabic Community Needs Assessment -
Focus Groups
To improve and promote Arabic Men’s
Health in Western Sydney
To improve cross cultural health promotion
skills in project planning, implementation
and evaluation.
To monitor the setting up of a social support
group and
To establish and maintain sustainable service
provider partnerships.
Objective 1
To identify Arabic speaking Men’s Health Needs

Objective 2
To increase the knowledge of men from Arabic Speaking
Community regarding health care services available
through WSAHS
Objectives 3
To create a supportive environment and support network
within the target community

Objectives 4
To raise awareness of Men’s Health issues amongst the
Arabic speaking Community and Services Providers

Objectives 5
To improve access to Health Services for Men from Arabic
speaking communities
•Establish an Arabic Men’s Health Support Group for
middle - aged and elderly men in the Holroyd area?
•Encourage Arabic Community Members to actively
participate in the project
•Develop resources, for example a Poster for men’s
activities, health information kit and resource directory for
available services in Western Sydney, especially Arabic
Strategies (cont..)
•Network with the other government and non-
government organisations including bilingual
community workers, for example Lebanese Welfare
Group, Migrant Resource Centre
•Develop a calendar of men’s health events eg. Expo,
Community Celebrations and Senior Citizen’s Week
activities for Arabic men
•Raise community awareness on men’s health issues
within the general Arabic Community
• Process
•Numbers attending the regular meetings.
• Number of resources developed
• Number of resources distributed and feedback received
from the Arabic Community
• Impact
• Increased number of men attending health services
• Future Plan
• Encourage and build the sustainability of the support

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