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					       WELCOME ABOARD

             THE BASIC SCHOOL
        QUANTICO, VIRGINIA 22134-5019

PURPOSE:           The purpose of this Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) is to publish the rules and
regulations which officer students are expected to follow. The purpose of these rules is to ensure
professional conduct throughout the course, impressing upon the officer students the principles of attention
to detail and self-discipline. This SOP is not all-inclusive, but is a good general guide.

RESPONSIBILITY:             Compliance with the rules and regulations contained in this SOP and pertinent
Marine Corps, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and Basic School Orders is the
responsibility of each student.


    1.   As an officer of Marines, your honesty and integrity are expected to be above reproach. As such,
         no violations of the special trust and confidence entrusted in each of you, as Officers, will be
         tolerated. Breaches of integrity (lying, cheating, stealing, false statements, etc.) are grounds for
         revocation of your commission.

    2.   As an officer, you cannot tolerate a lack of integrity in a fellow officer. If any officer observes
         another officer violating this special trust and confidence at any time, he or she is required to
         immediately inform the Staff Platoon Commander (SPC) of the suspected violation. Failure to
         inform the SPC is, in itself, a violation of that special trust and confidence. Any reported violation
         will be thoroughly investigated by the company staff.


    1.   It is often stated that “safety is paramount,” and it is. While professionalism and the professional
         accomplishment of the mission are also paramount, all training is conducted in compliance with
         established safety procedures. Any officer has the authority and responsibility to stop any training
         event/live fire exercise if he/she observes a situation that is life threatening or has a high
         probability of causing serious bodily harm.

    2.   It is incumbent upon every officer to immediately report any unsafe act or condition via the chain
         of command.

    3.   All injuries during any type of training will be reported via the chain of command to the SPC. A
         Mishap Control Sheet will be submitted within 24 hours. Minor cuts, scratches, and bruises need
         not be reported.


    1.   The authority of the officer student assigned to company and platoon billets will be respected by
         fellow officer students.

    2.   With authority comes responsibility. Part of that responsibility is being accountable for personnel
         and equipment in the unit. At all times, the officer student billet holders must know the location
         of each officer student and weapon in the unit.

             a.   Officer students will keep their unit leaders informed of their whereabouts.

             b.   Officer students will not be dismissed from any training unless authorized by the
                  company staff. If the students has a schedule medical/dental appointment then he/she
                  must inform the company staff prior to his/her departure.
            c.   When leaving the Camp Barrett area during training hours (with the exception of noon
                 meal), officer students will sign out in the appropriate logbook in the Company Duty
                 Office (CDO).

   3.   Officer students will use both the student and staff chain of command, as appropriate.

   4.   It is just as important to be a good follower as it is to be a good leader. Cooperate with the billet
        holders. Obey their orders. When it is your turn to lead they must extend the same professional
        courtesy to you.

IV. MILITARY COURTESY AND CONDUCT (Marine Officer’s Guidebook)

   1.   During working hours, refer to fellow student by rank or rank and last name (NOT Dave or
        Brown, but Lieutenant Brown or Warrant Officer Brown).

   2.   When in an office space or enclosed room, you should stand when a senior enters or approaches if
        you are sitting. If a senior officer approaches your table while you are eating, stand until the
        officer permits you to sit.

   3.   At all times, when addressing officers of a senior grade, use SIR or MA’AM and always stand.
        When acquainted with the officer it is appropriate to use both grade and last name. Do NOT use
        the term “Skipper.”

   4.   Warrant Officers will be addressed as “Warrant Officer” or “Chief Warrant Officer.” Actual
        Gunners may be addressed as “Gunner.”

   5.   Address Staff Noncommissioned Officers and NCOs by the appropriate title (FIRST SERGEANT,
        MASTER SERGEANT, STAFF SERGEANT, CORPORAL). Master Sergeants and Master
        Gunnery Sergeants should not be addressed as “TOP” unless a rapport has been established.

   6.   When you are in uniform and covered, salute all recognized senior officers, whether they are in
        uniform, PT gear, or in civilian attire. If you are in civilian attire, provide an appropriate verbal

   7.   A verbal greeting is expected when saluting and an effort must be made to greet seniors whether
        indoors or out (i.e., Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening). An appropriate greeting
        will be used when departing seniors whether outdoors or indoors (i.e., Good Day, gentlemen).
        Salutes are not silent.

   8.   While in the field, do not salute the company staff officers or officers functioning as Assistant

   9.   Officer students will not become argumentative with an instructor or staff member. If the student
        feels the evaluation or treatment is unfair, he/she may RESPECTFULLY request an explanation.

   10. Officer students shall conduct themselves in a ladylike or gentlemanly manner at all times. This
       includes not using vulgar or coarse language or telling off-color jokes.

   11. When reporting for duty or reporting to a member of the company staff or TBS staff, the following
       procedure will be used:

            a.   Knock or otherwise gain the attention of the officer. Enter or approach when directed.
                 Do not pound on the bulkhead or hatch and do not scream.
             b.   Center yourself two paces in front of the officer (one pace in front of the officer’s desk)
                  at the position of attention.

             State: “Sir/Ma’am, Lieutenant / Warrant Officer _______ reporting for duty.” (“As ordered,”
             may be added as appropriate for the situation).

             NOTE: If outdoors, or if reporting for duty under arms or with duty belt [Junior Officer of the
             Day (JOOD)], render a hand salute and hold the salute until acknowledged.

             c.   Remain at attention until instructed otherwise. If told “AT EASE” then assume the
                  position of parade rest.

             d.   Upon completion of business, come to the position of attention (centered in front of the
                  officer), take one step backward, execute an about face and depart at attention (if
                  outdoors, or reporting for duty, salute, take one step backwards, execute an about face,
                  and depart at attention).

    12. The use of tobacco products is discouraged. Smoking is prohibited in all government buildings.
        Do not smoke, chew, or spit outdoors while in uniform. The use of smokeless tobacco products is
        prohibited in Heywood Hall, to include the classroom area. The only exception to this is during
        field training when in non-tactical situations and authorization is given by an instructor or platoon
        commander, or during breaks between classroom instruction.

    13. If a staff officer or company officer attempts to create an environment of informality so you can
        feel relaxed, DO NOT interpret this as being familiar, less formal does not mean less disciplined.
        Marines are known for the discipline in their ranks. Subordinates must initiate and maintain
        proper protocol when a senior officer creates a casual rapport. It is your responsibility to exercise
        respectful conduct at all times.

    14. The Hawkins Room (The “Hawk”) is open daily for you to relax and socialize. However,
        remember you are at TBS to develop professionally- excessive alcohol consumption will not be

V. ATTIRE (Uniform and Civilian)

    1.   When arriving to or departing the company area, students will be in a complete uniform or
         appropriate civilian attire.

    2.   Physical Training gear is only authorized for PT, weapons cleaning, and in the Bachelor Officer
         Quarters (BOQ). Students are NOT authorized to drive to and from work in PT gear.

    3.   During working hours blouses will be worn with the camouflage uniform when exiting BOQ
         rooms, with the exception of authorized PT or if on a working party.

    4.   ONLY authorized military clothing will be worn.

             a.   Military green skivvy shirts will be worn with the camouflage uniform. White crew-neck
                  skivvy shirts will be worn with all other uniforms.

             b.   Bush covers are not authorized for any training.

    5.   A clean uniform (to include boots) or appropriate civilian attire is required to enter the dining area,
         green carpet area, club, the sandwich/pizza shop in O’Bannon Hall or any service facility (Bank,
         Post Office, Exchange, or Cleaners). These facilities will not be utilized when the officer student
         is wearing camouflage face paint. PT gear is authorized only as outlined in paragraph 2 above.
6.   Weapons (rifle and sword) and 782 gear are not authorized in the TBS dining area, green carpet
     area, club, or any service facility, bank, exchange, post office, barber shop, or cleaners.

7.   The camouflage uniform may be worn to and from work; however, students are only authorized to
     make those stops that are specified in Chapter 2, Section 2007 of the Marine Corps Uniform
     Regulations. It may also be worn in Quantico town.

8.   Boots will be cleaned prior to any training event, to include field exercises.

9.   Rank insignia worn in garrison will be free from scratches and properly positioned. Use a ruler to
     place insignia on your uniforms.

10. The web belt will be worn with the camouflage uniform. Belts will be clean and serviceable in
    both field and garrison. Suspenders are not authorized. Marine Corps Martial Arts belts will only
    be worn after passing the appropriate tests.

11. Uniforms will be serviceable. Camouflage uniforms worn for field training do not have to be
    flawless; however, all tears, holes, and worn spots must be properly repaired.

12. A clean uniform will be worn each day, unless remaining in the field overnight.

13. The Gore-Tex jacket is the primary outer garment for wear in the Camp Barrett area. The Gore-
    Tex jacket may not be worn with the service uniform. When the Gore-Tex jacket is worn with the
    camouflage uniform, black gloves will also be worn or carried. Under no circumstances will the
    Gore-Tex jacket be worn for leave of liberty, nor will it be worn with civilian attire.

14. Each officer who wears glasses is required to maintain two pair of military glasses. Civilian
    glasses, when worn in uniform, will be conservative in appearance. Sunglasses will not be worn
    in formation, should be properly discreet, and should be avoided while in uniform unless required
    for medical purposes. Contact lenses or civilian glasses are discouraged from being worn for field
    evolutions due to the nature of the training.

15. Jewelry will be worn in accordance with USMC Uniform Regulations. Authorized jewelry items
    are: wedding bands, college rings, watches, and earrings (specific female uniforms only). Neck
    chains are discouraged and must not show. Jewelry is a safety hazard when conducting PT.
    Religious medallions must not show above the skivy shirt.

16. Civilian attire will reflect good judgment and taste. An officer’s appearance in civilian attire,
    though in some cases of a more relaxed nature, should still present a professional appearance
    consistent with the high standards of the officer corps. Common sense and a conservative
    philosophy should guide the dress code for officers at all times.

         a.   Hanson Room (Dining Facility):

                            (1) Breakfast and lunch. The dress will be the uniform prescribed in the
                                training schedule or appropriate civilian attire.

                            (2) Dinner. The dress will be as prescribed by the training schedule, the
                                seasonal service uniform, or civilian attire. Athletic shorts and/or
                                athletic shoes are not permitted. Bermuda/walking shorts are permitted
                                during the appropriate season.

         b.   Hawkins Room, Main Lounge, Lobby (Green Carpet Area) and the sandwich/pizza shop
              on the 2nd deck of O’Bannon Hall:
                          (1) Training Days. Civilian attire, camouflage uniform, or the seasonal
                              service uniform are authorized. Athletic attire (to include jogging suits)
                              is not considered appropriate attire for wear in these areas. When a
                              spouses’ reception or similar function is scheduled for the Main
                              Lounge (Green Carpet Area), Marines in camouflage equipment or
                              casual civilian attire are not permitted in the Main Lounge (Green
                              Carpet Area).

                          (2) Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays. Proper civilian attire or the seasonal
                              service uniform is authorized.

        c.   Company commanders may grant exceptions to the preceding policies for specific
             occasions such as theme parties in the Main Lounge and for spouses’ attire after Jayne
             Wayne Day.

        d.   Camouflage face paint will not be worn in the Hanson Room, Hawkins Room, the
             sandwich/pizza shop or any other service facility unless authorized by the company

        e.   All business conducted at CAC will be in the uniform of the day.

17. Dirty, ragged or severely wrinkled clothing should not be worn except when engaged in activities
    such as repairing an automobile.

18. Shirts:
        a. Male Officers will wear collared shirts. Female officers will wear appropriate blouses or

        b.   The types of shirts listed below are inappropriate;

                          (1) Tee-shirts (unless engaged in “recreational activities”)

                          (2) Shirts designed as undergarments.

                          (3) Athletic shirts except to and from PT.

                          (4) See-through shirts.

                          (5) Shirts with pictures, slogans, numbers or writing, except shirts with
                              modest writing (monograms, “Hang Ten,” etc.) obviously in good taste
                              and designed for external casual wear.

                          (6) Sleeveless shirts such as “Tank Tops” or “Muscle” shirts (only
                              exception will be for individual PT).

