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     Bathroom remodeling. When installing a tub for romance and relaxation be sure to think about where you are
     going to install it and the sitting around it. Your décor means a lot when you are trying to relax and enjoy the
                                                      surrounding area.
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                                         Tropical Bathroom - Wonderful Decorating Tips
                                                            By Jessica Ackerman

   Even if it is just the smallest room in the house, it is still one of the most important. The bathroom
where we spend our time taking a bath, taking nature calls, and grooming ourselves is not something
that we should ever take for granted. In fact, it is essential that we are able to decorate and design it in
such a way that it will become a relaxing retreat anytime we need it.

 One of the best ways to decorate your bathroom is to use a tropical theme for it. With vibrant tropical
home decor like a tropical fish wall art or tropical wall hangings, you can instantly turn your old boring
bathroom into one that exudes life and zest.

 And it does not matter whether you have a big budget or not. Achieving a nice and exquisite tropical
bathroom is possible with a dash of creativity, practicality and resourcefulness.

Tip 1: Paint the Walls with a Tropical Color

 A major element for a tropical design is the wall paint. To make your bathroom have a tropical feel,
you can choose to paint it with earth tones or with shades of pinks, blues or oranges. If you want
something neutral, you can also use light brown, sand or sea green colors.

 Beautify the wall even further by adding fantastic wall hangings like a tropical fish wall art for instance.
You can also hang frames of beautiful coastal scenery photographs that will make you feel like you are
at the beach yourself.

Tip 2: Throw in Some Tropical Accessories

 After you have painted the wall to give it a tropical finish, add some tropical items such as shower
curtain and towels in floral patterns or animal prints. You can also put different colors of seashells in a
clear glass bowl or buy soap dishes or toothbrush holders that have tropical designs to spruce up your
bathroom even more. Moreover, a healthy green plant can also be a wonderful addition to your tropical

Tip 3: Have Warm Tropical Lighting

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 Achieve the tropical look by having warm lighting on your bathroom. Accent lamps shaped like palm
trees are some of the best choices for lights for this room. Remember that the bathroom light should
not be too bright. It should just be enough to illuminate the whole space.

Tip 4: Dress your Windows the Tropical Style

 To make the bathroom even more visually interesting, dress up the windows by using tropical themed
prints on curtains or plain wooden blinds. If you already have a shower curtain that has pattern prints, it
is a good idea to go for the plain wooden blinds so as not to overdo it.

Tip 5: Design your Floor

 You do not need to install new tiles on the bathroom floor, just adding a bath mat with a tropical design
or a bamboo mat is enough to the job.

 Once you have achieved transforming your bathroom into a tropical retreat, it will feel like swimming in
the sea every time you take a bath.

Article by Jessica Ackerman from WallDecorandHomeAccents - the place to go for large canvas wall art and decorative wall art

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                                    Various Different Bathroom Decorating Styles
                                                     By Mr.Andrew Caxton

 Decorating the bathroom can be an extremely hard task. Before you start, ensure that you do
adequate planning and research instead of just rushing in.

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, this can be an extremely tricky task. It could involve taking
the toilet, bath and sink out just to be able to paint the bathroom. And depending upon what you want
in there, it could also involve taking the tiles off the walls or ripping out the flooring.

It will need to have quite a bit of planning and thought put into the process of completely decorating a
bathroom. If it just involves the paint then this is a lot easier and the only thought needed is the color to
use. Also if you are stuck on what color to use, you can always ask for a color guide from your local
DIY store.

Do you know what you want to do to your Bathroom?

A lot of people think that their bathroom is either outdated or that it is just plain horrible. This is when
they decide to decorate it completely or add extra touches to it. The problem some people face is that
they are not sure what to do or they have no idea whatsoever. Transforming a bathroom can be
extremely hard work especially when you have no ideas on what to do. But to make the task a lot
easier, try buying home decorating magazines, looking on decorating television programs or search the
internet. You will be amazed at how many ideas are out there and you can even get a step by step
guide to make it even easier for you.

If you do know what you want then this can make the task easier for you. If you know what you want
but you are not confident at doing it yourself, try getting friends and family to help you or pay for a
decorator to do it for you. If you spend a lot of money on materials and you do not know how to do it,
you could end up causing more mess and it could look completely different to how it should.

What should you consider when decorating Your Bathroom?

Before you start the decorating or before you buy everything, plan thoroughly what you want to
achieve. Take the time to observe the room and visualize what you think will go best in there. Also
make accurate measurements and write them down as this will prove valuable when it comes to fitting
new appliances or for other materials for the bathroom.

As you can see planning can make the task better for you and give you the best chance of
transforming the bathroom into something that you love.

Andrew Caxton is a syndicated columnist on different resources like . Find more information and resources on bathroom
decorating at his web

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