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					                                                                                      Local Government Centre
                                                                                      2 Seventh Street (PO Box 421)
                                                                                      Murray Bridge SA 5253
                                                                                      t 08 8539 1100 f 08 8532 2766

3 November 2009

Re: Redevelopment of Sixth Street Project (From Bridge to Fifth Street)

Dear Resident and Business Owner,

The recent awarding of the Regional Centre for Culture (RCC) to Murray Bridge has resulted in the
redevelopment of the Town Hall and Regional Gallery. The RCC is a year long festival program of
performing and visual arts occurring in 2010.

Current Sixth Street upgrades have commenced through refurbishment of the historic Town Hall and
adjoining Regional Gallery. This refurbishment is due for completion in March 2010 to coincide with the
RCC festival opening.

This letter seeks your response regarding Council’s objective to revitalise the precinct as outlined

The Rural City of Murray Bridge aims to apply for a funding opportunity from the State Government
“Places for People” Program.
This program will fund visual improvement of Sixth Street to develop a creative and aesthetic refuge for the
community and more directly stimulate business opportunities within Sixth Street.
Our intention is to create a “sense of place” and identity that reflects local culture, heritage and character.

This funding aims to improve many various amenities such as seating, planting, lighting and landscaping.
Through this funding opportunity, we can create a landscaped opportunity for businesses and develop a
precinct that can cater for multi-faceted events such as street trading, al-fresco dining, festivals and markets.
The opportunity also provides a harmonious and sympathetic landscaped extension to the historic Town Hall.

Beautification of public streets does much to enhance a community space by encouraging visitation,
socialisation and benefiting a working environment.

In applying for the “Places for People” funding, it is important that the precinct fosters an environment
predominantly for people.
In applying for this funding, the reduction of car parking in the immediate vicinity is a possibility. The
expected outcomes outweigh this potential loss due to the expected economic stimulus anticipated for the
precinct. Car parking opportunities for the area are being developed as part of the future vision for the Rural

The area we seek to develop as part of the “Places for People” funding opportunity initially extends from the
corner of Sixth Street and Bridge Street, down to the intersection of Fifth Street.
                                                                                   Local Government Centre
                                                                                   2 Seventh Street (PO Box 421)
                                                                                   Murray Bridge SA 5253
                                                                                   t 08 8539 1100 f 08 8532 2766

A Sixth Street One Way Concept Plan is attached for your consideration.

From the attached Plan, on-street parking is not excluded completely but more so integrated with outdoor
public spaces being added to the streetscape design.

Our focus is to improve the pedestrian infrastructure. Our aim is to maximise pedestrian safety, provide
opportunities for public art placement, seating and protection from the elements.

It is our objective to provide for the community an exemplary model through:

    •   Ecological and environmental responsiveness through implementation of energy efficient lighting,
        sustainable landscaping, efficient water harvesting and water re-use opportunities;

    •   Community Strength through protecting, sustaining and promoting culture, heritage, public space
        and a sense of community pride in public place;

    •   Economic Vitality through retail and commercial business vitality, tourism and employment

We aim to create an environment that will foster change and nurture community development. We believe
the redevelopment will result in extra trade, tourism and community activity. Currently no such precinct
exists within Murray Bridge.

We seek your favourable response and support in this quest before we apply for “Places for People” funding.

We ask that you return the attached feedback sheet by close of business on Friday 27 November 2009.

Please contact Susie Chapman on 0448668961 or Tina Anic-Kaliger on 8539-1158 should you have any
enquiries regarding this exciting opportunity. We would be pleased to assist you.

Yours sincerely,

Council’s “Redevelopment of Sixth Street” Project Team being:
Martin Waddington
Susie Chapman
Tina Anic-Kaliger
Faith Box
Anthony Catanzariti

Enclosures:     Sixth Street (between Bridge & Fifth) One Way Concept Design Drawing
                Sixth Street Redevelopment Community Response document


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