                          (7) Shirts designed to be tucked in or with uneven shirttails must be tucked

19. Trousers.

        a.   Belts will be worn on trousers with belt loops.

        b.   Sweat pants or athletic shorts will not be worn except to and from PT.

        c.   Neat and clean Bermuda/Jamaica/walking shorts are acceptable. Their wear aboard
             Camp Barrett is limited to the summer uniform season. “Cutoffs” will be not be worn.
   20. Blue Jeans. Jeans are considered appropriate civilian attire. As with all other attire they must be
       in good condition and present a neat appearance.
   21. Footwear:

            a.   Sandals may be worn with the same limitations as Bermuda shorts. Shower shoes, thongs
                 or flip-flops are not authorized.

            b.   Athletic shoes may be worn as civilian attire with shorts. However, they should not be
                 dirty, frayed or worn out.

            c.   Black military dress shoes will not be worn with civilian clothes. You should possess a
                 pair of civilian dress shoes appropriate for wear with a suit.

   22. Additional Comments. The following information should serve as guidance for attire at functions
       and locations outside Camp Barrett. Obviously, there is a time and place for recreational attire
       more casual then permitted in the Hanson or Hawkins Rooms. The following guidelines are

            a.   Officers should always dress up. This is consistent with our ethos and the standards
                 expected of officers. While there are occasions when you may dress more casually,
                 remember, you are an officer at all times; consider the occasion and set the right example.

            b.   Set the example in the Post Exchange, commissary, and other locations on or around the

            c.   Running suits are not considered appropriate civilian attire anytime or anywhere.

            d.   Shorts, and athletic shoes are inappropriate in the Officer’s Club at Mainside.

            e.   You will be required to possess a tasteful suit or sports coat with tie and slacks or
                 appropriately similar clothing for female officers (i.e., tasteful dress, shirt, blouse.).

                                    Marine officer uniform                 Civilian equivalent
                 Formal             Evening Dress Bravo or                 tuxedo or formal gown
                                    Blue Dress Alpha

                 Informal           Blue Dress Bravo or                    civilian suit, coat and tie;
                                    Service Alpha                          cocktail dress or suit

                 Casual             Service Charlies                       collared open-neck shirt and slacks;
                                                                           Skirt and blouse, dressy slacks and
                                                                           Blouse or “business casual” dress

            f.   The attire of an officer’s spouse cannot and should not be regulated by the Marine Corps
                 except in public places aboard the base. Inappropriate actions of a spouse in such places
                 are the responsibility of the officer.


   1.   Every Student must ensure a neat personal appearance is presented at all times, in uniform or
        civilian attire.

   2.   Male personnel shall shave daily and maintain a regulation haircut. (This will often require
        weekend haircuts due to the pace of training during the week).
   3.   Mustaches are not authorized for student officers at TBS.


   1.   Students who miss class are responsible for the material covered in class and should see their
        platoon guide for handouts and notes. Officer students may make an appointment to see the
        instructor if necessary, utilizing their chain of command.

   2.   Students who must miss a period of instruction must get permission AHEAD OF TIME from their
        SPC and ALSO must sign out in the appropriate logbook in the CDO.

   3.   No smoking, tobacco chewing, gum chewing, or eating is allowed in any classroom during
        instruction. Beverages that can be closed are allowed. Snacks are authorized during breaks only.

   4.   Arrive on time and be prepared to begin all classes as directed by the training schedule.

   5.   If it is necessary to enter class late, enter quietly and move to the back of the classroom. If it is
        necessary to depart class early, sit in the back of the classroom and exit using a side door.

   6.   Classroom courtesy also demands that officer students WILL NOT prepare to leave the classroom
        (close notebooks, put on Gore-Tex jackets, etc.) until dismissed by the student company
        commander. Additionally, ensure alarms on your watch are cleared so they do not go off in the

   7.   Classes, as well as other training events, have priority. Make a maximum effort to schedule all
        administrative activities around training events.

   8.   If a training event is missed, the appropriate billet holder will complete a Missed Instruction
        Report and submit this report through the student chain of command on the same day the training
        was missed to their platoon commander.

   9.   Sit in assigned seats, unless leaving the class early or arriving late.

   10. Once the class has been called to attention, there will be no talking unless the instructor calls on
       you or until the student company commander has dismissed the class.

   11. If you, as an officer student, have a question, raise your hand; wait for the instructor to recognize
       the question; stand; state rank and name and platoon; and then ask the question (while the question
       is being asked and answered, the rest of the students will remain silent).

   12. Information taught in the Basic Course is important. It is each officer’s responsibility to stay
       awake and alert, making maximum effort to concentrate. Sleeping in class is regarded as
       disrespectful to the instructor and will not be tolerated. It you are tired, stand and move to the side
       or rear of the classroom.

   13. Ensure you have all equipment and materials for each training event. DO NOT come to class,
       either in the classroom or the field, without the required student outlines, advance sheets, handouts
       or manuals, AND READ THEM! If you are missing any of these materials, convey that
       information to your company staff via the student chain of command at least 48 hours in advance
       of the particular class.


   1.   Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
   2.   Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot

   3.   Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire.

   4.   Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire.

   5.   A student will NEVER allow his/her weapon to leave his/her hands unless it is properly secured in
        his/her BOQ room or in the armory (See BOQ ROOM STANDARDS FOR DETAILS ON
        SECURING WEAPONS). During field training, when the use of both hands is necessary, i.e.,
        digging a fighting hole, the weapon can be slung across the shoulder or placed WITHIN ARM’S
        REACH. Weapons should never be placed on the deck except in the rarest of tactical situations.

   6.   The student company staff will conduct a daily inspection at the end of the working day to ensure
        all weapons are properly secured. Under no circumstances will a student store his weapon
        anywhere except the armory or BOQ room. Rifles will be secured in the BOQ room individual
        rifle rack. Rifles will be secured in the TBS armory prior to any weekend or holiday of 96 hours
        or more. Issued weapons may not be transported in private vehicles.

   7.   No ammunition, pyrotechnics, or ordnance of any kind will be stored in a BOQ room or a private
        vehicle. If any of these items are discovered, take them to the armory and turn them in.

   8.   No munitions will be brought from a field exercise/live fire to Camp Barrett. Inspections will be
        conducted at the conclusion of each training evolution to ensure compliance. An amnesty box will
        be located at the armory. This allows a “no questions asked” turn in policy, but it is not an
        alternative for field shakedowns and inspections.

   9.   All personal weapons will be registered with the Provost Marshal first and then stored in the
        armory or off base (if living in BOQ), or in base quarter mainside. NO private weapons or
        ammunition will be kept in the BOQ or in a private vehicle. There will be an opportunity to
        register these weapons during the textbook and supply issue period.

   10. Weapons will be cleaned at least once a week, after every field exercise, and after firing.

   11. DO NOT conduct unauthorized maintenance on any weapons. See the appropriate technical
       manual (TM) or an armorer if you have any questions.

   12. DO NOT use unauthorized cleaning material to clean any weapon. (Cleaner Lubricant Protectant
       (CLP) is to be used exclusively when available.) See the TM or an armorer if you have any

   13. Unless there is an occupant present in the BOQ room, the weapon will be secured in its rack; the
       porthole and hatch will be locked.

   14. Never lay a weapon flat on the deck.

   15. Once given the opportunity to Battle Sight Zero (BZO) your weapon, maintain BZO on your
       weapon and place that data on a card, laminate the card and place it in the stock well of your

   16. ALWAYS carry rifle-cleaning gear to every field exercise, to include patches and CLP. Cleaning
       your weapon during the breaks in field training should become second nature.


   1.   During working hours, students will always carry the following items:
                 a.   Pocket notebook
                 b.   Pen/pencil
                 c.   Identification tags
                 d.   Identification card (also during non-working hours)
                 e.   Wrist watch

   2.   Students are accountable for their field equipment and will frequently check to ensure they have
        not lost any gear. Student billet holders will also frequently ensure accountability of Marines in
        their charge.

   3.   All field equipment will be cleaned after each field training event.

   4.   Ear plugs are MANDATORY for all weapons firing exercises.

   5.   All field gear must be maintained in serviceable and clean condition. Any unserviceable/worn out
        gear must be surveyed at TBS Supply. Students will not write names, slogans, etc. on any field
        gear, including helmets and helmet bands.

   6.   Only authorized gear and rations will be taken to the field.

   7.   Authorized rations include supplements such as sunflower seeds, and Power Bars.

   8.   Gear discipline will be exercised in the field. Only needed gear will be unpacked or taken from
        the cartridge belt. It will be replaced immediately when not in use. Students must be prepared to
        pick up and move at anytime.

   9.   Lost gear will be replaced at the expense of the student who signed for it. Students should
        purchase replacements for 782 gear at Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC)
        Cash Sales or Fort Belvoir’s PX. Lost gear which cannot be replaced in kind will be reported via
        the student chain-of-command immediately and liquidated within 10 working days at the supply


   1.   Scheduled PT will not adequately condition the student. Therefore, officers must augment this
        physical training on their own. Use the buddy system at all times. Carry and drink additional
        water in respect to temperatures!

   2.   Running will be conducted AGAINST traffic unless running in formation.

   3.   When running along a hard surface road, stay at least three feet off the road, unless in formation.

   4.   Do not run with headphones aboard MCCDC.

   5.   Do not run on Onville Road.

   6.   Running after dark is extremely dangerous and, for this reason, students will not run on the hard
        surface roads between the hours of dusk or dawn; however, the loop within the Camp Barrett area
        may be used. If students desire to run this loop after dark, they must wear a road guard reflective
        belts or vest. See your Company PT representative for rules on running and biking. Road guard
        reflective belts or vests must be worn prior to morning colors and after evening colors.

   7.   The Obstacle, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Endurance, and Stamina Courses will be run in
        boots and camouflage trousers with at least two other Marines, and only after proper techniques
        have been demonstrated.
    8.   Do NOT run the Confidence Course unless it is arranged with the PT Officer.

    9.   Any course off the hard surface road must be run with a minimum of three students. In case of
         injury, one student remains with the injured individual, the other goes for help.

    10. Know and comply with acclimatization requirements. Check flag conditions prior to any physical
        activity. The flags are located:

                  a. In front of Ramer Hall (pool)
                  b. Next to Range Control (open field across from the old gas station).

    11. When under black flag condition, no outdoor PT will be conducted.

    12. Upon reporting to TBS, you will be held to the Marine Corps standards of physical fitness and
        body composition. You can find these standards on the Internet in MCO P6100.12 by going to and then navigation to “Publications” then “Orders and Directives.” The
        training at TBS will include physical fitness, but you are expected to arrive with a solid foundation
        from which to build.

Officers residing off base who are assigned to the company are also responsible for daily and weekly
cleanups in the BOQ as scheduled by the company staff.


    1.   All privately owned vehicles (POVs) must be registered aboard MCCDC. This will be
         accomplished during “zero week.” At that time, any officer desiring to register a POV must have
         in his/her possession the following items: (1) a valid and current vehicle registration, (2) proof of
         automobile liability insurance, (3) a valid driver’s license, and (4) a current safety inspection (if
         the vehicle is registered in Virginia). If a driver’s improvement course card has been issued then
         bring this also.

    2.   Lieutenants are only allowed to park in authorized parking areas aboard TBS and these are at a
         premium. They include the lots adjacent to Graves Hall, except where markings on the pavement
         indicating reserved parking, and the parade deck. Only BOQ residents are authorized to park in
         the O’Bannon and Graves Hall parking lots. No parking is authorized along any roads at TBS.
         Any officer found parking in unauthorized parking areas aboard TBS will be ticketed, “booted”
         and stand to lose their parking privileges aboard TBS. Designated parking areas are assigned;
         instructions in this regard will be published by the company staff and complied with by students.

    3.   All vehicles must be registered aboard TBS and their TBS parking sticker should be properly
         displayed on their vehicle. TBS parking stickers are issued during zero week.

    4.   Traffic regulations aboard MCCDC are placed in effect by orders from the Commanding General,
         and as such, are strictly enforced aboard base. Speeding indicates an inability to abide by
         regulations. Do not compromise yourself as a Marine officer by failing to obey the speed limits.
         Moving violations require mandatory attendance at Base Traffic Court and may result in loss of
         driving privileges as well as other possible disciplinary measures from the Commanding Officer,


    1.   Liberty is a privilege and not a right.
    2.   Liberty will be sounded by the student billet holders after completion and submission of the daily
         rifle count and Instructional Rating Forms, and when authorized by the appropriate staff platoon

    3.   Letters must be submitted in Naval Correspondence format to your SPC for any liberty outside of
         300 miles. The letter shall include time of departure, mode of transportation, location, point of
         contact, phone number, time of return, and any other information considered pertinent.

