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flip side flip side by lindahy


flip side flip side

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									                                                                                                                                                                Cover images (from top left): Kath Inglis, Sim Luttin, Alisa Dewhurst, Belinda Newick; (from bottom left): Melissa Turner, Sally Mahony, Lauren Simeoni, Tassia Joannides
flip side
                                     Metal Design Studio Alumni 1996 –2006
                                     Alisa Dewhurst, South Australia

         flip side
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 1996 –1997
                                     Bequest, 2007, necklace, fine silver, 1000 mm length
                                     Melissa Turner, New South Wales
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 1996 –1997
                                     #1 Pins and Jump Rings, 2007, brooch/pendant, steel,
                                     stainless steel, 50 x 40 x 10 mm
                                     Lauren Simeoni, South Australia
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 1997–1998
                                     Lunacy, 2007, wall piece and brooch, printed aluminium,
                                     Perspex, magnets, steel pins; wall piece 380 mm diameter
                                     Belinda Newick, Victoria
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 1999–2000
                                     Milk Lines, 2007, chain of bright silver 925, mother of pearl,
                                     silk thread, 650 mm length
                                     Kath Inglis, South Australia
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 2002–2003
                                     Motif, 2007, brooch, dyed and carved PVC, 60 x 35 x 15 mm
                                     Sim Luttin, USA
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 2003 –2005
                                     Imagined Moments #2, 2007, neckpiece, porcelain, garnets,
                                     onyx, sterling silver, nylon, steel cord, 250 mm diameter
                                     Sally Mahony, South Australia
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 2004 –2005
                                     Peel Brooches, 2008, heat coloured and acid etched
                                     mild steel, largest 150 x 100 mm
                                     Tassia Joannides, South Australia
                                     Metal Design Studio Associate 2005 –2006
                                     Zipper Bangle, 2007, zippers, thread, 130 x 90 x 90 mm

   Flip side is a programmed event of Inside Out, the 13th National Jewellers and Metalsmiths Conference, Adelaide 2008.
   The artists exhibiting in Flip side; Alisa Dewhurst, Melissa Turner, Lauren Simeoni, Belinda Newick, Kath Inglis, Sim Luttin,
   Sally Mahony and Tassia Joannides are alumni of Metal Design Studio, JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design.

   JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design
   19 Morphett Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Tel +618 8410 0727,
   Gallery Manager: Margaret Hancock
   JamFactory acknowledges the support and assistance of Arts SA.
   JamFactory is assisted by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.
   JamFactory Gallery Program 2008 is assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
   JamFactory acknowledges the generous support and assistance of its sponsors Envestra, Health Promotions through the Arts, Adelaide
   Convention and Tourism Authority and Art Gallery Guide.

                                                                                                                                                 sandra elms design
            There is always more than one point of view, always several ways to look at something, from the back          Inglis has carved out sections from the PVC sheet and reconfigured them into small sculptural forms,
            and the front, the inside and the outside, the upside and the downside, the safe side and the flip side.      the surfaces of which can be read from the back, the front, the top and the bottom in a gentle and

 flip side
                                                                                                                          continuous rhythm.
flip side                                                                                                                 By her own admission Lauren Simeoni is in love with new materials and technologies and all the
                                                                                                                          possibilities they offer. And like many of us she battles with both their allure and their environmental
            I asked eight artists to consider another side to their practice, to delve below the surface, to get inside   impact. The upside and the down side, the good side and the bad side of technology are as Simeoni
            their thought process and then have another look from the outside.                                            points out, always there for us to negotiate. Simeoni has articulated the paradox of this situation
            I expected this exploration to yield bold changes, to be the catalyst for personal shifts and upheavals.      in a series of wall pieces and brooches, made in aluminium they are printed with nostalgic images
            In hindsight I should have realized that this was not going to be the case; each artist in the show           reminiscent of a time of personal innocence.
            has a mature and assured practice and as such the act of inquiry, reflection and scrutiny form part           The environments that inspire the forms and colours of Inglis�� work and the substance of Simeoni��s
            of their natural processes. So when asked to look inside out they were in fact being asked to do what         collection are also the staring point for Sim Luttin��s inquiry. Luttin is a temporary resident of the USA,
            they do anyway… to make considered decisions about their craft. Rather than the Dr Jekyll and Mr              and being outside her familiar environment and in a transitory state has heightened her awareness to
            Hyde results of my imagination the works in Flip side are personal, intimate, surprisingly subtle and         the details of a different landscape. It is the temporary nature of things reflected in seasonal rhythms,
            reflect a gentle revelation of issues central to each artist.                                                 growth, renewal and change that form the subject of her work. Luttin has created an ensemble of seed
            Making jewellery implies an intimate relationship with materials, negotiated through skill and technology     like forms, silver brooches and porcelain vessels strung on beaded threads and hanging from wire
            and sharpened by personal aesthetics. This is clearly evident in the work of Tassia Joannides who             filaments that reflect her observations of nature.
            uses the humble zip as the building block for a series of armbands. The act of zipping and unzipping          Also investigating regeneration, rebirth and growth, Alisa Dewhurst and Belinda Newick have used
            these pieces creates both the form and the surface and quite deliberately blurs the boundaries                the human body as their point of reference. Newick has looked under the skin, her own, as a very

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Metal Design Studio Alumni
            between the inside and the outside of the objects. Joannides works are simultaneously body and skin,          personal response to becoming a new mother. Drawn to medical images of the breast ducts and lobes
            animated by the simple act of putting them on and then taking them off.                                       Newick has made a series brooches and neckpieces that describe the fragility, fertility and fecundity

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Flip side
            Melissa Turner has also explored ambiguities in her collection of work made from mild and stainless           of female anatomy. Worn on the outside of the body these pieces are a very potent reminder of the
            steel. These soft fluid forms have no obvious right side, simply labelled as jewellery, on first glance       intricacies and complexities of the inside, the internal landscape of the human body.
            their function and mechanics is unclear, there has been no preferential treatment to one face over            Dewhurst has looked to the microscopic landscape of the body for her conceptual starting point, in            26 January –
            the other and in an ultimate act of jewellery defiance there doesn��t seem to be a brooch back or clasp.      particular the genetic threads and markers that make up the individual. Her crochet work alludes to the       17 February 2008
            Turner��s suite of jewellery sits quietly, gently nudging our preconceptions.                                 repetitive genetic message that through the intricate weaving of DNA makes up an individual. While the
            Sally Mahony is similarly interested in the qualities of a single material. Mahony like Turner has also       uniqueness of an individual is represented by the simple act of reproducing a fingerprint in cast metal.
            chosen steel and through the processes of rolling and etching the artist has made a series of super-          It is a simple act, that in the end, draws the work of these eight artists together, the simple act of
            sized brooches that peel away from the body revealing glimpses of the fabric beneath and flashes of           having the conviction to look at their own work from a different angle, to look at it from the inside and
            the underside of the metal. The eroded surface and satin black finish tempers the hardness of the             the out side, from the up side and the downside and then gently, confidently coming to rest at a place
            material so that we start to doubt that it is metal at all.                                                   that they can call their own. Flip side demonstrates the importance that inquiry, reflection and scrutiny
            Kath Inglis uses a palette inspired by colours visible in shadows and reflected on the surface of water       play in maintaining a dynamic individual practice.
            for her PVC jewellery. PVC is Inglis�� signature material and over time she has developed a deft carving
            style that has enabled her to transform a flat surface into a shimmering skin. For this body of work          Sue Lorraine, Creative Director, Metal Design Studio, JamFactory, January 2008

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