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Information and Support Service for Guardians


Information and Support Service for Guardians

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                                                                                                    Information and Support
                                                  HOW TO FIND THE PRIVATE                           Service for Guardians
                                                  GUARDIAN SUPPORT UNIT                                 appointed in NSW

If you are a person appointed under the NSW       Guardians can contact the Private Guardian
Guardianship Act (1987) to be the guardian of     Support Unit, Monday to Friday between 9am
a person with a disability, you can contact the   and 5pm. Information can also be obtained
Private Guardian Support Unit for information     from our website.
on the role of a guardian and help in
guardianship practice.                            The Private Guardian Support Unit
                                                  Telephone: (02) 8688 6060
                                                  Fax: (02) 8688 9797
                                                  Toll free (for country callers): 1800 451 510


                                                  Postal Address: Locked Bag 5116 Parramatta 2124
                                                  Street Address: L7, 160 Marsden St, Parramatta

                                                  The Private Guardian Support Unit is funded
                                                  and staffed by the NSW Public Guardian and
                                                  is a separate organisation to the Guardianship
GUARDIAN SUPPORT UNIT?                              SUPPORT CAN WE PROVIDE?                        INFORMATION

If you have been appointed as a guardian to         The Private Guardian Support Unit is a free    Guardians can join our mail and/or email list
make decisions on behalf of a family member         and confidential service available to          for regular updates on guardianship through
or friend, there are things you need to be          guardians. We do not supervise the actions     the bi-monthly newsletter Onguard.
aware of which will help you in this role.          or decisions of guardians.
                                                                                                   Now You're the Guardian, a comprehensive
The role of guardian is different to that of        We provide information on:                     guide on the role and functions of guardians in
carer, friend or relative. It is a legally
                                                      The rights and responsibilities a guardian   NSW is available on request or from our
appointed position and there are a range of                                                        website:
legal duties involved as well as responsibilities     has to the person under guardianship
to the person for whom you are guardian.              the NSW Guardianship Act (1987)              LawAccess, a legal information centre can
                                                                                                   provide information on appeal mechanisms
As a guardian you can assist the person to            best practice in decision making             regarding decisions of the Guardianship
make decisions in lifestyle areas that will be in
                                                                                                   Tribunal, the Mental Health Tribunal and review
his or her best interest. You may assist the          resources and services for people with
                                                                                                   processes for decisions of the Public
person get the services and care they need            disabilities
                                                                                                   Guardian and the NSW Trustee and Guardian.
and that may protect them from abuse,
                                                    The Unit can also provide practical support
neglect or exploitation.
                                                    for guardians who may be making decisions      Telephone: 1300 888 529
Sometimes guardians find this takes a lot of        in situations of conflict or dispute, where
                                                                                                   If you require this information in a more
time, effort and thought to ensure that the         advocacy is needed or where decision-
                                                                                                   accessible format or in a different language
best possible decision is made on behalf of         making may be helped by knowledge of a
                                                                                                   please contact the Private Guardian Support
the person. Many guardians have family              range of services and options available to
members or friends who can support them in          people with disabilities.
their role as guardian. The Private Guardian                                                       All personal information collected will be dealt
Support Unit is also there to provide support                                                      with in accordance with the Privacy and
and information using the knowledge and                                                            Personal Information Protection Act 1998.
experience of the NSW Public Guardian.

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