    4.   The Basic School order 1050.2M, Leave and Liberty Regulations, states that the CO’s policy is
         that officer students are not normally granted annual leave. In cases where annual leave is
         authorized, a request will be forwarded through the lieutenant’s chain of command.

    5.   Officers in a casual status or recent graduates may request annual leave that will be granted based
         on the workload of their duties.


The items listed below are required. All are available at the TBS PX. Complete PT uniform to include:

    a.   Green Tee-Shirt with no markings.
    b.   Green running shorts.
    c.   Green sweatshirt- with black USMC and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the front.
    d.   Green sweatpants- with black USMC and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor on the front.
    e.   White socks- calf socks with no color or ornamentation.


    1.   All Marine officers, regardless of rank, are expected to conduct themselves as ladies or gentlemen
         at all times. This includes moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol abuse
         is inconsistent with our officer ethos and is contrary to the effective performance of Marines and
         to the Marine Corps mission and will not be tolerated. Alcohol is in no way an excuse for
         unofficer-like conduct.

    2.   Officers must be fully aware of the Marine Corps policy regarding alcohol abuse and the
         associated consequences. By Marine Corps order, all incidents of alcohol abuse will be the
         subject of formal command counseling and an Officer Qualification Record (OQR) entry will be
         made reflecting that counseling. Additionally, for conviction of intoxicated driving- even first
         time incidents- or second and subsequent incidents of alcohol abuse, not necessarily related to
         driving, a fitness report entry is required. Intoxicated driving includes both driving under the
         influence and driving while impaired or intoxicated.


    1.   Any officer claiming a spouse and/or children, as dependents must ensure the Student Personnel
         Officer is provided with the marriage license and birth certificates for any children AS SOON AS
         POSSIBLE! Issuing of dependent ID cards, enrollment in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility
         Reporting System (DEERS) and payment of Basic Allowance for Housing cannot begin until
         these documents are provided.

    2.    Until your spouse obtains an updated military dependent’s ID card or DEERS card, they may
         utilize the military facilities (PX, clinic, commissary, etc.) by showing a copy of the sponsor’s
         orders to TBS.

    3.   It may take a few pay periods for your pay to get straight. Monitor your pay closely and
         immediately inform your company staff of any discrepancies, to include overpayment.
        Participation in the Marine Corps Direct Deposit System (check-to-bank) is required for all

   4.   In order for each student to be properly accessed into the Marine Corps Total Force System,
        certain commissioning documents need to be provided to the Personnel Section at TBS. The
        following matrix will help you determine what documents are required for each commissioning

                 Source                                 Documents needed for accession
                 NROTC/PLC/MECEP/MCP                    Proof of Degree* & NAVMC 763**
                 OCC/DCP/ECP                            OCS handles their paperwork and are complete by
                                                        the time they get to TBS.
        *In lieu of the actual degree, a letter from the school, or school transcripts indicating that you have
        graduated will suffice.

        ** If NROTC is missing any documents, they cannot be accessed. If they cannot be accessed,
        they cannot get paid. Disbursing will only accept ONE payday request if there is no record in

        In addition to the above, all students (except MECEP, ECP and MCP) are required to bring a copy
        of their SF-86, Security Questionnaire.

   5.   There will be some mandatory Saturday and/or Sunday activities during the training cycle, some
        for all hands, others for designated individuals. These include remedial land navigation exercises,
        remedial PT, remedial swimming, retesting of academic examination failures, other training
        events, and, if required, room inspections, etc. Keep your weekends free until informed by the
        staff of the schedule. Do not purchase airline tickets, or bus tickets until you have the permission
        of your SPC.

   6.   An invitation to attend the social events and activities throughout the training schedule is extended
        to the spouses of officer students. It is the married officer’s responsibility to keep the spouse fully
        informed of these events well in advance. A spouses’ newsletter will be published periodically to
        help pass the word through the company. The staff spouses will be contacting the student
        Officers’ spouses in the near future to organize activities to help their transition into the area and
        as a spouse of an officer student at TBS.


   1.   On deck time will be ½ hour before the first class, unless otherwise directed. The Student Staff
        will pass the word prior to securing the night before. Students must be present and in the uniform
        of the day at this time.

   2.   Any formation, whether company, platoon, or squad, will be attended by all personnel in that unit,
        unless prior authorization to be absent was obtained.

   3.   Being on time for a formation does not mean running into your position as the Company First
        Sergeant is commanding “Fall In.” You will be there in time for subordinate leaders to get solid
        accountability and pass any important information. As a general guideline, Marine officers are
        always early to their appointed place of duty.

   4.   When given the command “At Ease,” no talking or moving the position of the right foot is

   5.   During formal ceremonies, the command “At Ease” will constitute a modified parade rest. It will
        appear the company is in the position of parade rest, but will allow the officer students some, but
        minimal, movement in order to remain comfortable.

    1.   Individuals who are guests of officer students are authorized to visit the BOQ rooms.

    2.   These guests, to include husbands and wives, will be met in the Quarterdeck area or some other
         appropriate area and escorted to your room.

    3.   Officers’ female/male friends will not be allowed to stay overnight in the BOQ. They are required
         to depart the BOQ no later than 2400.

    4.   Consideration will be shown for your fellow officers since this is also their home.


    1.   Sick call will go only during prescribed sick call hours unless the illness or injury dictates

    2.   If at all feasible, students will inform their SPC’s before reporting to sick call (A minimum,
         inform your student chain of command).

    3.   Officer students who are recommended for a limited or no duty status will submit their medical
         chits to the Staff Company XO via their SPC. The company staff makes final decisions regarding
         student status.

    4.   Students will not make appointments on their own. All appointments will be made through the
         Staff Company XO to ensure no scheduling conflicts exist.

    5.   In the case of dental appointments, it is your responsibility to ensure cancellations are
         accomplished via the Company XO at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.


The company duty phone is for official company business ONLY. Students will not be allowed to use this
phone for personal matters, unless it is an emergency situation. If someone calls for a student, a message
will be taken and the call can be returned on a pay or personal phone. Directory assistance (411) calls will
not be made from duty phones, nor will collect phone calls be accepted.


A Marine officer always makes a concerted effort to ensure his or her financial dealings are beyond
reproach. You must manage your accounts to avoid writing bad checks. It is critical that you not bounce a
check for any reason. If an officer issues a check with insufficient funds, he/she may be subject to
disciplinary action and loss of check-cashing privileges aboard base. Consistent lack of financial
responsibility can also result in loss of security clearance.


    1.   Instructional Rating Forms (IRFs) for each day will be due at the conclusion of the training day
         and will be completed for every class unless otherwise instructed by the instructor. IRFs are
         electronic forms that will be entered into the computer in the Company Computer Labs.

    2.   Markings and comments should be made with the intent to improve the training at The Basic
         School. Officers are expected to utilize correct grammar, complete sentences, and proper spelling.
         All comments will be professional and respectful toward the instructor. Your comments will be
         reviewed by the instructor, the Deputy Director of War fighting, the TBS Operations Officer, and
         finally by the Commanding Officer, TBS.


    1.   Security in the BOQ and aboard TBS is each officer’s responsibility. Any thefts or break-ins must
         be reported through the company staff during working hours, or through the Officer of the Day,
         via the CDO, after working hours. Instructions will be given on contacting the Military Police.

    2.   If an officer loses a BOQ room key, it must be immediately reported to the company staff so that
         the BOQ maintenance personnel can change the lock to avoid the possibility of theft.

    3.   Valuables, such as cash or credit cards, must not be left adrift in unattended BOQ rooms. When a
         room is unoccupied, the doors and windows must be locked.


    1.   Submit all administrative paperwork via the chain of command.

    2.   Use the Standard Letter Format in accordance with the Department of the Navy Correspondence
         Manual (SECNAVINST 5216.5D) for all written work.


    1.   The Basic School will provide adequate cold weather gear for your use during your assignment.
         However, you are authorized to purchase, at your own expense, personal/additional gear that can
         be used during field training.

    2.   It is highly recommended that you possess cold weather gear such as, polypro socks, and glove
         inserts; however, these are optional items procured at the individual’s expense. It is also
         recommended that you refrain from purchasing these items until after you have asked your SPC
         about which stores or venders are most reliable, honest, and offer these items at a reasonable price.

    3.   With the exception of those items noted above, the use of non-issue gear which is visible when
         worn is not authorized. Questions about additional comfort items should be addressed to your
         SPC prior to purchases.


Second Lieutenant / Warrant Officer ____________
____Company, _____ Platoon, TBS
24164 Belleau Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134-5019
                                          TBS Building Heritage

Major General Charles Dodson Barrett,                   CAMP UPSHUR
USMC                                                    Captain William P. Upshur, USMC

