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					                            FLIGHT PNR’S BOOKED BY RETAIL TRAVEL AGENTS

Retail travel agents are able to book flight PNR’s in their own CRS (Sabre, Galileo and Amadeus) and then
utilise the PNR for an air and land booking with New Horizons Holidays.

The retail travel agent retains control of the PNR for the duration of the booking and must register flights via the
New Horizons Holidays website www.nhh.com.au

Flight Registration Conditions

1.     New Horizons Holidays (NHH) will hold bookings for retail travel agents (agents) as an air and land
       cost/itinerary without a flight registration.
2.     The same agent PNR cannot be used on more than one NHH booking. The agent must divide the PNR
       so that passengers in each NHH booking are on a separate PNR’s.
3.     NHH DOES NOT ACCESS the names, ages, OSI, remarks or notepads during the flight registration
       process. The agent is responsible for ensuring passenger names on the NHH confirmation invoice and in
       the PNR are spelt correctly and match the passenger’s passport.
4.     Upon receipt of the successful flight registration, NHH will update the flight itinerary (not names or ages)
       in the NHH booking and send an updated confirmation invoice to the agent.
5.     CONFIRMED flights ONLY must be registered via the NHH website as follows:
            a. Before the earliest of the below dates:
                * The NHH final payment deadline (per the NHH confirmation invoice).
                * The ticket deadline in the PNR.
            b. When any changes are made to passenger names. Airfare restrictions and fees apply after tickets
                have been issued.
            c. When any changes are made to the flight Itinerary by the agent or an airline
                (eg. schedule change). Airfare restrictions and fees apply after tickets have been issued.
6.     If the agent does not register flights by the final payment deadline (per the confirmation invoice) NHH will
       amend the booking to another airfare at a higher price and/or in a different booking class, or where no
       other airfares are available to us, revert the booking to land only, and advise the agent accordingly.
7.     Flight details on airline tickets and other NHH documents will be issued according to the most recent flight

Retail Travel Agent Responsibilities

     1. The PNR has the correct flight itinerary, including airline, sectors, booking class and travel dates – as
        stated by NHH on quotes/progress reports/confirmation advice.
     2. The wholesale airfare quoted may be based on the PNR being ticketed within a pre-determined number
        of days after the PNR creation. If the PNR creation date differs to the NHH booking creation date the
        agent must advise NHH.
     3. Ticket numbers are added to the PNR BEFORE the PNR ticket deadline expires.
     4. Same day connections abide by minimum connecting time, including flight to flight, flight to tour and
        flight to cruise (all v.v.).
     5. Passenger contact details in Australia and overseas are added to the PNR before the passenger’s
     6. NHH may receive an ADM (Agency Debit Memo) from an airline due to the agent amending the PNR
        and failing to re-register the flight details. The agent will be liable for the ADM charge.

If you experience any difficulty, please contact our Helpdesk or your NHH Account Executive to arrange a
training session. We appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments and suggestions via email to

Thank you

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