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                Rural Areas Property
              Identification Directory
On the 12th August 2009 the current RAPID plate
service became obsolete and no further plates                                                            COUNCIL
could be ordered. The RAPID plate service is re-
placed with the Rural Property Address Roll Out
Service which will be introduced to Alexandrina
Council in 2010. Current RAPID plates are still a
useful form of property identification in an emer-         ALEXANDRINA
gency and Council will continue to provide all                                                                FIRE
residents with their co-ordinates on request.                COUNCIL
       Rural Property                                              Post Office Box 21
                                                                                                        What You Need To Know
      Address Roll Out                                           GOOLWA SA 5214
The Government of SA is introducing a new prop-
erty addressing service for all rural properties with
in our Council District. By 2011, every occupied                    11 Cadell Street
rural property will have a nationally recognised
address based on a simple location system.                       GOOLWA SA 5214
Following the national standard now used in all
other states, if you are suitable, your property will
become one of 50 000 properties across rural                       1 Colman Terrace
South Australia to receive an official number, road
name, locality or suburb and postcode for the first          STRATHALBYN SA 5255
All information can be found on the Rural Property
Address brochure available at your Local Council
                                                             Telephone:      (08) 8555 7000

FURTHER INFORMATION                                          Facsimile:      (08) 8555 3603

For further information on the Rural Property Ad-
                                                           Email:           A COMMUNITY INITIATIVE
dress Roll Out please see our Website at                Web Site Address:   FROM ALEXANDRINA COUNCIL or contact the Rural
Property Address Roll Out Co-ordinator on 8555
7000 during office hours.
WHICH DISTRICT AM I IN?                                                                                                                     SECTION 83 NOTICES
                                                                      BUSHFIRE PROTECTION
Alexandrina Council understands that some of you may be
new residents, farm owners, hobby farm owners and vacant                Bushfires are an annual threat to life and property.           What is a Section 83 notice and why may I get one?
block owners. Some of you may live on your property. Some          Preparing your property should begin well before the start of    During late October, early November each year, Alexandrina
of you may own property within Alexandrina Council but not         the season. Council has a range of booklets available from       Council’s fire prevention officers inspect each property in our
live here and some of you may not live in this state or country.     the CFS to help you prepare your property for bushfires.       Council area for risk of fire. During Fire Danger Season, the
                                                                                                                                     requirement is that your block is maintained to a maximum
Alexandrina Council has two fire danger seasons as shown           Your responsibility as a land owner is to reduce the materials             height of 10 centimeters (4 inches) for the
below. Please contact the Council if you are unsure of your          on your property to minimize the fire risk during the fire                       entire Fire Danger Season.
district. Due to changing weather conditions, these dates are                             danger season.
often brought forward or extended, so contact Council or CFS                                                                           On inspection, Alexandrina Council issues a Section 83
to confirm the dates.                                                Council has the authority to enforce this as a Section 83         notice to each property which requires action to “protect
                                                                        notice. This notice is explained on the next page.             property on the land from fire, or to prevent or inhibit the
                   Current starting dates                                                                                              outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through
 Mount Lofty Ranges 15th November – 30th April                                                                                           the land ” by taking certain steps clearly explained in
  Murraylands       15th November – 15th April                             WHEN CAN I BURN?                                                              the Section 83 Notice.

                                                                                DURING FIRE DANGER SEASON                                What steps do I have to take if I receive a notice?
                                                                    No burning is allowed without a permit unless the fire is for      If you receive a notice, it means your property does not
                                                                      personal warmth or cooking only and is no larger than            yet conform to the requirements above. The notice will
                                                                                          1 metre square.                                 give you a time frame in which to meet this request
                                                                        Strict guidelines still apply and you are required to              and contractors known to Council are listed on the
                                                                               contact CFS before lighting any fires.                           Section 83 notice for your convenience.

                                                                               OUT OF FIRE DANGER SEASON                                   If I do not act on the notice, what will happen?
                                                                   Burning restrictions apply in all residential zones as below.           Council will re-inspect each property issued with a
                                                                   Burning is only permitted between the hours of 10am& 3pm            Section 83 notice after the given time frame has elapsed.
                                                                              Monday to Saturday only in this zone.                  If you have not conformed to the notice, Council contractors
                                                                              No burning is permitted on Sunday.                    will cut this block and you will be charged a fee for this service
                                                                     No time restrictions apply outside the Residential zone
                                                                                                                                      You are likely to get your property cut for much less than
       During the Fire Danger Season no burning is                            The following rules apply for all burning                             this if you organise it yourself.
                permitted without a Permit.
                                                                              Only dry organic material is to be burnt                   Who do I contact if I have any more questions?
 A permit may be obtained by contacting your local CFS.                                                                                Contact a Fire Prevention Officer at Alexandrina Council
                                                                               An adult must be present at all times                                       on 8555 7000.
    For information on days of Total Fire Ban contact the
               CFS Bushfire Hotline
                                                                      A 4 metre clearance is required around/above the fire                    Please remember!
                                                                          An ample water supply is available at all times           “Fire Prevention is your responsibility”
                    1300 362 361                                         Burning is not permitted on days of extreme wind
               In an Emergency Dial                                      It is suggested that neighbouring properties are
                                                                                      notified out of courtesy

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