                    Camp Barrett is the present                            Camp Upshur was a training
                    location of the Basic School                           area for TBS/ROC during
                    and was established in 1942.                           World War II. It became the
                    The Camp was dedicated to                              official location of the Basic
                    major     General     Charles                          School in 1947 and remained
                    Dodson Barrett. General                                in the capacity until 1958. It
                    Barrett was born on 16                                 is dedicated to Captain
                    August 1885 at Henderson,                              William P. Upshur, born 28
Kentucky. And appointed a Second Lieutenant in          October 1881 in Richmond, Virginia. While
the Marine Corps on 5 August 1909. His foreign          assigned to the 15th Company of Marines, all
service included duty in Mexico, Santo                  mounted, Captain Upshur left Fort Liberte, Haiti,
Domingo, France, the Pacific area, and with             for a 6-day reconnaissance. After dark, on the
Marine detachments on several capital ships of          evening of 24 October 1915, while crossing the
the Navy. He participated in the capture of Vera        river in a deep ravine, the detachment was
Cruz, Mexico, 22 April 1914, and the Meuse-             suddenly fired upon from three sides by about
Argonne Offensive, 1-3 November 1918. From              400 Cacos, concealed in bushes about 100 yards
1924 to 1927 he was a member of the American            away from the fort. The detachment fought its
Battle Monuments Commission and from 1927               way forward to a good position, which it
to 1929 he was a student at the French Ecole de         maintained during the night, although subjected
Guerre in Paris, France. Duty brought General           to a continuous fire from the Cacos. At daybreak,
Barrett to Headquarters Marine Corps, in                Captain Upshur, in command of one of the three
Washington, DC, to the Division of Operations           squads which advanced in three different
and Training from 1933-1935. He transferred to          directions, led his men forward, surprising and
serve as Division Marine Officer with the Fleet         scattering the Cacos, and aiding in the capture of
from 1935-1936. From there, the General                 Fort Dipitie.
performed from 1937-1939 in the office of the
Chief of Naval Operations. He commanded the             HEYWOOD HALL
5th Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, Fleet Marine           Major General Charles Heywood, USMC
Force, from August 1939 to June 1940, when he
returned to Headquarters Marine Corps, first as                               Heywood Hall was built in
Director, Division of Plans and Policies and later                            1958 and dedicated to Major
as Assistant to the Major General Commandant.                                 General Charles Heywood
In March 1942, he assumed command of the 3rd                                  and houses the Headquarters
Marine Brigade in the South pacific, returning to                             of the Basic School. He was
the United States in October of that year to                                  born in Waterville, Maine on
become Commanding General of the 3rd Marine                                   3 October 1839. Major
Division. He played a prominent part in bringing                              General     Heywood       was
this unit to fighting condition and led it to the                             appointed      a      Second
Pacific area in February 1943. On 15                    Lieutenant on 5 April 1858, at the age of 19. In
September1943 he was appointed to the next              September of that year, while stationed at the
higher echelon as Commanding General, 1st               Brooklyn Marine Barracks, he was second in
Marine Amphibious Corps. On 8 October 1943,             command of a detachment of 65 Marines sent to
he died in a tragic accident in Noumea, New             quell a riot in Staten Island. His early career was
Caledonia. He was awarded the Distinguished             spent largely at sea. He was promoted to First
Service Medal posthumously, on 14 June 1950,            Lieutenant on 30 May 1861. On August 28th of
in recognition of his outstanding contributions in      that year, he participated in the attack on Fort
planning the Bougainville operation.                    Clark, the first joint military and naval
                                                        expedition of the Civil War. Promoted to Captain
                                                        on 23 November 1861, he participated in boat
                                                        expeditions on the James River. As commander
of the after gun-deck division of the Cumberland    HAWKINS ROOM
he was brevetted to Major for his noteworthy        First Lieutenant William D. Hawkins, USMC
conduct. He became Fleet marine Officer with
Farragut’s West Gulf Squadron. In 1864 for his                            The Hawkins room, located
conduct on the Hartford he was brevetted to                               within O’Bannon Hall, is a
Lieutenant Colonel. After the war, he helped                              bar and lounge area used by
quell several domestic disturbances. For this,                            the officer students at The
Major General Hancock and the Secretary of the                            Basic School.        It was
navy cited him. In January 1891 he was                                    dedicated       to      First
appointed Colonel Commandant of the Marine                                Lieutenant William D.
Corps. During his administration the war with                             Hawkins.          Lieutenant
Spain broke out and the Boxer Rebellion                                   Hawkins was born on 18
erupted. The number of posts in the Corps           April 1914 in Ft Scott, Nebraska. After Pearl
doubled, and he helped to raise the standards of    Harbor was attacked, he enlisted in the Marine
the Officer Corps. He died at the age of 74 on 26   Corps, 5 January 1942, and was assigned to the
February 1915.                                      7th Recruit Depot, San Diego. He joined the
                                                    Second Marines, 2nd Marine Division, completed
O’BANNON HALL                                       Scout Sniper School at Camp Elliot, San Diego,
Captain Presley N. O’Bannon, USMC                   and on 1 July 1942 embarked on board the USS
                                                    Crescent City for the Pacific Area. A private first
                   O’Bannon Hall opened in          class when he went overseas, he was quickly
                   1958 and houses the Bachelor     promoted to corporal and then to sergeant. On
                   Officer Quarters for the         17 November 1942, he was commissioned a
                   officer students at the Basic    Second Lieutenant while taking part in the
                   School. O’Bannon Hall was        Guadalcanal Campaign in the battle for the
                   dedicated to Presley Neville     Solomon Islands. On 1 June 1943 he was
                   O’Bannon. Born in 1774 in        promoted to First Lieutenant. Less than six
                   Fauquier County, Virginia,       months later, he was killed in action leading a
                   the son of John O’Bannon         scout-sniper platoon in the attack on Betio Island
and Nancy Neville, Presley O’Bannon was             during the assault on Tarawa. During the two-
commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the             day assault, Lieutenant Hawkins led attacks on
Marine Corps in 18 January 1801. He was             pill boxes and installations, personally initiated
promoted to First Lieutenant on 15 October 1802     an assault on a hostile position fortified by five
and participated in the blockade of Tripoli in      enemy machine guns, refused to withdraw after
1803. On 23 October 1804, the detachment of         being seriously wounded and destroyed three
Marines commanded by Captain Anthony Gale           more pill boxes before he was mortally
and Lieutenant O’Bannon were ordered to the         wounded, 21 November 1943. For this action,
Brig Argus to accompany William Eaton and           First Lieutenant Hawkins was posthumously
“some Gentleman” to Alexandria. O’Bannon            awarded the Medal of Honor.
participated in Eaton’s mission to aid the
deposed Hemet in the dethronement of his            HANSON ROOM
brother Yusuf as the Bashaw of Tripoli. With an     First Lieutenant Robert M. Hanson, USMCR
expedition of about 400 men, O’Bannon and
Eaton set out to capture Derne. After a march of                        The    dining     room     in
over 500 miles replete with extreme hardships,                          O’Bannon Hall is called the
the attack on Derne was successful.          On                         Hanson     Room.      It    is
returning to the United States, O’Bannon was                            dedicated to First Lieutenant
awarded a Mameluke sword by the Virginia                                Robert      M.       Hanson.
House of delegates. This sword served as a                              Lieutenant Hanson was the
model for the present marine Officer’s sword.                           son of Reverend and Mrs.
However, disappointed at not receiving a                                Harry A. Hanson who were
promotion, he resigned from the corps in March      serving as Methodist Missionaries in India at the
1807. He married and made his home in Logan         time of his birth. Lieutenant Hanson enlisted in
County, Kentucky. He died on September 12,          May 1942, and earned status as a pilot and
1850.                                               commissioned officer on 19 February 1943.
                                                    Lieutenant Hanson arrived in the South Pacific
in June 1943, and his daring tactics and total        forces in Korea on 12 September 1951. As
disregard for death soon became well known.           platoon leader of “I” Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th
Famous for one killing spree in which he              Marines, Second Lieutenant Ramer was ordered
downed 20 enemy planes in six consecutive             to attack and seize hostile positions atop a hill
flying days, First Lieutenant Hanson was              vigorously defended by well-entrenched enemy
commended in the citation accompanying the            forces delivering small arms, mortar, and
Medal of Honor for his bold attack against six        machine gun fire. Fearlessly leading his men up
enemy torpedo bombers 1 November 1943 over            the steep slopes, he boldly continued to
Bougainville Island, and for bringing down four       spearhead the assault although he and the
Zeros while fighting them alone over New              majority of his unit were wounded.           He
Britain on 24 January 1944. It was on this date       personally annihilated one enemy bunker with
that his plane crashed into the sea while he was      grenade and carbine fire and captured the
flying an escort mission over Rabaul, New             objective with his remaining eight men. Unable
Britain. First      Lieutenant    Hanson     was      to hold the position against an immediate,
posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal          overwhelming counter attack he ordered his
of Honor.                                             group to withdraw and single handedly fought
                                                      the enemy to furnish cover for his men and the
CANNON FIELD                                          evacuation of three fatally wounded Marines.
First Lieutenant George H. Cannon, USMC               Severely wounded a second time, Second
                                                      Lieutenant Ramer refused aid when his men
                    The athletic field at Camp        returned to help him and, after ordering them to
                    Barrett was named for             seek shelter, courageously manned his post until
                    George ham Cannon. He was         his position was overrun and he fell mortally
                    born on 5 November 1915, in       wounded.       Second Lieutenant Ramer was
                    St. Louis, Missouri. He was       posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal
                    commissioned in the Marine        of Honor.
                    Corps and graduated from
                    the Basic School with the         ANDERSON HALL
                    class of 1938.          On 7      Private First Class James Anderson Jr.,
December 1941, First Lieutenant Cannon was            USMC
attached to the Sixth Defense Battalion, Fleet
Marine Force, at Midway Island. He was                                    Anderson Hall is one of the
commander of “H” battery and was at the                                   two     Bachelor     Enlisted
command post when he was mortally wounded                                 quarters located within
by enemy shellfire. He refused to be evacuated                            Camp Barrett. It was
from his post until after his men, who had been                           dedicated       to     James
wounded by the same shell, were evacuated. He                             Anderson Jr. on 13 January
directed the reorganization of this command                               1970.     He     holds    the
post, and he died from loss of blood as a result of                       distinction of being the first
his utter disregard for his own condition. For                            Marine African-American to
distinguished conduct and extraordinary courage       win the Medal of Honor. He was born on 22
during the attack upon those islands by Japanese      January 1947 in Los Angeles, California. James
forces, Lieutenant Cannon was posthumously            Anderson Jr. was a Private First Class with 2nd
awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.             Platoon, Company F, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines,
                                                      3rd Marine Division on 28 February 1967.
                                                      Company F was advancing in dense jungle
RAMER HALL                                            northwest of Cam Lo in an effort to extract a
Second Lieutenant George H. Ramer, USMC               heavily besieged reconnaissance patrol. Private
                                                      First Class Anderson’s platoon was the lead
                     Ramer Hall, a Combat             element and had advanced only about 200 meters
                     Conditioning      Facility,      when they were brought under extremely intense
                     opened in 1963. It is            enemy small arms and automatic weapons fire.
                     dedicated to George H.           The platoon reacted swiftly, getting on line as
                     Ramer who was awarded            best they could in the thick terrain, and began
                     the Medal of Honor for           returning fire. Private First Class Anderson
                     actions   against  enemy         found himself tightly bunched together with the
other members of the platoon only 20 meters           began to mount his radio operator was wounded
from the enemy position. As the firefight             and First Lieutenant Reasoner immediately
continued, several of the men were wounded by         moved to his side and tended his wounds. When
the deadly enemy assault. Suddenly, an enemy          the radio operator was hit a second time while
grenade landed in the midst of the Marines and        attempting to reach a covered position, First
rolled alongside Private First Class Anderson’s       Lieutenant Reasoner courageously running to his
head. Unhesitatingly and with complete diregard       aid through the grazing machine gun fire fell
for his personal safety, he reached out, grasped      mortally wounded. His indomitable fighting
the grenade, pulled it to his chest and curled        spirit, valiant leadership and unflinching
around it as it when off. Although several            devotion to duty provided the inspiration that
Marines received shrapnel from the grenade, his       was to enable the patrol to complete its mission
body absorbed the major force fo the explosion.       without further casualties. In the face of almost
In this singularly heroic act, Private First Class    certain death he gallantly gave his life in the
Anderson saved his comrades from serious              service of his country. First Lieutenant Reasoner
injury and possible death. His personal heroism,      was posthumously awarded the Congressional
extraordinary valor, and inspirational supreme        Medal of Honor.
self sacrifice reflected great credit upon himself,
the Marine Corps, and upheld the highest              BURKE HALL
traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly    Private First Class Robert C. Burke, USMC
gave his life for his country and was
posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal                               Burk Hall is the Bachelor
