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					                 Frequently Asked Question’s

Q:   Why isn’t my GHA Member number working?

A:   You are trying to enter in your member number, please ensure that it is of 5
     numbers. You may be trying to use an old GHA Member number that begins
     with a few letters. This is an old member number and you will need to contact
     GHA Head Office on (02) 9437 5233 to obtain your correct one.

Q:   How do I find out what my password is?

A:   In the login section of the website ( select the
                        button. Enter your GHA Member Number and click on the
                         button. An Email with your password will be forwarded to
     your Email address.

Q:   How do I change my password or contact details?

A:   Once logged in to the website, select the Change Password & Contact Details
     on the toolbar on the top right side of the website. This will enable you to change
     your Fax Number, Email address and Password. After changing these details,
     press the      button to keep these details.

Q:   I’ve logged into the website and have clicked the                  button.
     When I get into the Listing section it won’t let me type anything. Why?

A:   If you are unable to type any details into the listing section, the cut-off date for the
     completion of the listing may have passed. Check that you have clicked on the
     most current publication of Home & Giving as you may have entered the listing
     section for a previous issue.

Q:   I have taken out an advertisement but can’t find it on the website. What
     should I do?

A:   Advertisements for Home & Giving magazine are not listed on the website. They
     are handled directly through GHA Production using the Ratecard form.

Q:   Can I repeat my previous listing?

A:   Yes. You are able to repeat a previous listing if you have entered one on the
     Exhibitor Listing Website for a previous issue of Home & Giving.
Q:   How do I repeat a previous listing?

A:   Log into the Exhibitor Listing Website and select the          button. Scroll
     down to the bottom of the next page titled “Edit Your Exhibitor Listing” until
     you reach the “Listing Information” section. Select the          button next the
     “To use the same listing information” section. Check that the listing is correct
     before selecting the                     button.

Q:   Do I have to complete my listing over the internet?

A:   Yes.

Q:   How do I get bullet points in my listing?

A:   Using the asterisks symbol within your listing will create bullet points for you
     which you will see when you preview the listing.

Q:   What happens if my browser quits when I am in the middle of writing my

A:   If your browser quits while you are in the middle of your listing and you have not
     saved and approved your listing, you need to start afresh from Step 1 of the
     Instructions Guide.

     However, if you have saved and approved a previous version of your listing, the
     website will default to the last version of the listing saved. To make changes, log
     back into the website and follow the instruction guide from Step 1. When you
     reach Step 5, make the necessary alterations to your listing and follow through the
     remaining steps of the instruction guide.

Q:   How do I view the previous changes that I have made to my listing?

A:   Log into the website ( and select the
                       button on the first page. You should now be on the Edit Your
     Exhibitor Listing page. Within this page, scroll down until you reach the Listing
     Information section. To view your previous changes to your listing, select the
             button next to the “To look at previous changes in this listing” text.
     However, if you have no previous listing saved, this option will not be available.
     After you have made note of your previous listing, scroll down to the end of the
     page and click on Back to Editing to return to the previous page.
Q:    What if I want to change my listing after I have saved and approved it?

A:    Changes will be possible until the cut-off date to be advised to you via Email. It
      is possible to change your details as many times as you want before this date. To
      do so, refer to the steps in the Instruction Guide starting from Step 1 and repeat
      the process of entering your details.

Q     What happens if I need to make changes to my listing after the cut-off date?

A:    Changes to listings after cut-off date will not be possible.

Q:    Up until what date can I make changes to my listing?

A:    Changes will be possible until the cut-off date to be advised to you via Email.

Q:    Can I change the colour of my listing?

A:    No.

Q:    What is a Fascia Name?

A:    The Fascia name is your Stand Name, also know as your Exhibitor Name.

Q:    How do I change my Fascia Name?

A:    Contact GHA Head Office to change your details on (02) 9437 – 5233.

Q:    What happens after my listing has been created and approved?

A:    After your listing has been created and approved there is nothing more you need
      to worry about in regards to this. The next step for the listing will be to be

Any other enquiries can be directed to Melissa Lim at GHA Production:
Phone:       (02) 9954 - 7256

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