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hard oil wax finish


hard oil wax finish

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									amma earth product 1-348                                          hard oil wax finish
Technical Information Sheet
September 2007

DESCRIPTION                                is left on surface. Wipe dry or buff    This technical information sheet is
VOLVOX Hard Oil-Wax Finish a               using a white pad if necessary. Let     intended to provide guidelines for
thick running oil-wax combination          dry for 6 – 12 hours, then follow       users. Products are guaranteed to
for fine sanded wood surfaces and          procedure above for the second          give satisfactory performance only
cork interior. The product enhances        coat.                                   if used as recommended. Liability
the look and feel of natural wood          When dry, surface can be finished       shall be limited to refund of
and dries to a satin-matt sheen.           with VOLVOX Wax.                        purchase price or the replacement
This     water-repellent    floor     &    Do not apply in temperatures below      of a defective product. There are
furniture finish is also suitable for      10°C or above 30°C.                     no other warranties expressed or
kitchens and bathrooms.                                                            implied.
DIN 53 160 certified for colour            DRYING AND RECOATING
fastness      when     exposed       to    Depending on temperature and            Disclaimer
perspiration and saliva. DIN EN 71         humidity, dry to repaint after 6-12     The user is recommended to test
Part 3 certified as suitable for toys.     hours.                                  the product on the intended surface
                                           Note: Estimate drying time by test      to ensure its suitability.
ENVIRONMENT AND HEALTH                     application on cork.
FEATURES                                                                           MAINTENANCE In the first 3 weeks no
VOLVOX Hard Oil Wax Finish is              CLEAN UP                                water please! Use dry cleaning
made from natural and non-toxic            For cleaning tools use warm soapy       methods only such as dusting or
raw materials. The product is VOC                                                  brooming. Sand, moisture and dirt may
                                           water or Iso-paraffin thinner.
free, it contains no solvents.                                                     harm your freshly treated timber. After
Manufacturing process ensures                                                      that a damp (not wet) mopping may
                                           PACKAGING AND COVERAGE                  follow if necessary. Remove water
ecological sustainability and avoids       1 litre will cover 30-50 m² per coat.   splashes      and     staining    liquids
water pollution. The product will not      Sizes 0,75 litre and 2,5 litre          immediately. Remember that the oil-
charge electro static energy. When                                                 resin-wood layer must cure before full
used according to manufacturer’s           STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE                  strength is achieved for sometimes
direction, the product is harmless         Store tightly sealed in a cool and      many weeks.
to human and the environment.                                                      Use only products that are suitable for
                                           dry place. Minimum shelf life for
                                                                                   cleaning and maintaining natural oil
                                           unopened and properly stored cans       finished timber. We recommend
SURFACE PREPARATION                        is 24 months.                           VOLVOX Wood Soap, VOLVOX Wax
Provide a clean, dry, firm and
                                                                                   Finish or/and VOLVOX Floor Renovator
grease free surface. Timber should         INGREDIENTS                             as an additive to mobbing water. Avoid
be in good physical shape,                 Flax   Seed     Oil,   Tung    Oil,     abrasive chemicals since these will
absorbent and sanded to 100 -120           Colophony, Bees Wax, Carnauba           attack the oil-resin-wood layer. From
grid. Oil-, resin- and tannin-rich         Wax, Lead-free dryers (Zircon,          time to time, some drops of the original
wood should be cleaned using                                                       used oil can work miracles. Simply wipe
                                           Cobalt Octoat),
appropriate methods.                                                               a few drops to the timber. Wipe the
                                           Oximes    (Anti-skinning   Agent).      surface dry after 10 -15 minutes.
                                           Product does not contain solvents
Stir well so the gel like Hard Oil         SAFETY
Wax becomes fluid.                                                                 Made in Germany
                                           Always work in a well-ventilated
Apply very sparingly and even. Use         area. Working rags and other
stainless steel trowel or a stainless                                              For further information contact
                                           fabrics soaked with oil may self-       Amma Earth Products
steel Taping Knife. Applying the oil       ignite. Let dry safely outdoors on a
by using a paint brush, foam roller                                                02 47 82 90 09
                                           cloth line or store in a sealed metal   0416 101 613
or    floor    applicator   is    not      container. The product by itself will
recommended since this method                                            
                                           not self-ignite.              
leads to an over-application of the        Even if non-toxic, keep away from
oil. Note that not more than 20 ml.        children.
per sqm. should be applied. After
5 – 10 minutes saturation time the         DISPOSAL
wet surface should be burnished to         Allow unwanted paint to dry. Solid
an even looking surface. Use a red         matter should be disposed of via
or green pad for this. Make sure           the normal garbage collection
that after burnishing no drop of oil       service.

                              Amma Earth Products Phone: 02 47 82 90 09

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