of Honor.                                                                  Enlisted Quarters at Camp
                                                                           Barrett. It was finished in
REASONER HALL                                                              1972 and is dedicated to
First Lieutenant Frank S. Reasoner, USMC                                   Robert C. Burke, who was
                                                                           born on 7 November 1949 in
                    Reasoner Hall is a classroom                           Monticello, Illinois. He was
                    facility located within The                            a Private First Class with
                    Basic School that was                                  Company 1, 3rd Battalion,
                    established in 1971. It was       27th Marines, 1 Marine Division (Rein). On 17
                    dedicated to First Lieutenant     May 1968, while on Operation ALLEN
                    Frank S. Reasoner, USMC,          BROOK, Company I was approaching a dry
                    born on 16 September 1937         river bed with a heavily wooded tree line that
                    in Spokane, Washington. He        borders the hamlet of Le Nam (1), when they
served with Company A, 3rd Reconnaissance             suddenly came under intense mortar, rocket
Battalion, 3rd Marine Division in July of 1965.       propelled grenades, automatic weapons and
The reconnaissance patrol led by First Lieutenant     small-arms fire from a large, well concealed
Reasoner had deeply penetrated heavily                enemy force which halted the company's
controlled enemy territory when it came under         advance and wounded several marines. Realizing
extremely heavy fire from an estimated 50 to 100      that key points of resistance had to be eliminated
Viet Cong insurgents. Accompanying the                to allow the units to advance and casualties to be
advance party and the point that consisted of five    evacuated, Pfc. Burke, without hesitation, seized
men, he immediately deployed his men for an           his machinegun and launched a series of 1-man
assault after the Viet Cong had opened fire from      assaults against the fortified emplacements. As
numerous concealed positions. Boldly shouting         he aggressively maneuvered to the edge of the
encouragement, and virtually isolated from the        steep riverbank, he delivered accurate
main body, he organized a base of fire for an         suppressive fire upon several enemy bunkers,
assault on the enemy positions. The slashing fury     which enabled his comrades to advance and
of the Viet Cong machine gun and automatic            move the wounded marines to positions of
weapons fire made it impossible for the main          relative safety. As he continued his combative
body to move forward. Repeatedly exposing             actions, he located an opposing automatic
himself to the devastating attack he skillfully       weapons emplacement and poured intense fire
provided covering fire, killing at least two Viet     into the position, killing 3 North Vietnamese
Cong and effectively silencing an automatic           soldiers as they attempted to flee. Pfc. Burke
weapons position in a valiant attempt to effect       then fearlessly moved from one position to
evacuation of a wounded man. As casualties            another, quelling the hostile fire until his weapon
malfunctioned. Obtaining a casualty's rifle and      intense machinegun fire, causing the enemy to
hand grenades, he advanced further into the          retreat through the defensive wire to positions of
midst of the enemy fire in an assault against        cover. In a desperate attempt to silence his
another pocket of resistance, killing 2 more of      weapon, the North Vietnamese threw hand
the enemy. Observing that a fellow marine had        grenades and directed recoilless rifle fire against
cleared his malfunctioning machinegun he             him, inflicting two additional wounds. Too
grasped his weapon and moved into a                  weak to reload his machinegun, Corporal Maxam
dangerously exposed area and saturated the           fell to a prone position and valiantly continued to
hostile tree line until he fell mortally wounded.    deliver effective fire with his rifle. After 1-1/2
Pfc. Burke's gallant actions upheld the highest      hours, during which fragments from exploding
traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S.          grenades and concentrated small-arms fire hit
Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his    him repeatedly, he succumbed to his wounds,
country. Private First Class Burke was               having successfully defended nearly half of the
posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal         perimeter single-handedly. Corporal Maxam’s
of Honor.                                            aggressive fighting spirit, inspiring valor and
                                                     selfless devotion to his duty reflected great credit
MAXAM HALL                                           upon himself and the Marine Corps and upheld
Corporal Lawrence L. Maxam, USMC                     the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.
                                                     Corporal Maxam was posthumously awarded the
                    Maxam Hall is a dining           Congressional Medal of Honor.
                    facility for the enlisted
                    Marines at Camp Barrett that     GRAVES HALL
                    was built in 1973. It is named   Second Lieutenant Terrence C. Graves,
                    for     Corporal     Lawrence    USMC
                    Leonard Maxam, who was
                    born in Glendale California on                      Graves Hall is one of two
                    9 January 1948. He served                           Bachelor Officer quarters built
with Company D, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines, 3rd                         at Camp Barrett and was
Marine Division (Rein). On 2 February 1968,                             dedicated       to      Second
the Cam Lo District Headquarters came under                             Lieutenant Terrence Collinson
extremely heavy rocket, artillery, mortar, and                          Graves on 26 October 1973.
recoilless rifle fire from a numerically superior                       Second Lieutenant Graves was
enemy force, destroying a portion of the                                born on 6 July 1945 in Corpus
defensive perimeter.           Corporal Maxam,       Christi, Texas. He was commissioned a Second
observing the enemy massing for an assault into      Lieutenant in 1967 and upon graduation from
the compound across the remaining defensive          The Basic School, began duty with 3rd Force
wire, instructed his assistant fire team leader to   Reconnaissance Company, 3rd Marine Division.
take charge of the fire team and unhesitatingly      On 16 February 1968, while on a long-range
proceeded to the weakened section of the             reconnaissance mission, Second Lieutenant
perimeter.       Completely exposed to the           Graves eight-man patrol observed seven enemy
concentrated enemy fire, he sustained multiple       soldiers approaching their position. Reacting
fragmentation wounds from exploding grenades         instantly, he deployed his men and directed their
as he ran to an abandoned machine gun position.      fire on the approaching enemy. After the fire
Reaching the emplacement, he grasped the             had ceased, he and two patrol members
machinegun and commenced to deliver effective        commenced a search of the area, and suddenly
fire on the advancing enemy. As the enemy            came under a heavy volume of hostile small
directed maximum firepower against the               arms and automatic weapons fire from a
determined Marine, Corporal Maxam’s position         numerically superior enemy force. When one of
received a direct hit from a rocket propelled        his men was hit by enemy fire, Second
grenade, knocking him backwards and inflicting       Lieutenant Graves moved through the fire-swept
severe fragmentation wounds to his face and          area to his radio and, while directing suppressive
right eye. Although momentarily stunned and in       fore from his men, requested air support and
intense pain, Corporal Maxam courageously            adjusted a heavy volume of artillery and
resumed his firing position and subsequently was     helicopter gunship fire upon the enemy. After
struck again by small-arms fire. With resolute       attending the wounded, Second Lieutenant
determination, he gallantly continued to deliver     Graves, accompanied by another Marine, moved
from his relatively safe position to confirm the    intense hostile fire, Hospital Corpsman Second
results of the earlier engagement. Observing that   Class Ray moved from parapet to parapet,
several of the enemy was still alive, he launched   rendering emergency medical treatment to the
a determined assault, eliminating the remaining     wounded. Although seriously wounded himself
enemy troops. He then began moving the patrol       while administering first aid to a Marine
to a landing zone for extraction, when the unit     casualty, he refused medical aid and continued
again came under intense fire, which wounded        his lifesaving efforts. While he was bandaging
two more Marines and Second Lieutenant              and attempting to comfort another wounded
Graves. Refusing medical attention, he once         Marine, Hospital Corpsman Second Class Ray
more adjusted air strikes and artillery fire upon   was forced to battle two enemy soldiers who
the enemy while directing the fire of his men.      attacked his position, personally killing one and
He led his men to a new landing site into which     wounding the other. Rapidly losing his strength
he skillfully guided the incoming aircraft and      as a result of his severe wounds, he nonetheless
boarded his men while remaining exposed to the      managed to move through the hail of enemy fire
hostile fire. Realizing that one of the wounded     to other casualties. Once again, he was faced
had not embarked; he directed the aircraft to       with the intense fire of oncoming enemy troops
depart and, along with another Marine, moved to     and, despite the grave personal danger and
the side of the casualty. Confronted with a         insurmountable odds, succeeded in treating the
shortage of ammunition, Second Lieutenant           wounded and holding off the enemy until he ran
Graves utilized supporting arms and directed fire   out of ammunition, at which time he sustained
until a second helicopter arrived. At this point,   fatal wounds. Petty Officer Ray's final act of
the volume of enemy fire intensified, hitting the   heroism was to protect the patient he was
helicopter and causing it to crash shortly after    treating. He threw himself upon the wounded
liftoff.    All aboard were killed.        Second   Marine, thus saving the man's life when an
Lieutenant Graves’ outstanding courage, superb      enemy grenade exploded nearby. Through his
leadership and indomitable fighting spirit          determined and preserving actions, courageous
throughout the day were in keeping with the         spirit, and loyalty to the welfare of his Marine
highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the      comrades, he served to inspire the men of
U.S. Naval Service. Second Lieutenant Graves        Battery D to heroic efforts in defeating the
was posthumously awarded the Congressional          enemy. His conduct throughout was in keeping
Medal of Honor.                                     with the highest traditions of the United States
                                                    Naval Service. Petty Officer Ray was
RAY HALL                                            posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal
Hospital Corpsman Second Class David R.             of Honor
Ray, USN
                                                    MITCHELL HALL
                    Ray Hall is the Basic           First Lieutenant Frank N. Mitchell, USMC
                    School’s Medical and Dental
                    facility. It was completed in                      The Infantry Officer Course,
                    1987 and was dedicated to                          the occupational school for
                    David Robert Ray, born in 14                       professional infantrymen, is
                    February        1945       in                      located within Mitchell Hall.
                    McMinville,        Tennessee.                      Mitchell Hall was dedicated
                    David Ray was a Hospital                           to Frank N. Mitchell in
Corpsman Second Class, U.S. Navy, and served                           December of 1989. First
with 2nd Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine                           Lieutenant Mitchell was born
Division (Rein). On 19 March 1969 at Phu Loc        on 18 August 1921 at Indian Gap, Texas, and
6, near An Hoa, during the early morning hours,     enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1939. He was
an estimated battalion-sized enemy force            commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1945,
launched a determined assault against the           following World War II service aboard the
battery’s position and succeeded in effecting a     aircraft carrier USS Enterprise at Wake Island.
penetration of the barbed-wire perimeter. The       First Lieutenant Mitchell was a member of
initial burst of enemy fire caused numerous         Company A, First Battalion, Seventh Marines,
casualties among the Marines who had                First Marine Division (Reinforced), when he
immediately manned their howitzers during the       came in contact with enemy aggressor forces in
rocket and mortar attack. Undaunted by the          Korea on 26 November 1950. Leading his
platoon in point position during a patrol by his    born on 20 January 1963 in Havana, Cuba and
company through a thickly wooded and snow-          enlisted in the Marine Corps at age seventeen.
covered area in the vicinity of Hasan-ni, First     While on duty with First Platoon, Golf
Lieutenant Mitchell acted immediately when the      Company, Battalion Landing Team 2/8, Landing
enemy suddenly opened fire at point-blank           force SIXTH Fleet 1-84, during operation ashore
range, pinning down his forward elements and        on 4 December 1983, Sergeant Cox was on his
inflicting numerous casualties in his ranks.        second deployment to Beirut,
Boldly dashing to the front under blistering fire   Lebanon. At this time, Sergeant Cox’s reinforced
from automatic weapons and small arms, he           squad, while manning an outpost forward of U.S.
seized an automatic rifle from one of the           lines, came under intense small arms and heavy
wounded men and effectively trained it against      machine gun fire in the early evening hours. He
the attackers and, when his ammunition was          calmly ignored hostile rounds as he crossed a fire
expended, picked up and hurled grenades with        swept street to join some of his men at an
deadly accuracy, at the same time directing and     observation post. Quickly establishing his
encouraging his men in driving the                  presence and rallying his men, Sergeant Cox
outnumbering enemy from his position.               directed his organic weapons, called for and
Maneuvering to set up a defense when the enemy      adjusted mortar fire on hostile positions with
furiously counterattacked to the front and left     telling effect. Sergeant Cox continued to report
flank, First Lieutenant Mitchell, despite wounds    hostile emplacements, adjust mortar fire, and
sustained early in the action, reorganized his      direct his organic weapons for the next three
platoon under devastating fire and spearheaded a    hours while under small arms, rocket propelled
fierce hand-to-hand struggle to repulse the         grenade, heavy machine gun, and mortar fire.
onslaught. Asking for volunteers to assist in       While adjusting fire onto a hostile mortar
searching for and evacuating the wounded, he        position, he was killed instantly when a 120mm
personally led a party of litter bearers through    mortar struck his observation post. Sergeant
the hostile lines in growing darkness and,          Cox’s bravery, unrelenting perseverance, and
although suffering intense pain from multiple       steadfast devotion to duty under fire reflected
wounds stormed ahead and waged a single-            great credit upon himself and upheld the highest
handed battle against the enemy, successfully       traditions of the Marine Corps and the United
covering the withdrawal of his men before he        States Naval Service. Sergeant Cox was
was fatally struck down by a burst of small-arms    posthumously awarded the Bronze Star Medal.
fire. First Lieutenant Mitchell’s extraordinary
heroism saved the lives of several Marines and
inflicted heavy casualties among the aggressors.
His unyielding courage throughout reflects the
highest credit upon himself and the United States
Naval Service. First Lieutenant Mitchell was
posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal
of Honor.

