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					               Loose Produce
                  by the teaspoon or the truckload
                           www.looseproduce.com                                  Loose Produce
                 8th BIRTHDAY EDITION
                     December 2009
 2 Hobbs Ave Como WA 6152 (08) 9474 9100

                 NOW OPEN LATER!!!                                                 MONTHLY
   Monday - Friday                Saturday                 Sunday
   9:00am-6:00pm **            9:00am-5:00pm**             CLOSED                  SPECIALS
                                                                                   ROASTED MIXED NUTS
     CHRISTMAS SHOP HOURS AT                                                          salted & unsalted
                                                                                      Usually $33.00/kg
          LOOSE PRODUCE                                                               Now $25.00/kg
                Monday 21st Dec           9am – 6pm                                GLUTEN FREE CREPES
                Tuesday 22nd Dec          9am – 6pm                                Usually $3.87 per 6 pack
                Wednesday 23rd Dec        9am – 6pm                                 Now $3.00 per pack
                Thursday 24th Dec         9am – 1pm
                Friday 25th Dec           CLOSED                                    BIODYNAMIC JUICE
                Saturday 26th Dec         CLOSED                                   Usually $3.95 per 295ml
                Sunday 27th Dec           CLOSED                                     Now $3.15/295ml
                Monday 28th Dec           CLOSED                                      •     Apple & Pear
                Tuesday 29th Dec          9am – 6pm                                   •     Pink lady
                Wednesday 30th Dec        9am – 6pm                                   •     Pear & Lime
                Thursday 31st Dec         9am – 6pm                                       INDIGO GRINDS
                Friday 1st Jan            CLOSED                                            GRINDERS

                Saturday 2nd Jan          9am – 5pm                                  Usually $6.46 each
                                                                                     Now $5.20 each
                                                                                      •     Leonardo’s
        CRÈME CAKE CHRISTMAS MUFFINS                                                        Grind
Crème Cake Muffins – BASIC RECIPE!!                                                   •     Firestorm
INGREDIENTS: 500g Crème Cake muffin mix, 3 eggs, 120ml water, 140ml oil,              •     Yin Yang
1 tub of Loose Produce fruit mince                                                    •     Buddha’s Brew
METHOD: Blend together the Crème cake muffin mix, eggs and water for 1                •     Taj’s Brew
minute. Scrape down and mix on medium for about 4 minutes. Add oil and                •     Caesar’s Grind
blend for 1 minute. Line muffin tin with paper cases. Place enough muffin mix      BRING IN YOUR OWN
to cover the bottom of each paper case. Then dob a small amount of Loose           CONTAINERS...HELP
Produce fruit mince on top of the muffin mix. Finally, cover the fruit mince       OUR ENVIRONMENT!
with some more muffin mix ensuring the final amount fills the paper case about
¾ full. Bake mini muffins approx. 12 minutes and standard muffins approx. 20
minutes. To serve, dust the muffins with Loose Produce snow sugar!
                      Kid’s Cooking Classes
                  …January 2010 School Holidays…
Loose Produce Kid’s cooking classes will be held during the January 2010 school holidays! Each
class costs $20.00 per child and bookings are essential, as class numbers are limited! A 50% non-
refundable deposit or payment in full must by paid to secure the child’s place. Payments can be made
over the phone. Phone Loose Produce on (08) 9474 9100 to secure your child’s place. The children
are asked to bring a non-metal mixing bowl, a mixing spoon & be accompanied by an adult.
Complimentary coffee and tea provided for the adults.

               Week 1       11:00am – 12noon
               Sausage Parcels               Tuesday 5th January
               Sugar n Spice Cookies         Thursday 7th January
               Meatballs                     Friday 8thJanuary

               Week 2        11:00am – 12noon
               Sausage Rolls                  Tuesday 12thJanuary
               Banana & Choc Chip Muffins     Thursday 14th January
               Tacos                          Friday 15th January

               Week 3     11:00am – 12noon
               Hamburgers                  Tuesday 19thJanuary
               Jam Drops                   Thursday 21st January
               Pizza                       Friday 22nd January

                Organic fruit & vege go seasonal at Loose Produce
Loose Produce is now buying most of our fresh organic fruit & vege direct from the growers! Not only does
this give our customers fresh produce at a lower price but it allows us to buy what is in season here in WA.
The occasional product will be brought in from other states... like sweet potato... however the majority will be
locally produced and in season! We now have a dedicated fruit & vege fridge...check out the beautiful,
certified organic fruit & vege next time you are in Loose Produce.

              Make Your Own Loose Produce Hamper!
Have you finished your festive shopping yet? To help you make your own gift box Loose Produce has
             • packets of cellophane bags,
             • stacks of wonderful food items
             • a selection of cookbooks
             • Loose Produce gift vouchers

As I reflect on the last twelve months I have come to appreciate that
health is an optimum state of physical, mental and social wellbeing...not
merely the absence of disease and infirmity...stay both healthy and safe
during this festive time. Many thanks to my hard working team – Nikki,
Tiffany, Rhonda, Jennifer, Andrea and Georgia. See you all next

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