Sergeant Manuel A Cox, USMC

                     The Instructor Battalion
                    Headquarters Building was
                    dedicated    to   Sergeant
                    Manuel A. Cox on 7 June
                    2000. Sergeant Cox was
                                                     THE BASIC SCHOOL
                                   Welcome to TBS! First, a brief note
             Company M             about this guide and necessary
          The Basic School         disclaimer information  must     be
  Training and Education Command   presented.
   Quantico, Virginia 22134-5019
    M Co Office (703) 432-6494     The enclosed information has been
     OOD (703) 784-5206/5207       gathered by students, with incoming
                                   students’ needs in mind. It is important
                                   to note that neither the Marine Corps nor
                                   TBS necessarily support the suggestions
                                   in this guide. It is possible that you will
                                   be able to find things cheaper, quicker,
                                   or of better quality from locations not

                                   Mike Company

                                   Mike Company is the transition
                                   company at TBS. You will be in Mike
                                   Company before you begin training with
                                   a company, after you graduate TBS, if
                                   there is a delay in your transition to your
                                   MOS school, and if you are injured or
dropped for any other reason.               in Mike Company you will be assigned a
Information about Mike Company is           temporary room, in Company M spaces.
best explained in the TBS Welcome           When you begin training with a
Aboard Packet. Make Sure that you           company you will be assigned a
read the Welcome Aboard Packet to           permanent room, in your company
learn about various TBS policies.           spaces.
Don’t be the Lieutenant who has to
explain that he or she didn’t know          Parking
because he or she didn’t read the           All students assigned to TBS must
package.                                    obtain a TBS parking sticker from the S-
                                            4 office, Heywood Hall Room 207.
It is recommended that you take care of     There are two parking lots authorized for
the following items prior to picking up     TBS students to park in; The Parade
with a training company:                    Deck, and the Graves / O’Bannon
          Purchase     utility uniforms,   parking (no “brown baggers”). The
            nametapes and have them         following areas are not authorized for
            sewn on your utilities.         parking:
          DOD vehicle registration                  Spaces marked “reserved” in
          Familiarize yourself with E-                 black w/ white lettering on
            Course, PFT Course         (3               the ground
            person Minimum)                          Spaces      marked with red
          Read Warfighting MCDP 1                      company billet signs
          Take care of Personal /                   Any      area roped off or
            Financial / Legal issues                    blocked         by       traffic
          Get in Shape (PFT-1 week                     cones/barriers
            of In-Processing! 1 Class                Side of any road
            PFT is required to begin                 Grass
            training)                                Marine       Federal customer
                                                        parking areas
Getting Settled                             As a rule, most reserved parking spaces
                                            are in the rows closest to the buildings or
Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ)             facing MCB-3 (facing the armory and
The BOQ consists of rooms in Graves         instructor battalion). It may be tempting,
and O’Bannon Halls where most               but do not create parking spaces in
students will reside while at TBS.          parking aisles or at the ends of parking
Married students who are accompanied        rows. Parking in the BOQ lot may be
by their spouses will find other housing,   further limited by construction; so be
however, when in training they will be      prepared to park on the Parade Deck.
assigned a BOQ room as a “Brown             “Brown baggers” must park on the
Bagger.” “Brown Baggers” will be            parade deck.         Students are NOT
using their BOQ to store 782 gear and       AUTHORIZED to park in the staff
uniforms as needed and may stay in the      parking lot (across the street from IOC
BOQ during various training evolutions.     on Chosin Road). Just as with the BOQ
The students can expect to have at least    parking lot, do not create parking spaces
two permanent students per room and         in parking aisles or at the ends of
potentially one “Brown Bagger.” While       parking rows!
                                             military contract with Camp Barrett.
Parking violators can expect one or more     There is no installation fee and for about
of the following actions:                    $20 a month the service includes: room-
           An “interview” with the Mike     to-room calling (dial the last 4 digits of
        Company Commander                    any BOQ room phone number), phone
           An “interview” with the TBS      security code, call waiting, 3-way
        Executive Officer                    calling, and voicemail. Sprint also offers
           Having your vehicle towed at     a one-rate long-distance calling plan at
        your expense                         $4 a month and 10 cents a minute. Other
           Having      your      parking    companies may offer better deals on
        privileges revoked                   local service or long distance calls;
                                             however, you may find it difficult to use
Bicycles                                     those services because of the Sprint
All personnel who ride bicycles on MCB       contract. If you use cellular service,
Quantico and Camp Barrett must wear          expect calls to be disrupted when on
safety helmets every time they ride.         base. Also, while driving on base and in
Riders must also wear reflective gear        the local area, it is against the law to talk
when riding prior to colors in the           on the phone while driving, unless you
morning and after colors in the evening,     are using a hands-free device.
or during periods of reduced visibility or
low-light levels.                            Numbers for Telephone/Cellular /Cable
Running                                          Sprint PCS
While aboard Quantico, PT is an                                 (800) 480-4727
important part of life. Base regulations         Verizon
require that you run facing traffic. Also,                      (800) 483-4400
reflective belts are mandatory when              AT&T
running before morning colors and after                         (800) 893-2018
evening colors, during periods of                Comcast Cable
reduced visibility or low-light levels.                         (703) 730-2225
                                                 Comcast Internet
Telephone/Cellular/Cable Service                                (877) 637-3126
You will need a phone at TBS, even
while in Mike Company! It is very
important that you get service hooked up
as soon as possible so that Mike
Company can add you to the recall roster
(sometimes word is passed via phone).

Note: When you pick up with a training
company, cancel your Mike Company
phone when you move so that the next
resident can hook up phone service.

All students use Sprint for local and long
distance service because Sprint has a
Laundry                                      information        for      condominiums,
Laundry facilities are located in the        townhouses, and houses.               Most
southeast corner of every floor of Graves    apartment complexes are aware of how
Hall and on the second deck of the           much BAH the average lieutenant
service wing in O’Bannon Hall. Check         receives, and some have found that
the washer/dryer you intend to use           rental prices in the Stafford area can be
before you load it because some              $50-75 more than the average BAH.
machines are in need of repair (i.e. dryer   1.      Don’t stretch yourself out
does not heat up or spin; washer does not        financially; take time to shop around.
rinse or spin). If you must remove               Even if you need to look in
someone else’s laundry from a machine            Fredericksburg or Woodbridge, find
in order to use it, please use common            a place your household can afford.
courtesy; don’t take damp laundry out of     2.      Just as with base housing, list
dryers. If you leave your clothes in a           everything that needs repair or looks
laundry room for more than 24 hours,             unusual.
the BOQ office will pick up your             3.      When renting out in town,
laundry.     Also, because of weekly             pictures     become       even    more
inspections, any laundry left in a laundry       important because you may need to
room on Thursday evening will be                 refer to them when it comes time to
collected as well.                               move out.
                                             4.      Inform your property manager of
Getting Settled with Dependents                  any     discrepancies      you    find,
                                                 document who you spoke to, what
Base housing                                     you told them, and date everything.
Base housing is assigned according to        5.      Keep your list of discrepancies
pay-grade and number of family                   and corresponding pictures in a safe
members. Second Lieutenants reporting            place.
to TBS can expect to wait approximately      6.      If    your      lease    agreement
14-30 days for base housing depending            guarantees special services such as
upon availability.    Lincoln Property           dishwasher, washer/dryer or air
Office operates base housing on                  conditioning repair, document any
Quantico.    They are located inside             dysfunction of those services that the
building # 3049 next to the 7-day store,         property management did not repair
and can be contacted at (703) 630-0343.          in a timely manner.
                                             7.      Once you’ve paid for those
Off-Base Housing                                 services, you may be entitled to
Off-base housing is only authorized for          some discount/compensation for the
TBS students who have dependents                 lack of service.
living in the vicinity of Quantico,
Virginia. Incoming personnel should          The biggest challenge students have with
report to this office prior to               off-base housing is getting their security
renting/purchasing in the civilian           deposits back when they move out. It’s
community. You will receive helpful          a good idea to have the unit
information on all types of off-base         professionally cleaned before you move
housing to include a list of approved and    (i.e. carpets/drapes) and keep receipts for
non-approved apartment complexes,            any cleaning service or repairs you have
mobile home parks, and rental/purchase
paid. If your property manager denies        needs. Base school assignments are
you the security deposit refund, request     determined by the base housing location
an itemized list of the discrepancies you    you live in and the child’s level of
are being charged for and compare it         education. If you live out in town, call
with your receipts and personal move in      the school board in your area or try some
list. This is the best way to ensure that    of the web sites listed below. Some web
you are not being charged for problems       sites include information such as school
that are not your fault. Your property       directories, bus schedules, event
manager is required to provide the list to   calendars, and cafeteria menus.
you within 24 hours of your request. If
you have any problems getting a list of         Numbers for Childcare/ Schools:
questionable charges, contact base legal         MCB         Quantico        Child
for assistance.                                   Development Center (703) 784-
                                                 Child    and Youth Services
                                                  Program                (703) 784-
Numbers for Base/Off-Base Housing:                2165
   Family Housing Office (Base                  Childcare Network
     Housing)      (703)   784-2711                              (703) 784-2299
     ext. 4                                      Amhurst Elementary, K-3
   Family Housing Office (Off-                                  (703) 221-4108
     Base Housing) (703)   784-2711              Burrows Elementary, pre-K, 4-5
     ext. 1                                                      (703) 640-6118
   Housing Maintenance Office                   Russell Elementary, K-3
                   (703)   784-2711                              (703) 221-4161
     ext. 2                                      Quantico Middle/High School, 6-
   Base Legal                                    12             (703) 221-9775
                   (703) 784-3122                Spotsylvania County Schools

MCB Quantico Child Development                      .us
Center is the main childcare provider for          Prince William County Schools
families living on base. They provide                   
full-time, part-time/pre-school, and               Stafford County Schools
hourly care:
     Full-time care          Monday-            
        Friday 0630-1730                            Stafford
     Part-time/Pre-school Monday-
        Friday 0900-1130                     Becoming      Familiar    with     MCB
     Hourly care             Monday-        Quantico
        Friday 0800-1600
                                             Two of the greatest concerns spouses
Be sure to visit a number of childcare       have with TBS are (1) becoming familiar
providers before you choose the one that     with TBS/MCB Quantico and (2)
is best for your family. You want to be      finding employment in the Quantico
sure that the facilities are clean, have     area. Take time to show your family
convenient hours, and meet your child’s
around The Basic School-especially the               services offered. For more
Hansen Room and the Green Carpet                     information call (703) 784-2014.
Area-where spouse/family functions will              Barber Gym is open:
be held during the course of your                    o      Monday-Friday
training here. It is also a good idea to                                   0430-2200
visit Family Services and the Marine                 o      Saturday
Corps Research Center so your spouse                                       0800-2000
can become better acquainted with                    o      Sunday
Quantico and find employment of                                            0900-1900
enjoyable activities in the area.
Physical Fitness
    Ramer Hall located at TBS – The          Direct Deposit is not an option! If you
      Ramer Hall facility includes a          have not done this already, it should be
      basketball court, various cardio        one of your first priorities.          The
      machines, indoor ropes, an              Consolidated Admin Center (CAC) on
      indoor swimming pool and                the second deck of Heywood Hall will
      weight rooms.                           assist you in starting direct deposit.
      o       Monday-Friday                   MYPAY accounts will be required for
                            0600-2000         all Marines. You can access mypay and
      o       Monday/Wednesday/Frid           request account access through
          ay         0600-0730    (lap
          swim only)
      o       Monday-Friday                   Camp Barrett ATM Locations
                            1100-1300            Marine Federal Credit Union; S-
          (lap swim only)                          116 O’Bannon Hall
                                                 Bank Of America; in vending
      Weapons Training Battalion                  area near Hansen Room
       Gym- This Gym has a good
       assortment of weights and              Navy Mutual Aid Association Loan
       machines. It is close to Camp          This $5,000, 1.5% career starter loan is
       Barrett and is generally not           conditional on an agreement for you to
       crowded. Also, it is open 24           purchase life insurance through NMAA.
       hours a day.                           The NMAA insurance has the same
      Barber    Gym      (located      on    terms as the SGLI insurance and is
       Mainside across from PMO)              generally perceived to be a good deal.
       Barber Gym has basketball
       courts,     volleyball       courts,   Postal Services
       racquetball     courts,     aerobic
       rooms, a circuit weight room and       Your address at TBS is:
       a free weight room. It has a                  2ndLt Your Name
       decent number of treadmills,                  Your Company, TBS
       bikes,    various       Stairmaster           24164 Belleau Ave
       machines, and other cardio                    Quantico, VA 22134
       equipment. There is also a wide
       range of classes and other             Civilian PO Box
A PO Box is a great idea. With a            for base programs, financial counseling,
mailbox you will be able to check your      car buying seminars, and relocation
mail anytime you want and delivery          assistance. The Family Service Center
times are generally quicker than mail       also has a career resource office that
through TBS.                                provides    a     spouse    employment
                                            assistance program.         For more
Uniforms / Accessories                      information call (703) 784-2650 or 784-
TBS PX Uniform Shop
Located below the PX on Camp Barrett,
                                                  Hansen Room (located in
the PX is a good choice for purchasing
                                                   O’Bannon Hall)
uniforms. Their prices are generally less
                                                   o Breakfast Monday-Friday
expensive than the Marine Shop, and
their Camp Barrett location is very
accommodating. Additionally, the PX
                                                   o Lunch      Monday-Friday
offers the Deferred Payment Plan (DPP)
for purchasing uniform items. Under the
uniform DPP plan, you can borrow up to
                                                   o Dinner     Monday-Friday
$3,000 interest free for 12 months to pay
for uniforms purchased through the
Marine Corps Exchange. For more
information call (703) 640-8820.
                                                             Maxam Chow Hall
Hours of Operation:
                                                   (located near the Garrisonville
        o      Monday-Friday
                                                   o Brunch      Saturday       &
        o      Saturday
                                                       Sunday           1000-1200
                                                   o Dinner      Saturday       &
The Marine Shop
                                                       Sunday           1600-1700
Located in Q-Town, the Marine Shop is
also a good place to purchase uniforms.
For more information call (703) 640-
                                                  Robin Hood Snack Bar (located
7195. The Marine Shop hours are as
                                                   above Hawkins Room)
                                                   o Monday-Friday
       o      Monday
       o      Tuesday – Friday
                                                  The Commissary (located on
                  o Saturday
                                                   o Monday
                                                   o Tuesday-Friday
                                                   o Saturday & Sunday
The Family Service Center
Located in the basement of Little Hall
and they provide information / referrals
   The Hawkins Room (located in
    the Green Carpet area)
    o Monday-Thursday
    o Friday
    o Wednesday

   TBS PX (located above the TBS
    uniform shop and across from
    Motor T)
    o Monday-Friday
    o Saturday
    o Sunday

   Domino’s Delivery
                  (540) 720-3030
   Hunan Chef Delivery
                  (540) 720-7777
   Pizza Hut Delivery:
                  (540) 659-8111
   Papa John’s Delivery:
                  (540) 657-1200
Preparation for Training                     The Scholar Ship is the best place to get
                                             your Platoon Commander’s Notebook
Necessary Supplies                           laminated. For about $38.00 you can
For the most part, students will receive     trade your original Plt. Cmdr notebook
all vital academic materials through their   for a laminated one. The Scholar Ship
publication issue. There are, however,       has five paragraph templates, protractors
additional items that will have to be        and other supplies. The Scholar Ship is
purchased.                                   located in the south end of the Aquia
      Three 3-inch binders (black or
                                             Shopping Center off of Route 1 and 610
         white only)                         (Garrisonville Road).
      One 1-inch black binder (black
         or white only)                      Transportation
      Cold weather PT gear - green
         sweats with black EGA logo          Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) Base
      Warm weather PT gear - green          Registration
         shorts and green t-shirt            To register POVs aboard MCB
                                             Quantico, you must have:
On occasion, students may be required        1.      The     appropriate      insurance
to type various documents and/or                coverage.
projects for the Company. If one has the     2.      If the vehicle is registered in the
means, a computer is certain to make            state of Virginia, you must have a
life easier.     Should you decide to           current safety inspection sticker
purchase a computer of your own, two            before a DOD decal can be obtained.
closely located computer stores are:         3.      DOD decals are available
     CompUSA          Potomac Mills            through Vehicle Registration at
                       (703) 492-6262           Security Battalion in building 2043.
     Gateway          Potomac Mills            For more information call PMO at
                       (703) 583-7102           (703) 784-2800.

Students may also wish to purchase the       If the vehicle is registered in your name
following additional items:                  only, license plates from your home
     A good military map protractor         state, or state where you were previously
     Various cold weather items –           stationed, are valid until they expire.
       hand warmers, etc.                    Once expired, you must obtain license
     Mapping pens                           plates from the state of Virginia or
     Camouflage paint                       renew those from your home state. A
     Waterproof notepads                    vehicle registered in your spouse’s name
     Binoculars or monocular for use        must have Virginia plates within 30 days
       on the rifle range (optional)         after arrival; if you and your spouse
                                             reside off base.
It is also recommended that you laminate
your Platoon Commander’s Guide Book
and Quantico Maps. The lamination of         Driver’s License
all maps is not recommended, as some of      You may operate a vehicle with a valid
the maps will only be used in the            driver’s license issued either by the state
classroom. Many students believe that        in which your vehicle is registered or by
the state of Virginia. Family members       If there are injuries, attend to them and
also may operate a vehicle with a valid     call 911. If you are involved in a non-
driver’s license issued by the state they   injury, automobile accident on base, call
are from, unless they begin working in      (703) 784-2251 for PMO.
Virginia; then they have 30 days to
obtain a Virginia driver’s license.         Taxi Services:
                                            Blue Night Limousine          (703) 730-
Motorcycle Policies on Base                 2190 Stafford Taxi            (540) 659-
Operators of motorcycles, mopeds,           7070
scooters, and ATV’s must meet the           Dale City Taxi                (703) 494-
requirements for registration of motor      7007 Brenda’s Taxi            (540) 659-
vehicles and must have a valid driver’s     3295
license. If the individual has other than   Yellow Cab                    (703) 640-
a Virginia driver’s license, they must      6464
have a valid driver’s license with the
endorsement      indicating    that   the   Traffic Management Office (TMO)
individual is qualified to operate a        TMO is a personal property processing
motorcycle. Regardless of age or rank,      office that provides technical assistance
all personnel must complete a               and transportation support to MCB
motorcycle safety course prior to           Quantico. TMO is located in building
obtaining a permanent motorcycle base       2009 Zeilen Rd, Suite 2 (2 nd deck next to
decal. Riders and passengers must wear      the Cash Sales building). The Personal
helmets and adequate protective clothing    Property section (household goods) can
when riding a motorcycle. Regulations       be contacted at (703) 784-2831/32/33,
require motorcycles to have headlights      passenger section at (703) 784-2835/36,
on at all times and riders to wear retro-   and Shipping and Receiving at (703)
reflective vests. All safety equipment is   784-2674.
sold at the USMC PX.
                                            Note: Ft. Belvoir is a joint personal
DMV Locations                               property shipping office.     It is the
                                            world’s largest personal property
Woodbridge                                  shipping office. To arrange a delivery,
Located at 14008 Smoketown Road and         inquire about a shipment, or request
is open Monday-Friday from 0830-1730        storage, call (703) 806-4900.
and on Saturday from 0830-1230. Call
(703)    670-8134    for    additional

Located at 385 Garrisonville Road, Suite
105, and is open Monday-Friday from
0830-1730 and Saturday on 0830-1230.
Call (703) 659-7867.

On Base Automobile Accidents
   Medical and Dental                              Walter Reed Army Hospital
                                                                 (202) 782-3501
    Camp Barrett/MCB Quantico
    The Athletic Training Room (ATR) is      Leisure
located on the first deck of O’Bannon Hall   The Clubs at Quantico on Mainside is a
across from the BOQ Office. Sick call        tri-club containing the Enlisted Club,
hours at the ATR are from 0600-1100 and      Officers’ Club, and SNCO Club. They
1300-1430. For more information, call 784-   share a restaurant called the Marathon.
6558.                                        Officers’ Club dues are $13.00 per
                                             month, which covers the Hawkins Room
   Ray Hall, the TBS Medical and Dental      as well as Mainside. You are not
   Clinic, is open from 0730-1600 Monday     required to pay dues and become a
   through Friday. For the medical clinic    member while at TBS, but it is
   call (703) 784-5541, and for the dental   encouraged. For reservations, call (703)
   clinic call (703) 784-5352. Sick call     784-4264/62.
   hours for medical are from 0615-0900           Hawkins Room hours are:
   M-F and from 1200-1430.                         Monday-Thursday
   (Ray Hall is closed Thursday afternoons                         1700-2300
   due to field-day activities).                   Friday
   Note: Schedule medical and dental               Wednesday-Wing Night
   appointments through your chain of                              1630-1830
   command.                                        Friday-Free Munchies
   For appointment scheduling and the        Current Information/Libraries
   Tricare Health Care finder, call 1-888-   Each company (including M Co) has
   999-5195.     For the Tricare Advice      their own Company and Platoon read
   Nurse, call 1-800-308-3518. Also, for     boards.     Information pertaining to
   more information on Tricare, visit the    Company schedules, MOS descriptions,
   Lifelines            website         at   and other topics of interest will be and look     posted on the read boards. Policy letters
   for the medical links.                    regarding current issues are also posted
                                             periodically. Be sure to read them as the
   Area Hospitals                            information may pertain to a situation of
   There are no emergency medical            your own. Some examples of recent
   facilities aboard MCB Quantico. Phone     topics are Fraternization, Pre-Existing
   numbers for local area hospitals are:     Relationships, and Profanity.
        Potomac Emergency Room
                         (703) 670-1313
        Mary Washington Hospital
                         (540) 899-1100
        Dewitt      Army Hospital, Ft.      The Internet also provides useful
            Belvoir      (703) 805-0510      information on MOS descriptions,
        National Navy Medical Center,       Company schedules, TBS highlights and
            Bethesda     (301) 295-4611      plenty of other topics of interest.
      Marine Corps Home Page             TBS has a library located in O’Bannon
                    Hall. In addition to a fine selection of
      TBS Home Page                      professional literature, there are multiple
                                          copies of many of the books that you
                will be required to read as a TBS
      Marine Corps University            student.

      My Pay

      Marine Online


The Gray Research Center
The Gray Research Center is located at
2040 Broadway Street, just a few blocks
from Quantico Town.          The Gray
Research Center has several computers
with Internet access, professional
references, and a Family Library. The
Family Library offers a variety of
popular fiction and non-fiction books,
references and audio books. The Family
Library also has a Mother Goose
program that consists of story time,
songs, and puppets. Mother Goose times
are Thursdays at 1000 and Fridays at
0930 and 1030. For more information
call (703) 784-4353 or 784-4409. The
Gray Research Center’s hours are:
            Monday – Thursday

             Friday

             Saturday

             Sunday

                                                 f.   Squad leaders are responsible
 BOQ ROOM                                             for the passageways within
                                                      their respective squad billeting

STANDARDS                                             areas as is the Student Platoon
                                                      Commander for the platoon
1.   General Guidance. A unit’s morale and
     proficiency are judged in part by           g.   Blinds will be dust-free, clean,
     appearance of its area. The company              and open at ½ mast. On
     area will be kept neat and policed at all        certain occasions, which will
     times.                                           be announced, all blinds will
                                                      be lowered all the way and
2.   Specific Guidance. The intent is for the         closed.
     officer student to be allowed the
     maximum comfort level, which is             h.   Ensure AC/Heater units are
     consistent with good order and                   left on low speed at all times to
     discipline. High standards of                    prevent mold build up during
     cleanliness will be maintained.                  summer and freezing during
                                                      winter. All windows will be
         a. Rooms and furniture will                  kept closed unless air
                                                      conditioning is nonfunctional.
            be arranged as per                        Outside air vents can be
            Company SOP. Furniture                    opened. Control valves are
            will not be placed in front               located in the air conditioning
            of hatches. FURNITURE                     units.
            IS NOT TO BE
                                                 i.   Hot plates, toasters, toaster
            REMOVED FROM THE                          ovens, and other equipment
            INDIVIDUAL ROOMS-                         with exposed heating
            it is considered part of the              elements are fire hazards
            building. This includes                   and are not allowed. Most
            the refrigerators.                        other electrical devices are
                                                      authorized; however, breakers
                                                      are easily overloaded, so
         b.   Decks will be swept daily,              equipment (to include
              cleaned and swabbed                     computers) should be off when
              regularly. Decks should be              not in use. Surge protectors
              waxed at least once a month             are allowed but extension
              and for all announced formal            cords are not. Antennas will
              room inspections.                       not be extended out the
         c.   Rugs will be kept clean and
              serviceable. They are not to be    j.   Trash cans will be emptied
              glued or affixed to the deck.           daily in the dumpsters around
                                                      the BOQ and cleaned as
         d.   Dust and dirt are NOT to be             needed.
              swept into the passageway nor
              underneath any rugs.               k.   Desks and dressers will be
                                                      dusted, clean, and not
         e.   Racks will be made with sheets          excessively cluttered with
              and blankets tucked in.                 paraphernalia. Items such as
              Personal blankets are to be             toilet articles, shoe and brass
              stowed away during the day.             shining gear or room cleaning
              Racks will be uniform.                  gear should be stowed in
                                                      medicine cabinets, closets or
     drawers. Drawers will be                           UTMOST
     closed; mirrors will be cleaned.                   IMPORTANCE.
                                                        Absolutely no other
l.   Closets will be arranged in                        weapons are
     accordance with Company                            allowed in the
     SOP. Clothes will be stowed                        BOQ.
     neatly.                                        (3) If locked out of a
                                                        room, report to the
m. Muddy boots will be cleaned                          company training
   in cleaning racks outside the                        office. Lost keys
   BOQ. DO NOT clean boots in                           can be replaced at
   the shower, sink, toilet as                          the BOQ office.
   heavy debris may cause                           (4) Deadbolts are not to
   clogging in the plumbing                             be utilized to keep
   system.                                              the doors ajar. This
                                                        damages the doors
n.   Fan cages will be dusted.                          and requires them
o.   Valuables will not be left adrift                  to be replaced at the
     but will be secured in a locked                    occupants expense.
     container.                          r.   Sink area
                                                    (1) Sink clean
p.   Bulkheads may be decorated                     (2) Mirror clean
     with pictures, posters, etc.                   (3) Medicine cabinet
     General good taste and                             squared away
     common sense should govern                     (4) Towels and
     in selection of decorations.                       washcloths hung
     Bulkheads should not appear                        neatly
     excessively cluttered. All                     (5) Water faucets
     decorations should be affixed                      turned completely
     to the walls with tape only.                       off
     (No nails or adhesive tape
     “stick-em” tape picture             s.   Heads
     hangers).                                        (1) Serviceable shower
q.   Security                                         (2) Shower walls and
                                                          shower curtains
            (1) Ensure each room                          free of mildew or
                is locked any time                        soap buildup (A
                it is not occupied.                       white scum will
            (2) WEAPONS WILL                              build up on walls
                BE SECURED                                after awhile- this
                PROPERLY.                                 must be scrubbed
                LOCK                                      off)
                CYLINDERS                             (3) All mops stowed
                REMAIN IN                                 handle down, mop
                RACKS. KEYS                               head up so as to
                SEPARATE.                                 allow drying
                LOST RIFLE                            (4) In, around, and
                RACK KEYS                                 behind commodes
                WILL BE                                   cleaned
                REPORTED                              (5) Fans should never
                IMMEDIATELY                               be unplugged. This
                SO THE ELOCK                              will reduce
                CYLINDERS CAN                             mildewing.
                BE REPLACED.
                This is of
t.   Alcohol and food are allowed
     in the BOQ, but all food must
     be kept in a sealed container or
     a refrigerator.

u.   Do not have anything hanging
     out of windows at any time!
     Drying racks are provided
     outside the BOQ. Keep
     security in mind as you dry
     gear outside.

v.   Maintenance

           (1) If a simple repair is
               needed, tools and
               parts are available
               at the BOQ office
               for “self-help.”
               Light bulbs are also
           (2) Any maintenance,
               which requires
               immediate attention
               or compromises
               safety or sanitation,
               is considered
               These should be
               called in to the
               BOQ during
               working hours or to
               the OOD during
               non-working hours.
           (3) All maintenance
               requests should go
               to your BOQ rep.
               The BOQ rep will
               submit work
               requests to the
               BOQ for action.

w. No pets or plants of any kind
   are authorized in the BOQ.
 ANTICIPATED EXPENSES WHILE AT THE                    USMC sweat shirt, green sweat pants, plain
           BASIC SCHOOL                               white socks,              Co/Plt T-Shirt
The below is a list of anticipated expenses you       And a black knit watch cap. Co/Plt T-shirt may
will encounter while at The Basic School.             be optional
Although only an estimate, it will give you some
idea of the things for which you will need.           5. PROFESSIONAL BOOKS
Meeting personal financial obligations is                                         2 Books
expected of every Marine. Students are also                     $30.00
reminded this is only an estimate based on            PME books do not have to be purchased;
average actual costs of recent companies.             however,                             MCA
                                                      mbrship $23.00/yr
1. COMPANY OPERATIONAL FUND ($50-                     They must be read. Most students choose to buy
$65/MONTH)                                            them.
          $390                                        MCA membership is also optional, but strongly
The fund pays for Mess Night, cruise book,            encouraged.
company                                               It includes a subscription to the Marine Corps
parties, social events, flowers, and miscellaneous    Gazette or
other items.                                          Leatherneck as well as discounts on purchases
An additional note on mess nights is that a           made at the MCA
“personal guest”                                      Bookstore on Mainside.
is the responsibility of the individual who invites
him/her.                                              6. LIVING EXPENSES
Average cost per person is about $40.00.                               Car Payments
2. FOOD                                               (Estimated and may differ for each officer)
                           Non-married                                 Car Insurance
         $200-250/mo                                           $84.00/mo
This figure includes the Hanson Room, Snack
Bar,                       Married                                     Cable TV (Off base)
         $250+/mo                                              $35.00/mo
Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), and moderate
dining out.                                                                       (On base)
This average is obviously dependent on the type                $36-70/mo
of meals eaten.
                                                                        Phone (excluding long
3. UNIFORMS                                           distance)
                           Basic Issue
         $3200.00                                                                (Off base)
Basic issue uniforms will normally be purchased                $80.00/mo
with                       Maintenance
         $60.00/mo                                                               (On base)
a loan plan. The maintenance cost includes                     $20.00/mo
laundry                    Cold Weather
         $83.00                                                        Rent      (Off base)
and dry cleaning, new rank devices, boot polish,               $900.00/mo
etc.                       Haircuts
         $30.00/mo                                                     Electric (Off base)
                           Basic Issue                                  Pet Insurance
         $45.00                                                Varies
Basic issue PT gear will include green shorts,
green                      Running shoes              7. OFFICER’S CLUB DUES
         $35-75+                                                      Dues
                 Tickets (per person)
Annual birthday ball held in November of
                 Hotel room (nightly)
Each year is a mandatory event for the officer
Student. Cost includes tickets, pictures, parking,
Hotel room, and moderate number of drinks.
Families needing baby-sitting services must add
An appropriate amount of money to the total

A large number of small items will be necessary
To meet some of the training requirements to
Some of the items include cammie paint, alcohol
Pens, rolls of electrical tape and duct tape, zip-
Bags, 550 cord, helmet pad, mouth guard, mesh
laundry bag, acetate sheet, notebooks, paper
memo books,
pens, batteries, small flashlight, towels, and wash
All items are available at the Camp Barrett PX,
Base PX
Or the Fort Belvoir military sales exchange.

        Lamination of Plt. Cmdr.’s Notebook

         Map Lamination

         Cold Weather Gear

         (Students in the companies training in
         the winter months often choose to
         purchase their own cold weather

                                                TBS Chaplain
         LIST OF                                5380
                                                                                 (703) 784-

       IMPORTANT                                        MISCELLANEOUS
       TELEPHONE                                           NUMBERS

        NUMBERS                                 Barber Shop, MCX Mall Annex

                                                                                 (703) 640-

Mike Company Office:
                                   (703) 432-   Barber Shop, TBS Annex
6494                                                                             (703) 640-
TBS Officer of the Day, Heywood Hall
                                (703) 784-      The Clubs at Quantico
5206/5207                                                                        (703) 784-
        TBS Medical Clinic, Ray Hall            Hawkins Room
                                 (703) 784-                                      (703) 784-
5541/5542                                       5238

          TBS Dental Clinic, Ray Hall           Marine Corps Exchange, TBS Annex
                                   (703) 784-                                  (703) 640-
5353                                            8819

          Athletic Training Room, O’Bannon      Uniform Shop, MCX Mall Annex
Hall                               (703) 784-                                    (703) 640-
6558                                            8827

          Semper Fit                            Uniform Shop, TBS Annex
                                   (703) 784-                                    (703) 640-
2672                                            8820

        TRI-Care Health Care Finder/Appt        The Marine Shop
Scheduling                       1-888-999-                                      (703) 640-
5196                                            7195
        (Family members)

Military Police                                     CHECKLIST AND INFO FOR
                                   (703) 784-         STUDENT CHECK-IN

Fire Department
                                   (703) 784-
                                                PREPARE TO BE CHALLENGED
Range Control                                   PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND
                                   (703) 784-   EMOTIONALLY.
                                                       Hit the ground running.
                                                       Do not expect a gentlemen’s course
                                                       Arrive in top physical condition
      Work on swimming if you are weak                Dental Records (except OCC’ers; OCS
       (treading water, survival strokes)               will deliver to TBS)
       STUDY AHEAD – every major topic                Orders (Original + 2 copies)
       in the POI can be accessed via the              ANY modifications to original orders
       website at                     DD-214 (“Separation” or “Discharge”
                                                        papers, when applicable for prior
                                                        enlisted Marines)
REPORTING IN:                                          Receipts for travel claims
                                                       Proof of Degree (this can be a letter
      REPORT TO TBS NO LATER                           from the college registrar if the Marine
       THAN 2359 ON THE DAY OF                          doesn't have a diploma or transcript)
       YOUR CHECK IN                                   Married Marines only:
      Park on the Parade Deck. It is located                o Current In-Town Address
       behind Ramer Hall                                     o Previous Dependant Address
      Reporting-In Uniform: Service Alphas                  o Marriage certificates
       (if you do not own a set, check in                    o Children’s birth certificates
       wearing a conservative suit and tie)            SF-86 Hard Copy and on disk (if
      Bring a set of desert and green digital          available) You must possess a
       cammies (WITH REAL nametapes and                 security clearance prior to reporting
       rank of insignia worn properly).                 to TBS.
       If you have any questions on proper
       uniform wearing, refer to:
                http://www.marcorsyscom.usm      TO RELIEVE THE PRESSURE OF
WHERE TO REPORT:                                       If you are UNDER 26 years, complete
                                                        the driver's improvement course:
      Monday - Friday 0700-1630                             o
          o M Company Offices                                    (register here to logon)
                    2nd Deck of                                        Course catalog -->
                       O'Bannon Hall (look                                 Annual & Required
                       for Marine Federal                                  Training Courses -->
                       Credit Union, go to                                 Driver Improvement
                       the 2nd deck, & walk                                Course
                       down the hall)                        o Print the certificate and bring
      Monday - Friday 1630-0659 OR                              to TBS
       weekends                                              o This is required to get your
          o TBS Officer of the Day                               base stickers
              (Heywood Hall)                           GET DIRECT DEPOSIT!!!
                    Find the Iron Mike                 (MANDATORY). If you wait until you
                       ("Follow Me" statue),            get to TBS to sign up for DD, bring:
                       walk in the front                     o Checking Account Number
                       doors, 1st hall on the                o Bank Routing Number
                       left, 1st door on the                 o Do not close out your account
                       right                                     if you have DD with the bank
                                                                 until you arrive at TBS.
                                                 **If possible, Get a military ID
      OQR (except OCC’ers; OCS will             for yourself, your spouse & kids
       deliver to TBS)
      NAVMC 763 (except OCC’ers; OCS
                                                 prior to checking in**
       will deliver to TBS)
      Medical Records (except OCC’ers;
       OCS will deliver to TBS)                  FOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION:
                                                 Make a copy of all forms you are given and keep
     ID Card                                    on file at your room or house.
     Driver's License
     Proof of Insurance
     Registration (if you are driving a POV     UNIFORMS:
      not in your name, you will need a
      notarized letter from the owner                   You are NOT REQUIRED to have any
      authorizing you to operate that POV)               more uniforms than what you already
     Driver's Improvement Course                        have from OCS. There is time in the
      Certificate (if under 26)                          schedule at TBS for uniform fittings. If
     State Inspection Card (if the state the            you want to get a headstart, there are
      POV is registered in requires one)                 two uniform vendors:
     TBS temporary Department of Defense                    o The Marine Shop (located in
      tags will be issued to the entire group                     Q-Town)
      shortly after the company picks up. If                 o MCCS (located at TBS)
      you are going to be in Mike Company                    o Uniform fittings:
      for a long time, you may obtain a                           o Alphas, Charlies, Blues,
      temporary tag from Mainside Provost                             Sword and accessories
      Marshall Office prior to pickup.                       [Ask sales person about using
     POV stickers are issued on                             the interest free Deferred
      Mainside at Little Hall and will                       Payment Plan (DPP) uniform
      no longer be available at PMO.                         option and get your uniforms
     Motorcycles riders MUST wear: Boots,                   now if you are able.]
      pants, gloves, and reflective vest while              Necessary items for TBS:
      onboard military installations, ¾ length                   o Green sweats (sweatshirt
      or longer sleeves are also required when                       with USMC on front, no
      not in uniform.                                                lettering on back)
     DOD stickers for motorcycles require a                     o Green shorts and swim
      motorcycle safety-driving course.                              trunks, whistle, flashlight.

   PET REGISTRATION                                         Ensure your TMO shipment is
                                                             received and unpacked BEFORE
         Personnel residing in Family                       you check in to TBS. Once you
          Housing aboard MCCDC must                          check in, there will be very little
          register all pets with PMO. Pets                   time for this.
          must be insured.

                                                            Recommend bringing $2000 in
  PERSONAL WEAPONS                                           cash for those married Marines’
                                                             move in expenses. This should
                                                             cover the deposit and first months
         Personnel residing in Family                       rent. Note that the deposit is
          Housing aboard MCCDC must                          usually equal to 50-100% the first
          register all weapons with PMO.                     months rent.
         Personnel residing in the BOQ                     Physicals- you must have a current
          must check their personal weapons                  physical.
          into the TBS armory.                              If you have an air contract, you
                                                             must have a current flight physical
                                                             that will not expire during the six
Forms                                                        months you are training at TBS.
    Lt Barrett (Mike Company Student
      Executive Officer)
          o Office: 703-432-6494
    Capt Henderson (Mike Company
      Executive Officer and In-processing
          o Home: 540-548-2424
          o Cell: 540-455-2282
    TBS OOD: 703-784-5206 or 5207

It is essential all officers report to TBS
with the above items in their possession
or that they have completed the above
requirements. Failure to do so may
result in missed training and could also
delay when an officer commences